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Akihiko Murakami

Super High School Level Theoretical Chemist

While science isn’t usually thought of as being a field for the especially imaginative individual, Akihiko Murakami has gone well out of his way to bust that particular stereotype. A chemistry prodigy from a young age, his interests always lied primarily within the realm of what could be and what future advancements might bring. While his major breakthrough is considered to be a chemical structure for a new drug intended to manage multiple symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, replacing the battery of drugs usually required for it, he also manages a blog breaking down the more abstract aspects of chemistry into simple, easy-to-understand terms, making a writing topic that would otherwise be fairly niche into a popular study aid for high schoolers and college students. He's the first student to die, killed by a giant kraken at Monobear's command for refusing to accept the mutual killing.

Bina Meier

Super High School Level Knitter
Bina Meier’s name and face, while hard to pronounce yet pretty to look at, are known around the world for her activity on Youtube where she runs her own how-to channel on knitting: Yarn World. Knitting has always been a major part of Bina’s life, due to the fact that her mother, her grandmother, and her aunts all knitted, as it’s something of a family tradition for the females to be able to knit well. Capable of knitting anything from a simple scarf to knitting tricky lace doilies that require fine attention to detail, she loves to knit, and wants to encourage others to knit as well. Her motherly personality and ability to reach out in multiple languages saw her gaining fame and attention from across the world - including the elite academy of Hope’s Peak. Executed in the third chapter for murdering Wire.

Damodara Chaudhary

Super High School Level Sitarist
Sitar music has always gone hand-in-hand with rock and roll. Introduced to Western music in the 1960s and popularized by musicians such as Ravi Shankar and the Beatles, its widespread usage in recordings may have died down since then, but now the world is being taken by storm with it again. Enter Cyanide Lotus, an alternative rock group originating from Delhi, India and led by childhood friends Damodara Chaudhary and Ashoka. Driven by dreams of fame and fortune, their ragtag group of friends were quick to develop a large following in their city’s thriving music scene, and by then they were certain they could take on the world. One impulsive plane flight to California and three demo CDs later, Cyanide Lotus had themselves a record deal with the up-and-coming Refugee Recordings when they were only sixteen. It wasn’t long before the titular track off their first official album, Break Break Break!, landed on both the Billboard’s Hot 100 and VH1’s Top 20 Countdown charts, rocketing them towards international fame. Praised by alternative music magazines for being a “fresh combination of Fall Out Boy-esque attitudes, strong female rock vocals, and an exotic combination of Hindustani classical music and ethereal trip-hop with mainstream pop music,” the band garnered attention not only for their young age but also for their unique style and lyrics that packed a smart punch. Despite this, Lotus had disappeared from the public eye during the last six months; other songs from their most recent Red Thread Hanging EP had wormed their way into the public eye through movie soundtracks and radio remixes, but the band itself seemed to go on a mysterious, temporary hiatus— only for their public image to explode again once the reserved Damodara himself announced his acceptance into the prestigious Hope’s Peak Academy. Was the fifth murder victim, found killed by an epidural hemorrhage by Julia Akston, with assistance from Renjiro Mikami.
  • Birds of a Feather: He and Najwa are close, partially because of their feelings of feeling different from everyone else.
  • Fan Nickname: Has inspired quite a few. DMDR, DDR, Dr. Pepper, Durarara, Damodara Dimmadome (Owner of the Damodaradale Dimmadome)...
  • The Faceless: What does he look like behind the screen?


Hayate Narabayashi

Super High School Level Dishware Designer
At first glance, Hayate might appear to be a normal, quiet highschool student- it’s hard to believe that he’s actually considered an artistic genius. Most well known for his gorgeous pastel and metallic-painted porcelainware sets designed in the likeness of birds (that sell for tens to hundreds of thousands of yen), he’s also done some less popular painting and sculpture. He was first brought into the public eye by Gen’ichiro Hara, another sculptor well-known for their… somewhat grotesque creations. Although perhaps unexpected, it certainly didn’t impede his rise to fame. Due to his quiet nature, though, the general public knows relatively little about the artist, himself. He's the first murder victim, found on the open deck covered in cuts and bruises.
  • Ear Ache: One of his ears was sliced at, as found during the investigation of his injuries.

