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     Students A-K 

Butterscotch / Marco Mason

Super High-School Level Herpetologist

It’s not every day that you hear someone refer to themself as a type of candy, let alone hear a successful scientist do so. Butterscotch has never been one to follow the social normjis. Butterscotch, also known as Scott, has shaken up the world of animal research in only the span of several years. While he originally hails from the United States, the young Herpetologist has traveled to many places across the globe for his research. The sixteen year old has managed to delve deep within the world of reptiles and uncover some of the mysterious surrounding them. He has also helped discovered several new species of geckos during his time in Madagascar. With his dedication to reptiles of all kinds it’s no surprise that he’s found a place for himself at Hope’s Peak Academy.

The fifth culprit, executed for killing Morgan.

Camille Licht

Super High-School Level Glover

Much like gloving itself, the Super High School Level Glover came out of nowhere and quickly gained popularity. Originally known only by their nickname, STAR* (pronounced as “star”), took first place in their first competition. The media swooped in to find information on this new champion and were surprised to find that STAR* was a 11-year-old kid named Camille Licht, a So Cal local. Rumors briefly circulated that Cam was dropping out of the scene after turning 13 because of a sudden move to Japan, but to many a fan’s surprise, the young teen showed up for the championships later that year and most subsequent years.

Cam is the current reigning gloving champion, with 6 BOSS titles and as many IGC wins (5 of them in the Legends Bracket). Their performances and tutorials can be found on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga, both on their own channel and uploaded by fans.

The second victim, killed by Itona.

Chiyo Chono

Super High-School Level Opera Singer

When 15-year-old Chiyo Chono first appeared on the stage of the Teatro alla Scala, it was easy for opera fans to dismiss her debut as a publicity stunt in especially poor taste. Her mother, the beloved prima donna Antonietta Chono, had died less than a year before, and casting Chiyo struck many enthusiasts as an attempted cash-grab on the part of the theater’s management. This may very well have been true, but when Chiyo opened her mouth to sing the role of Sister Blanche in Dialogues of the Carmelites, another truth became apparent: Antonietta’s young daughter was a formidable talent in her own right.

Chiyo has since blossomed into a true ingenue, one whose fans adore her for her sweet, gracious personality as well as her soaring soprano. She has performed in some of the most hallowed opera houses in the world and carried shows in English, French, German and Italian. She has never, until recently, expressed much interest in connecting with her family’s Japanese heritage, which is why fans and colleagues alike were so shocked when she announced that she would take a year-long sabbatical from performing in order to pursue her education abroad. Naturally, Hope’s Peak Academy couldn’t resist adding “La Principessa” to their collection of talented young students.

She is an informant for the mastermind but survives to the end of the game.

Haku / Yukinori Yokomoto

Super High-School Level Nature Photographer

Born the child of two decorated environmentalists and activists, Haku has always felt a biological pull towards the wild. After the lose of his father early on in his teen years, Haku found solace and comfort in the tranquility and unrushed nature of the wilderness around him… and his camera. Never wanting to leave the calmness of the forests and mountains behind, Haku began to take snapshots of the world as he saw it, creating breathtaking still images of a world untouched by humanity. After becoming mildly popular on Instagram and Flickr, Haku was picked up by the outdoorsman brand “Jackalope”, and is employed as one of it’s “up-and-coming” photographers. However, despite his fame in the photography community, Haku is generally silent on social media, besides posting daily images and short comments. Some like to believe it’s him trying to create a mysterious brand, but many others know the truth– he’s probably just sleeping.

The sixth victim, killed by Ran.

Haruka Oshiro

Super High-School Level Seed Bomber

It all started with very little acknowledgment. Simple word of mouth told stories about a new patch of flowers popping up in a previously empty field, or grass now sprouting in the lawn of an abandoned house, or else a new sapling now beginning to dig its roots into the concrete down an alleyway. The plants were originally shrugged off as nothing more than mother nature; when patterns began to appear in the flowers, however, that’s when they began drawing the media's attention.

It was like natural graffiti, and yet nobody knew how it was possible or who was doing it. One day a lot would be full of green sprouts, and then there would be a collage of colors forming circles and loops, a visual display that went beyond mere splashes of color and evolved into proper designs. There was praise and complaints alike, but the resounding question was who? Despite the support of many, nobody ever stepped forward to claim ownership of these natural works of art - whether because they preferred to stay anonymous or because they feared the legal ramifications of their actions was unclear. The media dubbed the creator of these flowerbeds the Midnight Bomber, a titled prompted by no one ever seeing the individual during the day and the plants seeming to originate from seed bombs.

Haruka Oshiro, in the meantime, continued secretly doing her work on developing seed bombs that made these natural wonders possible. Where seed bombing was previously regarded as a mere movement, she worked to make it into an art. Her name was never publicly known until Hope’s Peak figured her out, and from there they extended an invitation to the school that Haruka hastily accepted.

Survives to the end of the game without incident.

Hinata Haruno

Super High-School Level Nohyakusha

Hinata’s rise to fame came as a quiet one – tucked away in the northern reaches of Japan, in Hokkaido, the small Haruno School enjoyed their position as largely the only source of Noh in the island. Visitors from Japan and overseas often looked into their performances to see this strange Hokkaido brand of Noh, but it was Hinata who drew them. It’s baffling to think that such a prodigy had such a simple upbringing, but it’s fitting. They were a tiny spark, one that may have gone mostly unnoticed in their younger years, but one that was nurtured nevertheless.

