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Fan Disservice: Videogames
Yes, Yes! OH GOD NO!
As Guybrush Threepwood once said, "The human body is a beautiful thing. Most of the time."
  • Rinnosuke is one of the fewer than a handful of males in the entire Touhou verse, and some smart-aleck decided that he deserved a truly EPIC ability. A giant duck head and manpits. Ugh.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
    • In the second case Sexy Mentor Mia Fey is bloodily murdered. Phoenix finds her propped up against a wall, her Absolute Cleavage on display and her long legs apart and very, very dead. We later get a nice shot of her younger sister Maya, a rather pretty young woman, crying her eyes out over the victim's body... few moments before she is accused of being the killer.
    • Maya gets several more instances of fan disservice, including channeling the spirit of a busty and attractive woman in the second game... while covered in blood after having apparently just murdered someone. It's actually the true culprit disguised as Maya doing the channeling, but it still counts
  • Murray, dressed as a Geisha, doing a "sexy" dance routine to distract the guards in Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. Rioichi Cooper is thoroughly disgusted. Even worse is the woman he is impersonating, an obese rhinoceros, would have been even less appealing.
    • Later in the game however, this concept revisited and played as straight fanservice when it's Carmelita's turn to be the sexy distraction. It's as if the developers were apologizing to the male players for the aforementioned scene with Murray.
  • The infamous Bathtub Scare from Eternal Darkness had Alexandra Roivas getting a vision of her dead, naked body in a bathtub full of blood.
  • Rule of Rose:
    • The game itself involves scenes of children binding up, beating, doing water torture, and sucking on the fingertips of the heroine, an adult woman. The effect is every inch disturbing.
    • The whole point of the trailer was to disturb the viewer with its implied sexuality. There is no actual sex or anything remotely graphical in the game itself, but it still manages to allude to early development of sexual feelings, and the problems and awkwardness that result from it.
    • Diana is particular is the master of this. The source of a good half of the above material, her obvious attractiveness, mixture of vulnerability and sadism, charisma and mastery of her own sexuality have made her extremely popular with both male and female fans... which is somewhat spoiled by the fact that she's almost certainly a sexual abuse victim and about fourteen years old. Her abusive relationship with her Dragon Meg doesn't help.
  • When Mileena from Mortal Kombat removes her veil, she goes straight from sexy Dark Action Girl to piranha lady of your darkest nightmares.
    • In Mortal Kombat 9, it's hard to find any of the Kombatants sexy when they're covered in blood. But special mention should go to the aforementioned Mileena, who actually attempts to put on a sexy winning pose after pulling off a Fatality.
    • Mortal Kombat X introduces D'Vorah, with her compound eyes, grotesque insectoid limbs, vertical slit in her belly that opens up and releases a swarm of bugs, and horned shoulders making her chillingly creepy and stand out in stark contrast to the other female characters in the series, despite her curvaceous silhouette.
  • Bloodline Champions has female versions of the Vanguard and Thorn who aren't rather... urgh. The Glutton and Blood Priest bloodlines are more or less this in all outfits.
  • An unlockable story scene in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter has a scene of Nina clones floating naked in tanks. And if the uncanny valley lolicon isn't enough, the camera pans up to reveal that none of them have heads.
  • Metal Gear Solid:
    • Psycho Mantis. He's dressed in very, very sexual bondage gear, and psychically forces the main female character to seduce Snake. He's also incredibly emaciated, and, when his mask is taken off, his face is revealed as horribly mutilated.
      Mind Controlled Meryl Sounding Not-Quite Right: Hold me Snake! Make love to me, quickly!
    • The Metal Gear Solid artbook contains gorgeously drawn artistic nudes of Sniper Wolf, Solid Snake, and Psycho Mantis. It's worth observing that Mantis is the only one whose genitals are visible, and he appears to be pierced.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2:
    • Olga Gurlukovich, a tomboyish Russian woman with an appropriate accent. Pretty face, nice body, doesn't shave her underarms...
    • The "naked Raiden" scene. Not because of the nudity, so much as Raiden being choke-tortured and being forced to sneak through an area with no weapons, no hanging mode, and no choking ability, and dealing with one of the biggest Mind Screws in the game, which includes the Colonel and Rose AI's becoming corrupted.
  • In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater:
    • The boss unzips her Spy Catsuit, showing plenty of skin, in order to show Snake a large, ugly scar.
    • In the same game, any enjoyment that could be had from Big Boss shirtless and bound is destroyed by the brutal torture to which he's being subjected. If that wasn't bad enough, he even, quite literally, pisses himself because of a powerful electrical current and loses muscle control during the scene, and the dark stain remains for the whole sequence. And then The Boss takes out her knife and heads straight for his eyes...
