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    Other Recurring Characters 


Beginning in Lincle, the player is given an in-game avatar, otherwise known as a "Q-pro". In Lincle, it appears in Standard Mode during songs, fighting Random Encounters and bosses. In tricoro and SPADA, it only shows up in-song during select boss songs, but now on the results screen, each of the player rivals' Q-pros appears alongside him or her.

Additionally, in tricoro onwards, the player's Q-pro is the protagonist of a series of event arcs.

  • Batter Up!: One of the weapon options is a nail bat.
  • Cute and Psycho: One of the face options, "rapika2", gives the Q-pro a shadowy smile.
  • High School A.U.: Step Up mode in tricoro puts your Q-pro in the role of a Japanese high school student.
  • It's a Wonderful Failure:
    • In Lincle, if the player fails the song on a Easy or Normal gauge, the Q-pro is knocked out of the screen.
    • In tricoro, it does its crying animation when its corresponding player is bested by a rival, or if the player fails a Dani'nintei course.
  • Late for School: One of the possible Q-pro accessories is a piece of toast in its mouth.
  • Player Character
  • Super-Deformed
  • Virtual Paper Doll: The player can dress the Q-pro in all kinds of different outfits, from original combinations to parts based on boss characters, to looking like a jubeat machine.



    Cardinal Gate 
The Extra Stage bosses of beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD, based after The Four Gods.

The Cardinal Gate bosses in general provade examples of:


True identity: DJ YOSHITAKA


Track: "Ganymede"
True identity: wac


Track: "waxing and wanding"
True identity: Ryu☆


Track: "華蝶風雪" (Kachoufusetsu; lit. "The flower and butterfly snowstorm")
True identity: Tatsh


Track: "嘆きの樹" (Nageki no Ki; lit. "Tree of Lament")
True identity: dj TAKA

    Military Splash # 02 
The second half of beatmania IIDX 15 DJ TROOPERS's Military Splash Extra Stage system features boss characters for each of its songs.

The Military Splash #02 bosses provide examples of:

ICAROS (form: Eagle)

Track: "ICARUS"
True identity: kors k
  • Giant Flyer: basically intended to be a mecha version of this.

L.I・O-N (form: Lion)

Track: "four pieces of heaven"
True identity: dj TAKA

SASORIN (form: Scorpion)

True identity: L.E.D.

XIK-O6R (form: Kraken)

Track: "Do it!! Do it!!"
True identity: Ryu☆

MENDES (form: Humanoid)

Track: "MENDES"
True identity: DJ YOSHITAKA

    Lincle Kingdom 
A group of nine bosses in beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle, representing the Seven Deadly Sins.

The Lincle Kingdom bosses in general provide examples of:

  • Boss Rush: The bosses come back in the BGA for "Devilz Staircase" in tricoro, where all of them except for Neulakyussra and Cuvele/Cuvelia put in a reappearance.
  • Guide Dang It!: The requirements for each boss, especially the Phase 2 bosses, can demand some serious guide-binging.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad
  • Seven Deadly Sins

Lincle Kingdom was split into two phases, with Phase 2 unlocking some time after Phase 1.

Phase 1


Track: "The Sampling Paradise"
True identity: kors k

Based on Mammon, and represents Greed. He takes the form of a middle-aged businessman.


Track: "Scharfrichter"
True identity: Asaki

Based on Asmodeus, and represents Lust. She takes the form of a succubus in a bikini.


Track: "In the Blackest Den"
True identity: 96

Based on Belphegor, and represents Sloth. It takes the form of three gears spinning together.


Track: "聖人の塔" (Seijin no Tou - lit. "Tower of Saints")

Based on Beelzebub, and represents Gluttony. She takes the form of a mech with a scythe, and is the final boss of Lincle Kingdom Phase 1.

  • Continuing Is Painful: If you fail to defeat her (clear her track), you lose all of your feathers and have to unlock her again.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: She is fought after obtaining feathers from the previous three bosses, which can be earned by fulfilling particularly Nintendo Hard requirements.

Phase 2


Track: "Todestrieb"
True identity: TOMOSUKE

Based on Lucifer, and represents Pride. Rche takes the form of a feminine-looking angel.


Track: "NNRT"
True identity: Ryu* and Starving Trancer

Based on Leviathan, and represents Envy. Levaslater takes the form of a dragon mech.

  • Dual Boss: "NNRT" is composed by two people. This is represented by Levaslater's left and right halves each having their own personalities.
  • Stylistic Suck: His profile / song info page has the sound production information written as if he wrote it, and it looks very childish; it consists of him, among other things, proclaming to his mother that he wrote a new beatmania song.


Track: "The Limbo"
True identity: Tatsh

Based on Satan, and represents Wrath. He takes the form of a demon with red and black armor.


Track: "YAKSHA"
True identity: L.E.D.

Doesn't represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins; instead he represents Apocalypse. He is the true form of STN. He is a massive demon infused with the power of all seven of the Deadly Sins. Like with Beridzebeth, he must be unlocked by obtaining bosses from the prior Phase 2 bosses.

Cuvelia / Cuvele

Track: "天空の夜明け" (Tenkuu no Yoake - lit. "Dawn of the Sky")
True identity: dj TAKA

The Final Boss of the Lincle Kingdom extra stage system. Based on Cybele, a goddess of fertility, Cuvelia represents Rebirth. Cuvelia is an angelic goddess-like being who resides within the mech Cuvele.

  • The Cameo: The head of Cuvele looks exactly like the head of the robot dog DJ from SIRIUS.

tricoro continues the tradition of unlock systems with Excuse Plots. This time, the player's Q-pro is involved in three different events: Legend Cross, Omega Attack, and Bokura no Uchuu Sensou ("Our War of the Worlds").

Legend Cross

Legend Cross bosses provide examples of:

  • No Name Given: So far, Konami has not named any of the Legend Cross bosses.
  • Permanently Missable Content: The event closed on December 5, 2012.
  • Recurring Boss: Each boss was listed twice. You had to defeat it on one listing without using any chart-altering modifiers, and on the other listing with the Random modifier activatednote .

Omega Attack

Lupika and Repika

Track: "Proof of the existence"

The Final Bosses of Omega Attack. You encounter them in Omega Attack's final unlockable song, "Proof of the existence", as well as in a cutscene after unlocking the song's Another chart.

  • Disc Two Final Boss: They're the final boss of Omega Attack, but there is still one more event to go.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Lupica joins the Q-pro after being set free from Repika's influence by unlocking POTE's Another chart.

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