Hiyuu Kurusu

Super High School Level Cycle Courier
Hiyuu Kurusu is better known as that fast moving blur that nearly collided into you had you not moved at the very last second. A high demand for an efficient courier brought “Sakai’s Invincible Rider” to Yoimiri Shimbun’s headquarters in Ōtemachi as the leader of their new cycling courier unit. Credited with having the largest newspaper circulation in the world, the company actively sought out the fastest from around Japan to create a special task force for delivering goods and information across the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. Notoriety in road races earned the speedster his chance, but his high success rate combined with clock-shattering times during his training period is what solidified his position. Success in the company hinted Hope’s Peak Academy to recruit him for their prodigious school, seeking to nurture and refine his talent. Survives the mutual killing game without incident.
  • Big Eater: To keep up with the high caloric demands of cycling, he can really put away food like no one's business.
  • Cavalier Competitor: Even if he should lose at a race or something, he's more likely to congratulate and praise the winner rather than being salty about it.

Ichigo Sukeeru

Super High School Level Koi Fish Breeder
Not much was known about Ichigo before he received his invitation to Hope’s Peak. His name was only known by the customers interested in the fish he breeds and the ponds he builds, which is an extremely small market. Social media reveals older photos of a smiling boy surrounded by friends with several negative comments underneath, tweets about his favourite TV shows, and several youtube videos of his Shiba Inu and Scottish Fold,Yalta and Renn, running rampant. In person Ichigo is different. During interviews regarding his talent Ichigo is curt, distracted, and eager to be done. Anyone looking for more information on this prospect had to locate his previous customers for testimonies. But when any interviewers found one, they were met with sealed lips that wouldn’t divulge any information about the boy, but they would show off the lovely koi fish swimming in their ponds. From this, one could surmise that Ichigo is eager to be a student, but he isn’t eager to become famous at all. Is the Mastermind behind the Mutual Killing game, finally found at the children's final Mastermind attempt.
  • Mismatched Eyes: One of his pupils is larger than the other.
  • Nice Guy: Several characters have commented on this particular trait of his. He even pretended to be angry at the end of the fourth trial so that Malachi would get the reaction he wanted.
  • Nice Hat: A toque with a puffball.

Itsuki Hanazawa

Super High School Level Architectural Photographer
Unless you’re well-informed about the world of photography or are particularly passionate about visually pleasing photographs of buildings, you might not even know that a field such as architectural photography exists, let alone heard the name Itsuki Hanazawa. Having steadily built their popularity in the field from the bottom up by selling their pictures to anyone who would want them, their name has been slowly spreading through the grapevine as their works found their ways onto the walls of critics and big shots renowned for having good taste. Known for being able to showcase even the least appealing of buildings in a beautiful light when they have their camera in hand, it was only a matter of time before Itsuki’s eye for photography caught the attention of Hope’s Peak Academy. Is executed at the end of the fifth trial in an effort to punish the fourth trial's primary suspect. This is later proven to have been correct.
  • Curtains Match the Windows
  • Gold Digger: Faked a romantic relationship with Monobear in order to extract more information from their captor. It brings... mixed results.
  • Love Cannot Overcome: Despite being betrothed to Monobear, Itsuki is permitted to be executed without so much as a fight by the robot (though he does remark that he doesn't make the rules — he just follows them).
  • Odd Friendship: With Malachi.
  • Robbing the Dead: They take a few things off of Janet's body after she dies.
  • Somebody Set Up Us the Bomb: Is executed by being trapped in a building that was set on fire by some mysterious people.
  • The Quiet One: According to some of their trial posts, they don't like to talk very much. And their posts lend to that too.
  • You Never Did That for Me: Cruelly informs Monobear that they were never really in love with him before being executed. In fact, they seem almost amused by the fact that the bear was dim enough to believe that they could ever have affection towards him.

