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Characters / Tex Avery MGM Cartoons

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Screwy Squirrel

Voiced by: Wally Maher (classic shorts), Charlie Adler (Droopy Master Detective), Paul Reubens (Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure)


Voiced by: Bill Thompson (Blitz Wolf), Frank Graham (40s shorts), Daws Butler (50s shorts), Frank Welker (Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, Tom and Jerry Kids, Droopy Master Detective), John DiMaggio (Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse)


Voiced by: Sara Berner (Red Hot Riding Hood, Swing Shift Cinderella), Bea Benaderet (Shooting of Dan McGoo, Wild and Woolfy), Imogene Lynn (singing voice), Teresa Ganzel (Tom and Jerry Kids, Droopy Master Detective), Grey DeLisle (Tom and Jerry movies)


Voiced by: Billy Bletcher (40s shorts), Bill Thompson (50s shorts), Jim Cummings (Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring), Jeff Bergman (Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes), Joe Alaskey (Tom and Jerry: Wizard of Oz movies)


George and Junior

Voiced by: Dick Nelson and Tex Avery (classic shorts), John Rubinov and Tony Pope (What a Cartoon)

Blackie the Cat

Voiced by: ???

Southern Wolf

Voiced by: Daws Butler

  • Captain Obvious: Has a habit of pointing out what is obvious to the audience.
    [After failing to demolish Droopy's doghouse] Now that's a well-built doghouse, man.
  • Southern Gentleman
  • The Stoic: Barely reacts to all the injuries he suffers, even a guided missile to the butt.
  • Verbal Tic:
    • Has a habit of ending sentences with "man".
    • In "Billy Boy" his lines repeat at the end Like A Broken Record.

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