    • Handled quite subtly when the sexy beautiful EVA is walking around in her black underwear... revealing her scarred back from being physically and sexually abused by Volgin. Probably the only time Snake actually reaches out to her instead of the other way around is when he runs two fingers along an ugly one on the small of her back, looking very guilty about what she's having to go through.
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots:
    • Some partly-Twincestuous Ho Yay kisses, dialogue and touching, which would have been much hotter had both characters looked roughly thirty years younger, weren't currently dying, and weren't mortal enemies actively trying to kill each other.
    • It also has the Beauty and the Beast Unit; extremely beautiful women who wear heavily-armed Power Armor. When removed from said armor, they basically rub themselves all over Snake in the most sexual possible way. However, they are all dangerously insane, suffering from intense PTSD caused by the horrors of war they witnessed and endured. Snake is injured by their touches, and responds in confused horror to their advances, as if he was the victim of a rape. Most obviously, there's also the fact that Snake looks about seventy-five years old. It could have been even worse. Originally, Kojima had planned on having them completely nude under their armor. This would have undoubtedly made the Fan Disservice even more disturbing than it already was, but the idea was scrapped due to them being unable to find a way to pull it off without heavy censorship and/or raising the game's rating. Instead, they settled for the skin-tight outfits and Male Gaze camera angles, even when they clearly shouldn't be used.
    • Then there's the "sexy photoshoot" Easter Egg. Many male gamers seem to see it as regular Fanservice, but some people think it's just plain creepy (probably intentionally, this being MGS).
    • Naomi telling Snake that she has to 'examine his body' - "Undress." This is accompanied by a slow pan up Snake's legs, stopping at his crotch, implying a rather physical reaction, although it's obvious from Snake's reaction that he has misgivings about the situation due to his physical state in that game and what she actually wants to look at his body for. When we finally do get to see Snake undressed, it's made far less appealing than the prospect sounds due to the fact that he's extremely physically aged and due to the fact that the camera mostly concentrates on Naomi bursting into tears when looking at him.
  • In Snatcher, Gillian junks a beautiful female Snatcher. In the original Japanese version, her dress tears as she falls, and her corpse lies on the floor with a nipple slip on display and its head exploded in a mess of artificial blood, matted hair and broken mechanics.
  • In Quest for Glory IV there is a character known as Rusalka, who is a naked woman with Godiva Hair who invites you to swim with her. Of course, if you do she drags you under the water and drowns you. If you're a paladin, you're allowed to save her. The final step is kissing her. By the time you get to that step she has become a rotting corpse, who's in the exact same pose.
  • Final Fantasy X has Yunalesca, who is covering probably about five to ten percent of her body. When you fight her and defeat her first form, she summons a series of Combat Tentacles as part of her second form. After that, she summons the rest of that part — a giant Medusa head (not related to Castlevania 's Goddamn Medusa Heads), which may terrify you if you don't expect it.
  • In what has got to be the cruelest joke ever played by the producers of a video game, your final reward for completing the Hell Temple of La-Mulana, a Platform Hell level in an already Nintendo Hard game, is a skimpy swimsuit. The Fan Disservice comes when you then see Professor Lemeza, the very male main character, wearing the thing! The game itself tells you, twice, that you don't want it.
    Deceased Crab: Ha! Nothing can make me regret the effort I've put into this. Nothing!
    • On the other hand, if you're into guys, Lemeza's at least pretty good-looking. The whole thing leans more toward fanservice - if still very tongue-in-cheekly - in the remake, where Lemeza's sprite changes at least prove the player beat Hell Temple.
  • In Parasite Eve, the eponymous villain transforms in increasingly Squicky ways, losing more and more of her humanity (not to say dress) every time. By the end, she's completely naked, with several dozen breasts and a mass of pulsating flesh in which the Ultimate Being is gestating. What makes this worse is that, to a point, she's actually doesn't look all that bad. Initially, she looks monstrous but quite humanoid and feminine, then she advances to the pregnancy bit, which at one brief moment (in a cutscene where she looks extremely feminine and maternal) has a weird "pregnancy brings out your inner beauty" kind of appeal. However, right after this brief interlude the game segues back to normal and the disservice hits you in the face like a brick.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • The way Sylvanas Windrunner dresses is kind of disturbing when you think about it. While she's got the classic appealing elven form, she is undead, her skin blue from discoloration caused by decomposition and necromantic energies.
    • Princess Theradas wears a bikini... but has three tusked faces, four arms, and is almost spherical.