Janet Lynn Kiwako Hamasaki

Super High School Level Windsurfer

American-born Janet Lynn has never known a life without the ocean, and the frequent beachgoers of Nagoya have never seen the waters of Ise Bay without her in it. From the age of thirteen, Janet has been heavily dedicated to the difficult sport of freestyle windsurfing. Regulars to the shoreline would often see this young girl coming to the bay day-in and day-out like clockwork, slowly growing from a clumsy novice to a graceful yet powerful wave dancer. In the years since, she’s been the recipient of many medals in local, national, and even international level competitions. Her rise to fame, however, has never climbed nearly as quickly as her collection of awards. The sport of windsurfing isn’t as popular as it once was, but that’s never stopped crowds of beachgoers, locals and tourists alike, from watching her elaborate maneuvers in awe. Over the years, she’s become something of a local attraction for the area, yet few have ever been close enough to see her face, and fewer still have bothered to learn her name. Indeed, if it hadn’t been for the digging of a vacationing Hope’s Peak recruiter, Janet Lynn would have remained on the edge of obscurity. She's executed right before the second motive is given, shoved off the roof of a higher deck and dying from the impact of the fall. According for Monobear, it was for "sneaking around places [she] wasn't meant to be".
  • Last-Name Basis: While Japanese refer to each other by family names, Janet does this without the use of honorifics. Even for fellow foreigners.

Julia C. Akston Claire Taggart

Super High School Level Financier
Not much is known about the individual who signs off their investments under the name J. Akston — except that the endeavors they attach their name to infallibly prosper. This modern-day Midas has become something of a legend among entrepreneurs, but there is no way to lure them to your office — as the legend goes, it is J. Akston who seeks the talent, not the other way around. Companies that turn out interesting projects and individuals with practical and revolutionary designs invariably find a folder slipped on their desk with a date and time; with riches unimaginable being their reward for arriving.

Reports on the identity of this financier are mixed — with some saying that J. Akston is a tall blond-haired boy who speaks very mangled Japanese; a middle-aged white man with a strange beard and a smoking problem; a little girl with an infectious smile.

Given the cut-throat nature of business — and how people treat those with a lot of money — it’s clear that this effort towards privacy is very deliberate. Murders Damodara Chaudhary in chapter five with the assistance of Renjiro Mikami, but is never punished for her crime. Ultimately survives the Mutual Killing game.

  • After Action Patch Up: Is bandaged up by Koharu after getting punched in the face by Ryo during the first trial.
  • Dwindling Party: At least one of her friends has died every chapter since chapter 2.
  • Ethical Slut: Her moral-based philosophy embraces pleasure in all aspects of life, and tends to glorify sex. Julia has no problems with this, though she might prefer the term "Business slut."[1]
  • Everyone Loves Blondes: Well, Julia certainly loves Julia!
  • Gay Conservative: More or less.
  • Gibbering Genius: Talks almost non-stop during trials, with most of the words seeming to be stream of consciousness garbage. Every so often she'll hit a reasoned point, however — for better or for worse.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: If by gold you mean literal gold.
  • Karma Houdini: Murders Damodara during the fifth trial, but is not found throughout the rest of the game. Those she informs of her murder are largely forgiving of her actions, allowing her to survive the game of mutual killing.
  • Meaningful Name: Shares a last name with Hugh Akston, John Galt's mentor and father figure in Atlas Shrugged. In reality, she shares a last name with Dagny Taggart, the polarized and conflicted female heroine in Atlas Shrugged.
  • Morality Chain: For Koharu Amashiro. Was revealed that if Julia ever died, Koharu would have murdered again to attempt a killer victory.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: To those she invests in and people in the business world, she is known only as J. Akston. Made doubly true with her birth name being revealed to be Claire, rather than Julia.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians: With Koharu Amashiro.
  • Teen Genius: A stock-market tycoon with a handful of private investments in businesses run by who she calls "great men." Don't get her flustered, though.
  • Tender Tears: She is. Absolutely. Always. Crying.

