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Fan Nickname: Anime
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Other series

  • Accel World
  • Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka
    • Good Dub - The 2001 Pioneer Dub.
    • Bad Dub - The 1989 Streamline Dub
  • Attack on Titan
    • Freckled Jesus- For Marco, because he is the nicest character in the main cast and he's the first major character to die.
    • Freckled Satan- For Ymir, thanks to her tendency to be a total Jerk Ass.
    • Peter Pan - For Captain Levi, thanks to his insane feats of aerobatics when using 3D maneuver gear.
      • Poncho Sasuke - Levi again, thanks to a popular tumblr post.
      • Ravioli - Also Levi. His name was originally Romanized as Rivaille before it was revealed that the translation was incorrect.
      • Captain Shorty - Levi, for fairly obvious reasons.
    • Commander Handsome - For Erwin Smith, given that he is a commander who is also handsome.
  • Angel Beats!
    • Soul Society Of Haruhi Suzumiya - SSS BattleFront.
    • Brotonashi - For Yuzuru Otonashi because of what he has done to the people who were still alive and for the people who had already died and he sent them away peacefully.
  • Azumanga Daioh
    • The Yukarimobile, aka "Yukari-guruma" (lit.: "The Yukaricar") - Yukari-sensei's distinctively banged-up automobile. (It actually belongs to her father.) Used in the show.
    • Rachel Handelbarz - A nameless female student with pigtails, who hangs around with Chihiro and Kaorin. Officially known as "Female Student A".
    • Tod - Short for "That One Dude". Appears a few times in the anime, most notably in the first episode when Yukari steals his bike while he fixes hers. Poor Tod.
    • Boy-Nyamo, Guyamo - A male student whose hair looks just like Nyamo's.
  • Black Butler: Sebas-Chan
  • Black Lagoon
    • Maidinator - Roberta, Black Lagoon's part-time maid part-time relentless bodyguard is sometimes referred to as this.
  • Black★Rock Shooter
    • the OtherWorld, Other World, Otherworld: The Checkered Landscape.
    • Other selves. huke's designs associated with characters in the "real" world.
    • Wheels - Chariot.
  • Blue Seed
    • Sailor Boom - Koume Sawaguchi, the trigger-happy tomboy, who was voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi, who also provided the voice of Usagi from Sailor Moon.
  • Bt X
    • The Batman Fist, Teppei's Messiah Fist, a title given to it by friends in a RP because of Teppei's habit of firing its grappling cables at enemies. Those that get impaled by the barbs are similarly described as Batman'd
  • Bubblegum Crisis
  • Canaan
    • Oosawa Moeria: The character Oosawa Maria, for obvious reasons.
    • Sugoi Sugoi: Either the show itself, or just Maria due to her catchphrase.
  • Claymore
    • Bait - Raki, thanks to his remarkable ability to attract yoma, crazy Claymores, and Awakened Beings.
    • Noodles - Riful.
    • Not exactly a nickname, but..."Nobody out-crazies Ophelia!"
      • The Sexy Seven/ The Seven Ghosts: The survivors of the Northern Campaign led by Miriya after the timeskip.
  • D.Gray-Man
    • Apocrapper - Apocryphos
      • Also known as Apo-chan, because Apocryphos is just way too long to type.
  • Darker than Black
  • Death Note
  • Deadman Wonderland
    • On a certain Imageboard, Deadman Wonderland has gotten the nickname G-Cup Wonderland due to a humorous mention of a female character's breast size.
    • In the US the show is often christened "Superjail!: The Anime".
    • Senji the Bloodedge for Senji because his English VA is also Ragna. Senji just so happens to literally have edges...of blood, which leads us to...
      • Carnage Scissors for Senji's Crow Claw branch of sin.
  • Digimon
    • Cigarette Lighter Man - Agent Yamaki of Digimon Tamers. Before he was given a name, all the audience knew was that he obsessively flicked his lighter.
    • Marsh-Malo — MaloMyotismon/BelialVamdemon from Digimon Adventure 02. So named because of his lackluster performance (mostly standing and ranting without actually doing much) and then his very undignified end.
    • Masaharu is the Fanon name for Matt/Yamato's father. (Turns out he's got an official name, Hiroaki, even though it wasn't used in anything.)
    • Takatomon — Agumon in Digimon Savers, due to being voiced by Brian Beacock, who also voiced Takato in Digimon Tamers. Comes from Guilmon's actual nickname for Takato.
    • Bio Trio — Kouki, Ivan, and Nanami, Kurata's Quirky Miniboss Squad, and fairly popular villains, despite appearing in about three episodes each.
    • Digimon Adventure is often abbreviated "01," to match the second series, Digimon Adventure 02. The "02" is actually short for "2002," the year the story takes place, however, although they probably chose that year because it ended in two. Likewise, Tamers and Frontier are "03" and "04," although this isn't used as often as it used to be, as they're separate continuities from the Adventure-verse.
    • On a similar note, because Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time is a Long Title, the season is mostly known as either "Hunters" or "Xros Hunters".
    • Footballhead — A derisive nickname for Renamon, whose head (according to said detractors) is shaped like an American football.
    • J-Reaper — ADR-01, the D-Reaper's Spy Agent, who was mimicing the appearance of Jeri Kato before mutating to a more monstrous look.
    • In the Japanese fandom, Masaru has gained Digimon status as Masarudaimon, thanks both to his returning appearances in Hunters letting him beat the tar out of Mega Digimon like nobody's business and to his own name lending itself to the Digimon naming scheme.
  • .hack
  • Dragon Ball
    • Captain Carrot - Goku, whose Saiyan birth name was Kakarot (after Toriyama's convention to name Saiyans after vegetables) and whose friendly, assertive personality and unbelievable drive to defeat evil liken him to Discworld's Captain Carrot.
    • Veggie - Vegeta. As a sort of canon derivative, Ginyu actually refers to him as "Vege-Chan" a few times to taunt him. 'Geta is also used at times.
    • Kushami - Blonde, gun-crazy Lunch. Coined as shorthand by Curtis Hoffmann in his early summaries of manga chapters. It's Japanese for "sneeze," because Lunch changes personalities and hair color whenever she sneezes. Has reached the point where parts of the fandom are convinced that it's actually her name.
    • Mrs. Briefs - For Bulma's mother, since her husband is named Dr. Briefs. However, it is never actually clarified whether "Briefs" is actually a family surname or a given name (especially considering nearly everyone in Dragon Ball has Only One Name). The nickname "Bunny" was also seen in some fanfiction.
    • Mirai (Trunks) - For Future Trunks, "Mirai Briefs" in some fanfiction when he returns to the normal timeline and lives with the 'other' Trunks. Crosses with Gratuitous Japanese.
    • Ultra-Super-Saiyan (Ussj) - The pumped-up SSJ forms Vegeta and Future Trunks use against Cell, since their actual names are less wieldy.
      • ASS: Used to poke fun at the dub, which calls this form Ascended Super Saiyan.
    • Mystic Gohan - Gohan after his power-up from the Elder Kai.
    • Linkin Ball Z - A DBZ Fan Vid set to Linkin Park. So common they've got a nickname.
    • Changelings - An affectionate nickname for Frieza and his relative's unnamed alien race.
    • "Maron the Moron" - Maron, Krillin's ex girlfriend, not to be confused with "Marron", his daughter.
    • "Spopobitch" - Spopovitch
    • Baby Face- Krillin
  • Durarara!!
    • Drrr - for the series in general; a nickname by both the fans and the animation department.
    • The GARtender - Shizuo Heiwajima, for his peculiar dressing habits and superhuman Badassery
      • Shizzy (a loose translation of Izaya's Shizu-chan nickname) is also quite common
    • Vending Machine-chan - for Shizuo's preferred weapon of choice (Especially by those who ship him with it).
    • Tsundullahan - for Celty
    • Gackt - for Heiwajima Kasuka. After his faux-wiki page was translated and fans noticed the parallels to a certain real-life J-pop singer
    • Mootkado - Mikado, for those who've read ahead of the anime and know that Mikado weaponized 4chan created the Dollars. Moekado and Bosskado are also quite popular.
    • Masaomi Kida is Brosaomi Kida. Moesaomi also popped up once the show started breaking him.
    • Trollzaya - Izaya, for obvious reasons
    • Shizuo Musou - the Shizuo vs. Vorona warehouse fight in volume 6
    • Tsugaru and Psyche - Shizuo and Izaya as they appear on the series' OST and cover song albums. Often treated as separate characters. Even more often shipped with each other. A new "character", Delic, has also been recently created in this manner with the release of the second half of the Durarara OST.