    • Her mother Therazane is just about spherical herself, to the point that her arms just stick out to the sides and her legs are basically stubs. Her breasts are only her hair covering them, but they're made of cracked rock. And that's before you get to her mouthful of dagger-sharp purple crystals...
  • In Final Fantasy VII:
    • Jenova, in her tank, has a curvaceous woman's body. She also has no head and an eyeball for a nipple. Oh, and her skin is blue. And that isn't even mentioning the giant red something, the lack of arms, the disturbingly invasive test tubes and the veins. If you manage to get her Crisis Core version into a model viewer, you learn that she has an external seven chambered heart. Along with several other external organs that just add to her Bizarre Alien Biology, and there appears to be a hole that the giant red tube/vein/umbilical's coming out of when you see the headless Jenova. Some of those organs may not have always been on the outside....
    • In the Compilation renders of the scene, you can also spot her resemblance to Sephiroth, which makes even him attain some inherited Squick as a result.
  • Silent Hill 2:
    • The Bubble Head Nurses and Mannequins, representative of the protagonist's severe issues with women and sex, while the Abstract Daddy monsters were representative of someone else's...
    • And for the female (and surely some male) fans, there's also Pyramid-Head. Who has a hot body and wears nothing but a long apron, and then, y'know, the pyramid torture helmet and a gallon or so of blood. And has a tongue that's black and about a foot long. If it has legs, he rapes it. So any semblance of sexiness that his body had is lost when you first see him fucking a screaming mannequin. But, then again, this is Silent Hill we're talking about.
    • The nurses were in fact so successful at this trope that they have become almost as emblematic of the series as its Dark World. They make reappearances in the fifth game and The Movie, improved graphics and incredible makeup and acting respectively increasing the disturbing factor by at least a magnitude, while an altered version in the third game replace the deformed head with blood-splattered mouths (which also happen to scream horribly when hit).
    • Needless to say, in Silent Hill, anything remotely sexy will be anything but. Such as the revealing dress that Eileen wears, which exposes the numerous injuries she suffered when Walter almost beat her to death. Or the vampish Maria splayed out on a bed, dead and covered in blood. Or anything related to the obscene levels of Freud Was Right in all of the games.
  • Clive Barker's Jericho:
    • Hanne Lichthammer, a once-human-turned-demon, after she was assimilated by the Firstborn. She wears a very, VERY tight-fitting, S&M-style SS uniform which just barely manages to contain her breasts. This is made considerably less sexy when you consider that she is skinned from her lower jaw down to her torso, has her lips torn open (exposing her teeth in a ghastly permanent grin), the skin on the back of her head has been slashed into little strips, and she is absolutely covered with blood (some of which is pouring out of her eyes, nose and mouth). Oh, and she can vomit acid.
    • The demonic Sumerian priestesses also count, particularly Inanna, who, while sporting gratuitous sideboob, also has a skeletal, flayed face, and is covered in blood.
  • Clive Barker's Undying has Lizbeth walk around in a shredded white dress, complete with Gainaxing, which would look sexy if she wasn't a cursed undead and the sheer amount of blood staining down the front from her previous meal. She's so horrifying it's not even remotely attractive. This is driven home when you use the scrye on one of her pretty portraits. Although, both Lets Plays comment on her being attractive and her victory pose over Patrick makes it obvious she was intended to be hot in uncomfortable ways. Clive Barker's stuff tends to be "interesting" like that.
  • The Lunar games have Bromides of the female characters hidden around the world for the player to collect. These are usually either Fanservice, cute, or sorta related to their personalities. Lunar: Eternal Blue has a Bromide of Borgan, an obscenely obese male villain, in the tub, which he tells you to never look at. So of course, you do. Some clever git has uploaded it to this wiki; search at your own peril.
  • In Super Metroid you can see a clear animation of Samus in her sports bra/shorts combo before the 100% Completion ending. It's also Samus' death animation (as her armor disintegrates around her).
  • F.E.A.R.:
    • The final battle of Project Origin involves Becket shooting it out with Keegan interspersed with the disturbing and extremely unerotic images and sounds of Alma raping Becket's body.
    • It doesn't help that half the time, Alma is an emaciated corpse, and for most of the above sequence, the sounds she's making are hideously distorted and almost inhuman.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess there is a shirtless scene of Link. The catch: Link is wrestling with a morbidly obese, geriatric man who is not only shirtless, but wearing nothing but a sumo belt.
    • Later on, you encounter an elderly male Goron whose chest looks like an old lady's sagging breasts, nipples included!
