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Fan Nickname: Bleach

Ichigo and Companions
  • Ichigo Kurosaki:
    • Ichigo's various hollow forms are often called "Ichithing".
    • Ichigo's bankai clothing gets nicknamed "The Pimpcoat".
    • Ichigo's inner hollow personality is called "Shirosaki"note , "Hichigo"note , "Whichigo"note , "Ogihci"note , "our DLHF"note , and "Hollowichi".
    • The Chapter 350 hollow form is sometimes called "Vasto Lorde Ichigo", "Mullet Hollow", "Bull Ichigo", "Demon Ichigo", "Hell Knight Ichigo", "Super Hollow Ichigo"note , "Luna Cortante"note  and "Ichigonator"note .
    • Tensa Zangetsu bore a remarkable resemblance to Byakuya so gained the nickname "Zanbyakuya". Often used derisively.
    • Due to a lack of sensical naming scheme being found, "George" became the nickname of the Tensa Zangetsu/Inner Hollow fusion.
    • The Chapter 420 form has gained nicknames such as "Hollow Cow", "Ichigetsu", "Getsugo" and "Ichigod".
    • Ichigo's constant power upgrades whenever he reaches the point of defeat or death has earned him the nickname "Holy Lord Ichigo".
    • One chapter's cover showing concept art for Ichigo's super-hollow form earned Ichigo the nickname "Scarmask".
    • Chapter 540 generated new nicknames for Ichigo's weapon: Bachgetsu, Juhagetsu or Zan!Bachnote .
  • "Main Characters" is often a sarcastic nickname for Chad, Uryu, Orihime and Rukia due to the main cast being Out of Focus so often.
  • Uryu Ishida:
    • Arrowlad is the most common nickname due to Uryu being an archer.
    • White - when he teamed up with Renji against Szayelaporro, fans called them Red & White.
  • Yasutora Sado:
    • Poor Chad: Not the character, but the treatment of him, especially in the filler.
  • Orihime Inoue:
    • Dragon Boobs - due to her massive pair of breasts, and that her special power is akin to the most common wish used when using the Dragon Balls: reviving the dead.
    • Whorihime / Failhime - derisive nickname for Orihime, principally from those who do not like either her character or her choice of love interests and fixate on her big breasts to insult her.
    • Orihime In The Way, because her last name, Inoue, almost sounds like "in the way", due to her being in the way of fights that she would lose and would otherwise allow her comrades to win.
    • Orihime's "Future Self" has generated the nicknames "Robo-hime", "Mecha-hime" and Alisa Bosconovitchnote .

  • Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto:
    • Old Man Genocide, for his role in the destruction of both the Quincy and the Bount. It also becomes relevant when his bankai is revealed to preserve a memory of every single person his zanpakutou is ever killed, allow him to create a skeletal zombie army.
    • Also "Captain Triggerhappy".
    • Captain "TREASON!", for his completely illogical decisions for damning someone. He actually doesn't use the word often, but fans have exaggerated it.
    • As one of the oldest and most powerful characters in the story, he's often called Captain Grandpa.
  • Sasakibe Choujirou
    • Butler-kun - to Captain Commander Yamamoto
  • Soi Fon:
    • Captain Bitchninja - Soi Fon, cold and aloof female leader of the Secret Remote Squad.
    • Also "Soi Bean", "Soi Milk", "Soi Vay" and "Soi Phone" as a play on her name's English pronunciation.
    • Her bankai is often nicknamed "Banzooka" or the "Stinger Missile"note 
  • Squad Three gets nicknamed "The traitor squad" Rogue Squadron, because three captains in a row (counting fillers) turned their backs on Soul Society for various reasons.
  • Retsu Unohana:
    • Captain Mom - Motherly and soft-spoken, she is like a mother figure to her squad and pretty much everyone in Soul Society. Considering you don't bully her squads constantly, of course.
    • After her background is revealed, she obtains new nicknames: "Truepachi"note , "Sadakohana"Explanation  and "Captain Annihilation"note .
