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  • The video for "Rottel-the-mercury" may seem like this to many, since it makes little sense (but then again, the song makes little sense either.)
  • The video for "SA.YO.NA.RA. SUPER STAR". Starts off as your typical Mitsuru video with a mellow touch, but once the beatnation records artists show up...You know what, just see for yourself.
  • GAMBOL (Another), a chart that is identical to its easier counterparts, but takes their horrible timing and turns it into a joke—any hit less than a flashing GREAT will turn into a BAD even if you would have otherwise gotten a GREAT or a GOOD. It's most hilarious the first time. Even moreso if you decide to play with one of the two Groove Gauge types that kills you if you hit 0%.
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  • Another timing-related example: beatmania IIDX 9th Style. Start the machine up then play "General Relativity" as your first stage. Due to some very oddball things about its timing, all notes will register as POOR.
  • In beatmania IIDX 21 SPADA, if you attempt to log into e-AMUSEMENT, but enter the wrong password, the Large Ham Announcer screams.
  • "THE 灼熱note  BEACH SIDE SAFARI" [1], a mashup of "THE SAFARI" and "灼熱Beach Side Bunny", known for being Two Of Those Bosses, featuring a background animation dedicated to those who have failed 7th Dan, among other hilarious jokes (though in Japanese). (Nico Nico Douga account required, though it's free. Also, don't watch if you're sensitive to rapidly-flashing lights.)
    • It became a bit Hilarious in Hindsight when the SP Kaiden course for SPADA was revealed. One of the charts is "Beach Side Bunny"'s Another chart.
  • One of the Sudden+ lane covers introduced in SPADA is based on one of the characters for the boss song "Proof of the existence". It appears to be a fictitious advertisement for designer shoes, with Blue Repika exclaiming, "HIGH SENSE? Oh, yes!"
  • The song "Howling" by PON. No, that's not Japanese he's singing, he really is making unintelligable howling noises.
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  • "Miracle 5ympho X" has a gratuitous "Oniichan!" sample at the beginning of the song.
  • "VANESSA"'s background animation. Under the right mindset, it's basically a 99-second staring contest.
  • Vine is home to a number of hilarious fan-made IIDX videos.
    • "NANDEMO†LEGGENDARIA" [2], featuring the †LEGGENDARIA logo being printed out en masse for taping onto various objects, such as a drink bottle.
    • "GAMBOL†LEGGENDARIA" [3], a spoof video of "GAMBOL" (see above) getting a †LEGGENDARIA chart. STAGE FAILED
    • "Koi wa shoobi,", which features the song "Koi wa shoobi, Sanshiro":
      Dake do tatami no ue nara SANSHIRO, SEGATASTAGE FAILED
  • "GOLDEN CROSS"'s video. A mock shoji game featuring Tadao Kageyama, the series' producer since 2nd style, getting completely wrecked by severe cheating, while DJ Yoshitaka doesn't care and DJ Remo-Con and DJ Taka, the composers for the song, host the game. It's really weird.
    • On a meta level, "GOLDEN CROSS" (extended remix), which has shown up in other games for crossovers and is a edited version of the long version, is 6 seconds shorter than the original. "Extended" somehow turned into less.
  • SINOBUZ's last Buzra Arts extra stage song, "Snakey Kung-Fu" (BGA link). At first, you'd thought it would be another dark-themed song from Kinjishi. Except it sounds more upbeat for some reason. Then, Carlos the Lion from Lion Suki shows up, and a live-action sequence reminiscent of Hong Kong kung-fu style movies follows soon after. Not to mention the song has vocals sung in Cantonese.
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  • Rootage introduces a new feature that shows the column where the first note will fall, with a label that reads "ここからスタート" ("Start here"); the indicator will appear multiple times if the first notes are in a chord. If you use this feature on The Dirty Of Loudness's charts (all of its non-Beginner Single Play charts open with all 7 keys and the turntable being hit at the same time) with Double Battle enabled (Double Play but instead of dedicated Double charts, you get a Single Play chart on both sides to play by yourself), well...


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