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:
  • Odin Sphere has Odette, the Queen of the Underworld. Her lovely face and her impressive breasts are pretty much the only areas of flesh that haven't rotted away to bare bone. And she lifts up her skirt several times... to reveal her crotch is a giant spider. Not a turn-on.
  • Resident Evil: Code: Veronica started this trend in the series with Alexia Ashford, who starts off as a fairly attractive blonde in a purple dress. Then she catches on fire and all her clothes fall off, just in time for her to morph into a Stripperific bug monster with Barbie Doll Anatomy. You might still find her attractive, at least until she completely goes One-Winged Angel.
  • Resident Evil 5:
  • Resident Evil 6:
    • Deborah, Helena's sister, an attractive woman in a lacy nightdress. Then she catches on fire and you get to fight her stark naked and apparently covered in oil. Which is fine, except giant bug arms sprout from her back and, eventually, her face to try and kill you.
    • There's also Ada Wong, naked, popping out of a hideous cocoon. Or at least her doppleganger, Carla Radames.
  • In Resident Evil: Revelations, Rachael Foley dresses in a wetsuit showing off Absolute Cleavage. Then she gets killed and infected with the t-Abyss virus, turning into an ooze monster whose right arm has mutated into a giant claw and whose head splits open so that she can bite you. And she's still wearing what's left of her wetsuit, complete with cleavage.
  • Taokaka of Blazblue is a curvy, Dark-Skinned Blonde Cat Girl wearing nothing but a hooded jacket, panties, and boots. She also has a (lack of) face that looks like the result of a Black Mage, a Black Isz, a Jawa and a random Cat Girl getting really drunk one night and deciding to do something they'd never speak of again. There's a reason one of the most common ways of drawing her Off Model is to give her a normal catgirl face. And, to make this totally weird, despite giving her quite possibly the least sexy face possible, they've done some very fanservicey official art. At this point, it's anyone's guess whether they wanted her to be genuinely sexy, sexy mixed with a bit of The Faceless-fueled Squick for flavor, or something else entirely.
  • You do get to see Cybil's bare breasts in Trauma Center, but only by the time you're slicing her body open to remove the Paraskevi that's attacking her.
  • The Suffering: Luther "The Creeper" Stickwell and his Combat Tentacles made of hookers' bodies. Yeah, you might find those scantily-clad prostitutes vaguely alluring, but there's no escaping the fact that all three of them are conjoined to the torso of a bloated, giggling, doll-eyed monstrosity in a dirty raincoat. And all three of those girls have daggers for tongues. Oh, and just in case you hadn't lost sight of the sheer horror of the situation, The Creeper seems to have a thing for you, and gives you a phone call in a high-pitched effeminate voice just to let you know. Even his defeat is not that much satisfactory as you see him being stabbed by his own hookers, like he's finally the one to be raped, and he perversely enjoys it.
  • Grand Theft Auto:
    • In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a mission involves taking blackmail photos of the Congressman with a bikini-clad porn star. All well and good — until the Congressman wanders out in pantyhose and heels, insisting to be called "Martha."
    • Maccer in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is revealed to have had a liason with a hillbilly woman, giving her an ugly case of "the red bumpies." That, and most of Maccer's masturbation fantasies are nauseating in general.
    • J.D. O'Toole in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories has never met a sex toy he didn't like, horrifying the game's protagonist.
    • And then there's the infamous depiction of full frontal nudity in The Lost and Damned. Specifically, full frontal male nudity of Thomas Stubbs at a spa, complete with a rather visible and well-endowed penis.
  • Saya no Uta:
    • The h-scenes are actually somewhat less horrifying than what you see through regular gameplay (as well as censored), but the Squick is still rather high when you realize that these scenes involve literal mindscrewing, Saya looks like she isn't legal in the least, and the fact the sex is merely supposed to be a punctuation mark on how fucked up the game is (though if one runs the h-scenes through a heavy self-denial filter on what they represent, they actually are bearable in terms of being able to stomach them by a wide margin as opposed to the regular game play). And just imagine how the h-scenes would look like from a normal character's perspective.
    • The scene of Yousuke raping Saya. Not over an hour ago, he was your friendly neighborhood family man. After having his senses altered to be just like Fuminori's, the guy goes insane, kills his family, and the next thing you know he's sadistically raping a loli. Him getting excited over Saya's struggling to break free from him induces the need for a few barrels of Brain Bleach. And it gets worse when Fuminori finds out... and he believes that Yousuke is a purple Eldritch Abomination with its penis in her. Ewwwww.
    • Not to mention, the h-scenes involving poor Yoh. Who is first raped by Saya, then by Fuminori, and then by the two. And in at least one ending, she becomes a Sex Slave for them. Noooooooo!