Hinata Haruno is no roaring fire, but a calm, steady flame. They’re certainly a prodigy in their own right, but their their allure comes from their natural hand at emotion and mystery. With the combination of the two, any play they’re in is bound to be breathtaking; the feeling is near indescribable – a deep feeling that permeates one’s being and pulls them in… much like moths to that flame.

In Chapter 3 they are punished by Monobear by being turned into a fox.

Isamu Nakano / Ryuu Hamasaki

Super High-School Level Cat Whisperer

Dogs are usually accepted as man’s best trainable animal and loyal friend; cats are known to be a different beast altogether. Isamu Nakano would like to pitch in a good word for cats. After taking on a job at a local cat café one of the many videos uploaded to his fairly popular blog of his interactions with the feline staff went viral, ‘Isamew’s’ content enrapturing even more through how he interacted with the cats and bringing bigger fame to his internet and café door. With viewers swearing that the boy could directly communicate with even the café cats he deemed troublesome through their friendliness and attention in what he posted, and repeatedly proving his knowledge about feline behaviour and interaction, many started turning to Isamu with requests for advice on taming their own difficult pets. Though he insists that cats cannot be trained but only rather understood Isamu is always willing to teach anyone how to work with a cat, through both his blog and personal visits. It was continued proof of his knowledge and successes, plus the continued interest in him and his cat family, that brought a Hope’s Peak invitation to his door... which mercifully remained out of a cat’s claws.

Survives to the end of the game without incident.

Itona Takenaka

Super High-School Level Marine Animal Trainer

Known internationally as the dashing “Captain Caspian” of the “Seafoam Sisters and Captain Caspian Spectacular” stage show, most just know him as Itona Takenaka. Itona was born in Japan but lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for most of his life. He’s one of the youngest and most well known marine animal trainer worldwide, working at one of the most popular and biggest aquariums, Supermarine Aquarium. He’s been known to be an advocator against certain companies treatment towards captive marine mammals. He also campaigns for improved conditions for the animals they train and take care of. Eventually, Itona was invited to HPA as the “Super High School Level Marine Animal Trainer”, to which he accepted.

The second culprit, executed for killing Camille.

Jinzaemon Hasekura

Super High-School Level Superbike Racer

Everybody knew it – the Cobalt King, they said he was unbeatable. Watching him race was like running a marathon. Your heart rate accelerated. You could feel the blood pumping through your veins. Adrenaline. If you blinked, you’d miss it, the Suzuki GSX-R600 streaking across your line of sight like a comet. He wasn’t just fast, he was ruthless. Cutting across his competitors with ease and finesse, where others would fall off their bikes, skid off the tracks, he’d never stop moving, his bike an extension of himself. That he would win was a certainty, a constant. Who he was was a mystery until his participation in the All Japan Road Race Championship, where he would inevitably take the crown and unmask himself as Jinzaemon Hasekura, a mere high schooler with a knack for speed and a hunger for glory that replaced any skepticism in regards to his age with respect for the sport’s newfound racing prodigy.

The eighth culprit, killing Mei. He is set to be executed.

  • Ascended Fanboy: Has a strong affinity for tokusatsu heroes.
    • In chapter 4, when asked about the paint on his festival mask, he even mimics the transformation sequence of Kamen Rider Mach complete with his catchphrase and signature pose.
  • Badass Biker: With a Cool Bike; a Suzuki GSX-R600 whose color accounts for the "Cobalt" in his title.
  • Berserk Button: Doesn't hesitate to speak out against the Miscarriage of Justice.
    • In particular the cases of Naoya and Kenichi become sore spots for him after the two are executed during mistrials.
  • The Big Race: His participation in Japan's All Road Race Championship to which he came out on top served as his ticket to Hope's Peak.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Commits this several times, usually during class trials.
  • Distinguishing Mark: A scar across the bridge of his nose.
  • Dramatic Unmask: Jinzaemon earned his fame under the alias "Cobalt King." His Secret Identity sparked mass speculation, and, needless to say, few would have guessed a mere high-schooler was the one responsible for overthrowing the nation's fastest.
  • Fingerless Gloves: Or rather glove. He wears one on his right hand.
  • Good Is Not Nice: When it comes to the question of being lawful or being good, he has yet to choose the latter, causing him to come across as rather harsh.
  • Homage: Jinzaemon's racing number is "22," the same as Hayami's, a side character and motorcycle racer from Kamen Rider BLACK. Additionally, Jinzaemon's jacket says "ライダー" in reference to the Kamen Rider franchise.
  • Icy Blue Eyes
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Following the chapter 6 trial, it is stated in the narrative that he doesn't see himself as a hero, and is likened to The Big Bad Wolf, even though he himself states that his outbursts are due to a desire to help all of his peers.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Delivers several of these, most notably during chapters 3, 4, and 6 in response to people voting for Ken and Naoya as opposed to the true culprits in the former two chapters, and Chiyo's address to him in the lattermost chapter.
  • Would Not Shoot a Good Guy: Or at least the guy who didn't kill someone during a specific case, as demonstrated when he refused to vote for Naoya during the chapter 4 trial, despite the fact that it was practically confirmed that he killed Shion during the previous chapter, and justifies his vote for Ran in a similar manner despite her pleas to vote for Rover or Mitsusuke instead.

