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You ever do something that you know wasn't going to help, but you do it anyway? And you don't even know why you're doing it?

Caught Not Sleeping is an Alternate Reality Game centered around the title character Caught, who initially goes to the Internet to seek help regarding his insomnia. It got worse from there.

The main YouTube channel can be found here. Secondary youtube channels for 1AmTheHelp3r, RoivasSevil, and samadoyht (aka Mirrors/Yasurc). Official twitter maintained by Natalie, and abandoned tumblr account. As well as viewer-compiled logs of all plot-related character visits to the Butterfly Tiny Chat.


Also, Caught Not Sleeping's main wiki page, set of timelines depending on how you wish to follow the story, Slendernation subforum for discussion (complete with its own thoroughly complete link list), and semi-official Tiny Chat room.



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