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Given Square Root of Minus Garfield's Reference Overdosed nature, this page is grouped by category.

See also this page for the various Take Thats of SRoMG.

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  • Burma-Shave: Both Garfa-Shave and Donutshave imitate the distinctive rhyming style of the old signs.
  • Hyundai Motor Company: The special strip Cat Watching England Vs USA uses a screenshot of a Hyundai commercial to reference an infamous transmission error that occurred on ITV during the 2010 FIFA World Cup (the station cut to commercials right before the first goal).
  • This is Your Brain on Drugs: Web shows a spider's web being messed up because it was high. The annotation of course makes this joke, linking respectivly to a normal web for "This is your web" and a similarly messed-up one for "This is your web on drugs".
  • Will It Blend?: Does it Blend? is based on the Comics Irregulars' podcast of the same name, itself based on the campaign.

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