Kayoko Tanaka / Suzume Yamaguchi

Super High-School Level Tokusatsu Actress

Samurai! Werewolves! Werewolf samurai! If this interests you, then behold— the Wolves of Mibu! This hit new television series is making waves across Japan and among worldwide fans of the tokusatsu genre for its historical content, rich character development, capable female protagonist, and the ever fascinating concept of transforming werewolf warriors. Join Miyuki Tominaga, played by Kayoko Tanaka, as she takes up her sword to join the Shinsengumi in their efforts to protect a war-torn Edo Japan from the rampages of demons and monsters as she searches for her missing father. While this low-budget production made its humble debut only a year ago, it has since grown into a cult classic among young women and furry communities in Japan and around the world. Kayoko, the iconic and beloved actress of the series, continues to endear fans by attending Japanese conventions in full (human) costume and character, always proving time and again that even she too is among the show's biggest fans.

Survives to the end of the game without incident.

Kenichi Uoya

Super High-School Level Iaidoka

Originally an orphan condemned to a backwater town in Saitama, Kenichi was adopted by an affluent banking family in a well known publicity move for their newly founded banking chain. Despite not having the family’s good looks, charisma, or intellect- the boy is still well known in his own right. Despite being only 17 and reaching to ni-dan in kendo and iaido, his technical skills and ability are estimated to easily rival a much higher ranking, roku-dan.

In a sport where age plays a large part in ranking and the refinement of technique, it’s no surprise that Kenichi took the kendo and iaido world by storm. Winning international and national tournaments with relative ease, he became known for his iaido techniques, which are popularly joked as being “poetry in motion”. While elders judge him warily, no one can dismiss the surge of attention he has brought to the international scene- something which his peers and fans respect and adore him for.

An accomplice to the third murder, but is mistaken as the true culprit and executed.

Kimi Inaba / Kimi Quigley

Super High-School Level Virtual Pet Site Dev

Sanctuary Planet: a living, breathing biosphere where every critter has its day in the limelight, where every life (and every death) is rare and valued and super duper sparkly…and, also, a niche virtual pet site! But! – IT’S NOT SO NICHE ANYMORE, FRIEND! Since its inception six years ago, it’s been slowly-but-steadily rising in popularity, and then six months ago it suddenly grew wings and exploded. (JUST like the reincarnation goddess at the heart of its lore!) Six months ago, you see, was when its developer and owner – the enigmatic “Kinmother” – finally gave the world an offline identity to connect to her online persona. Six months ago was when Kimi Inaba finally went public to promote her website…and her mother’s newly-opened reproductive clinic in sunny Saipan, too!

It was, probably definitely, the most media attention any virtual pets site has ever received – ever. It definitely definitely hit some sort of record for the number of new users it saw – and so super quickly, too! So who really cares if the lion’s share of that attention wasn’t on the site itself? (Or its hyper-fun-ultra-learny “nature-PLUS-nurture” raise/breed gameplay, or the hundreds of endangered species used as models for its pets, or, most important of all – its “Second Chance” mechanic! Or, or, or…) So what if the media cared more about the background stuff: the owner of the site, and the clinic she was sponsoring, and all that juicy filler fluff. Can you blame them? Can you really?

(It’s not every day the world’s oldest living clone breaks an 19-year spell of secrecy to declare her identity and talk about her adorable pixel babies in the same interview. Right?)

She goes missing for several weeks before returning in Chapter 7, turned into a rabbitlike creature.

Kimiko Narita / Yoriko Narita

Super High-School Level Supermodel / No talent, though HPA doesn't realize this

The supermodel, as it was defined two decades ago, is dead. Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Kate Moss— the 90s didn’t just produce models, they produced moguls that defined a generation of fashion, household names that the world adored as they would any other celebrity. The public wanted to know who was wearing what, who was dating who, what dieting tips they had and what brands they were endorsing. With the increasingly fleeting nature of trends and fame, there are so many models in the industry that it seems almost impossible for a select handful of them to fight their way into the public eye, much less drastically impact the fashion industry. And with actresses and musicians gracing the glossy covers of every trendy magazine on the rack nowadays, there aren’t many models alive that the average person on the street would be able to name or recognize to begin with.

Kimiko Narita refused to accept the facts. Getting her start at age 16 as an Instagirl, the newest phenomenon in the fashion industry where up-and-coming young models get their start branding themselves to an audience of millions of Instagram followers, Kimiko joined her contemporaries Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne and catapulted herself into the spotlight. With enough networking, Kimiko made the leap from selfies and editorial modeling to the runway scene only a few months after her seventeenth birthday, debuting at Dolce & Gabbana’s annual Fall/Winter fashion show. But what really caught the public eye were her frequent gigs in ubiquitous advertising campaigns with increasingly distinguished designers in-between Fashion Weeks. Madonna seems to be who she wants to channel the most, with her assertive status as the next big “It Girl” in pop culture, her increasingly rocky relationship with her Hollywood beau Urban Kozlowski, and even rumors of her film debut in an upcoming romantic comedy. But most notable of all of the gossip, her recent acceptance into the prestigious Hope’s Peak Academy has sent her Japanese fans back home abuzz with excitement.

