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  • The background video for "THE LAST STRIKER", the Final Boss of the console version of DJ TROOPERS. At first glance, it looks like any other IIDX generic video. However, it's not just any generic video; it's every generic video used from 1st Style to DJ TROOPERS!
  • Clearing a Dan course, especially if you've finally ascended to 7th or 8th Dan, the final stages ("THE SAFARI" for 7th and "gigadelic" for 8th) of which are especially notorious.
    • If you are using an e-Amusement Pass, your DJ profile will display a shimmer effect as your Dan rank is updated.
    • Clear a Dan course in tricoro, and your in-game avatar is shown cheering in an adorable manner.
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    • Inverted for failing a course, in which you get to see your avatar cry.
    • Clearing a Kaiden course. To elaborate, Kaiden courses feature four of the current game's hardest charts.
  • Clear the Final Boss song of tricoro Yellow, "Kyatorare Koi wa Mo~Moku", and Phoenix and Rupika from tricoro Blue jump in and finish off Yellow Rapika for you.
  • "Miracle 5ympho X" features a machinegun about halfway through the song, simulated by several barrages of notes.
  • "SA.YO.NA.RA. SUPER STAR" was thought to be SUPER STAR MITSURU's Grand Finale...but then comes "I will be back", where he comes out of retirement and saves the Earth from a giant asteroid in a cheesy-awesome toku-style manner.
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  • After six years of no consumer beatmania IIDX games, what does Konami do in September 2015, suddenly out of nowhere? An alpha test of beatmania IIDX INFINITAS, a new consumer IIDX game on PC.

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