  • Hanatarou Yamada
  • Momo Hinamori
    • Lieutenant Pin Cushion: Between Aizen's Reveal and when Hitsugaya stabs her from behind under a illusion of Aizen in chapter 392, mostly a joke by fans with a dark humorish outlook.
  • Byakuya Kuchiki:
    • Cherry blossom petals of doom, or "Death of a thousand paper cuts" - Byakuya Kuchiki's shikai and bankai, due to the fact that it's a perfectly accurate description.
    • The Most Fabulous Weapon Ever: when used, his shikai shoots pink flowers at you, while he tries to look as stylish as possible.
    • Captain Betterthanu
  • Renji Abarai
    • Vice Captain Jobber - has often been called this even before Hitsugaya, because he jobs in practically almost every fight he's in, after his first jobbing against Ichigo.
    • Also Lieutenant Pineapple, due to... well, his hairstyle.
    • Red - when he teamed up with Uryu against Szayelaporro, fans called them Red & White.
  • Sajin Komamura:
    • Captain Furry. It's obvious but here goes; Nice Guy wolf.
    • AKA Captain Eatyourface (when he used to wear a mask to hide his appearance)
    • Captain Bromarura, a playing on his name due to his epic speeches on friendship and loyalty which can rally friends, entire squads, and even enemies.
  • Shunsui Kyoraku:
    • Captain Calvinball - Kyoraku's zanpakuto's Combo Platter Powers. It's not a genuine example of the trope, but the nickname has stuck.
    • Kyoraku, King of Games, due to his zanpakutou weaponising children's games.
    • Captain Grab-@$$ due to his perverted reputation and behaviour.
    • After the final arc's first invasion, he obtains a new nickname "Bossraku, for succeeding Yamamoto as Captain-Commander
  • Toshiro Hitsugaya:
    • "Captain Shota" due to his young age and huge fandom in Japan.
    • "Captain Jobber", due to him be used as the Worf to reveal new threat levels to the reader. He struggles more in battle than other captains as a result.
    • HitsuFailya is the nickname given him by fans that hate the character, his popularity and that he doesn't achieve easy victories. It also allowed forumites to escape post modding because there's the word 'gay' in his name. "$hitsugaya" is also used.
    • IceFail, due to the ongoing joke that ice-attacks are often useless in anime and manga in combination with his "jobbing".
    • Captain Bankai Whore, since he never bothers with his Shikai, every time after his first fight he uses Bankai. This nickname is also used for Ichigo and Byakuya and any other character who frequently uses bankai in battle.
    • The Christmas Tree - One of his Bankai's special abilities that he uses to freeze Harribel. Guess what it looks like?
    • "Captain Kid", due to his young age. Bonus points for being one letter short of Captain Kidd.
    • Captain Grumpypants, due to his perpetually grumpy mood.
    • Weak Captain Ed, in a reference to his other character...
    • And since it looks like Giselle made him into a zombie like Bambietta, he's now known as either Zombiegaya or Hitsuzombie.
  • Zaraki Kenpachi
    • From GameFAQs comes Kenpachi the Bloodedge because his English voice actor quit and was replaced by Ragna's VA.
    • Godpachi was first used in response to Narita's God-Mode Sue version in the novel "Spirits are Forever with You". It became entrenched after the post-invasion Training from Hell he's put through by Unohana, to unlock his full strength.
  • Zennosuke Kurumadani
    • Afro-san - Bonus points for this actually being started by the manga itself and catching on with the fans (Keigo uses it). Also Afrogami.
    • Don't forget Imoyama by Ichigo.
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi:
    • Captain Batman: after a recent chapter.
    • Also, Captain Freakshow
    • AKA "Psychomime"
    • Captain Jigsaw
    • Captain Juggalo, also.
    • Clown-face is a rather popular one in the fan fiction community.
  • Jushiro Ukitake:
    • Captain Consumption (or Captain Tuberculosis) - Ukitake, who coughs quite a bit in his initial appearances.