Survives to the end of the game without incident.

Kohaku Hayashi

Super High-School Level Shamisen Player

One of the most dynamic (and only) young performers in the world of tsugaru-shamisen, Kohaku’s claim to fame is their blisteringly fast playing speed and the fact that they’re one of the few shamisen players to play left-handed. Tutored by one of the old guard in bunraku theater, one might have expected the young Kohaku to then go into more traditional fields of employment for a shamisen player, but they had very different plans. Deciding to combine their love of folklore, shamisen playing, and heavy metal, Kohaku gathered a few friends to form the folk metal band Hyakki Yagyo. At their insistence, everyone adopted a stage persona and costume based on well-known yokai, with their self-proclaimed charismatic and androgynously beautiful leader Kohaku being the Nogitsune, a fox spirit unaligned with the deity Inari.

The band’s lucky break came in the form of being recruited to compose and play the theme song for a low-budget tokusatsu show called The Wolves of Mibu, which re-imagined the Shinsengumi as a pack of werewolves. To the surprise of absolutely everyone involved, the show became a smash hit and its theme song (and the band behind it) became wildly popular, and Hyakki Yagyo was, by extension, propelled into stardom.

The first culprit, killing Matsu in Chapter 1. They are executed.

     Students L-Z 

Matsukaze “Matsu” Ito

Super High-School Level Reed Maker

All over Japan, double reed players who don’t make their own reeds will give you one name: Matsukaze Ito. The child of a famous oboe player, Matsu has a lot of experience working in and around orchestras, bands, and solo performers! Their reeds are always top-notch quality, made only with the best cane and hand carved to perfection. If speed is something you need, they can do that too! Reeds that they make speak easily and almost effortlessly, hold superior tone and intonation, and are made to last. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Matsukaze Ito is the best and most trustworthy source for reeds. There are a number of videos and photographs of them performing on oboe, and they are surprisingly good! For some reason, though, the most recent results for their performances are several years old.

The first victim, killed by Kohaku in Chapter 1.

Mei / Izumi Meiki

Super High-School Level Roller Skate Waitress

Maid cafés might be synonymous with Akihabara, but those with dedication can find gems hidden in many other places. Located all the way up in Hokkaido is one such treasure, the Sapporolla Maid Café. The employees there are well-known for doing all of their work while roller-skating – even when they’re delivering plates full of cupcakes to you! Every maid staffing the café presents a character archetype, and perhaps one of the most popular waitresses is My♡My♡Mei.

The youngest of the maids, Mei is endearingly clumsy and adorably flighty, a model dojikko character. Despite the first impression that a bumbling maid is the very antithesis of a café where everyone is on skates, there have been few reports of Mei actually breaking dishware onto the floor or spilling food onto customers. She’s refined even tripping over herself down to an art, and customers can’t help but be captivated when she overcomes difficulties to bring her clients their orders. Mei’s charm has earned her a spot in Hope’s Peak Academy – though as always, personal information is not something she openly advertises to the public.

The eighth victim, killed by Jinzaemon.

