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The shorts

    The Anti-Gravity Device 
  • Black Hat is trying to sell a anti-gravity ray, but Flug created an anti-gravity device instead:
    Black Hat: What is happening? GET ME DOWN!
    Flug: I tried to tell you, this is an anti-gravity device, not a ray! It makes everything in the area float away!
    Black Hat: Who would make this, you idiot?! No one wants a whole room to float away!
  • Black Hat's solution of his gravity problem? Ordering Demencia to turn off the device.
    Black Hat: Dementia, get us down NOW!
    Flug: Wait! Don't hit the-
    Demencia: *pushes the button*
    (Everything in the room falls. Black Hat lands on his feet. Flug slams into the ground.)
    Flug: ...button.
    Demencia: Sorry! *pushes the button again*
    Black Hat: Why did you hit the button AGAIN?!
    Demencia: *shrugs* We aaaallll float.
  • 5.0.5 enters the room, only to get stressed out by Black Hat yelling at him to hit the button again and proceeds to eat the gravity device out of stress.
    Black Hat: I hate you all.

    Bad Security 

    The Ice-Cream 

    The Shrinking Ray 
  • Flug makes a shrink ray and Black Hat decides to test it in the middle of the commercial using 5.0.5. as the test subject.
  • The shrink ray has a grow function. When Black Hat gets distracted, he accidentally flips the switch and grows 5.0.5 to the size of Godzilla. He manages to quickly put a spin on it and advertise 5.0.5. as a weapon.
    Black Hat: We are now... *pushes Flug* a new special! Giant monster sized bear! Therefore stampeding through your town! Any takers?

    Sculpting Evil 

    The Note of Destruction 
  • Demencia is playing her electric guitar, interrupting Flug's experiments. Then Black Hat appears with a giant, evil-looking pipe organ and proceeds to destroy everything with only one note. None of this is funny... at least until it's revealed that everything was burned to a crisp, with Flug losing his glasses and 5.0.5 his eyes. (This is all played for laughs).

    Wearing Evil 

    The Perception of Evil 

The Villainous Orientation Videos

    The Lost Cases of Ooo 
  • Black Hat is rather...blunt...about the goal of this "educational video" for up-and-coming villains, using the failures of other villains of an example.
    Black Hat:...I will make fun of the pathetic disgraces of the forces of evil, and you will give me your money!
  • Apparently, Black Hat wasn't briefed on who he was going to be using as an example, because he starts out by describing the Lich...only to find himself trailing off when he realizes he's going to be using Lemon Grab as his example of what not to do.
    Black Hat: Today, we will review one of the most chaotic and abominable villains from the land of Ooo, a heartless and rotten...
    (The footage abruptly changes from the Lich to Lemon Grab)
    Black Hat:...Fruit?! What is this, a lemon?! What kind of a villain is this?!
  • From there, Black Hat spends much of his time exasperated with Lemon Grab's neurotic behavior. Later on in the video, he even exults at how Finn and Bubblegum leave him crying on the floor.
  • More than once, Black Hat finds himself wondering if Princess Bubblegum isn't actually a villain in disguise, given her Ambiguously Evil habits.
  • By the end, Black Hat is so fed up with Lemon Grab's incompetence and histrionics that he decides to - in live-action - throw the poor sod into a juicer!
    The Lost Cases of Rhyboflaven 
  • The narrator has to say Rhyboflaven's name a couple of times before he gets it right.
  • Once again, Black Hat finds himself reviewing the actions of a subpar villain - Nohyas. Apparently, Nohyas' attempts to present himself as Prohyas are a technique that Black Hat himself founded long ago in order to mimic the identity of heroes so as to ruin their lives. Needless to say, Nohyas...isn't as good at it as Black Hat would like.
  • Apparently, the starter kit for villainy from the Black Hat Organization includes an Amnesia Magisword so nobody will remember a rookie villain's mistakes. Black Hat gets rather fed up by how many times Nohyas is forced to resort to it.
  • At one point, Black Hat gets sidetracked when he sees a clip of a barn catching fire, playing clips from other shows where fire is raging.
    Black Hat: Don't you just love a structure in flames?
  • When Black Hat decides to figure out how Nohyas became so pathetic, he fast-forwards and rewinds through the tape to showcase that exact moment...only to end up with a clip of Nohyas' grave.
    Tombstone: Here lies Nohyas - Poor Imposter.
    Black Hat: Gah! I went too far!
    • Later on, Black Hat uses that clip to close out the episode, implying that death is the only cure for Nohyas' particular level of Epic Fail.

