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Comments on a Postcard was written by Jorge Luis Borges, who's offscreen in Irregular Webcomic!'s Shakespeare theme.
They're still coming out, despite the Crisis Crossover, because literature endures, damnit.
Mezzacotta is entirely computer-generated.
The heads do nothing but gesture with eyes and mouths. The text is dada. The archive consists of throwing random data into the search bar, suggesting it's being generated on the fly or close to it. Given that the tropers talking about it on Archive Binge have pointed out that it would take far longer than a human's lifespan just to READ it all, let alone create it... Well, there's no way it couldn't have been done without the help of a computer. Hopefully I'm not pointing out something obvious...
  • Wasn't it sort of downright stated it was computer-generated?
    • That counts as a point against this theory. They would never outright state that if it were true: that would be too easy.
The computer that generates the strips has actually managed to create strips that actually make sense and are very funny.
But because of the sheer number of strips, no one has read them yet.
  • This is pretty much a fact. We should make the entire planet read the comic to at least find some of them.
The computer that generates the strips is actually the Integrated Data Thought Entity.
Hence the comics which seem beyond time. Chronological order means little to a transcendental alien super-computer-thing. I can only assume it's some sort of side project they're working to better understand the human psyche - and if the above theorem is correct, it's paying off.
Many of the mysterious comics are discussions taking place during a confusing and homebrew-heavy D&D game.
The D&D-citing characters are the key element of this, as otherwise we only get out-of-context snippets that could hint at this. It's not always clear what comes before and after it, but it does make sense. Try reading a few comics with this mindset.
Everyone except possibly Character 1 and the psychiatrist(s) are completely insane and the comic is their nonsensical conversation throughout a mental health ward.
Character 1 appears to be reasonable and the psychiatrists probably are actually acting as mental health professionals.
The webcomic takes place in a dimension where language is only barely intercommunicable with ours.
It's left untranslated as people who actually speak our language visit this dimension from time to time, usually to provide reasonable dialog amidst the strange discussions.
The characters are fragments of a deity with a damaged mind who is slowly reassembling itself.
See here. It's always about the same person, whose self is reasembling from scattered pieces.
The computer will decide to just generate all the comics up until December 31st, 9999999999999 AD.
I bet Irregular Webcomic's computer will give up and generate all the remaining comics up to that point to push this giant pile of stress outta the way.
  • POSSIBLE SUB-THEORY: At least up until November 30th, 9999999999999 AD, by which point Irregular Webcomic will actually be the ones doing the comic for real this time instead of the computer. Likely this will kick off the first and final [or simply only] story arc in mezzacotta leading up to the Grand Finale. It will span for the entire month of December 9999999999999 AD, and may lead to the above theories regarding the comic being confirmed or jossed. [It will be the Grand Finale because the year doesn't go lower than 9999999999999 BC, so it likely won't go beyond 9999999999999 AD either.]