  • Agony of the Feet: Played for drama; one of her listed weaknesses is chronic, unhealing sores from constantly being on her feet with no time to rest, and over the course of the game things only get worse. This ends up being a major factor in her death.
  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: A dispute over the Family Business led to a Cain and Abel situation that killed her father, her mother spent most of her life beyond the Despair Event Horizon and got in a fatal accident trying to find justice, and her uncle is neglectful at best and willfully manipulative at worst. It's no wonder Mei claims she has no home to go back to.
  • Break the Cutie: While she's certainly been broken before in her past, at the start of the game she's held it together well enough. The stress starts catching up to her as the bodies and secrets start piling up, though, culminating in several breakdowns during the second half.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Though she strays from her original subject a lot, her line of thought usually links up. Her main issue is actually communicating all this; she has a tendency to overshare all the tangents she's gone off to, or else fail to explain enough and simply state whatever conclusion she's come to. She can keep herself on track if she constantly refers to her notes, but even this isn't guaranteed. As time goes on it's suggested that this has had negative impacts on her education and her social life, with people believing she's too much of a shallow clown to be trusted.
  • Conflicting Loyalty: Mei tries to comply with whatever her friends want from her...which comes back to haunt her when some of her friends start going at each others' throats. She often ends up taking a third option to avoid picking sides, even if it means just running away and shutting down.
  • Cosplay Café: Maid café, specifically, with the added specialty of all visible staff doing their work entirely on roller skates.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Mei rarely swears out loud (barring several Precision F-Strikes in the same chapter), but in the seventh trial she reads off of Haruka's written testimony, curses and all.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: The character archetype she plays in the café. As with many examples of the trope, she doesn't get herself into any genuine distress or danger at work, mainly because spilling plates onto customers is bad for business.
  • Family Eye Resemblance: She has the same dark fuchsia eye color that her father did.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple / Pink Means Feminine: Her grace is...debatable, but she's otherwise associated with these colors frequently, in and out of uniform. Even the yukata that was assigned to her in Chapter 4, without her input, turned out to be pink with purple (and blue) accents.
  • Heroic BSoD: Once in Chapter 5 when she unexpectedly comes across her uncle's confession letter and is too overwhelmed to contribute to the beginning of the trial, again in Chapter 6 when she believes her actions in the trial have set half the class against her, and a third time in Chapter 7 when Mitsusuke dies right in the trial room.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Played with: Mei tends to get stuck on her flaws, openly admitting that she doesn't think of herself as a smart person (in spite of a couple major discoveries and breakthroughs she's responsible for), nor as someone who is capable of having deep, lasting friendships. However, she gets mad when other people question her intelligence, even immediately after her own comments. It's suggested that a lot of this has to do with her half-internalizing similar remarks in the past.
  • Human Notepad: From Abnormal Days onwards of chapter 7, Mei has various key phrases written on her left arm to remind her of certain topics. She even tries to show off an outline she made of a small object.
  • Idiot Hair: Befitting of her reputation, she has a fairly short curl that sticks up.
  • I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: In Chapter 8 she's startled by a loud noise in the kitchen and, having been crouched near her rifle, picks it up to aim it at the "threat". Making matters worse, the fire selector's on automatic instead of safe, and she accidentally squeezes the trigger and fires several bullets into the adjacent room as she turns around. This sends everyone in the vicinity into a panic. The end result: A destroyed kitchen, a wounded Jinzae, and a dead Mei.
    • Reckless Gun Usage: In the previous chapter she also aims the AK-47 at point-blank range at Sakiko, who had just pulled the pin out of a grenade and is threatening to detonate it; Mei even briefly wonders if she can safely disarm the grenade by shooting it. It can't be ignored that Mei had gotten the gun mere days earlier, via the capsule machine; her player makes it very clear through narration and outside remarks that Mei is utterly and dangerously clueless about handling firearms.
  • Japanese Delinquent: Mei was involved with a girl gang when she was fourteen, complete with pink hair and surgery masks. It's suggested that they were in love with a glamorized, sanitized version of delinquency, though, and stuck only to petty crimes – at least until things escalated violently.
  • Meido: The aesthetic that her work uniform and persona invoke; she continues wearing the dress partway into the game until it becomes too cumbersome to deal with all the layers.
  • Motor Mouth: Tends to slip into this when she's in full-tilt panic, talking rapidly until she physically cannot continue.
  • Nephewism: Her father and mother are both dead, and her uncle is considered her guardian now. She is not happy with this arrangement.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Even after she reveals her full name, the narration continues to call her Mei almost exclusively, as do most of her classmates. Her given name is reserved for emphasizing a point, or occasionally for talking about her past.
  • Punny Name: "Mei" is taken from part of "meido", and it's also a homonym of the word for "niece".
  • Robbing the Dead: Thanks to the dormitory being permanently unlocked after all its residents are dead, she sneaks into Starre's room to try to remove and destroy a damning magazine article about her past – which quickly snowballs into also stealing self-defense guidebooks, duct tape, and some rope, all for her own use. She admits that she should be feeling more shame than she actually does.
  • Say It with Hearts: Does this when she's saying her full workplace name.
  • Scars Are Forever: Mei has scars from a fight three years ago, with the most obvious ones on her neck and her left shoulder. Sun exposure and improper care have not made for subtle visibility, and Mei spends the first half of the game covering them with concealer.
  • School Is for Losers: Despite having been enrolled in not one but two high-status schools, Mei actually has a strong distaste for traditional school institutions. This isn't out of some desire to look "cool" or anything of the sort, but her frustration still leads to truancy. Turns out this has a lot to do with her being blamed for her shortcomings as if she was deliberately lazy (and not just struggling with undiagnosed ADHD) – resulting in her deciding there was no point in trying anyway.
  • Short-Range Long-Range Weapon: Mei's response to the person standing right next to her pulling out a grenade? Aim an AK-47 right at her without moving from her spot. Thankfully, neither of them get a chance to further escalate the situation.
  • Stage Name: Her full name at work is My♡My♡Mei, but she answers to just Mei. Stage names are required for the waitresses in the café both to play up their characters and to protect their real identities; she keeps this up out of habit, even after she reveals her full name with no prompting.
  • Tareme Eyes
  • Your Makeup Is Running: Mei's mascara is waterproof, but a variant is used with gel pen ink, of all things. She wipes her eyes when she tears up, accidentally smearing off some green ink that she had written on her arm. And then things just get worse when she cries even harder later on and makes it start running.

Michiyo Kurono

Super High-School Level Horror Mangaka

Michiyo, mostly known online by their alias “Blair”, has made a name for themselves through the various horror comics they’ve created. Initially known by their comic Master and Zombie, and later for In The World of the Sorceress, their cheerful attitude towards fans and their regular collaboration with other artists brought attention to their work over time. They’re especially known for gore and body horror for their works, as well as a supernatural theme behind each story, and for their ability to mix a scary and compelling story with detailed artwork to set the tones. While they’re not the most open book on themselves, what is known is that they’re very passionate about their work, and it shows in the way they always cheerfully talk to any fan.

Survives to the end of the game without incident.