    The Lost Cases of Boxmore 
  • The narrator's ancronym for the instruction guide is...rather long.
  • Black Hat has some trouble working out how to address prospective customers/future lackeys.
    Black Hat: Welcome, future slaves...
    (Tape rewinds)
    Black Hat: Welcome, insolent leeches...
    Dr. Flug: Um, sir...?
    Black Hat: Goddamnit...
    (tape rewinds)
    Black Hat: Welcome, future subsidiaries...
    Dr. Flug: I'm sorry sir! Please don't hit me!
    Black Hat: I finally had it, you big - !
  • The narrator claims that the example for this video will be chosen carefully by Black Hat. The Big Bad himself has other ideas.
    Black Hat: Actually, I'll just choose one at random, like I always do. (He pushes a button, causing a massive explosion elsewhere) Ha ha ha! Wrong button!
    Narrator: (over the selection grid of the evil companies under Black Hat's thumb) And the winner to be viciously torn apart is...
  • Black Hat clearly isn't too familiar with Box More or its CEO, Lord Boxman. Initially, he thinks it's one of his earlier acquisitions until Flug corrects him; then he assumes that its chief product is boxes. Then he assumes that the CEO's name is "Lord Buttman" after a clip of one of the characters mis-pronouncing the name.
    The Lost Cases of Townsville 
  • The Narrator for the Orientation videos gets into an argument with the Narrator for the Powerpuff Girls about who should be doing the video. All the while they're arguing, Black Hat is staring at the screen with visible boredom and irritation, while Flug looks at his watch worrying about when they can properly start.
    • This feud between them becomes a Running Gag during the video, with even Dementia taking over briefly after tasering them. This ultimately culminating in the Black Hat killing the Powerpuff Girl Narrator.
  • Black Hat is initially dismissive of Mojo Jojo and simply states he should've bought their products and tries to leave. However, when Flug informs him that Mojo is a Black Diamond Platinum card Member and has spent millions on Black Hat's products, he immediately returns and speaks of Mojo in a more respectful manner.
    • He tries to leave again when he finds out Mojo's rivals are infants, but Flug frantically reminds him again of Mojo's membership.
  • When Black Hat sees Mojo Jojo ruining an effective Villain Alliance because he fell in love with a monkey he thought was smart, he leaves. Dr. Flug nervously states he's gone to do nasty stuff, with the video cutting to Black Hat... playing mini golf with a coffee cup. And then later reading a newspaper.
  • Flug states that it isn't a good idea to give superpowers to unintelligent people. Cue him recalling hiding under a desk when he gave Dementia the ability to go Super Saiyan.
  • After leaving, the one thing that gets Black Hat to look up from his paper is Flug mentioning how Black Hat loves using his enemy as a bat.
    Black Hat: "Yes! I love doing that!'' *Looks back at paper.
    The Lost Cases of Elmore 
  • Gumball and Watason discover a Black Hat business card from Nicole's old life in the Organisation. After calling and talking to Flug, Gumball believes he just talked to an evil and omnipotent that controls all evil and which his mom used to be apart of. But he then decides that it was probably a Real Estate.