    • Now that we know Sogyo no Kotowari's shikai abilities, Captain NO U seems fitting.
      • Or perhaps Captain Omae-Mo-Na
    • Sogy-chan and Koto-chan: The twin spirits of Captain Ukitake's zanpakutou Sogyo no Kotowari. Which one's which is anybody's guess.
  • Shino and Yuki
  • Zero Squad

Aizen and cohorts
  • All:
    • Rogue Captains - Aizen, Ichimaru, and Tousen.
    • Also referred to as The Traitor Triumvirate.
    • Or the "Bad-Eyesight-Trio". Because, you know, one has glasses (and destroys those dramatically), one never opens his eyes and one's blind...
  • Sosuke Aizen:
    • Captain Broken, for having abilities too powerful for an anime character: for instance, stopping the main character's sword attack with one finger. Also known as "Captain Superman/Evil Superman", as a reference to his invincibility and to his Evil Makeover resembling Clark Kent's switch to Superman (minus the suit).
    • The Other Sasuke - Their first names sound alike and they both betray their people, not to mention being utterly massive Base Breakers.
    • Captain Xanatos: 'Cause he's The Chessmaster.
    • Aizen's strand of hair that isn't pulled back is known as The Bitchcurl.
    • His evolved form has picked up a few less-than-respectful ones, such as "Condomman, the Walking Condom, Condom!Aizen, Tube Sock Ninja, Captain Broken Condom", and "Grand Dragon" for his resemblance to a Ku Klux Klan member.
      • And now that that form was revealed to be a sort of cocoon that he was in while he completed his transformation, his newer form has picked up several new names, including "Butterflaizen" and "Captain Mullet"
      • As of chapter 415, "Butterflaizen" seems even more appropriate for his newer newer form, as he has grown 6 Narmy butterfly wings.
      • And now, as of chapter 419, in a new Hollow-like form with questionable openings all over his body - Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Vagizen. Less NSFW-ish(and as a result, less common), we have Abominaizen
      • And to get to his Mullet form and Butterflizen form, Aizen is said to have gone through "Gagafication".
  • Gin Ichimaru:
    • Captain Lulz
    • AKA Captain Rapeface
    • AKA Captain Asshole
    • Captain Pedosmile
    • AKA Captain Smiley (no, not Him)
    • The Other Hazama - Named for the now famous Expy of himself who is currently the God of Trolling.
  • Kaname Tousen
    • Stevie Wonder: Both are blind and black.
    • Tousenfly: For Tousen's Resurreccion, even though it's supposed to be a cricket.

Espada, Arrancar and Hollows
  • Starrk has mostly escaped this, but people do call him Tony, for obvious reasons.
  • Baraggan Louisenbairn:
    • his name is often abbreviated as Barry.
    • Bitchfitcar or Tantrumcar - Name given to him after his tantrums before he dies in Chapter 370.
    • Also from Chapter 370 we have Godcar, after he said he was once the God-King of Hueco Mundo. Another name that would work is "Baragod".
    • Also Skull Knight when he first showed his true form although this was more joking ("Skull Knight is that you?")
  • Tier Harribel:
    • "HAG" (Hot Arrancar Girl) - Before Tier Harribel's name was revealed, she was known to many as this.
    • Before she transformed the nickname was Underboob.
    • "Aunt Harribel", as her name was originally translated as "Tia Harribel". "Tía" means "Aunt" in Spanish.
    • Or Halle Berry.
    • Boobs McGee
    • Her three Fraccion (Emilou Apacci, Cyan Sung-Sun and Franceska Mila Rose) have recently garnered the name "Tres Bestias," in-universe epithet given by the Hollows to refer to how they served as Harribel's enforcers. Fans have since followed suit in calling them by that title.
      • Before that happened, though (and after it happened too), these three would be called The Halibabes (from "Halibel", an incorrect romanization of their mistress' name).
  • Ulquiorra Cifer:
    • The Saddest Clown in the World/Mexico- Ulquiorra Cifer, a stoic Arrancar whose Facial Markings, Perpetual Frown and chalk-white skin make him look like a crying, whiteface clown.