  • One ending of Harvester, which has Steve - in order to free himself from the VR simulation The Order of the Harvest Moon have trapped him, sadly becoming the monster himself in the process - despining Stephanie, with the latter wearing only lingerie at the time. Needless to say, that wasn't a pretty sight.
  • Left 4 Dead 2:
    • Features The Spitter, a recurring character dressed in a tight tank top, shorts, and a highly visible pink thong. This is a horribly mutilated zombie that shoots acid from her corroded, torn open mouth?
    • Not to mention the Witch from the original Left 4 Dead, who is wearing a tank top and some undies. She also looks like a 50-year-old crack whore with claws and has a scream that will make you jump out of your skin.
    • The Boomer is an extremely bloated zombie covered in boils while wearing a shirt that is way too small for him. The sequel adds a female version of the Boomer and while she doesn't have boils, she has rotten teeth and wears a tank top and shorts while being bloated. The female Boomer also has jiggle physics.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines:
    • The Nosferatu, hideously mutated vampires with a predilection towards overly tight S&M style gear. The ugliest, most horrifying representations of the undead show the most skin. It's like a paradox for your libido, except instead of you being confused you're just horrified beyond belief.
    • Also, the female Malkavian PC. Hot goth chick in stripper outfit. Fanservice. Hot giggling goth chick in stripper outfit bashing people through walls with a sledgehammer while on fire? Terrifying.
  • Clotho, from God of War II. She's completely nude. The catch: she's an Eldritch Abomination and something between a Hutt and a baby blue Whale. Also, she has multiple boobs. And by "multiple" we mean "several dozen dotted all over her grotesque body".
  • Bayonetta: Joy's introduction and execution. The execution in particular is borderline misogynistic, since it basically boils down to the protagonist engaging in bondage-flavored rape of another woman to her death on a spiked sawhorse in a game that's otherwise goofy and tongue-in-cheek. Major Squick. Given the guy behind the game, it may be intentional.
  • Overlord II has this. Unfortunately. The priestesses of the Mother Goddess? They're just hugely fat. Try looking at the mermaids or fairies, who are not just fat, but ancient, withered, liver-spot-ridden old hags.
  • Six Days a Sacrifice infamously failed at this - two leading characters who'd lost most of their hope for survival proceeded to hop into bed with each other, in what Word of God says was supposed to be representative of their descent into near-savagery. This was widely assumed to be badly done Fanservice.
  • Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days features a level with the main characters, two strong, rugged, manly Nineties Anti Heroes running around naked in the rain. Of course, they're both grizzled, middle-aged, and fall somewhat short of the Heroic Build. Also, both of them are covered in freshly-opened gashes.
  • Resonance of Fate features the Naked outfits, which look like standard fanservice-y bathing suit outfits, but fall squarely into the Uncanny Valley. Then you realize that the characters are in fact fully dressed, but in skin-colored and skin-patterned clothes. Bonus points for one of the male characters having a thong bikini pattern.
  • Dantes Inferno lives off this trope - possibly for intended effect, as the majority of nude imagery the player will experience throughout the game are the denizens of the levels of hell, most specifically Lust and Gluttony. A prime example of this trope however occurs in a scene where Dante's wife Beatrice is brutally murdered. During the assault, her dress is torn open, exposing one breast.
  • Dragon Age
    • The Broodmother. For anyone who doesn't know, she's a fully naked woman with many boobs...who's disfigured and morbidly obese to the point that she's just a pink blob. And oh yeah, she has tentacles. And she fondles one of her breasts. And she used to be a normal female dwarf, before she was gang-raped, force-fed the flesh of her family members and of poisonous monsters, and transformed into a horrible thing that gives birth to thousands of darkspawn. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find my Brain Bleach....
    • Another contender from Dragon Age would be the human Broodmother who serves as the prime antagonist in Awakening. The Broodmother from Origins shrieks and snarls, and looks very different from the species she once was. Not so with the Mother, who still has a distinctly human face and can speak coherently, implying a sense of self that is just brimming with Fridge Horror. Imagine regaining your sentience only to find yourself looking like THAT! Also, the shape of her body is reminiscent of a caterpillar. *Shudder*
  • Persona 4 is a game drenched in confused teenage sexuality. The results are as to be expected.