    • Pedo Teacher - Professor Nasujima, for hitting on Anri and generally being all-around creepy.
  • Earth Maiden Arjuna: Captain Planet: The Anime
  • El Cazador de la Bruja
  • Elfen Lied
    • The Unknown Man in the manga. This is because neither he, nor anyone else, mentions his name.
  • Eureka Seven
  • Fairy Tail
    • Team Natsu: The Five-Man Band of main characters consisting of Natsu, Gray, Erza, Happy, and Lucy. Officially, the team has no name, although it is often referred to as "Fairy Tail's strongest team".
    • The Nakama Hakama: Erza's outfit of flame-patterned pants and sarashi, which she wears when she's feeling particularly determined.
  • Fist of the North Star
    • Jesus Beam - One of Toki's attacks, since he looks and acts a lot like Jesus Christ.
    • Sunagumo ("Sand Spider") - The Nameless Shura who defeats Falco. "Sunagumo" was actually used in the TV series as a derisive nickname Falco gave him during battle, but the character himself is literally nameless and most fans simply refer to him by the nickname Falco gave him.
    • YOU wa SHOCK - The opening song, Ai o Torimodose. Contains much Gratuitous English.
  • Free!
    • Swimming Anime - The show and the early commercial, in which fans called it even before the title of the anime was announced.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Colonel Clean - Armstrong, as he is both bald and has sparkles that surround him for some gags.
      • Also known as Sparkly Man or Sparkle Man, again due to the sparkles.
    • Father: the homonculi's "father". Some fans call his early phase (when he's still a powerless homonculus in a flask) "Bob the Blob" and "Proto-Father."
    • SPOILER for chapters 79 and 80 of the manga: fetus!Envy for... foetus-shaped Envy.
    • Hagaren - The whole series, whose complete Japanese title is Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (The Alchemist of Steel).
    • Ho-Ho Papa - Hohenheim. Came about due to the difficult spelling of his German name. Ironically, in the manga his original name is Theophrastus Bombastus Van Hohenheim, but it is shortened to just "Van Hohenheim" because the person who named him (Father) thought he was too stupid to remember it.
      • Also spelled Hohopapa, and also called simply "Hoho".
      • Note than in Hiromu Arakawa's official Yonkoma for the anime, Sloth calls him "Hoen" (with a long "o"). Possibly, part of the reason why he isn't nicknamed "Hoho" in Japanese is because it actually means something ("cheek" among others) in Japanese.
    • Hoju: Hohenheim's late first son in the anime, whom he tried to resurrect, with the result that he created Envy. Short for Hohenheim Junior.
    • Moofy - Wrath of the anime had no name in canon for a time, and gained the nickname from his fuffy hair.
    • Mr. Monopoly - Since Brotherhood this is officially the nickname of the Silver Alchemist. The resemblance is uncanny.
    • Palm Tree - Envy, for his wildly spiky green hair
    • Sexyhobo - Scar. 'Cause he is.
    • Scarbro - Scar's unnamed brother.
    • Shinri-kun or (its anglophone equivalent) Truth-kun - the creepy featureless little guy who lives beyond the Gate of Truth in the manga and introduces himself as "God" or "the Truth").
    • Shota Mcshadowrape - Pride, aka Selim Bradley.
    • Tom Selleck with an Eyepatch - Fuhrer King Bradley (Wrath from Brotherhood and Pride from the 2003 anime) because he is.
    • Ninaxander - A combination name of Nina and Alexander, for the chimera made by Shou Tucker.
    • Greedling - the name given to the recreated Greed who currently possesses Ling's body. Actually used by Ed in-series
    • The Pimp Suit - The pristine white suit Solf J. Kimblee wears. Because of this, he is occasionally known as Pimp!Kimblee. The same suit is actually a tribute to Alex De Large - so Kimblee De Large works well.
      • Smooth Criminal or Terumi have recently surfaced from watching the dub, seeing as how Kimblee is, well, a massive Troll like Terumi,
    • The Eclipse - Berserk reference used by some fans in reference to the events since the heroes have been transported to Father's lair, due to the similar idea of being taken to another dimension and marked as a sacrifice. Interestingly enough, there actually is an eclipse in chapter 104, and it is horrifying.
    • "Cyclops Army" for the ravenous, one-eyed Mannequin Soldiers/Doll Soldiers (depending on the translation)
    • "Terminarcher" - In the first anime, Archer, an unpleasant military officer (who only exists in that telling) is made into a suspiciously advanced cyborg after having half his face (or half his head, it's hard to tell) blown off.
      • And by "half his head", we mean "half of his entire body".
    • "The anime" — If someone refers to "the anime" they're definitely talking about the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime.
  • Gankutsuou
    • Al or Aru: Albert
    • Ed or Edo: Edmond (Dantes) ( dare you, you philistines!)
    • Gank: the show itself.
  • Getter Robo
    • Batshit Ryoma - Ryoma Nagare, specifically in the OVAs, who takes Hot Bloodedness to the point of certifiable insanity. The Armageddon version is the definitive version, and typically the version people mean by "Batshit Ryouma".
    • Kenny - Mushashi
  • GE-GoodEnding
    • Shirou - Utsumi, both for his looks and personality
  • Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince
    • Lacus: Theoria, since the series has the same character designer as SEED, and she appears to have the same role.
  • Gintama
    • Oogushi-kun: Hijikata. Actually derived from canon, as Gintoki mistook Hijikata for a boy in a Japanese folktale in an early appearance. The fans later co-opted this long after the gag had passed.
  • Girls und Panzer
    • "World of Tanks The Series": The show itself.
    • Tank Teru: Maho, for also being an aloof big sister of the protagonist who is separated from her and later becoming her main rival, although it's indicated that for Maho, it is a Jerk Ass Facade in order to play the role of the Nishizumi heiress so that Miho can live and do Tankery the way she wishes.
    • Tank Sumire: Erika, for being Maho's sidekick in the same way as Sumire is Teru's. The two of them also end up missing their chance to shine because of their opponents interfering with their tactics.
    • Tank Touka for Kei of Saunders. The two even have a slight resemblance to each other.
    • Kampfgruppe Miho for the protagonist team
    • Gunner-chan and Loader-chan: Alice's two teammates, named for their respective positions in her tank.
    • Jagdpanther-chan for the nameless commander of the Jagdpanther for Kuromorimine.
    • Oreo: "Oryou" (Takeko Nogami).
    • Each OVA has a nickname
  • Happiness!
    • The Haruhi Everyone Forgot - Haruhi Kamisaka: Despite being the main heroine of the show, pretty much no one remembers her or even what the show was about, if it wasn't for Jun's unexpected popularity as a trap on par with Bridget, the show would have pretty much been forgotten by now.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler
    • Hayate the Combat Butt Monkey: pretty self-explanatiory considering how Hayate ends up getting treated most of the time.
      • Also, Hayate the God of Poverty.
    • NOM-NOM-tan: Ayumu Nishizawa, for the fact that she's always seen eating something... sometimes suggestively. Somehow, she's still one of the more "normal" members of the cast.
    • Watanuki vi Britannia: The Puppet Butler voiced by Jun Fukuyama.
    • Given her recent chapters having been possessed by a cat-spirit, Izumi has been dubbed 'Izu-nyan' for her apparent attraction to felines and moe appeal while interacting with them (and a pun on Azusa's nickname).
  • Hellsing
    • Girlycard/Femcard/Lolicard - Alucard in the Hellsing: The Dawn prequel, where, instead of the present-day Badass Longcoat form everyone knows, he looks like an adolescent girl in a pillbox hat.
    • Babycard/Chibicard - Alucard, as he's depicted briefly in flashbacks in volume nine of the manga. As a preteen boy.
    • Bondagecard - Mostly used in the cosplay community, referring to another of Alucard's getups, involving a skintight, dark red, straitjacket-like bodysuit.
    • Beardycard/Vladcard: The armour wearing, bearded Alucard that features in later chapters, most notably when Alucard does his final release.
    • Riocard: The suited version during part of the Brazil trip.
    • Dark Walter: The vampire version.
    • Goderson: When he used the Nail.
      • Alternatively, Anderplant.
  • Hidamari Sketch
  • High School Of The Dead
    • The Orgybus - the bus that Shido and his cult of students use as a shelter.
    • Sensei Rapeface - Shido, for obvious reasons.
    • Rei has also picked up the unfortunate nickname of "Cockroach-tan" from some fans, because of her Idiot Hair and also because she's viewed as a very annoying Clingy Jealous Girl by some circles.