Kiyoko Minami

Super High School Level Underwear Maker
It’s not too much of a strange occurrence to hear of a young missus pursuing the art of sewing and designing. With Kiyoko Minami, she devotes her talent specifically to the delicate smallclothes that protect your vital regions. Known online under the name of Knight☆deNight, she owns a store selling an impressive variety of underwear. Besides the pre-made designs, any consumer can opt out to have custom-made underwear tailored to their needs whether it be to accentuate a mood, draw attention, be resistant against stains, or create a specific shape— if you have a special need, Kiyoko is on the job! Well-known for their practicality, comfort, affordable prices, and cute designs, it’s likely that you know of someone who is sporting this little knight’s work if it’s not you yourself. Commits suicide in Chapter 9, and intentionally makes her cause of death easy to deduce in order to give her classmates another chance of finding the Mastermind.

Koharu Amashiro

Super High School Level Mahjong Player
Koharu Amashiro is a rambling gambling gal, most well known for her recent victory in the high school division of the Japanese National Mahjong Championships. While normally it isn’t a big deal, Koharu’s name became synonymous with her winning hand: A counted Yakuman that she called the red dragon’s rampage. While many criticize her for gambling to win on an incredibly lucky hand in the grand finals, many professionals recognized the skilled plays and decision making that went into her play. According to tournament records and net mahjong records for the user Akairyuubousou: Koharu’s win rate is exceptionally high, as well as her net point gain per match. If anything, it’s obvious that this girl knows a lot about the technicalities and mechanics of mahjong as well as the thought processes that go behind any play. Care to face her? Welcome to the Dragon’s Den. Is responsible for the death of Rie Kano in Chapter 6, but is never found by the group. Ultimately survives the Mutual Killing game.

Lucian Ravenholme Yuuki Kobayashi

Super High School Level Vampire Enthusiast

Hailing from Brașov, Romania, Lucian Ravenholme is a well known sensation among the gothic subculture. From abchanchu to zaolas, he has been putting his extensive knowledge of all things vampire to good use. He has written and published several books, including a first edition of an encyclopedia of vampire myths from around the world. He has a dedicated fanbase who follow his work, and has developed a reputation of being more than a little eccentric. This eccentricity fits the taste of his particular field of interest quite nicely, but it has raised the eyebrow of many a concerned elder. Is the culprit of the seventh trial — and the first culprit since trial 3's to be found during his own trial. He is executed gruesomely in a scene that eventually ends in his decapitation.
  • Woobie: Losing Najwa and being degraded by everyone for his eager theories during the trials that he truly believes in can lead to this view being taken of him.


Super High School Level Exorcist
Ghosts, demons, malicious presences — none are a match for the exorcist Malachi, known best for successfully exorcising the Ise Shrine which had become infested with vengeful spirits. Accustomed to dealing with the supernatural, having exorcised everything from objects, to people, to large plots of land, Malachi has obtained an acute sensitivity towards spirits, which, in addition to his calm attitude, allows him to complete his job with ease and efficiency. Though his studies were first rooted in Roman Catholicism, the exorcist has since branched out, becoming more and more intrigued by the demons and spirits of other cultures that were thought to be myths, his inner compendium of ghosts and spirits vast and unparalleled by any other in his field. Due to his versatility, the exorcist has traversed all over the world, performing exorcisms in all necks of the woods; from the United States to Socotra. Though the lure of exotic lands and strange paranormal happenings is a constant temptation to the exorcist, he has since focused his work in Japan, where he resided and worked up until his invitation and acceptance into Hope’s Peak Academy. He is the unlucky winner of the fourth case's mistrial tiebreaker random roll, and his tongue is cut out. Is later the victim of the seventh case.