    • Most notably, Shadow Rise. It's already disturbing to watch an underaged girl (at least in the USA, the legal age in Japan is lower) with creepy gold eyes in an equally golden bikini threaten to strip in front of her television audience, as the real Rise insists this isn't her while in tears, but the horror hits critical mass during the boss fight itself, where she transforms into a rainbow-colored giant with a censor mosaic for a face and attacks by humping a stripper pole with now infamous squishing noises. There's also a good deal of Fridge Horror with the original Rise not only unwilling to do this, due to her backstory note , but mentioning her shadow's bust is bigger than hers.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in Persona 4 The Animation. In the middle of her verbal beatdown to Rise, the Shadow produces six clones of herself: one in sports clothes, another in kimono, one as a cheerleader, etc. Seeing these "six sides" would be hot... if not for the six siding with Shadow Rise and ganging up on the crying real one, verbally bullying the emotionally exhausted girl until she gives in and screams neither is her.
    • Shadow Chie. She turns Chie's feelings of inadequacy compared to her best friend Yukiko into some kind of cross between a dominatrix and an executioner, piggybacking on a tower of schoolgirls that she drives with a whip.
    • Shadow Yukiko is NOT free of this either. A tall and pretty girl in a pink Pimped-Out Dress? A-okay. A tall and pretty girl in a pink Pimped-Out Dress who curses and complains about how useless she feels and how she relies on everyone else, while the real Yukiko pleads her to stop? Not okay. Naked phoenix woman with red feathers and a white heart-shaped mark in the middle of her bare chest, riding a huge chandelier? Brain bleach, GIMME!
    • One couldn't forget... Shadow Kanji. Usually the dude's fine, probably ripped, if a lil' scary in form of short temper. Then you see his Shadow as a naked, towel-wearing him who is flamingly gay and enjoys naked men, all while the original kept denying him with his already short temper... Did he just turn into a gigantic muscular body whose neck is adorned with tons of flowers and there's the naked him from head to crotch as its head!? Eeeeeww!
    • In retrospect, all of this becomes worse when you learn that the culprit was Tohru Adachi, a man in his mid-to-late 20's, who tried to rape the first two murder victims, one of them not much older than the main characters.
    • Hanako, BEAUTY PAGEANT, skimpiest bikini ever! Brain Bleach, please.
  • Dead Rising:
    • Jo the Cop on the un-infected side, and about a million unfortunately-dressed female zombies from the infected.
    • In the second game, they upped the ante with zombie showgirls. Next to that is two survivors, the first is a showgirl in a bikini and and headdress, but she's hung-over and starts vomiting and the other is a tanner who was locked in a tanning bed. She's wearing a revealing swim suit, but she is sun burnt to a crisp and can barely walk.
    • One of the psychopaths who appeared in the third game is morbidly obese, wears a bikini and has to move around by means of a mobility scooter. She also belches and farts throughout most of the battle, after eating whole burgers in one bite. If the developers wanted to make a psychopath based on gluttony, they certainly took it Up to Eleven.
    • That's not a bikini she's wearing, it's a dress; she's so fat that her stomach ripped her dress.
  • In Shadows Of The Damned, whenever Paula shows up, she's usually half-naked. Unfortunately, she also spends most of the game getting brutally killed and resurrected by the Big Bad.
  • In Kara no Shoujo more than once you get to see pretty naked girls, just like you'd expect. Sounds good until the bit where they get their limbs hacked off, their heads twisted around or their eyes slashed, doesn't it?
  • Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean has Geldoblame's One-Winged Angel form, which is basically a giant torso, with tentacles for legs, malformed wings, one giant deformed arm, and huge man boobs. Eeeuuuugghh.
  • You Are Empty starts you off fighting nurses. Sexy nurses with long legs, miniskirts, and cleavage. Never you mind their slightly damaged faces...
  • Meryl's breasts in Policenauts. If you can beat her high score on the shooting range she'll let you grope them, but they make a sound like elephants or tigers (rather than the usual boob-grope reverse-onomatopoeia you would expect) and Jonathan is alarmed by how they feel. Played for Laughs.
  • Katawa Shoujo has a couple of examples. It should be noticed that it's generally less about the artwork and/or girls's physical disabilities, and much more about the emotional turmoil and very sad/troubled circumstances.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Think asari are hot? Want to see one naked? Mass Effect 3 grants your wish - in the form of the Banshee, the asari husk, complete with uncovered breasts. And then there's their cries, which are exactly what you'd expect something called a Banshee to sound like.
    • There's also shirtless Kaidan, which under most circumstances would be something a particular set of fans would like, but not when he's shirtless because he's lying in a hospital bed with a horribly bruised face because he almost got killed.
  • Few games have more buxom women in bikinis than Dead Island. Too bad that most of them are zombies whose heads you have to bash in.