  • Hunter × Hunter
  • Ika Musume
    • Tako-Musume - The mysterious Tanabe Kozue, who's only appeared once. She wears a conspicuous hat, understands Ika-Musume a little too well... and has Japanese initials that spell tako, meaning "octopus". Hmmmmmmm...
  • InuYasha
    • Fluffy or Fluffy-sama - Sesshoumaru; sometimes lengthened to "Fluffy the Terrible", mostly thanks to the fluffy white fur that hangs over his shoulder and trails behind him (itself referred to in Japanese as "mokomoko-san"). Likewise, his recently-revealed unnamed mother has quickly gained the moniker "Fluffette". She is also known as Sessh-mom, for obvious reasons.
    • Super Shredder - Naraku in his final form, as he resembles the likewise final form of Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is considered nigh-invincible.
    • Inutaisho - Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's father; a corruption or mishearing of "Inu no Taisho," which is the character's title and means "leader of the dogs."
      • Also, Inu-papa.
      • Occasionally, Inuyasha's father will be referred to as Touga, after a temporary name he received during production of the third movie. It was never made canon, but for some fans it's the closest he's ever come to getting a real name.
    • And KagoMama or HiguMama or Mama-san for Kagome's unfortuneately unnamed mother.
    • Sota, Kagome's younger brother, is also sometimes jokingly referred to as "Soda".
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    • Fastcart - Robert E.O. Speedwagon, as per his proposed Dub Name Change in a hypothetical 4Kids Entertainment localization.
      • From the Duwang subs for the anime, Speedwagon is also occasionally nicknamed Speedbump.
    • Moewagon - Also Speedwagon, because 4chan's idea of adorable is a bit odd.
    • Oldwagon - Part 2 Speedwagon, on account of being, well, old.
    • Tequila Joseph - Joseph in his not entirely successful Harmless Lady Disguise.
    • Jo2uke - Part 8 Josuke, to distinguish him from the one in Part 4.
    • Gappy - Also Part 8 Josuke, as his Distinguishing Mark is a small gap between his two front teeth.
  • K or K Project - In the U.S., due to the show's large amounts of Ho Yay, many fans have nicknamed it "Gay Project."
  • Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi
    • Hampnie Hambart - most fans just call him Humpty or Hamburger.
  • Kanokon
    • Shouta - Kouta, for being a helpless little shota who is constantly being jumped by the sexually-aggressive foxgirl, Chizuru (but only in the anime).
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
    • Reporn-the series itself or the eponymous character.
    • Tuna-Tsuna. Apparently the cast is very fishy, since we also have Squalo(Italian for "Shark"), "Octupus Head"(Ryohei's Canon Nickname for Gokudera), and of course Yamamoto's sushi restaurant.
      • Vongola is Italian for "Clam"
    • Mukurou-Glo Xinia's owl box weapon that is possessed by Mukuro. A "u" is added to differentiate between the two.
    • Let's not forget the number/letter code. Usually used for shipping. Example: 5927. D18.
      • 27-Tsuna. Used in canon sometimes. "Tsu" means "2" in Japanese, and "nana" means "7"
      • 59-Gokudera. "Go" means "5" and "ku" is a pronounciation of "9"
      • 80-Yamamoto.
      • 18-Hibari.
      • D-Dino.
      • X-Xanxus.
      • 100-Byakuran.
      • 69-Mukuro.
      • 96-Chrome. For obvious reasons.
      • S-Squalo.
      • Don't go thinking that these are all of them. The Reborn Wiki has an extensive list if you get confused.
    • Pineapple-head for Mukuro and/or Chrome, because of their hairstyle. Also "nappo" (Japanese word for pineapple), and "Mini-nappo" for Chrome. Also in Fandom, Mukuro is "Perverted Pineapple" for obvious reasons concerning Tsuna and everybody else he's ever attacked. His assigned number does not help either.
    • Used by Flan... Mukuro does NOT like it.
    • The Fans started calling Hibari's bird "Hibird", which was brought to the manga itself. Even lampshaded by Tsuna.
    Reborn "Its apparently called Hibird."
    Tsuna "Who would name it that?!"
  • Kekkaishi
    • Mr. Ketsu'n'Metsu - Yoshimori
  • Kill la Kill
  • Kimi No Iru Machi
    • "A Town Where You RAGE" - In reference to the fan reactions toward the manga's output since the start of the likely-will-be infamous Tokyo Arc.
  • Kirby of the Stars
    • Jecra - Knuckle Joe's father, who is currently unnamed. Popular to the point that many think that's his actual name.
    • Seńor Noodlearms - Meta Knight, because of the Spanish accent the dub gave him and his oddly thin arms.
    • Bouncy Tiff - From an episode where a bunch of perverted otaku parodies made an anime with a rather... adult version of the character Tiff.
  • Kore wa Zombie desu ka?
    • "Korean Zombie Desk Car"
  • Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
    • Cthulhu - Gekka, the possibly-ancient flying psychic electric jellyfish that mindrapes people, erases memories, and can change into both a beautiful woman and a gigantic jellyfish that roams the seas destroying random ships.
  • Boring Germans in Space - Legend of Galactic Heroes, due to one of the sides having noticeable Germanic influence and the fact that some anime fans find it painfully slow-paced.
    • Legend of Germanic Heroes after said Germanic influences.
  • Lucky Star
    • Miwiki - Miyuki, a cheerful, knowledgeable meganekko with a tendency to launch into encyclopedic monologues in response to her friends' queries. Now canon, as of the OAV.
    • Queen of the Weaboos - Patricia Martin.
    • Awesome-kun - Konata's dad.
    • KagaMiku - Kagami's cosplay of Miku Hatsune in the OVA.
    • Fang-Tan - Misao Kusakabe, in due part to her Cute Little Fangs. Incidentally, this is also the fan nickname of a Haruhi Suzumiya character mentioned below.
    • Change Getter - The robot dentist Konata imagines while talking about drills.
    • Hiyuri - Hiyori Tamura, because she's known for her Freudian Slips.
  • Lupin III: Because of Recycled Title use early in the franchise, the first three TV series have earned Fan Nicknames based on the colour of Lupin's jacket.
  • Macross Frontier
    • Alto-hime, Sakura-hime, Hime-sama - Alto Saotome, in reference to his roles as a Kabuki actor and the fact that he really does look like a princess.
    • Evil Jesus - Brera Stern is often referred to as this in reference to the fact that he shares the same voice actor with Gundam SEED's Kira "Jesus" Yamato.
      • Also called Cyborg Jesus as also.
    • Bobby's daughters - Monica, Mina, and Ram, Macross Quarter's resident Bridge Bunnies.
      • Bobby himself has the nickname GARby whenever he shows how much of a Hot-Blooded Badass he can be.
    • Klein-sama - Klan Klein in her macronised form.
    • Hopes and Dreams - Seriously, you need to keep abreast of Sheryl Nome's nicknames.
      Sheryl Nome: "My chest isn't the same as yours, mine brings people hopes and dreams."
      • Despairs and Nightmares - counterparts possessed by Grace O’Connor, brandished in a somewhat similar way but polar opposite of what Sheryl offers.
    • Machida - any nameless grunt who does something badass (retroactively appiled to every macross series before frontier), stems from episode 14 when a NUNS pilot referred to on the radio as Machida takes out two red vajra, showcasing the VF-171 in battroid form (the only time we see the standard 171 use a mode other than its plane form), its 7 barrel gunpod and pin-point barrier punch.
    • Creepy Leon - Leon Mishima.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!
    • KFC - Alberio Imma, who entered a tournament under the name of "Kuneru/Ku Nel (Colonel) Sanders."
    • Lieutenant - Setsuna, who often serves as Negi's Lancer.
    • Negi himself is occasionally referred to as "The Thousand Pimp" due to his tendency of accumulating female followers. Derived from his father's in-series nickname as "The Thousand Master."
    • The Awesome Spear - Negi's Dios Logche: Titanoktonon (rough translation: "Divine Lance: Titan Slayer"), the supremely powerful spell he uses to end the fight with Jack Rakan.
    • "Cosmo Entelecheia" is often referred to as "Cosmo Enchilada" due to Rule of Funny and the fact that it's easier to spell that way.
    • The Catellite Cannon - Chachamaru's Pactio Artifact, Al-Iskandariya
  • MaiHime
  • Mai-Otome
    • Batman - Sara Gallagher the Otome Pillar, from the tendency of the Pillars' outfits to look like those of American Superheroes.