Mitsusuke Abiko / Abiko MII-B

Super High-School Level Elder Care Assistant

An unfalteringly chipper elder care worker hailing from the town of Ikata, Ehime prefecture, you may have heard of Mitsusuke Abiko for his appearance in a recent documentary about Japan’s rapidly ageing population and the stress the care industry is undergoing, while not exactly a national icon for elder care, his upbeat attitude towards his job and genuinely optimistic (if seemingly unrealistic) outlook on the future of the industry, along with the fact that he was still a high school student, did draw him some attention, getting him several interviews with health and lifestyle magazines and newspapers, most of which he politely declined, bar being interviewed for two articles in local newspapers. Despite his media appearances, not all that much is known about Abiko’s personal life, he’s only well known for his work at the nursing home his aunt runs, along with his attitude and opinions on the elder care industry, and according to his aunt, he prefers to keep out of the public eye as much as possible.

Revealed to be a robot during the fifth trial, which is then used to incorrectly accuse him of being the Mastermind. Later, he's mortally wounded by Monobear while acting as an accomplice to his murder in Chapter 7 and dies during the subsequent trial.

Morgan Lowell

Super High-School Level American Football Player

Without a single loss on his record, this American football player led his school team, Chiba Hounds, straight to the Christmas Bowl within his first year of high school. His performances in games is considered top notch. While he is no quarterback, his position as tight end has definitely supported his team. His skill of being a jack of trades keeps him flexible in plays, being able to shift from a blocker to a receiver with ease. He’s been in enough games to predict the opposing team’s plays, giving his own team the advantage of outmaneuvering the opponents. In fact, the X-League, Japan’s top league for American football, has even scouted him to play for their teams after seeing his skills at the Christmas Bowl. However, that’s on hold until he finishes high school. After seeing these accomplishments be pulled off in a short amount of time, Hope’s Peak Academy enlisted him as the SHSL American Football Player.

The fifth victim, killed by Butterscotch.

Naoya Kizaki

Super High-School Level Dealer

Most would consider the players themselves to be the stars of the show when it comes to gambling, but the vital role the well dressed men and women who facilitate these games must also not be forgotten. Despite the fact that almost all gambling is still illegal in Japan, certain forms that exist as a result of loopholes in laws have begun to rise in popularity over the years, with amusement poker standing at the forefront.

While not famous by any sense of the word, Naoya’s skill and renown in his field is unmatched, recognized by his colleagues and employers if no-one else, as an up-and-coming contributor to the world of amusement gambling in Japan (When he becomes of age, that is!). A quick search for the name Naoya Kizaki would bring up little to nothing online, but visit any amusement poker tournament in the country and you’re sure to see this highly sought-out man observing games from the sidelines with a practiced eye - a man with his future set in stone before it even properly begins.

The third culprit, killing Shion, but confusion over the true killer lets him survive the trial. After a double tie in the fourth trial, Monobear chooses him out of the three students involved in said tie to be executed.

Nyk Archress

Super High-School Level Fast Draw

Looks can be deceiving, and Nyk Archress is a prime example of that. When told that a record holding gunslinger from America is going to be attending your school, Nyk is probably the last person you’d expect to see introducing herself to the class. Having years of gunslinging practice under her belt, she transferred to Japan via a foreign exchange program at her school after breaking the world record for a double blank single shot by nearly .05 seconds, and the record time for walking blanks by .003 seconds. After her move, she was allowed to participate in a couple of Japanese competitions, and even with a different style of gun, she consistently scored well- Comparable to more seasoned veterans. Ultimately earning her the attention of Hope’s Peak, and her well earned title of SHSL Fast Draw.

She is the Mastermind of the game and is correctly identified in Chapter 8.

Ran Usui / Yuka Tenou

Super High-School Level Otokoyaku

One of Japan’s most iconic theatrical institutions, the Takarazuka Revue is an all-female musical theater troupe that has been capturing the hearts of women for over 100 years. The shining stars of Takarazuka are the “otokoyaku”, the actresses who specialize in playing the male roles. Despite only debuting a year ago in the Star Troupe, Ran Usui has stood out incredibly well in her few otokoyaku roles, gaining her nationwide notoriety among Takarazuka fans and a fan club already numbering in the thousands. She is known both on and offstage for her laid-back charms and at her height of 5'11" she’s hard to miss when she takes the stage. She’s also well-known for her powerful singing voice, which has been trained to sing at a low, “manly” register. Besides singing, Ran is a skilled dancer and is trained in piano and tea ceremony, among other things. After being rocketed to fame so early in her career, she reentered high school with the intention of getting scouted by Hope’s Peak, despite her rigorous schedule. An arrogant move, some might say, but there’s no doubt that it worked.

The sixth culprit, executed for killing Haku.

Red Rover / Roland Gills

Super High-School Level LEGO Architecture Builder

Red Rover, an enthusiastic, hyperactive teen from America crashlanded into the LEGO spotlight with an aftershock that still goes on to this day — winning ‘Best Set In Show’ and ‘Fan’s Choice’ at Seattle’s BRICKCON, one of the largest LEGO conventions in North America, Rover’s take on his city prized him with the title of an architectural genius. He was swept under the wing of the LEGO Group shortly after, and Rover, along with two other LEGO prodigies got to take part in a builder’s equivalent of a World Tour. Building and expanding their skills alongside Masterbuilders, the three of their faces became global icons among the LEGO community — Rover’s architecture sets were featured in theme parks and conventions across the globe, as well as gaining him opportunities to work on the sets in LEGO movies. He’s a genius in his work, but above all, Rover inspires people to have fun with their imagination and to view the world with a child-like heart from time to time.