    Guide for a Successful Conquest 

    The Lost Cases of the Future 
  • At one point in the episode, Black Hat mentions never going to any of Aku's reunions. This is followed up by a scene where a black hearse pulls up next to Aku... And the only thing that pops out is a Black Hat doll, much to his disappointment.
    • The very idea that there's some kind of class reunion-style party for certain types of villains. We see Black Hat standing next to Aku and Him, looking somewhere between disdainful and bored.
  • We get to see Aku ordering up one of Dr. Flug's creations for one of his (many) attempts to get rid of Samurai Jack. Specifically, the montage that led up to his one-on-one duel with Jack; only this time, we hear Flug's side of the covnersation. And yes, this includes the memetic line...
  • If Black Hat is to be believed, Aku wanted pointers from him back when he was a shapeless mass of darkness. The idea of an Eldritch Abomination begging for pointers from a Humanoid Abomination is a hilarious mental image.
  • At the very end, we get a cameo from a classic trio of time protectors as they stumble across another Bad Future - specifically, the one where Demencia was sent to after Flug zapped her earlier.
    • And then Flug comes to pick her up, much to the Time Squad's confusion. And an off-screen pummeling from Demencia, who's been living it up as a future warlord and has no interest in coming back.

    The Lost Cases of Beach City 
  • Flug and Demencia's contrasting approaches to supervillainy - and, indeed, their contrast with each other, period - is in rare form here, making them the premiere example of Those Two Bad Guys!
    • The moment Flug realizes that he's going to have to share this orientation video with Demencia:
      Flug: Ugh! Demencia! I have to do a learning video...with her?!....We are going to learn to plan, to think, to elaborate a strategy! And I'm not going to be able to do that with the thing-breaker master!
    • Then Demencia butts in with her crudely-drawn slides, which show her as a clever teacher and Flug as a donkey with a paper bag over his head. Flug...gets fed up rather quickly.
      Flug: No, you know what? No. NO! Nobody is forcing me to do these. See you later!
      Flug: (Clearly terrified) Oh, of course, chief! Happy to do so!
  • Throughout the episode, Flug and Demencia are arguing over which of the two Gems they're using as an example of the ideal villain - Perdiot and Jasper, respectively - is superior. It's like watching two kids arguing over which action figure is best.
    • Throughout the video, Demencia decides to illustrate her points by beating up Flug. The camera cuts to "technical difficulties" before each blow lands; and when we cut back to Demencia and Flug, the latter ends up more and more disheveled, requiring a neck brace by the end of it...and the former, meanwhile, ends up strapped to a vertical gurney...while in a straightjacket...and being muzzled like Hannibal Lecter. And she's still able to land hits on Flug!
    • And, of course, Black Hat gets fed up by their bickering and roars at them from off-screen to stay focused.
      Black Hat: Now end the video, or I WILL END YOU!!
    • It all comes to a head when Jasper gets corrupted, which Demencia looks forward to because she thinks Jasper's going to quickly wreck Steven and the others. Cue her Stunned Silence when Jasper gets poofed in one shot by Perdiot.
    • Flug, of course, exults in the triumph of brains over brawn. However, his smug satisfaction gives way to enraged disbelief when Demencia points out that Peridot wasn't a villain anymore at that point.
  • Dr. Flug claims that Peridot was suckered in by Steven's All-Loving Hero nature, then demonstrates how a villain should react when interrogated or beseeched to change their ways by heroes. Both times involve Hat Bots, who promptly blow themselves up. Never mind that they're Mecha-Mooks, and thus less individual-minded than a supervillain would be.
  • How does this episode end? By having Dr. Flug blend Jasper and Peridot's gems, of course! Even funnier, the process is live action instead of a cartoon and it's styled like an episode of Will It Blend?.
    • One of the other things Flug ends up blending is a piece of paper with the words "My Hopes And Dreams" written on it.

    The Lost Cases of the Tree House 
    Black Hat Organization Q&A 
  • Demencia is well aware about the mindset of most viewers.
    Demencia: Hello perverts who are dying to know about our personal lives!
  • Demencia getting a Villain Song on her love for Black Hat. It's about as insane as you'd expect.
    • This exchange during said song.
    Demencia: Make me!
    • The coup de grace? The reveal that Flug was shooting darts at her the entire song.