    • The manga adapation of the series has Mashiro being replaced and impersonated by her twin brother, who fandom quickly dubbed Manshiro.
    • Pokémoon - The Weird Moon in the final episode for its resemblance to a Poké Ball after Miyu works her magic.
  • Manabi Straight
    • Mikan Lesbian - The series itself, due to the significant amount of Les Yay.
    • :3-tan - Mikan
  • Mazinger:
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
    • Black Sara - The Dark Magical Girl form of Sara.
    • Mamepuri - A portmanteau of the Japanese pronounciation of "Mermaid Princesses"
  • Minami-ke
  • ''Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse
    • Mother Russia - Fikatsia Latrova
  • Myself ; Yourself
  • Nabari No Ou
    • Pedo-sensei - Tobari.
    • Owlzawa, Oldzawa, and Shotazawa - Kouichi, for his various forms.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • Anno-tachi - The production crew at Studio Gainax, named after Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno.
    • The Bastard King - Gendo Ikari
    • Captain Shikinami - Asuka from Rebuild/ Evangelion 2.0, reflecting her new surname and military rank. Mainly used by those who view her as her own Replacement Scrappy.
      • This gets pretty humorous when she appears in the preview for Rebuild 3.0 with an eye patch. Not one of bandages or anything, but an actual, pirate-style black patch.
      • Eyepatch Asuka in particular is called Big Bossuka.
    • Clockiel - Evangelion 2.0 spoiler:The first Angel Asuka fights, with long clock-like limbs, a head that resembles a pair of ticking clock hands, and a hanging orb that resembles a pendulum for a body.
      • Tunniel - The bony new third angel, named because the trailer showed it in, well, a tunnel. An English branch of NERV, to be specific.
      • Alternately, Boneliel, for the Angel's skeletal appearance.
    • Commentary of Evil - The extremely strange commentary of the dubbed version of End, featuring such bizarre quotes as "The true meaning of Evangelion is sex!" Not to mention Amanda Winn Lee singing an off-the-cuff filk of Barnes and Barnes' "Fish Heads".
    • EGK - Evil Gekijouban Kyoko, for EVA-02/Kyoko's odd and very, very ugly redesign in End.
    • EMK or Evil Manga Kaworu for Kaoru/Kaworu in the manga, due to his killing of a kitten by squeezing the poor thing to death.
    • The Karl for Kaworu, used as an alternative for Evil Manga Kaworu, mainly by fans who don't focus that much on his killing of a kitten.
      • Shaun for manga!Shinji, in keeping with Karl.
    • The Evil Ambassador - Gendo Ikari; Memetic Mutation of an Image Board poster who'd never seen Eva and who was referring to a previous outbreak of Memetic Mutation about Gendo.
      • Rather appropriate as the "Gendo Pose" is also known as the ambassador pose.
    • GNR (Giant Naked Rei) for the spooky Giant Naked Rei that grabs Unit-01 in The End of Evangelion. GGNR (Giant Giant Naked Rei) refers to the the spooky Giant Naked Rei that falls to bloody chunks at the end of The End of Evangelion.
      • GNK (Giant Naked Kaworu) for The thing the Giant Naked Rei transforms into to calm Shinji down as he has a panic attack over seeing, well, a Giant Naked Rei. Shinji's ego then collapses, beginning Third Impact.
    • Harpies - The mass production mecha in 'End of Evangelion''.
    • Helltrain - The mindscrew train sequences that appear throughout the latter half of the series(For example, when Shinji gets eaten by an angel).
    • Herr Lorenz - Keel.
    • Mind Rape - The angel Arael's psychic attack on Asuka. Then again, she does yell "It's raping my mind!" as the beam is in effect (in some translations), and the on-screen text in German does list the word "rape."
    • Qworu - Rebuild-verse Kaworu, especially his Adaptational Hero incarnation from Rebuild 3.0.
    • Reiquarium - the tank where Rei's clone bodies were kept.
    • RIAO (Rei In Appearance Only): The hyperactive schoolgirl Rei from the alternate world scenario in Episode 26.
    • Tang - LCL, as well as becoming synonymous with Instrumentality.
    • Uberpimp - Gendo, who gets with Yui, Naoko and Ritsuko over the course of the series.
    • Yui-sama - Eva-01.
  • Haiyore! Nyarko-san
  • Oda Nobuna no Yabou
    • My Girlfriend is Oda Nobunaga, based on the show's main premise.
  • Onani Master Kurosawa
    • ''Fap Note'' for the manga itself, as some initial scenes and mannerisms of Kurosawa make it seem like a parody of Death Note with fapping.
  • One Piece
    • The D Brothers - Ace and Luffy.
      • And since they are both Determinators, that would technically make them the Tenacious D's.
    • Fisting - Akainu's main method of attack, which is to, ahem, penetrate people with a lava-coated fist.
    • FUN Piece - The FUNimation dub, because it brought back the fun of the original series after 4Kids tore it to shreds.
      • The aforementioned previous "translation" (if one can call it that) has been referred to (pejoratively of course) as "4Piece".
    • Luffyko/Luffiko - Gender-bent Luffy, courtesy of an April Fool's Day fake spoiler that sent the online One Piece community spinning.
    • Pwn Goat - The tiny goat that's always by Sengoku's side and is obviously the real power behind the throne and is coldly calculating the end of the Age of Pirates.
    • Kuminator, Kumabots - Bartholomew Kuma and the other Pacifistas, respectively.
    • Fatsopp - Usopp from the cover arc on 551. Also, the occasional QUALITY screencaps from the anime that gave a similar effect.
      • Mansopp - Post time-skip Usopp after losing all the weight and gaining muscle.
      • I believe you mean MANSOPP!
    • Zolo - Commonly used when discussing things that Zoro did in the 4kids dub as a way of distinguishing him from the original Zoro. For example, "Zolo eats a cookie in the scene where Zoro eats a rice ball".
    • Papabeard - Whitebeard because, well, you know...
      • Halfbeard - Whitebeard after Akainu burns half of his face off.
    • Trap-chan - Izou, the commander in geisha attire from Whitebeard's crew.
      • That's a man?! D:
    • The Monster Trio, the nickname given for Luffy, Zoro and Sanji, the three strongest members of the crew.
      • The Weakling Trio, how people describe Usopp, Nami and Chopper. Oda apparently agrees since he had Usopp lampshade this description in conversation with Nami moments after the 2 year Time Skip.
    — Usopp: I'm sorry but I no longer belong to the weak trio with you and Chopper.
    • Megabeard - Blackbeard after stealing Whitebeard's power on top of his own.
    • Fluffy - An abbreviation of Fake Luffy, an impostor who posed as Luffy.
      • We also have Fakehats, Flawhats, or Asshats for the impostors as a whole.
    • Hack - the Haki ability. By extension, Hackers - Haki users.
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Otogizoushi
    • Hunt for the Golden Kidneys, named so for the familiarly-shaped magical magatamas pursued by the protagonists.
  • Pokémon
    • GodChu - An appropriate name for Ash's Ground-type beating Thunder Armor-using Pikachu.
    • A nickname for Ash possessed by the King of Pokelantis is "Dark Ash" or "Yami Satoshi", and treat him as a separate character from the two.
      • The nickname for the dark Ash in the 13th movie, as of now, is Zash (or Zatoshi), a pun on the (running) title of the movie.
    • Ashachu/Satochu - Nickname for Ash as a Pikachu. Despite only appearing for less than the time of one episode, he has a huge fanbase.
    • Nugai - The name given to Shinji (Paul in the US dub) due to the fact that his name wasn't given when he was revealed to the fans. Pun on the term "New Guy."
    • Brockblock - The act of a character killing Brock's romantic advances before they can really set sail. Demonstrations regularly provided by Misty, Max, and Croagunk. Pun on "cockblock".
    • Team Ash - A collective name for Ash and his companions.
      • Team Twerp - Another name for them.
    • Tobias is unanimously known as Trollbias, due to him coming out of nowhere and beating Ash with his legendaries at the end of the Sinnoh arc.
  • Princess Tutu
    • The Pantsless Wonder - Mytho, for his male ballet apparel, which makes it look like he's going commando. Also, he's regularly shown wearing only a long white shirt and apparently nothing under it.
    • Guitar Ninjas - The second season, coined by an Image Macro review comparing it to such.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    • Homerun-chan - Homura. It was coined in /a/, but quickly gained popularity in Japan as well.
      • Alternatively, "Homuhomu." This name may have reached Ascended Meme status - one of the items in the Special Edition of Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable is literally called the "HomuHomu Handkerchief". Interestingly, the source of the nickname appears to come from the Cypher Language in Episode 3.
