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Webcomic: mezzacotta
mezzacotta (yes, all-lowercase) is a website launched by David Morgan-Mar and The Comic Irregulars (authors of Darths & Droids and Irregular Webcomic!) to showcase "all the weird, crazy, half-baked ideas we come up with."

It contains the following webcomics:

  • mezzacotta, a webcomic "with two people talking to each other. Mostly." Though it launched in October 10, 2008, its archive of daily strips extends significantly farther into the past. The archive contains strips for every day that has passed since the introduction of Darths & Droids, Irregular Webcomic!, Sluggy Freelance, the World Wide Web, the year David Morgan-Mar was born, television broadcasts, radio, the steam engine, the printing press, the fall of Rome, and so on. The 'earliest' strip in its archive is supposedly 9,986,270 million years older than the presumed age of the Universe.note  One could, perhaps, think of it as the Webcomic of Babel... or maybe the Webcomic of Leaves. You can find the "first one" here.

  • Lightning Made of Owls: a webcomic consisting entirely of user-submitted Guest Strips, launched on 15 November 2008. Its name is a deliberate Word Salad Title. It features the following stock characters:
    • Holly, an optimistic, lively young woman. Always depicted with clear round Nerd Glasses.
    • Ambrose, a learned, eccentric older man. Always depicted with a yardbrush moustache.
    • Samantha, a smart, vain, self-motivated young lady. Always depicted with large earrings.
    • Oliver, a bald man who is Always Lawful Good. Always depicted with an L-shaped scar.
    • Meridien, a long-haired spiritual woman. Always depicted with a cloth fashion accessory, typically a ribbon.
    • Delkin, a young technician, and the joker of the bunch. Always depicted with Hidden Eyes.

  • Square Root of Minus Garfield: a user-submitted Remix Comic inspired by Garfield Minus Garfield. Each strip is a remixed Garfield strip, but remixed in an entirely different manner to the previous strips. Launched on 21 November 2008.

  • Comments on a Postcard: Having finally completed their magnum opus, the phenomenally acclaimed genre-defying webcomic known as Postcard, the Comic Irregulars have started to re-run it from beginning to end. But there's a problem - all of the comic image files have mysteriously been deleted! Furthermore, nobody else seems to have ever heard of Postcard, or have any memory of ever reading it. But, unperturbed by this apparent glitch in the time stream, the Comic Irregulars are simply running the News Posts without the comic images, and hoping that the reader's imagination will suffice until they can find someone, somewhere, who has a backup copy of the files in their browser cache. note  Launched on 8 December 2008.
    • The above description is one of many random descriptions of the webcomic that load when the "About" page is viewed.

  • Awkward Fumbles: Launched on April 14, 2009. A collaborative webcomic where mezzacotta readers send in comic strips with blank speech balloons, and the Comic Irregulars other readers insert dialogue and captions of their own making, to create a finished comic that isn't quite what either of the parties intended! (If this sounds like something that the Dinosaur Comics creator Ryan North already did a while back, that's because it is.)

Awkward Fumbles contains examples of:

Comments on a Postcard contains examples of:
  • April Fools' Day: This strip does the entire point of the webcomic in reverse for an April Fools gag.
  • Celebrity Paradox / Recursive Canon: Here (a shout out to the other work by the Comic Irregulars)
  • Continuity Snarl: A natural outcome of having each strip's comments submitted by somebody else. But most of the continuity errors are invisible to the reader thanks to the broken image links, and the rest are presumably due to the frequent Time Travel and Parallel Universe plots.
  • Fictional Document
  • Fundamentally Funny Fruit: eggplants
  • Genius Bonus: One of the "About" pages reads "According to an analysis of your IP address, you access this site from a computer located in the Langerhans Islets. In accordance with Langerhans Islets pornography laws, individual pictures will not be displayed." The Islets of Langerhans are groups of hormone-secreting cells in the pancreas.
  • Lampshade Hanging: One of the "About" pages: "How awesome would it be if someone produced a webcomic without the comic? Each day, they'd just post the author comments for the comic, and leave it up to the reader to imagine what they actually drew. Perhaps there could be a fictional backstory about the mysterious lost comic for which only the author's comments survive."
    • This was actually the original pitch, as posted on the Mezzacotta forums.
  • News Post
  • Noodle Implements, Noodle Incident: Pretty much the entire point of the strip.
  • Running Gag: Several, particularly those involving cows and the tendency of the author's keyboard to stop working.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: The author really didn't like cows, until (s)he went into therapy.

Lightning Made of Owls contains examples of:

mezzacotta contains examples of:

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