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  • In Winter War, Ikkaku is first introduced wearing the MIA Yumichika's scarf; a little later, Momo begins wearing Rangiku's necklace. Both examples are eventually subverted. Yumichika is alive, albeit Brainwashed and Crazy; and Rangiku's necklace becomes part of a scheme to manipulate Gin into thinking that she's still alive, which isn't quite in the spirit of this trope. They both fit well to begin with, though.
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  • Respawn of the Dead has one in the form of The Pyro's Star Of David, which seems to be the only thing he has left of his life before he became a mercenary. It later becomes one for The Medic, after the Pyro dies.
  • In the pro wrestling fic, Hello Again, it's shown that Molly Holly keeps an Elroy Jetson doll in memory of her late cousin, Crash.
  • Pony POV Series:
  • Queen of All Oni: It's implied in story, and confirmed by Word of God, that Blankman's revolver is the same one his father committed suicide with.
  • A fanart of Jaune as an adult shows him wearing Pyrrha's shield. The artist's notes imply that Pyrrha is dead.
  • Bad Future Crusaders: Apple Bloom still has her sister's hat.
    • Scootaloo has three — her old CMC bandana (now used as an eyepatch), her mother's scarf, and Rainbow Dash's flight goggles.
  • In Fate Zero Sanity's sidestory, Fate: OSG, Shirou receives a cutlass from the leader of OSG that is eventually revealed to have belonged to his adoptive father Kiritsugu, which he left behind after abandoning the group. It's eventually revealed that it was also one to him as well: Kiritsugu's partner, Sayaka, gave it to him for his birthday before she went on a mission. She didn't come back... not in the right way, at least. Kiritsugu was one of the ones who had to kill her, and afterwards left the weapon behind because he couldn't stand the idea of keeping it after what happened.
  • In Despair's Last Resort, Takara gathers a collection of these from the dead students. There's also Shizuka's scarf, which Kazumi holds on to after her execution. She starts wearing it in Chapter 5 to remember her.
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  • In The Vow, both Shen and his former fiancée Lianne retain the items they gave each other as gifts for the thirty years Shen is in exile due to his crimes. Lianne has her silver fan and wedding circlet, while Shen keeps the ornamental knife which has red pictures of a phoenix and a dragon etched into it.
  • Weiss Reacts: Cinder's sword-bow originally belonged to Summer, Ruby's mother and one of Cinder's good friends. It's implied she took it up when she died, before her Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Weiss' grandfather.
  • Once More with Feeling: Shinji somehow brought her deceased guardian Misato's cross-shaped pendant with him to the past as a reminder of his past mistakes. It becomes important later on when it's used to prove his time-travel story to Kaji and the military.
  • The Second Try has an example that isn't even a physical object. Due to the fact that Shinji and Asuka were sent back in time, the only thing they have to prove that their daughter ever existed is the song that Shinji had written for her. Unfortunately, Shinji can't even bring himself to play since it was supposed to be for happy occasions. Fortunately, Asuka also finds what would later be her doll, and it turns out at the end that she was sent back in time with them (just to a later point after all the danger had passed).
    Asuka: I have nothing else from her! I don't have photos of her, I don't have one of her drawings, I don't have Kiko, I- I don't have... *sob* Please. That song... that song is all there's left from her.
  • In This Bites!, while they aren't actually his, Robin wore cowboy hats to remember Jaguar D. Saul and used them as a source of strength.
    • In the same fic Trafalgar D. Water Law's distinctive spotted hat is a style unique to Flevance, his Doomed Hometown and the only thing he has left to remember his biological family and childhood friends.
  • In Ambience: A Fleet Symphony, !Samidare keeps her ponytail tied with a red ribbon implied to belong to her generation's Shigure and Franklin Kevinson wears a tattered white scarf implied to be that of the first-generation Yuudachi.
  • The Bridge: Ki Seong kept the unused wedding garment she had sewn for her murdered fiance Cho Yon. While battling his murderer Jeog, Anguirus puts it on to fool Jeog into thinking he's Cho Yon's ghost and distract her. The garment gets destroyed by fire, but Ki Seong comforts herself by knowing it helped avenge Cho Yon's death and she's found her Second Love in Anguirus.
  • In Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters, there's the bracelet which Tynar's son makes for him. In a variation, it doesn't become one to Tynar himself, but to Lothar when he finds it after Tynar's apparent death.
  • In How the Light Gets In, Black Siren once escaped her cell in the Flash's Pipeline prison, but was caught when she tried to reclaim her suit. Upon hearing this, Dean immediately concludes she wasn't trying to get the suit, but something in the suit. He's right, she was after her wedding ring and a picture of her dead son. Laurel makes a point to return both items to her.
  • A common theme in fanworks of Undertale is that Papyrus's scarf serves this role to Sans in a Genocide run, to the point where showing Sans wearing it is fanart shorthand for "This is Genocide!Sans" even though he never wears it in the game. Conversely, when dealing with the typical "What if?" of you fighting Papyrus at the end of a Genocide run, he'll typically be wearing or at least carrying Sans's hoodie.
  • A bloodstained photo of a toddler Ryuuko and a passed on Soichiro playing in the snow from chapter 43 of The Outside is the most telling example from the fic, as it's the only tangible evidence that Ryuuko's dream was more than a dream.
  • In In the Kingdom's Service, Roman Torchwick's last name serves as one in honor of his team (Team Torch) after he exposed that the Council and Vale Secret Service were responsible for collapsing the tunnel to Mountain Glenn, killing thousands including two of his teammates.
  • In Fractured Fates, Kaneki's fedora becomes this for Asuna after she receives it from Akira following the end of the second trial.
  • RWBY: Scars: After Coco is killed in the Fall of Beacon, her girlfriend Velvet begins wearing her iconic hat.
  • In Missing Piece, on the final chapter, Konata reveals to Miyuki that she got a keychain that her mother wanted to give to her when she was old enough and gave it to Miyuki as a gift, Just a few moments before she unexpectedly finally reunited with her mother again after being rescued from being kidnapped and taken back to Kasukabe, which Konata didn't through due to thinking that she was gone for good
  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Days Of Future Smurfed", Empath's wife Smurfette dies by reverting back to lifeless blue clay when the spell that changed her into a real Smurf ultimately fails. In one of the mini-stories following this event, Empath is seen carrying a jar of blue clay that Smurfette was made from as the last physical thing he would ever have of Smurfette to hold onto.
  • In UA:LA, his All Might keychain is one of the last things Hero has from his mother.
  • Fates Collide: After Diarmuid was killed, Kairi finds his broken weapons and uses their metal to create two rings, which Diarmuid's daughter Mordred wears to remember him.
  • Lost to Dust: Qrow Branwen reveals his flask was a gift from his deceased friend Summer Rose.
  • In Ghosts and Dreams Balerion the Cat is the only tangible thing Jaehaerys aka Jon Snow has of his sister Rhaenys, which contributes in him being deaf to all complaints that the cat is a menace. A bit of mixed example since he can see ghosts and regularly interacts with his sister's ghost.


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