Fan Nickname: Pretty Cure

  • Futari Wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
    • Pineapple - Saki, for Cure Bloom's hair which resembles a pineapple.
    • Not!Nagisa and Not!Honoka - Saki and Mai early on. These nicknames have quickly fallen out of use.
  • Yes! Pretty Cure 5
    • Babaa-sama - Karen, as her appearance and voice don't match her age.
      • Also, Honoka Bitchy Edition.
    • Nozomi is "Donut" for her hairstyle. (Or was; a character was introduced in season two who is actually named King Donut, which quickly squashed any use of the name.)
    • Urara is "Cream Horn" for similar reasons to Nozomi. Also, "Cure Pine-Sol", because her speech sounds like a pitch for a cleaning product.
    • Komachi is "Retasu" after the Tokyo Mew Mew character from whom she is obviously cloned (also, "Mama", to match "Babaa").
    • Kurumilk - Milk/Kurumi/Milky Rose. This name is more popular in Japanese fandom.
    • Aqua Sword - Cure Aqua's Aqua Ribbon, which becomes a sword due to New Powers as the Plot Demands.
    • Mint Cannon - Cure Mint's Kamehame Hadoken version of Mint Shield.
    • UraPoji - The top half of Urara's head poking out from the bottom of the screen at one point in episode 6.
    • The members of Dark Cure all get goofy names reacting to something about the original Cure.
    • Pretty Cure Rangers - The show itself, being the first team of five rather than a duo, and colour-coded at that.
  • Fresh Pretty Cure!
    • AnaHol-kun: The crudely-drawn dog thing on the sign of the Animal Hospital Inori's family owns.
    • Cure Babaa II: Miki at first (just for looking like Karen), Setsuna later on. Both didn't last long.
    • mktn: Miki(-tan), for obvious reasons... Expect it to be followed by knpk (Kanpeki!).
    • Nozomirara: Love (Cure Peach). This nickname is a portmanteau of Nozomi and Urara, both from Yes! Precure 5 as well, and it was earned because of Love's resemblance to both. Didn't last long either.
    • Secchin: Setsuna, naturally. A variation is "Secchan", which becomes canon later on.
    • SetsuPoji: Setsuna's pose while bowling in episode 15. Was already a meme before said episode even aired.
    • Northa Klein: The unnamed fusion of Northa and Klein.
  • Heartcatch Pretty Cure
    • Ojamajo Pretty Cure - The show itself, because the character design that's similar to Ojamajo Doremi. There's a rumor that staff making this anime also called it with such nickname.
    • Cure Casshern - Cure Moonlight, with the similar reason like above, but for Casshern Sins instead.
    • Cure Baro - Dark Pretty Cure, because she shares a seiyuu with Conan Edogawa. Baro is Shinichi/Conan's way of saying bakayarou (idiot).
    • Cure Bubbles - Cure Marine, to go with the canon Cure Blossom. Now, if there's a third, green Precure...
      • The third Precure is yellow, but she fits the description of "the toughest fighter", so "Cure Buttercup" is still appropriate. Which probably means Cure Moonlight is Cure Bunny...
    • Tuxedo Megane/Tuxedo Glasses and Zetsubou Sensei II - The mysterious boy who constantly aids the Cures, that is, before it was revealed that he was actually Coupe taking the form of Tsubomi's grandfather. The former name is given for his role similar to that of Tuxedo Kamen/Mask from "Sailor Moon", and the later for his remarkable resemblence to Zetsubou.
  • Smile Pretty Cure!
  • Doki Doki Pretty Cure
    • Cure Batman - Alice/Cure Rosetta. Ridiculously rich to the point of absurdity, perfect in nearly everything (while being kind), Crimefighting with Cash (occasionally), coming with her own 'Alice-mobile'... AND having an old butler (Sebastian) for the stand-in of Alfred? Yeah. Strangely, Alice didn't get Batman's emotional trauma, that goes to Makoto/Cure Sword instead.
    • Her butler Sebastian has created a Transformation Trinket for himself to transform into "Cure Sebastian" who looks pretty much like Batman.
    • Mana's Harem - The main cast plus Regina, since Mana is shipped with everyone and she has really many Les Yay moments.
  • Happiness Charge Pretty Cure