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"And the most bitter pill to swallow is that [the British-accented mooks] look like Nazis. We helped DEFEAT the Nazis! Maybe we won't next time, America. Maybe after China BUYS you and puts you all to work in the sweatshops and you all crawl to Europe for help, we'll go: 'Hmm, well, we would, but apparently we're evil, so hands tied.'"

The trend to cast British actors as Those Wacky Nazis, or more broadly, villains who are not named as Nazis, or cannot be Nazis in context, who are however Putting on the Reich. Because y'know, British people are evil.

This trope is not about British people who were members of the Nazi party, or British fascists. (That would fall into Nazi Nobleman; Stories about Britain being conquered by Nazi Germany, or falling under the control of native fascist regimes, go under Day of the Jackboot or Alternate-History Nazi Victory.) It is also not about British actors playing any evil German characters — such as Alan Rickman in Die Hard — as Not All Germans Are Nazis.

A Sub-Trope of Evil Brit, Putting on the Reich and frequently Fake Nationality. Also a Sister Trope to The Queen's Latin in that the main reason it exists is that to an American audience, a British accent sounds European enough while still being comprehensible without subtitles. See also Jews Playing Nazis.


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    Films — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 
  • Robert Carlyle played Hitler in a TV miniseries called Hitler: The Rise of Evil. Also featured were Brits Chris Larkin and Justin Salinger as Hermann Goering and Joseph Goebbels, respectively.
  • The miniseries Nuremberg about the eponymous trials featured British actor Brian Cox portraying Hermann Göring. To add further irony, he makes several anti-British jokes.
  • The BBC docudrama series Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial, which dealt with the same subject matter, featured an almost entirely British cast for characters including Rudolf Hess, Hermann Goering, and Albert Speer.
  • On their show That Mitchell and Webb Look, the two titular British comedians had a sketch where they play Nazis who slowly come to realize they're the bad guys because they're wearing black uniforms with skulls on them. Another sketch comically depicted Karl Doenitz's succession to Hitler at the end of the war, with Mitchell as Doenitz and Webb and James Bachman as unnamed German officers.