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Webcomic: A Softer World
In the caves behind my house, I found a softer world. They understand what I had to do for love. They don't believe in restraining orders.

A Softer World is a Photo Comic, full of dark surrealist comedy and just plain weird stuff. Generally, Emily Horne takes the photographs and Joey Comeau writes the captions. The comics often focus on death, love, loneliness, or other similarly heavy themes. There are few if any actual characters, apart from Baby Doom (now deceased) and a small cat.

In almost every comic slightly cropped or zoomed versions of one photograph are arranged into 3 panels, with a short line of text over each one; the writing is usually divided into a straight line, a subversion and an over-the-top punchline. A frequent variation will have a second punchline in the rollover text.

Shares a forum, Truth and Beauty Bombs, with Dinosaur Comics and The Perry Bible Fellowship.

This comic features examples of:

Sketch ComedyGag-per-Day WebcomicsSomething Happens
Least I Could DoWebcomics Long RunnersCastlevania RPG

alternative title(s): A Softer World
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