The Series:

    The Dreadful Dawn 
  • Dr. Flug, the resident Butt-Monkey, straight-up kills a superhero with a disintegrator gun within seconds of his first appearance.
  • Then Black Hat shows up to praise him, leaving him in tears, then Black Hat suddenly starts bobbing his head up and down, chanting "MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY!" Turns out that Dr. Flug was just dreaming and it's the ringtone for his alarm clock.
  • During the "feeding" of Demencia, the back and forth between Dr. Flug and the Unnamed Hero really sets the tone of the show's Black Humor
    Unnamed Hero: Speak, villain! What's your evil plan?!
    Dr. Flug: Breakfast.
    Unnamed Hero: Breakfast? Hey, that doesn't sound so bad! What're they serving?
    (Sounds of the hero being very violently attacked by Demencia off-screen)
    Unnamed Hero: (Weakly) That wasn't a breakfast...
  • Dr. Flug's attempts to control Demencia than successful.
    Dr. Flug: All right, let's do something simple today. Just go and change.
  • Dr. Flug's initial response when Black Hat summons him?
    Dr. Flug: Good morning, my beloved boss! How might I serve you? (beat) IT WASN'T ME, IT WASN'T ME!
  • Dr. Flug's reaction to Penumbra is worth a chuckle or two.
  • During the flight to Sunblast's turf, Atreno City, Demencia is more interested in fangirling over pics of Black Hat that she has on her phone. Also, she gets violently jealous when told that Penumbra will be staying with Black Hat until the job is complete.
    Dr. Flug: Look, you break one more phone, and I'm not buying you a new one, got it?!
  • Upon arrival in Atreno City, the team parks their top-hat ship right on top of the statue of Sunblast. An observant cop spots this, and objects.
    Police Officer: Wait a minute! Parking on the statue is only available on Sundays!
    • Later, the team's hat-ship takes off just as the cop's trying to attach a parking ticket to the hull.
  • Dr. Flug has a detailed plan for catching Sun Blast, outlining it to Demencia and 5.05 - wait, where'd Demencia go? Cue sounds of mass destruction...
  • Dr. Flug decides to adapt the plan to Demencia's involvement, trying to shoot Sunblast with a tranquilizer gun while he's distracted fighting her. What could go wrong?
    Dr. Flug: (to 5.05) Fluffy, cover me! (cue 5.05 hugging him, throwing off his aim) No no no no! I didn't want a bear hug!
  • Later on, Demencia's still getting over the effects of the dart.
    Demencia: Let [Sunblast] come! I don't need my left side. I only need my love for the one and only Black hat!
  • Dr. Flug freaking out as he realizes that Sunblast is pursuing them to Black Hat's lair, and he has no plan to fall back on.
    • In his panic, he tears the paper bag mask he's wearing to reveal...a second and identical paper bag underneath.
  • While Black Hat is threatening the team, Penumbra can be seen in the background cheerfully waving at them, apparently unaware of Black Hat's Bad Boss tendencies.
  • Sunblast smashes his way into Black Hat's lair, looking for Penumbra. Dr. Flug is waiting for him in classic Blofeld fashion, complete with revolving chair and an adorable fluffball on his lap. Problem is, 5.05 is kinda big to be a good Right-Hand Cat...
  • How does Dr. Flug ensure Demencia will hold nothing back when 5.05 has Sun Blast restrained?
    Sunblast: Ha! Her again? So what? She couldn't beat me last time! What's the difference?!
    Dr Flug: (To Demencia) I don't want to be a snitch, but he said Penumbra and Black Hat would make a good couple.
  • The piece de resistance? Shrinking down Sun Blast...and trapping him in a bug jar.
  • With Sun Blast captured, Penumbra is gushing over being able to use his powers to engineer a cure for her condition. In the background, a shrunken Sun Blast escapes the jar that they'd trapped him in, prompting Demencia to eat him - catching him with her tongue like a lizard eating a fly.
    • How does Dr. Flug cover for this? Replacing the missing hero with a light bulb.
    • During the credits, Penumbra still hasn't caught on that she's carrying a light bulb in the jar.
    Penumbra: ...And that's the reason why I had to create the machine! (sighs contentedly) You see? You're a good listener! (Beat) Sunblast? Sunblast? Aw, he fell asleep.


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