      • Widespread enough now that Hideaki Anno used it in a Newtype Magazine interview.
    • Unlimited Musket Works - Mami's first attack (though they're actually flintlock rifles).
    • Unlimited Bazooka Works - Homura's More Dakka version.
    • Pringles Monsters - the Anthonies.
    • Green-haired Mugi or just "Green Mugi" - Hitomi.
      • With the English dub out, this becomes Hilarious in Hindsight, as Mugi and Hitomi are both voiced by Shelby Lindley.
    • QB, Coobie, Douchebey - Kyubey.
    • Chidamari Sketch - the entire series. note 
    • Condom-chan - Kyouko, the long red-haired girl in the intro because of the... thing she has in her mouth. (Which seems to actually be one of those ice tube popsicle things).
    • Goddess Madoka/Godoka/Magodka/Madokami - Madoka after her wish to erase The Corruption that creates Witches out of existence transforms her into a goddess at the end of the series.
      • Also Penitent Gretchen, a reference to the second part of Goethe's Faust.
    • Legion Arrow - Goddess Madoka's multi-arrow attack, resembling Taskmaster's Hyper Combo of the same name.
    • Valhalla, Magical Girl Valhalla: speculated afterlife that Godoka takes magical girls to after they die.
    • Moemura/Megahomu - the Meganekko Homura during the earlier loops in episode 10.
    • HomuRambo/Hommando - Homura, whenever she's at her most dakka-iest.
    • Homukastel - Speculated witch that Homura would have became if she had gone through infinite loops without saving Madoka. Named after Bernkastel from When They Cry.
      • Homurika for Homura herself. Named after Rika Furude from the same series.
    • Legion Of Doom for Kyubey and Juubey; though Juubey turned out to be rather different.
    • Rebuild of Madoka - Fan Name for the announced movie trilogy.
    • "Luminous". It's the song OP of the first movie. It is also slang for the cheek nuzzle that Madoka and Homura do.
    • Homucifer/Akuma Homura: The God of Evil that Homura becomes in the end of the third movie.
  • Queen's Blade
    • "Vagina Blaster" - Melpha's Holy Poses, due to the fact she need to be in a... very sexy pose to use that attack.
    • For rather - ahem - obvious reasons, and as a play on her name, Cattleya is sometimes referred to on certain Image Boards as "Cow-Tits".
    • "The Swamp Bitches" - Melona, Airi and Menace's trio who serve under the orders of the Swamp Witch, hence the name.
    • Brazilian fans likes to call Melona as Playboy Bunny, due of her looks.
  • Ranma ˝
    • The Blue Blunder - Tatewaki Kunou.
    • Baka Song - The Akane image song "Yasashii ii Ko ni Narenai" ("I Can't Become a Gentle Good Girl"), more widely known by her repeated shouts of "Baka!".
    • The Nerima Wrecking Crew - Ranma and the other martial artists in the main cast.
      • The fanfiction Spoiled Brats takes this to its logical conclusion by including a scene with a sign reading: "This residence has been proudly repaired by the Nerima Repair Crew. When they knock it down, we'll put it back up again."
    • Passion Spice - Catch-all term for the various magical/chemical gimmicks used in the course of the series to attempt to woo Ranma (or somebody else). Gets seriously abused in fandom. Comes from a Fan Fic written in the 1990s (possibly by Caroline "Kunoichi" Seawright) but has since entered Ranma fanon as a stock device.
    • MADMs or Martial Arts Death Machines - Explicitly, the high-powered martial artists in the series, due to the insane amount of damage they can dish out, insane amount of damage they can absorb without injury, astonishing speed (past the speed of sound in some cases), and, naturally, staggering combat skills. Differs from Nerima Wrecking Crew in that the latter can potentially include any character involved in the mayhem; MADMs tend to include only the more "serious" combatants. Of course, precisely "who" those characters are isn't agreed on, but a general consensus would be (of the main characters) the Old Masters and Miniature Senior Citizens Cologne and Happosai, Ranma Saotome, Ryôga Hibiki, and Mousse. They also might add either or both of Shampoo and Ukyô Kuonji to the selection, as both girls have pulled off feats that are even more impressive than Akane Tendô, though less impressive than those of the guys. Of the various temporary challengers, you have Herb, Mint and Lime of the Musk, as well as Ryű Kumon and, in the anime, Princes Kirin and Tôma.
    • Ranko - Any version of Female!Ranma that is separate from Male!Ranma, usually an Opposite-Sex Clone. Named after the alias Ranma used when he was hiding himself from his mother.
      • Some fanfic writers even use "Ranko" simply for girl-type Ranma, instead of the more often seen "Ranma-chan" or "Onna-Ranma".
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
    • The Cocktower - The tower that Akio lives and keeps his planetarium at; so named due to its overtly phallic appearance.
    • The End of Utena - The Movie, for being like another famous Mind Screw anime movie.
    • Gacktio - Akio in the movie, since he looks and acts more like a pop star than the Magnificent Bastard he was in the TV series.
    • The Utena Car and/or The Utena Mobile - Fairly self-explanatory, if you've seen The Movie.
    • Also, the Akio Car, with its white, easily cleanable leather seating....
  • Rosario + Vampire
    • Daddy Starbucks - The still unseen and unnamed father of Moka and her three sisters, for the Theme Naming he decided to give to his daughters.
  • Rinne no Lagrange
  • Rozen Maiden
    • Desu - Suiseiseki, so nicknamed by 4Chan for her habit of using the copula at the end of every sentence.
      • And Souseiseki is known as Boku.
      • Also, Boatlights.
    • Bananas - Kirakishou, both due in part to her batshit spooky nature and a fanart in which she was depicted cramming the fruit messily into her face.
    • Junk-chan - Suigintou, so nicknamed for her insistence on telling the other Maidens that "[she is] NOT JUNK" despite her freakish-looking wings and incomplete nature.
  • Rurouni Kenshin
    • Butt-bow - the Giant Waist Ribbon that Aoshi and Misao wear.
    • Ruro-Ken - Fan shorthand for the series title.
    • Kenshin-gumi - The regulars at the Kamiya Kasshin dojo (after The Shinsengumi, the elite feudal police squad of which rival swordsman Hajime Saitou was part before the establishment of the Meiji government)—Yahiko even makes a mention of this nickname early on in the series.
    • Super Horse - the horse from the Filler episode where he makes a series of spectacular Horse Jumps that would make a motorcycle jealous.
    • Super Tuberculosis - the mysterious disease that causes Kenshin, and later Kaoru to have the Incurable Cough of Death, complete with Blood from the Mouth. (Epileptic Trees say its syphillis, for extra hilarity.)
    • Yoda the Manslayer - Kenshin, because of how he talks in the dub.
  • Sailor Moon
    • The Four Generals - The "Four Heavenly Kings", the original Quirky Miniboss Squad. Arose from a mistranslation from the early days of the internet, and is incredibly persistent to this day, despite the fact that the correct translation is more common now. There are many fan names like this.
    • The (Little) Pink Spore (a.k.a. Chibi-Useless, Yam-Head) - Chibi-Usa/Rini. Actually used in the dub, later co-opted as a genuine insult by detractors.
    • Sailor Hot Topic - Kuroki Mio from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, for her over-the-top Perky Goth attire in the OVA.
    • "Inner Senshi" and "Outer Senshi" - Fandom terms to describe the major cast division via analogy with the planets. The series never specifically uses the terms, especially because Jupiter is included in the former so they can have a Five-Man Band. Much debate can be had from these terms, especially because the series does in fact give names to two of the groups, and the latter group of four is actually called the "Senshi of the Outer Solar System".
      • Outer Senshi makes sense as it's simpler to Say Outer Senshi then "Outer Solar System Senshi". The Musicals give the inners the title of "Innner Solar System Warriors" but their offiical title outside that is "Four Soldiers of the Guardian Gods", hence the use of "Guardian Senshi" by some fans.
    • Asteroid Senshi/Asteroid Quartet/Amazon Senshi: Another name resulting from a fan mistranslation of the Sailor Quartet, who the Amazoness Quartet eventually become in the manga. Since they're only seen and called by name once, many fans had no idea they had a name and coined "Asteroid Senshi" because the four girls are named after prominent asteroids in the solar system.
    • Silver Imperium Plot Device: The Ginzuishou/Silver Imperium Crystal, due to its Deus ex Machina abilities.
    • Official Energy Source of the Negaverse: Naru Osaka/Molly Baker, who seems to be attacked by the bad guys an awful lot.