  • Street Fighter IV:
  • The King of Fighters XIII:
    • Similarly to the Seth case, we have Saiki fighting you in the nude. Considering Saiki is a gorgeous Man in White, it should be good. Save for the fact that this form of Saiki is an SNK Boss from Hell, that his skin is all red, that several parts of his naked body (face, limbs and crotch) are oozing dark energy... and that he obtained said super-powerful form through a massive Kick the Dog moment (murdering Mukai, who held quite the Undying Loyalty for him, to absorb his powers.) Have fun trying to enjoy all of that, fans.
    • Saiki's underling Magaki is no slouch on this. In XI we're led to think that he's a super classy Man in White... but as you get ready to face him in battle, then his skin turns pink, he has blue energy markings around his body, and his face looks more insectoid than human. Not to mention his fighting stance is really creepy-looking.
  • Pandora's Tower: Elena's Vapor Wear dress often slips down on one side, more than far enough to reveal a breast. Or it would, if the reason for it wasn't that side of her body becoming severely mutated, looking like it's rotting in places and oozing purple gunk everywhere. Something to note is the dress isn't magical and remains displaced as the curse is suppressed, though she immediately falls into Aeron's arms, preventing the audience from seeing anything. By the time she wakes up, he's fixed it for her.
  • Dark Souls has a bit of this.
    • Try stripping off your clothes/armour whilst Hollow. Go on. I won't judge you. Heck if you're a bit uncomfortable about scantily dressed dudes, male armor is a loincloth thong, where as female characters have briefs.
    • Meet Chaos Witch Quelaag. She's a beautiful naked woman with a major case of Godiva Hair. Oh, and everything below her waist is a giant lava spider. As if that wasn't enough, you later meet her sister, who not only has the same condition, but is also blind, crippled, and perpetually near death, as a result of sucking toxic pus out of her servants.
  • Played for Laughs in Lollipop Chainsaw. The protagonist, Juliet, wears a cheerleader uniform with a very short miniskirt. You'll get some nice upskirt shots, provided your view isn't obstructed by Nick, her boyfriend who is the severed human head dangling from her belt. He seems to enjoy the view.
  • Yes, L.A. Noire has full-frontal female nudity. Too bad every instance of it involves women who were brutally beaten and/or strangled to death. And you have to take a close look at them all.
  • Funnily enough, the other "more wholesome" Rockstar Games title, Red Dead Redemption, also has female nudity and a sex scene during a single mission. Unfortunately, it's during the bleak, gritty Nuevo Paraiso chapter, meaning it has to be as horrifying as possible. VIVA MEXICO
  • Swan Song has quite a few h-scenes for the player. However, multiple scenes are rape.
  • A recurring theme in Skullgirls. Woe to the poor sap who buys this game expecting it to be Super Fap Fighter II.
    • Starting with main character Filia, a buxom girl in a school uniform... with a fierce sentient hair parasite (as in her hair IS the parasite) with More Teeth than the Osmond Family.
    • Eldritch Abomination Double who happens to have just as many Panty Shots and just as much Gainaxing as the rest of the all-female cast.
    • Resident Cat Girl Ms. Fortune is playful, has a cute Stripperiffic outfit, and is all-around likable... until she fights using her internal organs that she voluntarily rips out of herself as well as letting her head fall off and having her body fight headless. Oh, she also uses her blood to propel herself across the screen.
    • Painwheel seems to be the logical conclusion. She wears a revealing Qipao and would likely be a very cute Anime Chinese Girl in any other game. But this is Skullgirls, so literally every other feature about her screams Nightmare Fuel. She's a "walking" (for lack of a better word) experiment who has a giant blade attached to her spine which is ripped out of her body, spikes that were forced inside of her which she shoots out at the opponent in a very gory fashion, and on top of all that her overall appearance is akin to that of a zombie with a mask, covered in scars, growling at the things she doesn't want to kill and howling with rage at the things she does.
    • Squigly is a very cute opera singer with really, really big hips...but you also have to take into account the fact that she's a zombie and only walking around of her own volition due to the bone-snake thing that's growing out of her head.
    • Eliza is a diva that walks around in very little clothing and would definitely be one of the hottest women in the game...were it not for the fact that her entire fighting style centers around attacking with her shapeshifting blood and ripping what is essentially her skeleton out of her body to plow through enemies. And that's not even mentioning the Gorn that comes from her hitstun animations, stuff which wouldn't look too out of place in a Darkstalkers game...
    • An example that doesn't involve an entire character is Valentine's Infinite Prevention animation (Pictured above). She attempts to tear apart her already revealing Naughty Nurse Outfit...only to burst into a pile of gore and bones that fall to the floor, where Valentine then reforms and comes out of her body bag.
