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Characters / Phantasy Star II

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An agent of the Motavian government, operating out of the capital city of Paseo.

A genetic experiment who was found by Rolf when she was very young.


    Rudolf "Rudo" Steiner 
A Bounty Hunter who fights Biomonsters to avenge his wife and daughter.

    Amy Sage 
A doctor hailing from Oputa.

    Hugh Thompson 
A biologist who accompanies Rolf to help end the Biomonster threat.

    Anna Zirski 
Another Bounty Hunter, but instead of Biomonsters, she specializes in hunting people.

    Josh Kain 
A man who wanted to be a mechanic, but always ended up trashing whatever he was trying to repair.


    Shir Gold 
A thief who joins Rolf sheerly for the thrill of it.


    Mother Brain 


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