      • AKA Youma Bait #1. Youma Bait is the derogatory nickname for the youma victims, and Naru is regarded as being the one who attracts them the most.
    • Sailor Not-A-Planet-Anymore: Sailor Pluto, due to a fall in the planetary rank.
    • Sailor X: Sailor Pluto, to those who still want to accept her as a Sol Senshi after Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet.
      • Also applies to Sailor Chi from the manga. X is the greek symbol for Chi.
    • Meatball Head: Usagi/Serena/Sailor Moon, due to Mamoru/Darien mocking her hair in the English dub.
    • "Sailor Moon: Sisterhood": Sailor Moon Crystal with its intent to be closer to the manga.
  • Saiunkoku Monogatari
    • Drunken Master - Eigetsu, for spoileriffic reasons.
    • Vegetable-flute-guy - Lan Ryuuren, after his trade late-series trademark flute. Made of radish.
    • Chunky - Shunki.
  • Saiyuki
    • The Kougaiji-ikkou and the Konzen-ikkou - Names for two of the three primary foursomes, by reference to the canonical Sanzo-ikkou ("Sanzo's travel partners").
    • Pippi - So named because of the way her braids stick out. The bossy youkai girl Goku, Gojyo, and Hakkai live with (and are kinda employed by) after her village's Bedouin Rescue Service saves them. She and Goku seemed to have a thing (and kissed), so certain fans desperately hope the fact that she has No Name Given means she isn't important. Barring that, there are epileptic saplings that Goku only liked her because her attitude reminded him of Sanzo, or the way a few wisps of her hair fall in her face subconsciously reminded him of his platonic Forgotten Childhood Friend, Nataku, because Het is Ew.
  • Saki
    • Kyaputen - Mihoko. Though, to be fair, all of Kazekoshi's mahjong team call her that.
    • Nodotits - Nodoka, because... yeah.
    • Tacololi, Taco-tan, or simply Tacos - Yuki, because she really likes tacos.
    • Wahaha - Satomi.
    • WAI WAI - The first ending of the series because, well, just listen to it!
    • Sheep - Ezaki Hitomi of Shindouji, because of her hairstyle.
    • FunaQ - Funakubo Hirooko of Senriyama, which is also used by her teammates in universe.
  • Sakura Taisen
    • Parigumi - The members of the Paris-based branch of the Teikokukagekidan Hanagumi found in the third and fourth OVA series. This is more likely a back-formation based on "Hanagumi" than a direct application of this trope.
  • Samurai Champloo
    • Majin Fuu- a pun on a fat Dragon Ball Z character (Majin Buu)- it references the times where Fuu eats so much that she swells up like a balloon.
  • s-CRY-ed
    • Pansy Man - Used to refer to Tachibana, whose Alter, while potentially very versatile and awesome, is terribly downgraded because he only ever fights with it with or next to the two major badasses of the show.
    • Shattered Sword of Balls - Tachibana's, mentioned above, Alter, called "Eternity Eight." One of the things he likes to do with it in combat is form the eight little balls into a sword-like weapon. Unfortunately, when fighting the protagonist, this sword gets punched through and shattered very often. This leads to the, at least in the subbed version, line, "You broke my balls!!!" It gets even worse when this leads him to go on a pity trip about how his girlfriend won't like him anymore.
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
    • Abuse-tan = Abiru Kobushi. The name is a play on her name as well as the fact that she is allegedly a victim of domestic abuse as she is always covered in bandages.
    • Anony-tan = Meru Otonashi. She is called that because she likes to text abusive messages much like Anonymous (4chan) is known to do.
    • Despair-sensei = Nozomu Itoshiki. This guy is super negative and always seem to find some sort of strange excuse to want to make himself taller.
    • Evil-tan = Mayo Mitama. This is because not only does she look evil, she does evil things (like blowing up houses and stabbing puppies) and gets away with it.
    • Hikkikomori-tan = Kiri Komori. Because she is a Hikkikomori (social recluse) after all.
    • Ji-tan = Matoi Tsunetsuki, the resident stalker. The Ji is a Japanese onomatopoeia sound for staring, which Matoi does a lot (at Nozomu).
    • "Making Yourself Taller" = Fan term for Suicide by Hanging, which was derived from Fuura's tendency to put a positive spin on Nozomu Itoshiki's attempts at suicide.
    • Opti-Miss = Kafuka Fuura. She has this disturbing ability to come up with positive explanations for anything that should have a negative connotation to it.
    • Perfect-tan = Kitsu Chiri. She demands that everything must be done properly and has an obsession with having everything equal.
    • Schizo-tan = Kaere Kimura due to her split personalities.
    • Slash-tan = Harumi Fujiyoshi because she is the show's resident yaoi fangirl.
    • Stick-dog = The term for the at least Once per Episode appearance of a dog with a stick poking out of its butt. This phenomenon is caused by Evil-tan.
    • Waifu-tan = Manami Okusa. This is because she is married to an older man despite being only a highschool student.
    • When you consider that the actual names of the characters (with the exception of Kafuka's name) are all thematic (in Japanese, that is) to the characters' personalities, such fan nicknaming could even be considered redundant.
    • "Falcon kick" - Maria's signature move
    • "Super Chiri" - Used to describe an incident from an episode of Zoku wherein Chiri became very tall and fought off an alien invasion.
  • Science Ninja Team Gatchaman:
    • Rat Bastard - Red Impulse, mostly a detractor nickname used by fans disgusted by his parental abandonment and abuse of Ken.
    • The Space Chicken- Leader X, due to his odd facial design that looks like it has a beak
    • Purple Doberman on Speed- Berg Katse, due to the huge pointed ears on his mask and his ridiculous fashion.
    • In the fan community, it was once popular to give the G-Force adaptation the name of "G-Farce", due to it being perceived as inferior to Battle of the Planets and a slight at those fans' childhoods. Eagle Riders also earned the nickname "Evil Writers" due to the bowdlerized nature of the dub.
  • Sekirei is "Pokemon with tits"
    • Musubi - Hitmonchan
    • Tsukiumi - Blastoise
    • Kusano - Bulbasaur
    • Kazehana - Pidgeotto
    • Matsu - Alakazam
    • Homura - Charmander
      • Minato himself is L.
  • Sentou Yousei Yukikaze: Brokeback Air Force, due to the pretty intense Ho Yay between the two main characters.
  • Shakugan no Shana
  • Shiki
  • Simoun
    • Ore-onna - Yun.
    • Frankenplushie - Rodoreamon's plushie.
    • The Real Doll/Blow Up Doll - Neviril, for having an uninspired character design (especially her mouth). Coined by Erica Friedman of Yuricon in her review of the series.
  • So Ra No Wo To
    • Grace - The blonde trumpet-playing soldier seen in flashbacks, nicknamed after the tune she plays. (Real name: Princess Iria.)
  • Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo
    • Leloupard - Leopard (voiced by Jun "Lelouch" Fukuyama)
    • Soaring Cake Girl - The series proper.
  • Soukou No Strain
    • Dead-tan - Sara, thanks to a certain scene in episode 3 where she has to wear a sign around her neck that reads "DEAD".
    • Loli - Lottie Gelh, due to her flat chest and the sound of her name.
    • Rozen Mecha - the show, in reference to Rozen Maiden.
  • Soul Eater
    • Waffles — Gopher. Somebody on one of the communities mentioned the multilingual pun, and now...there's 4koma where Gopher is played by a waffle. (Does this make any pairing involving Waffles a Cargo Ship?)
    • Kakashi's Evil Twin - White*Star (Black*Star's father and leader of Starclan) because he looks just like Kakashi from Naruto.
  • Sousei No Aquarion
  • Spice and Wolf
  • Strawberry Panic!!
    • StoPani: Short for the title, which is in Gratuitous English. The O comes from the Japanese pronunciation "sutoroberii panikku".
  • Strike Witches - "Sky Girls no pantsu"
    • Alternatively, "Pantsu Witches" and "Strike Pantsu"
    • "Stopan" - short for "Sutoraiku Pantsu", not to be confused with "Stopani"
  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross
    • "Hory Froating Head-sama", for series head honcho Shoji Kawamori no less. This one originated on the Macross World message boards, thanks to a gag picture sent from AnimEigo celebrating the completion of the remastering of Macross — it was of a couple of AnimEigo staffers holding up one of the DVDs as an oversized head of Kawamori looked on, wreathed in a halo.
  • Suzumiya Haruhi
    • LOL-fang-tan - Tsuruya-san, by combination of the nicknames "LOL-tan" and "Fang-tan", inspired by her two most prominent attributes.