  • Crescendo ~Eien Dato Omotte Ita Ano Koro~ is an eroge Visual Novel, so h-scenes are a given. However, you're not exactly supposed to be aroused by scenes like Ryo raping his adoptive sister Ayame, Yuka's gangrape, Yuka being half-naked and with Dull Eyes of Unhappiness after you-as-Ryo make him crush her hopes or Yuka being fully naked — after slitting her wrist and being stopped from going the Bath Suicide way. Worse, Ryo himself isn't a bastard off the bat, so if you make him the cause of some of these scenes... well, YOU are the asshole "causing" that specific Fan Disservice.
  • Satan as depicted in most Shin Megami Tensei games. A male demon with six female breasts.
  • In The Binding of Isaac, after activating the item "Mom's bra", Isaac will wear this piece of clothing as a hat and enemies will be frozen on the spot. It also shows Mom in that bra upon activation. The problem? She is fat. Very fat.
  • In the School Days Visual Novel, more than one sex scene is extremely awkward and/or horrible not due to bad character design or any gross fluids, but because of the Dysfunction Junction. For example, it's terrible to see Kotonoha's huge Gag Boobs and stocking-covered legs when she's actually being raped by Taisuke while she's too shocked and broken to scream for help. Also, the scene where Kotonoha gives Makoto a blowjob pretty much in public counts as this since she's under the VERY mistaken belief that, if she offers sex to Makoto repeteadly, he will stay with her , and how letting her do so leads to her being Spurned Into Suicide when Makoto and Sekai prove her wrong.
  • The Cross Days Spin-Off game isn't lacking on this, either. Yuuki Ashikaga is cute-looking enough to make a gorgeous Wholesome Crossdresser, but this becomes horribly unsettling if you get the sex scene where Yuuki as "Yuu" is gangraped by Taisuke and another bunch of male students. And there's the scene where he's not crossdressing, but still barely escapes being violated by a Huge Schoolgirl... only to be raped by his older sister's Girl Posse.
  • Parodied in Duke Nukem Forever. One of the monsters Duke faces is a giant Eldritch Abomination whose only identifiably human anatomy is a giant pair of bare breasts, but Duke makes perfectly clear that he still wants to sleep with it.
  • In Astérix and Obelix XXL 2, The Dragon is a Whole Costume Reference to Lara Croft, who is also a fat, unkempt, ugly and stupid man, so the clothes do not flatter him at all. Various areas in the game have large posters of him imitating the sexy poses on the Tomb Raider covers.
  • Fate/stay night usually goes by Fetish Retardant due to the hilariously bad IKEA Erotica descriptions (which Nasu and Co. are't too happy about now), but in one route it gives us the very beautiful Saber in a low-cut wedding dress, with her legs and back on display... while she's magically bound and about to be corrupted by Caster.
  • One of the Spider Queen's attacks boss from Castlevania64 is to reel in your character with web and chew on him with her second mouth. The one that's right at crotch-height on her, latches onto him at waist-height, and is complete with thrusting movements. It's not a pretty sight. Let's watch!
  • Haunting Ground has Fiona Belli, a pretty blond in a tight dress with jiggle physics that put the PS2's processing power through its paces. The problem is, everyone is trying to kill her for various reasons and there are some very unsettling sexual undertones.
  • The final boss of Koudelka, the prequel to Shadow Hearts. The boss is a demon-possessed doppelganger of a dead woman that emerges from a flower on a giant tree, naked but for the Sephirot tree on her body (with two sephirot covering her breasts and one obscuring her groin, naturally). She'd be a very pretty woman, except for the fact that she is obviously mindless, hostile, and occasionally twists her head around completely or bends her limbs backwards to spider-walk on the walls and ceiling, excavating exciting new depths in the Uncanny Valley from the first second she shows up. Then she vomits corrosive acid on you. And then turns into some kind of spider/flower/tree thing with a warped human upper body poking out of the center of mass.
  • The free to play game Loadout has Helga, who was put in alongside the two male characters after the initial release. The main difference between Helga and the males? Helga is really fat. And has Jiggle Physics galore. This was most likely the point with her design, given how the developers simply make it worse by giving her a load of Stripperiffic clothes and taunts that only serve to exacerbate the Nausea Fuel.
  • The Shadow Warrior reboot features lots and lots of naked women. Unfortunately, they're all dead and skinned.
  • In Grisaia No Rakuen there's a bonus sex scene with Yuuji's pretty mom in an area of the game reserved for stuff that didn't really happen. She's pretty enough, so you'd think it would be attractive, but throughout it she's hating herself because she's basically forcing herself on her son, who has no idea what she's doing. She ends the scene crying. Yeah, that's sexy alright.

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