    • Ulq[Insert Random gibberish here] - because some people don't like trying to spell his name.
    • Ulqiblahblah - For The Stoic, he sure does talk a lot.
    • "Emo Clown" is another popular one.
    • Also, "Emocar" (his facial markings bear a resemblance to emo makeup).
    • Emospada. Hell, anything with 'emo' in it tends to work.
    • Alky Whora. Just because.
    • L-quiorra, because he looks and acts like L from Death Note.
    • He is also known as Ukelala.
    • Likewise 'Uke-orra'.. and his release mode is 'ULK SMASH!'
  • Nnoitra Gilga:
    • Pedospoon. Yes, really.
    • Also, skinny, spoony, the Spoon Arrancar, etc.
    • Spooncar, due to his enormous oval-shaped collar. Hoody is also appropriate.
  • Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez:
    • In a similar vein to the Ulquiorra nicknames, "Arrancat" or "Grimmkitty" for Grimmjow (his zanpakuto is a panther form).
    • It becomes more obvious where the nickname comes from when he releases and his power upgrade includes a tail and pointy elf/cat ears. No amount of deliberate sword names can save him from it.
    • He's also CAPTAIN PLANET! And you'd better protect the environment, or he'll F-beep-ing kill you! CAPTAIN PLANET!
  • Zommari:
    • he has a few nicknames, too. The most common one is "Shaq Fu", since he looks like Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal. Alternatively, there's a variation of "Las Noches" that uses... a different n-word. Three guesses where that nickname came from (hint: it starts with "4" and ends with "chan").
    • Pumpkincar, because his released form looks like a giant pumpkin with eyes.
  • Szayelaporro Granz
    • Sizzle or Pinkiespada
  • Aaroniero Arruerie:
    • He has quite a few nicknames, since the alternative is to type that ridiculous name out. "Rufflecar" is a Portmanteau of "Ruffles" and "Arrancar", based on his very ...well, ruffly clothes. "Kaiencar" is also sometimes used, since Aaroniero takes on the appearance and mannerisms of deceased character Kaien Shiba. Lastly, when he unsheathed his ''zanpakutou'' and revealed his true form, he was gifted with the fan nickname "Cthulhumanoidcar", for fairly obvious reasons.
    • Habeñero, because why the hell not? (It sounds like Habenero)
  • Yammy
    • We have Yammyzilla, for his gigantic released form.
  • Wonderweiss Margera.
    • Arrankid
    • Bam Margera.
    • And from his surprise takedown of Ukitake, we also have BAMF Margera.
    • Thunderthighs/Thundertheiss: His resurreccion.
    • Wondy, Wonderbread
  • Lilynette - Stark's half-dressed little girl fraccion.
    • Lolinette
  • Fura - The giant one-eyed hollow that appears at the end of the Soul Society arc and follows Wonderweiss into Fake Karakura Town.
    • Superchunky - Taken from the name of the chapter in which the latter happens, "Superchunky from Hell."

  • The Lolbringers. Or the trollbringers, for others.
  • Kugo Ginjou:
    • Ramen Aizen: Ginjou, from when all we knew about him was that he looked like Aizen in smug mode and that he was carrying a bowl of ramen around for no apparent reason.
    • Also anything with one of those two in it. Aizen Jr, New Aizen, Ramen boy.
    • Slickback, because of his hairstyle.
  • Shukuro Tsukishima:
    • Bookman, since his Fullbring is known as "Book of the End".
    • Now also known as Facebook, for all the friends he's made.
    • Tsukishima's ability: "CHUCK NORRIS' FACEBOOK!" because he doesn't friend request you it's a demand you can't decline or ignore.
    • Also, Shuu-chan. This is an in-series nickname by Karin and Yuzu after he tricks them into thinking he's their cousin.