Masayuki Ohno

Super High School Level Guitarist
Better known as his alias, Yukito (ゆきと), the sweet-tempered Masayuki Ohno has a far larger presence online than he has in real life. As a popular Niconico user, ‘Yukito’ is most well known for his acoustic guitar arrangements of Vocaloid and J-rock songs, with numerous of his covers exceeding 350,000 views. However, aside from this, he actually does hold the respect of many producers and musicians alike. He often collaborates on many pieces with them - providing the guitar part, whether electric or acoustic, for various producers’ songs and albums. In addition, Masayuki is known to be a skilled composer within the NND music community; he has written songs with and for utaites on numerous occasions, though he usually asks to go under various pseudonyms for such requests. Despite his talent, Masayuki is renowned to be quite modest - never revealing his face or voice in any of his videos nor on social media. It was only during his first and only ‘namahousou’ that the young guitarist finally showed himself to his fans, and sang for the first time along his acoustic arranges. Whilst his fans were ecstatic to have found out more about him, Masayuki also decided to disclose his invitation to Hope’s Peak during this time - announcing that he would be going on a semi-hiatus during his years at the academy. Is killed by Renjiro Mikami in Chapter 8, in a preventative measure on Renjiro's part to quell Masayuki's own attempt at murder.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Only time will tell. Ultimately subverted — attempts to kill Renjiro Mikami in Chapter 8.

Mitsuru Kouzo

Super High School Level Indie RPG Dev
While his classmates call him “disgusting,” “smelly,” and “a huge fucking shitlord,” his fans call him kuruma, one of the most revered figures in the horror RPG scene. Although he’s released several terrifying titles over the years, from the bone-chilling haunted toy store in Take Me Back to Nenene’s account of a girl who just couldn’t seem to place what was wrong with her new school, the game that rocketed him to online fame approximately six months ago was Cadaver Sunrise. Thousands of horror game aficionados have taken on the roles of Hiro and Hino as they uncover the secret behind the ever-increasing appearances of dead bodies on the beach of their small coastal town, and the unearthly being with no skin haunting the eventual victims that simply calls itself “Nolite”. For fans of jumpscares and eerie build-ups alike, kuruma’s website is filled with games to satisfy, made simply using RPG Maker. Moreover, his games have been translated into several languages for the world to enjoy, and are a favorite of Let’s Players everywhere. If you’re a fan of indie Role Playing Games, then it’s practically impossible not to know who he is. Still, that’s just it — his online presence is so far removed from his fanbase that there’s hardly a soul alive who knows of the connection between his internet persona and the high school student in Nagoya who smells worse than he looks, and acts worse than he smells. That is, until the caught the interest of a certain prestigious high school… Is punished due to the tiebreaker vote of trial 6. Instead of simply punishing him — or executing him — Monobear forced the other students to find him before he perished from his wounds through a sick scavenger hunt, where his classmates found his legs and eyes in their search for him. Is taken care of by Yuu Sagara, and ultimately survives the Mutual Killing game.
  • Kubrick Stare: His smiling pose has him leaning forward and performing this expression. It's very unsettling.

Najwa El Gariani

Super High School Level Luxury Chocolatier
A walking sugar rush, this innovative chocolatier was a breakout hit in international markets when she opened her Sendai storefront at the age of fourteen. The proprietor and sole employee, her family never expected the tiny shop to get any attention, despite Najwa’s internet popularity and status as a regarded exporter of home-made fine chocolate goods. In a surprising moment of good publicity, her very first customer just happened to be the CEO of a talent agency specializing in music, and after tasting her creations, hired her on the spot to cater an event for a pre-awards show party. Nearly a week after her store opened up, it had earned itself a spot on the map and a place in wealthy citizens’ hearts, and her fame has only grown since then. With a quiet demeanor and organic ingredients that anyone could love, this mysterious young lady who appeared seemingly from nowhere has taken the world around her by storm. Fans and critics agree - her shop’s slogan, ‘One must eat well’, is a good indication of what you’ll find inside. Is the second student executed in the game, as a result of a mistrial.
  • Silent Scapegoat: She directs the focus of the second trial onto herself in order to protect WIRE, who was under fire at the time.
  • Teen Genius: She's very knowledgeable about food chemistry and the properties of the ingredients she uses, and takes extra science classes in school to strengthen this knowledge.
  • The Fashionista: She dresses entirely in designer clothes, and is very protective of them.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Deviled eggs.
  • Verbal Tic: Often finishes her sentences with "naam" or "tayeb".