    • Moeblob - Mikuru.
      • By association, any annoying character transparently appealing to Moe fanboys, as Mikuru's outer self suggests.
    • O-Haruhi-sama - Suzumiya Haruhi, by analogy with Oyashiro-sama, the god worshipped in the village in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
    • The Other Haruhi - Haruhi Suzumiya, to the fans who actually watched Ouran High School Host Club first.
    • Bagloli or Loli-in-a-Bag: Kyon's sister, from a motivational poster, which comes frome a scene in "Remote Island Syndrome".
    • Kyon-Kun Denwa for the first lines of dialogue during Endless Eight.
    • Harutards - Harsh name for a Haruhi fan from Fan Haters.
    • The Trolling of Haruhi Suzumiya - Given to Endless Eight.
    • The Save the world by Overloading it with fun Haruhi Suzumiya Brigade - a possible English-language version of the hilarious backronym Haruhi gives the SOS Brigade. Ascended when the official English manga and light-novel translations used it.
      • A later (and obvious) Fan Nickname being Slaves Of Suzumiya.
    • Knife Bitch - Ryoko Asakura
    • TCCP and TSCP for the Computer Club President and the Student Council President. These were popularized by You Got HaruhiRolled!
  • Sword Art Online
    • Kirito Jesus Yamato - The main character, according to his haters
      • Or if desired, Jesus Kirito for the rhyme.
    • Suguha is also given the nickname "Imoutits" (despite being Kazuto's cousin).
  • Tenchi Universe
    • Penis Ship - Name given to Mihoshi and Kiyone's ship in episode 20.
    • Miho-Kiyo - In verse nickname adopted by fans which refers to Mihoshi and Kiyone's friendship.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - most of them from 4chan, for characters that are introduced without their name.
    • Bruce Ironstaunch - The fan nickname for a single crowdgoer that gives an arm gesture that is meant to be supportive, but to westerners comes off as meaning "fuck you!" to Rossiu after the latter announces the decision to execute Simon to the masses.
    • Doombitch - The fan nickname for Yoko, since everybody she kisses ends up dead.
      • In Latin America, she is nicknamed La Viuda Roja (Literally translated as "The Red Widow")
    • The Professor - Reite, the group's mechanic/chief engineer, thanks to her limitless skill with machinery, possibly in reference to the character on Gilligan's Island.
    • Beam Spam McMuppet - The fan nickname for Attenborough, the Gonk gunner of the various Cool Ships of the series, who is a big fan of the tactic. "HASHAAAAA!"
    • Lulussiu and Spinsimon - Two fan names for Rossiu and Simon after the Time Skip coined from GameFAQs after the in-turn fan nicknames for Lelouch and Suzaku, since both pairs of characters share the same English voice actors and, after the Time Skip, similar actions and relationships.
    • Star Tits - Yoko in her Chouginga outfit. Seriously, look at that thing.
    • GNN (Giant Naked Nia) - Nia in episode 24. See Giant Naked Rei.
    • Captain GARlock - the alternate-future Simon who appeared in the first episode's prologue, named so for his perceived manliness.
  • Tiger & Bunny
    • The Catbeard; Kittybeard - Kotetsu's beard, after some fans noticed that it looks like a pair of cartoon cats
    • Batman; Bunnyman - Barnaby, upon the revelation of his origin story.
    • Scarf-tan - a recurring extra identified by the pink and yellow scarf she wears.
    • Mayor Obama - The as of yet unnamed Mayor of Sternbild, due to his uncanny resemblance to the current U.S. President.
    • The Girls' Team, Team Girl Power, the Girl Power Trio - Blue Rose, Dragon Kid, and Fire Emblem.
    • The Tsundere Magnet: Kotetsu, as not only are Barnaby and Karina tsundere for him, but it turns out his own wife was too.
    • Oyaji Moe - Also Kotetsu.
    • Palmface - Lunatic, because of the vaguely hand-shaped flame decal on his mask. Kotetsu calls him something of the sort ('palm-head', maybe?) in one episode. It turns into a Funny Aneurysm Moment when we find out why his mask is like this.
    • Keith Badman - Any evil incarnation of Sky High/Keith Goodman.
    • Superhero Saturday - Saturday, the day the show aired during its original run.
    • Tiger & Lunatic - The show after episode 20 thanks to fan speculation that Lunatic, as the only NEXT that still remembers Kotetsu, will team up with him in order to help him clear his name.
    • The crapsuit - Kotetsu's old spandex Wild Tiger costume that he wears in the first episode and breaks out in the twenty first. Despite the name (which comes from Saito's "and here's the crappy old suit you used to wear" line, he literally calls it a "crap-suit" in the english dub too), the fandom's actually rather fond of it.
    • King of Moe - Keith Goodman/Sky High, the King of Heroes who just happens to act like a sheltered, virginal Ingenue half the time.
    • In the audio dramas and other side materials, Barnaby occasionally detaches himself from his default Ice King persona to mess with his fellow heroes (usually Karina) — just for the hell of it. This version of Barnaby is called Trollaby by the fans.
  • A Certain Magical Index
    • BiriBiri - The secondary heroine of the show, nicknamed as hero calls her, by her using of electricity, which supposedly has "biribiri" SFX in Japanese.
    • "Raildex" is The Verse for "To Aru Kagaku No Railgun" and "To Aru Majutsu No Index''"
    • Dr. Gekota - The doctor who looks like a frog, who is always healing Touma after his latest escapade. Otherwise known as Heaven Canceller.
    • "Failgun" for the Railgun anime adaptation, by those that considered it Adaptation Decay.
    • "Superman" for the incredibly powerful character Acqua of the Back.
    • "Pendex" for the John's Pen Mode of Index.
    • "Fre nda" for Frenda Sievelun, who had been killed by being sliced in half.
    • "Walking Porn" for Oriana Thompson, who is practically Ms. Fanservice incarnate.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew
  • Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
    • Ass Chin - Fei Wong Reed, the Big Bad.
    • Cloney - Syaoran's heartless clone.
      • Syaoran Sr.: Cloney's reincarnation
    • Syaoran Jr., "Syaoran": Tsubasa-kun, to differentiate him from the father who's name he uses until the very last page
    • The plot is often referred to by many readers as a long string of swearwords screamed at the skies.
    • What made it worse was having to go through so many name changes as the chapters came out. Syaoran->R!Syaoran->Syaoran Jr./Jr./"Syaoran"->Tsubasa[-kun]. Not to mention the the whole Syaoran/Cloney/Syaoran Sr thing. Thank God the fandom fell into name conventions pretty quick.
  • The Twelve Kingdoms
    • Cakey - Keiki. There's actually another character in the novels named Kaka, which means cake or cookie in several Scandinavian languages.
    • The Gunslinger from Kei - Asano. He sure loves his revolver.
  • Uchuu Senkan Yamato
  • Upotte!!
  • Urusei Yatsura
  • Utawarerumono
  • Valkyria Chronicles
    • Kana goes to war - the anime series as a whole, mainly due to Alicia's hilarious and varied facial expressions.
    • Emperor Maxi-pad - Maximillion, for him generally being a douche, and a blatant expy of Lelouch, right down to the voice actor.
    • Jaeger Meister - Radi Jaeger, for general badassery.
  • Vandread
  • Violinist of Hameln
    • Slideshow of Hameln: A snarky insult to the anime's blatant lack of budget, which results in most of the action sequences being shown with still frames.
  • Witchblade
    • MILFBlade - Masane Amaha, single mother and heroine.
      • AKA Masa-Mune; she's actually called "Masamune-san" ("Mellony" in the Dub) by sleepy Tozawa when they met in the 5th episode (and the nickname sticks). Which gives Rihoko opportunity to cheerfully explain why...
  • Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito
    • "Book Travels" ("hon no tabibito") and "Hat travels" to shorten out the title
    • Chichi Kitsune or just Chichi for Tamamonomae: she's a buxom fox spirit who speaks with a Kansai dialect. ("Chichi" is Kansai way of saying "chest" or "breasts", and is even called upon by another Kansai-speaking character, Ken-chan, in the anime)
  • Yotsubato!
    • 404 Girl - Yotsuba, from her appearance in 4chan's 404 Not Found page.
      • Although people who refer to her as such on 4chan are usually branded as noobs/idiots.
    • Dotty - Yotsuba's occasional unnamed playmate with dot eyes
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
    • Season 0 or The Shadow Games - Name often given to the Toei anime version, which is called simply Yu-Gi-Oh!. (The anime most Americans know as Yu-Gi-Oh! is called Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters in Japan.)
