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Search your heart, ***…
— Nene Takane, as she was about disappear from the sights of Weissdrache.

The Blue Trilogy is, you guessed it, a trio of novels in the works by Troper Neves783. Due to several circumstances, this work is still in major Development Hell. (Still at book one, and only 12 out of the planned 30+ chapters have been completed as of this edit.)

The story focuses mainly on Wiessdrache, a heavily troubled individual who starts off as the villain of Blue Eyes, after which he becomes part of the R.R.F. in Blue Rainbow, before finally having a full Heel–Face Turn in Blue Starlight. Along the way, he is caught in a complex web of Elemental Powers, Sacred Spirits, the Messier Dragon plus the Galaxy Dragon, and a major machine invasion that could result in the End of the World as We Know It.

(Note: This is a work in progress, and so, many of these tropes are subject to change along the way. Please be patient.)

Provides Examples Of:

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    Blue Eyes 

    Blue Rainbow 

    Blue Starlight 
  • Back from the Dead: Jin-Ho, though him being under control of The Infinity, this is technically not the same character anymore.
  • Book Ends: Blue Eyes began with Stephan desiring to die alone by the Eiffel Tower. ''Blue Starlight' ends with Stephan dying in Nana's arms - near the Eiffel Tower.
  • True Final Boss: The Infinity.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Stephan
  • Kill Sat: The Infinity's Dyson Cannon, which functions as a Depopulation Bomb. The Starduster comes back as a weapon to be used against the Dyson Cannon.
  • Powered Armor: The Infinity

Character Tropes (SPOILERS!)

Introduced in Blue Eyes


Weissdrache / Stephan Bleumer (technically, a clone of the original)

Weissdrache is the CEO of Solty-Tech Industries whose plan is to abduct Akane. It is eventually revealed that he intended to do this to extract her Herald-based energy and convert them into a power source for his Kill Sat, the 'Starduster'', and blow up the planet - himself included.

He constantly desired the approval of his father, who only sees him as a trophy. After learning about his being a clone of the original, he calls him out... with a plasma beam to the head.

    Rachelle Hannaway 

Rachelle Hannaway

One of the six "Agents" and the first to be revealed - via a Big Damn Heroes moment on motorbike. Rachelle joined the Rapid Rescue Force because she wanted to live "a life of action".

    Jeanne-Marie Newman 

Jeanne-Marie Newman (formerly Niemann)

One of the "Agents" of the Rapid Rescue Force, hailing from the United Kingdom. Jeanne is the only daughter of the ultra-wealthy Newman family, and is an aspiring fashion model and figure skating. The latter shows very well in her fighting style.

She joined the R.R.F. in order to ease her sadness over the loss of her parents, who were among the casualties of the Eiffel Tower incident, eight years prior to the events of Blue Eyes.

    Sayaka Miyazawa 

Sayaka Miyazawa

One of the "Agents" of the Rapid Rescue Force, hailing from Japan. Sayaka is a college law student who takes up her R.R.F. duties as a personal quest to find the true meaning of justice.

Akane later learns via Pure Heart that Sayaka had this viewpoint after the death of her sister, Kyoko, at the hands of the Yakuza.

    Leigh Evans 

Leigh Evans

One of the "Agents" of the Rapid Rescue Force, hailing from Australia.

    Eshe/Ajia Ballo 

Eshe Ballo / Ajia Ballo / Gasira Ballo

One of the "Agents" of the R.R.F., hailing from Kenya. She is highly known by the agency for her Split Personality.
  • Meaningful Name: Each personality has a name indicative of its most prominent feature.
    • Eshe means "life", and this personality gives "life" - as a self-taught Butt-Monkey - to the other members.
    • Ajia means "swift", and this personality is faster and more agile in combat.
    • Gasira means "brave", and this personality is the most violent among the three.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: This determines her personality. As Eshe, her bangs cover her left eye. As Ajia, they cover her right eye. As Gasira, her bangs are gone, revealing angry eyes.
  • Split-Personality Makeover: Eshe looks like a total fool. Ajia appears to be completely unreasonable.
  • Split-Personality Merge: Gasira, her original self.
  • Statuesque Stunner: The tallest among the Agents.
  • The Eeyore: As Ajia.
  • The Pollyanna: As Eshe.
  • Token Minority: The only black Agent in the agency. Eshe lampshades this during her introduction.

    Phoemela Lopez 

Pamela Lopez

An R.R.F. Agent from Brazil.

    Gerard Russell 

Gerard Russell

Corporal of the R.R.F. and the only important male member of the said agency for a nasty reason. He is an over-the-top sexist Jerkass soldier from the United States.

    Carmen Suarez 

Lieutenant Carmen Suarez

Known by her codename "Sky Lancelot". She pilots the R.R.F. Cool Helicopter that brings the Agents into battle.

    Irina Pavlova 

Commander Irina Pavlova

Chief commander of the R.R.F. She appears to know something about the prophecy regarding the Messier Dragon.

    Akane Orikasa 

Akane Orikasa

A seemingly ordinary bank teller who both Solty-Tech Industries and the R.R.F. have taken an interest to.

    Nene Takane 

Nene Takane

Weissdrache's Love Interest. She tragically died in a murder eight years prior to the book's events.
  • Cute Ghost Girl
  • Disposable Woman: Averted. She remains a major character in the entire trilogy despite being dead.
  • Meganekko: Explains why Weissdrache has a thing for "glasses girls".
  • Moral Chain: Of Weissdrache's. She eventually ceases to be this during Blue Rainbow, as he becomes a better person.
  • Sempai/Kohai: She's sempai to Weissdrache's kohai.
  • Shipper on Deck: Actively encourages the relationship between Stephan and Nanami.



Weissdrache's personal Meido. Works behind the scenes as Viper, with the intent of stopping Weissdrache (and later, Domingo/Infinity) from doing their Evil Plan.

    Domingo Irving 

Domingo Irving

Weissdrache's personal bodyguard who secretly schemes to do things differently; if Weissdrache wants to destroy the world, then Domingo wants to dominate it. He apparently dies during the events of Blue Eyes...

...only to return, in Blue Rainbow, as the cyborg known only as The Infinity.

Introduced in Blue Rainbow

    "Nanami Nanase" 

Nanami Nanase

Nanami (often called simply as "Nana") is the mysterious girl found floating near the King Arthur mobile naval base. She gets adopted by the R.R.F. as a result.

She actually is Faith, the Chosen Maiden told about in the various prophecies regarding the war against "the machines".

    Michael O'Brien 

Michael O'Brien

A former schoolmate and close friend of Stephan.

    Jin-Ho Jae 

Jin-Ho Jae

Jin-Ho is a soldier from "that country" that acts as the secondary villain of Blue Rainbow. He is out to retrieve their army's experimental weapon (who turns out to be Nana) for their own purposes. He gets killed by Faith near the end of the book.

He returns inBlue Starlight, converted into a cyborg under The Infinity's control.



The Chosen Maiden in the prophecies.

Introduced in Blue Starlight

"Starduster en route!"