    • And Trollishima, for all the times he trolled Ichigo and his friends. Eventually becomes Not Funny Anymore (or a very Black Comedy-like Hilarious in Hindsight incident) when his trolling reaches Mind Rape levels.
    • And Captain Fanfiction, since his special ability is rewrites history as his own self-insert fanfic.
    • Don't forget... Captain Retcon!
    • Or even worse, Captain NTR.
  • Jackie Tristan:
    • Kinky Boots: Her power from dirtiness Fullbring "Dirty Boots". You know you were thinking it.

  • Due to the likeness the Vandenreich have to Nazis, some people have started calling their operation in Hueco Mundo "The Hollowcaust".
  • The group itself have been called the "Vandenazis" or the "Vandershit."
  • Before his name was revealed, people called Yhwach "Buckbeard", after the title of the chapter he first showed up in. When his name was first revealed and sounded out, the fandom spelling was "Juhabach", resulting in his nickname morphing to "Bachbeard". He is also known as "Trollbach" or "Trollbeard" due to his plans and appearance screwing over everyone. Including the audience. Thanks to the Putting on the Reich themes he's inflicted on the Vandenreich and their Nazi-esque behaviour, he's also been called Quincy!Hitler.
  • Quilge Opie, the bespectacled officer with Lennon Specs, is primarily called "Himmler", due to the resemblance between the two.
  • The then unnamed Stern Ritters had a few nicknames to distinguish them. For example, Robert Accutrone was usually referred to as "OMQ" (Old Man Quincy) or Commissioner Gordon. Many fans also refer to him as Colonel Sanders.
  • "As Troll": As Nodt, due to a certain meme inspired on his Un-Smile after stealing Byakuya's bankai. After chapter 569, As Nodt has been dubbed "Marilyn Quincy" because of his REALLY CREEPY Vollständing.
  • Quammy" Driscoll, being a quincy that looked a lot like Yammy.
  • Bazz-B became known as either "Punkie" or "Punkdereich" thanks to his massive mohawk.
  • Haschwalth was known as "Blondie" prior to his name reveal due to a very early colour art reveal showing he had very long, blonde hair. He is also known as "Hashtag" or "Hashbrown". A 4chan-exclusive nickname "Lord Toofsy" originated from their use of re-captcha, an anti-spam tool, to nickname the Sternritter.
  • Cang Du: His physical appearance and weapon style led to the nicknames Quincy!Ezio or Quincy!Zuko.
  • "Bambi": Bambietta Basterbine. She went through a phase of being called "Miss Psycho Bitch" due to being so Ax-Crazy she slices a guy in half after inviting him to her room for sex. Later on, she became known as Zombietta due to fans theorising she'd become a zombie-puppet of Giselle's. Once she did, the name became very popular. She's also called Para Bailan La Bamba.
  • Candice Catnipp and Giselle Gewelle are known as "Panty and Stocking". Take a look at them to see why.
  • Meninas McAllon, due to being kind of an Identical Stranger to Orihime, has been called "Evilhime". She's also been called Melonas or [McMelons] for her huge bust size.
  • Thanks to her Hair Antennae and inability to die, Giselle is also known as "Miss Roach", "Roach Bitch" or "Roach Girl".
  • The girls are also known as "the Bambettes", as in the "Bambi and the Bambettes". It was based on the way the five girls were introduced and named, as per Kubo's love of music, to pun Bambietta's name in the style of the girlbands of the 1960s and '70s. Later, when it became clear Bambietta wasn't really the leader and the other four gained greater focus, "FemRitters" also became popular.
  • "Stinkmeaner" for Guenael Lee, because he looks kind of like that character from ''The Boondocks".
  • Until Pepe's name was revealed, he was mostly referred to by fans as Mr. GehGehGeh or Mr. Clownpants.
  • Greg for Gremmy Thoumeaux for being an Anti-Climax Boss.
  • The moment Gerard Valkyrie turned up, his appearance immediately earned him the nicknames "Thor" or "Hawkman"
  • Lille Barro immediately earned the nickname "Bishop".