In the end it was a competition between the three of them, courtesy of the LEGO Group and HPA, that decided who would receive the invitation. The teens were asked to build what they could with the supplies and time given — ten hours of building later, broadcasted live, Rover raised an envelope above his head before a cheering crowd.

The fourth culprit, killing Yutaka, he ends up surviving the trial after a double tie. He is an accomplice to the murder in Chapter 7, and he ends up being trapped in the facility where the dead students reside for the remainder of the game.

Shigure Fujiwara / Hatori Shibasaki

Super High-School Level Animatronic Technologist / Counter-Economist

Shigure Fujiwara is an enigma in the world of animatronic engineering. Also known by the username ‘Tatsunoko’, he’s been gaining global attention from his blog detailing his daily life and work under commission for obscure indie art titles – but aside from this, no one knows who he is. People the industry don’t recall meeting anyone working under either name, and social media and google searches cannot provide so much as an image of him. Save for dozens of unverified accounts of alleged sightings, no source seems willing to divulge the truth.

Is it any wonder his acceptance into Hope’s Peak was met with doubt?

Survives to the end of the game without incident.

Shion Tsuzuki

Super High-School Level Thereminist

As a member of the wealthy and prestigious Tsuzuki family, Shion was raised to preserve the pride of her bloodline by being striving to be nothing less than exceptional at whatever she set out to do. After deciding to take up playing the theremin for the sake of her personal path to glory, she successfully combined this high-achieving mindset with her natural musical talent to remarkable effect. Shion quickly captured the attention of theremin enthusiasts the word over with her incredibly skillful handling of the instrument and the beautifully resonant sound of her original compositions, and her star has only continued to rise in recent years. Nowadays, the grandiose self-proclaimed “Etheric Virtuoso” is on her way to becoming one of the most recognizable names in the Japanese theremin scene - she has held concerts both throughout Japan and in select venues around the world, collaborated with a number of other musical artists, released a best-selling solo album, and has recently expressed interest in developing a new model of theremin for mass-production.

The third victim, killed by Naoya in Chapter 3.

  • Abusive Parents: Per her mun, much of Shion's behavior stems from being brought up by parents who were equal parts emotionally abusive and neglectful; her arrogant persona and attention-seeking tendencies developed as a way to cope with the resultant poor self-esteem.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Her body was found with the right arm cleanly sliced off at the elbow.
  • Big Sister Worship: Holds her older sister, Kotone, in extremely high esteem, to the point where she's the only person the egotistical Shion ranks above herself in importance and will automatically defer to.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Half-Japanese and half-German; however, since revealing this fact would out her as being adopted into the Tsuzuki family, she prefers to keep it under wraps.
  • Classy Cravat: A near-constant fixture of her wardrobe.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Shion doesn't exactly possess the firmest tether to reality.
  • Dark-Skinned Redhead
  • Dies Wide Open
  • Elegant Classical Musician: Styles herself as one, despite specializing in an electronic instrument.
  • Family Theme Naming: Everyone in the Tsuzuki family has sound/music-based names.
  • Gratuitous English: Frequently, out of a misguided belief that it makes her sound more erudite.
  • Happily Adopted: Played with. On one hand, being adopted into the Tsuzuki family took her out of squalid lower middle class surroundings and allowed her to enjoy a privileged and wealthy upbringing and let her meet Kotone, the most important person in her life, things she is quite grateful for. On the other hand, her adoptive parents are as abusive as her birth mother was, just in different ways.
  • Height Angst: Shion's lack of height (she's 5'3") is a source of annoyance for her, to the point that she regularly wears lifts in her shoes in order to appear taller and will insist that she's 5'6" if asked.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Shion is a compensatory narcissist par excellence - for all her egotistical posturing, she is actually incredibly insecure and fragile, being rattled by and occasionally even outright falling apart in the face of criticism or personal adversity.
  • It's All About Me: Incredibly self-centered, constantly prioritizing her own needs above everyone else's, and possessed of an ego large enough to pull its own orbit.
  • Lack of Empathy: While she's never vilified for it, Shion does frequently struggle to empathize with those around her, which can and has led to her saying insensitive things.
  • Large Ham: Has a chronic need to be the center of attention and is thus frequently given to very theatrical gestures and behavior intended to draw others' notice towards her.
  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: "____ is one of my thousands of skills!", with ____ usually referring to whatever she's doing at the moment or has been asked to do.
  • Motor Mouth: Occasionally strays into this territory when particularly excited about something.
  • Nephewism: Was adopted by her aunt and uncle as a young child after her birth mother handed her off to them. Shion prefers to keep this secret, being obsessed with how others perceive her and deeply ashamed of her origins.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Although she’ll try to downplay it, Shion's sheltered and privileged upbringing has left her woefully ill-prepared for a number of matters, to the point of her being completely clueless about how to do simple household chores.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Cheese, especially the pricier varieties.
  • Youthful Freckles

Siyu Zhen / Seiji Ohara

Super High-School Level Kotoist / Corporate Crimes Investigator

The spring flowers blossoming in a valley… the sound of leaves falling from the trees in autumn… tales of faraway and long-ago times, of youkai and deities, or heroes… these are all things that are captured in the music of one Siyu Zhen, master of the koto and revered by fans of music both traditional and contemporary the entirety of Japan over. Known as the “Akaimede Tengu”, or the “Red-Eyed Tengu”, Siyu incorporates elements of classical Japanese tradition into his performances, giving them an air of mystery… one he also carries about himself, as research into his background or where he came from doesn’t allude many results. However, it’s no question that he’s definitely a presence, as evidenced by the crowds that his performances gather, along with a cult status on Nico Nico Douga. However, one question remains…. Where did he come from? Where did he go? Cotton Eye Siyu.