    • Minigoth - Yugi Muto
    • Yami - Yugi's "other self", the Egyptian Pharaoh. Oddly enough, the English dub also uses this term and "Big Yugi" for the implied distinction, although canonically, it probably shouldn't be used.
    • Japanese fans love to distinguish between the Yugis by calling normal Yugi "Aibo", the Dark Yugi's nickname for him, which translates to "Partner" (except stylized and romanized in English as "AIBO"), and the Dark Yugi "Ou-sama" (Japanese for "king").
    • This likewise is applied to other characters with dark sides (Yami Bakura, Yami Malik), to the point where it's common Fanon. In addition, the conventional Fanon shorthand is that Yami Bakura is "Bakura," Normal Bakura is "Ryou" (which is his given name) Yami Marik is "Marik," and Normal Marik is "Malik." This is so pervasive in Ficdom that some people don't even realize how weird it is to have Ryou address his yami by his own family name, or for his father to accept it as a given name for said yami.
      • On top of those, we've got 'Kura, Akefia, Tzroku, Mariku, etc etc etc... It seems everyone has their own personal favorite.
      • Furthermore, many fan circles will refer to the omote/surface personalities as "Hikari", which means light and contrasts to the "Yami" term.
      • For those who like to give their favorite characters actual names, we have Florence and Melvin.
    • Japanese fans also love to refer to both regular and Yami Bakura as "Satoshi," in reference to the fact that their seiyuu, Rica Matsumoto, also plays Satoshi in the Japanese dub of Pokémon.
    • They also distinguish between normal Marik and Yami Marik by referring to the former as "Namu" (the fake name he used) and to the latter as simply "Marik."
    • Cabbage - Toei version of Seto Kaiba. Just look at his green hair and you'll know why.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
    • Ass-ter Phoenix: Nickname for Edo by people dissatisfied with his being renamed for the dub.
    • Owlhead: Yuuki Juudai/Jaden, for obvious reasons.
      • Jellyfish, also for his hair. Add Yuusei as Crabhead and Yuugi as Starfish and the invertebrate trio is complete.
    • Fianceshipping - The pairing of Judai/Jaden and Asuka/Alexis, named after a Japanese episode in which if Judai won a duel against a tennis player, he'd become Asuka's fiance. He, of course, won but is too airheaded to know what a fiance means. There are also innumerable other names for pairings like this in the fandom.
    • Principal Awesomebrows - The GX manga's Principal Mackenzie, due to his rather prominent eyebrows.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds
    • JACK ATLAS - When Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds was first announced and well into its airing schedule, for unknown reasons the fandom spelled his name in all capital letters. That fad has mostly died out now, though.
    • The trend has resurfaced, along with the new nickname ATLAS PUNCH, thanks to his recent tendency to go around and punch someone's lights out Once per Episode.
    • D-Carly - Name used referring to Carly Nagisa while she's in her Dark Signer persona.
    • Crabhead: Yusei. There's about a bazillion fanarts for it.
    • Yousay: A phonetic English spelling of Yusei's name. Occasionaly expanded to Whodo Yousay. Lampshaded in the third season when an insert song is called Yousay.
    • Dr. Fudo has a lot of these since his on-screen debut:
    • Plot Device Dragon (PDD): Crimson Dragon, because it literally is a plot device.
    • Rexposition: Named for Rex Godwin's expositions about the plot.
    • Rainbow Road: For the special kinds of roads dueled on in episode 26 and 64. A name taken from the Mario Kart series's track.
    • Little Penis: An alternate legitimate translation for Aslla Piscu, even though the intended translation was Little Crow.
    • Oxymoron Dragon: Savior Red Demon's Dragon, because its an oxymoron in itself.
    • Haranimation: For the animation done by Kennichi O'Hara.
    • Mini-D: Nickname for Sly prior to his official debut due to his resemblance to Divine.
    • Dark Glass: The blue-haired, left-handed D-Wheeler who teaches Yusei Accel Synchro. An in-series nickname. Also called Racer X.
    • Robot Shrimp/Robofetus: For the robot thing seen in episode 93 and the fourth opening.
    • Jack's Wheel of Fortune is starting to be called the Wheel of Misfortune because he crashes or falls off his bike far more then any other duelist in the series. People now have running bets on how long it will take him to injure himself again.
    • Yuusei is now called "Hobosei" because of his outfit in Episode 116.
    • After hanging out in the Ark Cradle with Zone and what's happened between them, Sherry's been dubbed "Sin Sherry" amongst fans.
    • The show itself is 6D's among a lot of fans after Lua gained a Birthmark of his own and Life Stream Dragon.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
    • Japanese Cardgame Batman: Kaito. His character introduction consisted of him diving off of a skyscraper, flying into a building on robotic glider wings, smashing through the window, and dueling a criminal into submission.
    • Kaito "Flying" Tenjo: Refers to how Kaito always dramatically swoops into a scene on Orbital 7.
    • Number 96: Dark Mist has been called Buff Mist and Black Muscle after the events of episode 102.
    • Vectroll, for obvious reasons.
  • Zoids
    • Many of the Zoids themselves are referred to with shortened or cutsie-fied versions of their official names - Gilvader = Gilvy, Gojulas Giga = Giggles, and so on. Gildragon - a white/blue/gold recolor of the black/pink/purple Gilvader - is referred to as Gildy, or as Mrs. Gilvader due to its "prettier" color scheme.
      • Besides the obvious "Gungy", the Gungyalado is also known as "Trogdor" after the Homestar Runner chracter that it resembles.
      • Whitz Tiger Imitate, a recolor of the Whitz Tiger molded in a cheddary orange, is nicknamed Cheese Whitz after the Kraft imitation food product.
      • On a related note, the sword-armed Savinga included with the Rez Tiger earned the nickname "Sporkvinga"
      • While Western release names are often used, the Merda is almost invariably referred to by its UK-release name, "Hellrunner", even in reference to Japanese versions. This could be because nobody can actually agree on the proper transliteration of its name (Merda/Merder/Mardar/Muda/etc.) and might also confuse it with the similarily-named Malder. (Or because it's uncomfortably close to the word for "shit" in several Romance languages.) The English-language version of Zoids Saga 2 actually used that name... though that translation was full of other bizarre moments.
      • The Holotech series (a line of kits cast in translucent plastic) had its own nicknaming convention: the Holotech versions of Zaber Fang, Raynos and Spinosapper became Holokitty, Holobirdy and Holosapper respectively. The Holotech version of Warshark, whose Japanese name is Wardick, is called Holodick (a play on Star Trek's Holodeck) or Holothingy.
      • The Murasame Liger earned the nickname "Lump Liger" amongst the model-building sections of the community due to the fact that the model came mostly pre-built — ie, a Lump. The Hayate Liger (based on the same frame) was nicknamed "Brick Liger" becuse of its bright red colour - and the fact that the toy ended up looking like a brick.
      • The Gairyuki ended up as "Gary". The later Gairyuki Shin was often referred to as "Gary Shin", while its new Raiden support unit was called... Spork.
      • Due to a ridiculous number of customized Zoids based on the Geno Saurer and Geno Breaker appearing in the GBA game Zoids Saga — as well as in fanfiction and online RPGs — all of which share the "Geno" prefix, any such custom is referred to (in some circles, anyway) as a Genothingy.
      • The last four episodes of the first anime series, Chaotic Century, were known among fans as the Final Four (presumably after a sports term). During its initial run on Cartoon Network, the series abruptly cut off just before the airing of these episodes and started over from the beginning; when this second run reached the cut-off point of the first run, the network aired the last episodes in a two-hour block, explicitly referring to them as the Final Four.
    • Zoids: New Century/Zero:
      • The Berserk Fury's trademark spinning claw weapons are often called "eggbeaters". Its name is also often shortened to "BF".
      • In-series, the Zaber Fangs, formerly known as the Tigers Team, are referred to as the "Fuzzy Pandas", as Bit doesn't think they're worth the threatening name. This is directly responsible for their last loss in the series.
  • Anyone named Keiichi, such as the protagonists from Ah! My Goddess and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, will often be referred in the show and by some fans as K1, which would still be pronounced as Keiichi in Japanese.
    • The Keiichi in Ah! My Goddess did, at least once, wear a jacket with "K1" monogrammed on it.
  • "Sentai Filmworks/Section 23 Films" was the result of ADV Films divesting its assets. Because of this, the new entity is often called "Neo-ADV", or sometimes "Zombie-ADV".


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