Naoise Oe / Kieran Whelan

Super High School Level Shepherd
Appearing from… Well, almost nowhere, Naoise Oe has made waves in the incredibly niche world of sheep herding. With an expert eye and a firm, yet kind way of training their dogs, they’ve managed to win or place highly in several sheepdog trials, this mysterious figure has been featured in several specials revolving around the world of livestock on television, and they also maintain a blog, called Shepādo no Kunan, that gives advice on proper livestock care, tips for training dogs, and pictures of sheep, among other things. Approaching every day with a sunny outlook and a dreamy mind, they’re every bit as polite in real life as they are on television, and It’s no wonder they quickly amassed a following with their skill and charm. They're the second victim of the mutual killing game, and bled to death after being tasered by Yuudoku WIRE.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Tasered, stabbed with a dart multiple times, and then dumped off the edge of the sea.
  • Curtains Match the Windows: Blue hair, blue eyes! Though their hair is actually a wig, their real hair color is blonde.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Only time will tell. While they murdered anybody in the game proper, their backstory involved unintentionally murdering one of their classmates, and they are in general a very distrustful person.
  • The Gadfly: An unintentional example. Except not, they do it on purpose.
  • Nice Hoodie: One with cat ears! Actually they're wolf ears.
  • The Cutie: Very small and cute in appearance.
  • Pungeon Master: Sheep Puns, what else?
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: A pale blue shade. Except it's actually a blonde shade.

Noelle Blanc

Super High School Level Butler
Not too many have heard of the Rousset Estate’s youngest butler, but she prefers things to be that way. Noelle Blanc lives her life as the servant to a wealthy French family, whose business is mainly in a luxury restaurant chain. While she may not be the highest-ranking employee, she’s certainly gotten herself a good name in the manor, particularly for her outstanding performance at such a young age. She would have been content leading this quiet life, but after a business trip to Japan led to an invitation by Hope’s Peak, Mrs. Rousset insisted she accept and attend the renowned school. Is the fourth victim of the game, killed by Itsuki Hanazawa.
  • Hime Cut: She keeps hers tied up in a ponytail, however.
  • Not So Stoic: Several moments in game have had her nervous or panicking, and she apparently struggles to keep her cool very often.
  • Odd Friendship: With Julia and her overzealous girl (+ Yuu) squad.
  • Petite Pride: Not exactly proud, but she finds it more convenient. Less weight to move around with.

Rei Mikami

Super High School Level Prosthetic Makeup Artist

A fan of horror as long as they can remember, Rei Mikami was the child with an innate fascination with all things dark, the type to stay up late watching the creepiest of films behind their hands. Enamored with the classic monster films that set the bar for modern film, they began to try and mimic what they saw with things around the house. Whilst not very effective at first, their techniques began to improve and Rei began to get some attention by posting the end results online. They made their big break in ‘Stake Night’, a low budget cult horror film, renowned for its gore and effects, which was originally predicted to be a flop. Upon opening night viewers found themselves terrified by the effects they saw, quickly garnering mass attention and even unsettling rumours the effects weren’t really fake. It caught the eye of several producers…and of Hopes Peak. Survives the mutual killing game without incident.

Renjiro Mikami Jiro Mikami

Super High School Level Dispatch Worker
In a time when people began to have trouble holding on to even a single job , a young man known as Renjiro Mikami appeared from seemingly nowhere to quickly become the bane of job hunters everywhere. Over the course of two years, he has succeeded in obtaining and and satisfactorily completing more than 378 contracts for companies all over Tokyo… all while still attending school. Although his acceptance lead to some debate amongst the faculty as to if a student whose talent was something as lowly as dispatch work had any real place at Hope’s Peak, the fact that he was scouted working 4 different jobs at once during exam period and still able to pass all of them quickly put the matter to rest...for the moment. Other dispatch employees who have worked with him in the past have tended to describe him as being there to work rather than talk, but beyond that, his complete lack of online presence and frequent habit of turning down interviews has prevented the public from learning anything about him beyond that. Assists Julia Akston in the murder of Damodara Chaudhary, but is able to shake suspicion off of himself and escape execution. However, he is later killed with his own poisoned water during Chapter 8, after killing Masayuki Ohno.
  • Blood Knight: A downplayed version. He's genuinely disappointed when he couldn't fight Ryo during the first trial.
  • Let Me At Them!: He tries to fight Ryo during the trial, but is let down when Ichigo restrains them.