In Chapter 3 he is punished by Monobear by being turned into a cat.

  • Grand Theft Me: A more mundane version of this trope, but he stole the identity of his cousin, Siyu Zhen, to protect himself.
  • It's All About Me: Arrogant and all to willing to praise himself at any possible opportunity. He certainly enjoys being the star of his own show.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Revealed more as time goes on, but he does care for the people around him even if he... isn't the best at expressing it.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Averted thus far. Appears to be permanently averted, as long as he remains a sand cat.

STARRE / Tsukiko Akatsuka / Sakiko Akatsuka

Super High-School Level Phantom Thief

The moment you receive one of her calling cards, it’s already too late. She is the stuff of legends; a modern-day Arsène Lupin who emerged a year ago with the vow to steal all of the beautiful things in the world. So far, she’s made good on that promise — no matter how tight the security, no matter how much the police prepare, not a single one of the phantom thief Starre’s heists has failed. Artwork, jewelry, precious heirlooms — she’s claimed them all, only to return them the very next night with a gracious note thanking the owner for letting her “borrow” their valuables. Although she’s an enemy to law enforcement, Starre’s unorthodox methods and charismatic persona has garnered her a cult-like fanbase worldwide, and even the general public can’t help but be amazed by her impossible feats. Whatever their opinion, everyone is asking the same question: who is Starre?

She is actually a pair of twins working together under one identity. Tsukiko is the seventh culprit, having killed Monobear, and she and Sakiko are both put up for execution; Tsuki escapes but has to hide out in the Shinai facility for the remainder of the game.

Tohru Fujiwara

Super High-School Level Glassblower

Most works of Tohru Fujiwara sit atop homemakers’ shelves in the forms of technicoloured fish and curved vases. However, what truly had brought him to the attention of the public’s eye was an award-winning contest entry that left judges breathless. spiraling out to nearly twelve feet in diameter, his rose garden installation captivated art enthusiasts en masse with its sinuous form and elaborate detail that breathed life into even the small, glass insects that were drawn to the transparent petals.

The amount of time and expertise poured into this piece garnered a variety of reactions ranging from awe, wonder, and even skepticism. Who the hell was this kid, and who could have possibility trained him for this long without turning heads along the way? It remained the topic on everyone’s mind for months before it faded alongside the artist himself. As quickly as he came, he vanished in silence. Some speculated that the sudden attention had scared the young artist off, but not for good it seems, as he has recently resurfaced with an invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy in hand.

Survives to the end of the game without incident.

Toshio Todoroki

Super High-School Level Wedding Planner

The day of one’s wedding is an incredibly momentous occasion, a time for a couple to engage in and celebrate holy matrimony or however that goes, surrounded by their friends and family. There’s very much that goes into setting up the thing, from the location to the reception. But what happens when you simply don’t have the time or patience for such planning? Why, you hire someone else to do it for you, of course!

Enter Toshio Todoroki, one of the most famed of his profession in the country. Dubbed “King Cupid” by many, his claim to fame started through the televised wedding of a rather famous celebrity couple. Son to retired, semi­-famous pro wrestler Tomiko Amano, the connections he and his mother had as a result led him to planning such events for several of Japan’s most popular “power couples” ­­- including his own mother’s second marriage. He may be pretty hard to reach, but if you have the money and the connections, you best contact the King if you want your special day to be one you and everyone involved shall never forget.

Survives to the end of the game without incident.

Yutaka Kurosawa

Super High-School Level Food Blogger

Born and raised in Osaka, otherwise known as ‘The Nation’s Kitchen’ - there’s nothing Yutaka Kurosawa adores as much as food. Blogging under the name ‘Hatacchi’, Yutaka’s food-centric blog is the 15th most popular Ameba blog in the entirety of Japan. Known for the detailed, brutally honest food reviews of eateries he delivers, Yutaka is a popular figure in the so-called gourmet world of Japan; often invited to appear on food TV shows, or to judge local cooking competitions around the country. He’s even managed to consistently maintain his blog’s position in the top 20 for the last two years, making sure to post almost daily. Whilst many admire the huge following he has - giving credit to his ‘genuine expertise in the grand field of cuisine’ - others grumble about how he’s just an overhyped young boy with a cute face. However, it’s undeniable that his overly exuberant demeanor has had some effect on his popularity - you either love the kid, or you hate his guts. Either way, it’s obvious that this attention-loving kid doesn’t care! (✌゚∀゚)☞

The fourth victim, killed by Rover.


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