Other Characters
  • Isshin Kurosaki:
    • Goat-chin or Goat-face. This is based on his daughter Karin's nickname for him.
    • Papagami because he's the shinigami father of the main character
  • Ryuuken Ishida:
    • Arrowdad because entered the storyline arrows first and is the father of Uryuu, whose own nickname is "Arrowlad".
    • Arrowsad due to his Stepford Snarker status after his tragic backstory is revealed
  • From the Shusuke Amagai filler arc:
    • Big McLargeHuge, Thick McRunfast, Dirk Hardpec, etc. - The silent, tall and muscley bodyguard of the princess in the latest filler arc. All MST3K references.
    • Fillergami - derisive term for Shinigami created for the filler.
    • Captain Tuning Fork - Shusuke Amagai, the new filler-only captain, who wields a secondary weapon(a bakkoto). Three guesses what it looks like.
    • And for the Big Bad, Shusuke Amagai - Amagaizen for being a ripoff of Aizen. Their first names are even similar: Shusuke and Sosuke, as well as another "traitor", Kisuke.
  • Kamen Rider girl: The vizard Mashiro, because her entire design is an Homage to Kamen Rider.
  • Zhu Li: Lisa Yadomaru for her post-timeskip look which is near identical to Zhu Li's.


  • Namek - Soul Society, to people that view it as a Plot Tumor. In "honor" of the setting of the long, long Frieza arc in Dragon Ball Z. Usage: "Are they still on Namek?"
  • In the same vein, Hueco Mundo, better known as Mexico. "They still stuck in Mexico?" This lost some of its power when the story shifted to the Fake Karakura arc, although Ichigo and his friends are still inside "Mexico". Both have lost their luster due to the fact that the heroes are no longer in either dimensions in canon.
  • Karakuri Town - The fake Karakura town that Aizen invaded.


  • Plotkai - Any new plot power that appears. It's also applied to any Ass Pull on the show plot twist the user is dissatisfied.
  • Titty Kubo, Kubo Tits, Beaucoup Titties, Kubo Titties, etc - Tite Kubo. One look at Rangiku Matsumoto (or half the women in the cast) should tell you why.
  • QUALITY - The heavily Off Model animation found in filler arcs.
    • RAEPFACE - Any Off Model and creepy-looking face, especially those made by Ikkaku or Gin.
    • "THIS IS MY FILLER FACE! -insert goofy narmic face here-
  • The Bancouch - Aizen's ridiculously large couch.
    • The Couch Behind The Man
  • Soul Penis - the Zanpakutou. (Snickers were heard throughout the Soul Society when Ichigo was described as having a zanpakutou as long as he was tall and lacking in impulse control.)
    • And remember kids, never judge a man by the size of his... sword.
    • And then there's the manner in which Mayuri carries around his zanpakutou.
    • Also, the manner of how Pesche pulls out his zanpakutou, Ultima.
  • De-armed - What Ichigo does to Yammy after the titanic arrancar obliterates Chad.
    • Also Diss-Armed, as a combination retaliation and insult.
  • Ichigo's Angels - The opening for seasons 11 and 12, using Shojo S by Scandal, specifically Matsumoto, Orihime, and Rukia. Many have also compared them to Bond girls since the OP is a lot like a typical opening for those movies.
  • Finger Cannon: Whatever it was that Isshin used to send Aizen flying off through 3 buildings.
  • Shikon no Tama (or Philosopher's Stone): the Hougyokou.
    • Alternately, the "Hoagie". (Mmm, deli sandwiches of cosmic power...)
  • Pwning Festival: Aizen single handedly defeating the remaining Captains and Vizards.
  • Ever since Ichigo and some of his True Companions Chad, Orihime, Urahara, Nel and Pesche took off to Hueco Mundo to fight the Vandereich there, their journey has been renamed as "The Hueco Mundo Road Trip"
  • The "Trash Talk Trinity" - consists of Byakuya, Yamamoto, and Aizen. They have the best lines when it comes to boasting, or when insulting their opponents.
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