Rie Kano

Super High School Level Natural Graffiti Artist
Two years ago, citizens of Matsudo began to notice strange moss clusters cropping up at various points around the city. Ordinarily, moss growth on the side of a building would be met with indifference, if not mild irritation, but these clusters took the form of elaborate designs and motivational messages. Dubbed “The Phantom” by the local media, Rie worked in secret. She desired neither fame nor fortune, and she cared little for the admiration of others. All she wanted was to create for her own benefit. Unfortunately, she managed to create what was, for lack of a better term, a secret identity for herself - even if her true name was private, her alias had become a household name. People began to wait with anticipation for the next piece to surface, and though Rie Kano remained anonymous, the fame soon got to her. Eventually, what was once a hobby had grown into more of a chore than anything, and she turned away from moss art in favor of utilizing sand and natural glue to create sand art. She couldn’t escape the public eye for long, however, and people soon recognized the style of the sand art as matching The Phantom’s moss art. Rie would have gone further underground and given up art altogether, if not for the manager of a local fast food franchise, who she soon discovered had destroyed the work she’d placed on the side of his building. Exasperated and frustrated, she finally revealed herself to the public, claiming that she had an important announcement to make. With the cameras rolling, Rie raised her middle finger and told the fast food manager to “fuck off” before declining any further comment. She was later scouted by Hope’s Peak for her exceptional skill at crafting beauty out of moss and sand, and after much resistance, she finally accepted. Is the victim of the sixth case, strangled to death by Koharu Amashiro, with her body found crucified and disemboweled.
  • Les Yay: Rie kisses Najwa's cheek just before the latter is taken for execution.
  • Multicolored Hair: Hers seems to be dark red with blonde streaks.
    • In the third chapter, it changes to a chest-length white braid with pink and purple streaks.
  • Pet the Dog: Gives Najwa her hoodie, hugs her and tells her how much she'll miss her before Najwa is executed.
  • Secret Identity: Known to the people of Matsudo as "The Phantom" until she made the decision to reveal herself.

Ryo Morinaga

Super High School Level Pet Chef

Reserved and somewhat rough around the edges, Ryo Morinaga is certainly a far cry from what many would expect to see from a pet chef. Still, despite their somewhat off-putting appearances, no one can doubt that the young teen has a deep knowledge of the nutrition of all of Japan’s popular pets and the cooking skill needed to make delicious foods for them – and quite possibly the most important: an undying adoration for those animals and more.

Although they manage their own delivery service for Japan and have a Youtube channel dedicated to the discussion and education of pet nutrition, there’s not much else known about the youth. Pet owners who have spoken to them face-to-face would describe as a little unsettling and kind of scary, but they speak of them with admiration and affectionately refer to them as the ‘ stray cat ‘. Still, they also note that Ryo keep a constantly guarded exterior at all times – and prefers to keep it that way. They're the first culprit, having killed Hayate Narabayashi. They're exposed in trial, and subsequently executed.

  • Cats Are Mean: The cat they save in their execution is what ultimately kills Ryo.

