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Nedroid is the pen name of online artist Anthony Clark who draws silly pictures and comics "when there's nothing good on TV." You may recognize his work doing the colors for an—ahem—little-known comic called The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.

On his own site, Nedroid draws all kinds of interesting stuff—he has a special fondness for dinosaurs, ladies, and lovingly rendered landscapes following his self-image character, the Eternal Homeless Robot.

But the most popular and recurring subject, and likely the reason you're here, is comics based around the adventures of Beartato, Reginald and their friends, officially titled Beartato Comics. Here are some of the characters:

  • Beartato is half-bear, half-potato, all heart. He's naïve, and impossibly charming.
  • Reginald is his best friend who is all bird, all muscle, all brain, and totally available, ladies! Ahem. Reginald is also all ego, and rather desperate. He fancies himself a ladies' man yet hasn't had much success so far.
  • Harrison is... who the hell is Harrison? Moving along...
  • Gary is a towering humanoid thing whom Reginald considers his most hated enemy for no reason in particular; he's actually good friends with both Beartato and Reginald.
  • Rudy is Reginald's dog. He is actually Reginald's most hateful enemy, whom Rudy considers the stupidest being in the world.
  • Teddy The Phoenix is an on-fire Reginald with wheels for feet. Keen to cart off the wrong people to save some planet.
  • Weirdo is a bearded man who wears all sorts of things on his head. An acquaintance of Reginald and Beartato.
  • There's also an assortment of minor characters, that don't usually get any attention these days. Don't worry about them for now.

Also of interest are his collaboration comics with Emmy Cicierega (Yes, sister of THAT Cicierega) under the shared name Laserpony Studios. There aren't any recurring stories or characters, but they're always a new, surreal and hilarious experience.

Not to be confused with Metroid. Not even as a Shout-Out. Or confused with Nendoroid, either.

Nedroid contains examples of:

Alternative Title(s): Nedroid Picture Diary, Beartato