Shuichi Kaida

Super High School Level Medical Journalist Toxicologist
Calm and serene in tone and in lifestyle, Shuichi Kaida has become a popular writer among his peers for his soothing and to-the-point reports on modern medicinal research. Called a “hippy” by many, he is known for being pressingly optimistic in his reports and keeping a fresh spin that keep readers interested in the latest developments of the medical field’s most brilliant minds. While attention towards his articles was initially drawn from the reputable name of his main source- a company Shuichi is known to have familial connections with- his readers insist that his own mellow, reassuring words are what keep them coming back for more. Some may call him a bit of a cheery layabout riding the coattails of professional’s hard work as journalists tend to exploit, but he’d say he’s simply trying to help out as best he can. Is voted to be the Mastermind during the first Mastermind trial, but is ultimately cleared. Survives the Mutual Killing game without further incident.
  • Eyes Always Shut: Many of his sprites portray this.
  • Innocent Flower Girl: He has a deep fascination with plants and flowers, particularly his "pet" hyacinth.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: He doesn't seem especially bothered after breaking his arm. Although this is not entirely unexpected since he is used to breaking down.
  • Older Than They Look: Somewhat subverted. Shuichi actually IS 16 years old like he claims, so he technically fits the bill. In reality, he looks his supposed age because he dresses down to exaggerate his youthful appearance.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: Through the process of many upgrades. Also the result of Personality Chip
  • Soap Opera Disease: Shuichi frequently suffers from the effects of his old, faulty software. He claims there is no way for it to be resolved.
  • The Medic: Somewhat. He's not an actual medic, but he seems to have the most medical knowledge in the class, which also seemed to prove a bit useful during the first trial.
  • Robotic Reveal: Subverted. Despite his malfunctioning, Shuichi encounters an incredible lucky streak during the course of the game- ultimately singling him out as the only student among the entire class whose humanity is not questioned.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair

Yuu Sagara

Super High School Level Onnagata
The Sagara family has been involved with kabuki for over 200 years. Without fail, each generation has produced a famous talent involved in some way with the art of kabuki theater. Blessed with good looks and enviable acting talent, Yuu Sagara became an onnagata: a male kabuki actor specialized in playing women’s roles. Better known onstage as Sagara Ayame V, Yuu has revitalized kabuki theater by appealing to the youth of Japan, a generation that had largely been dismissing the art as old and stuffy. As a result of kabuki’s sudden rise in popularity, Yuu has become a celebrity in his own right, appearing on variety shows and magazine covers. Survives the mutual killing game without incident.
  • Bishōnen: He tries to use this to his advantage in both his personal and professional lives.
  • Break the Cutie: He's been through a LOT so far.
  • Fanservice: His kimono drapes off of his shoulders, and he is a very handsome man.
  • The Cassandra: Constantly produces damning evidence against likely culprits, but his aggressive and emotional manner of attacking his suspects leads to him getting shut down by other members of the cast.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Sushi.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: When he's on-stage, since "Onnagata" means a male kabuki actor who specializes in playing female roles.
  • Joggers Find Death: Janet and Yuu were on a morning jog when they were the first to find Hayate's body.

有毒WIRE ("Yuudoku.Wire")

Super High School Level Club DJ

With a big name and a personality to match, ロボットWIRE started out relatively small. A keen interest in modern music and how mixing works grew into a basic music channel on websites like YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. Though he didn’t have many viewers to start with, he continued on making remixes and even some original musical pieces. It wasn’t until he released a song he titled “人間の皮膚でロボット”, or “A Robot in Human Skin” that his audience began to grow. Soon after his audience hit one million, he was contacted by a well-known dance club asking for him to DJ for them. He quickly accepted, and that began his time of bouncing from club to club, playing music that got the crowd up and dancing; his appearances in clubs springboarded him into signing a contract with a music company and preparing for tour. It wasn’t long after his second tour was completed that Hope’s Peak scouted him, inviting him to join them as the SHSL Club DJ. He is the third victim, frozen to death by Bina Meier.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Though this occurs before the story begins, it is a plot point. He is not missing an entire arm, though, just part of his hand.
  • Antagonist in Mourning: Following the second trial...sort of.
  • [[Artificial Limbs: His leg and a few of his fingers.]]
  • Jerkass: He comes across as this in many of his interactions with people.
  • Just Friends: With Najwa, despite her lie in his trial.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Although he managed to avoid execution thanks to Najwa's intervention, he lost the only person he seems to care about.
    • And the very next week, he is the next victim.
  • Nice Hat: Sports a snapback, fitting his profession.
  • No Mouth: Never takes his mask off. It makes a brief appearance during his body discovery.

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