Technically A Transport

Transports. We all know them. Slow. Weaponless. Altogether quite vulnerable. But what if you could fix that little issue? In comes this thing; A humble battlefield bus turned into a substitute front-line tank. Or gunship. And it can still drop off its passengers and cargo most of the time. But who'd want to?


  • Star Wars. The Millennium Falcon. Originally a stock light freighter, but has since been upgraded with souped up drives, heavy-duty quad laser cannons, concussion missiles, and a sensor suite that's like seeing the future.
  • The Batmobiles seen in The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Begins.
  • In the Dawn of the Dead (2004) remake, the survivors turn a tour bus into an armoured zombie killing death machine (complete with slots that let them use chainsaws to get rid of undead hitchers) in order to make a break towards the pier.
  • The A-Team with their modified vehicles.
  • The movie The Pentagon Wars is about a Real Life development project that went this way: the Bradley Fighting Vehicle started out as a pure troop transport vehicle, but as development continued it acquired more and more features of a tank.

Tabletop Games
  • Car Wars. Big rig trucks are often armed with extensive weaponry in case they're attacked by bandits or have to engage in autodueling.
  • Star Fleet Battles. Many interstellar civilizations used armed transports and Q-ships to defend convoys from Orion pirates and other raiders.

Video Games
  • Battlefield 2142: With the Air Transports filled with various members of a squad. Most commonly being Engineers, a Medic/Soldier, and Supports.
  • Supreme Commander: A T1 or T2 Dropship loaded with T1 Light Assault Bots. The Cybrans can stick a T2 Mobile Stealth Field Generator with the LAB's to make it impossible to shoot down early without Omni-Sensors. In Forged Alliance,the UEF gets a T3 Dropship with a self-projected shield to jack survivability. The in-house term is "Ghetto Gunship"
  • Twisted Metal: Just look at half the vehicles, you'll see it.
  • Warhammer40000. The Land Raider and the Wave Serpent are both transport vehicles that function at least as well as battle tanks.
  • The Batman: Arkham Knight version of the Batmobile has a pair of fold-away harness chairs in an armored compartment, used to get civilians, injured cops and the like to safety.

Real Life
  • The AC-130 gunship. It's simply a Hercules cargo plane with guns and ammo rolled on board,pointing out the port side. The AC-47 and AC-119 having a similar history.
  • Maybe not "a near unstoppable force of destruction", but a technical is a pickup truck fitted with guns (Also seen in Command & Conquer: Generals/Zero Hour, they upgrade increasing their strength through wreckage.) They're pretty cheap—regions vulnerable to the kinds of spontaneous and low-tech armed conflict that technicals show up in tend to have lots of reason (open terrain, farming) to have pickup trucks—and can pack a punch with the right armament, and not to mention can be armored with whatever scrap metal you can find. Disadvantage: The guy in the back actually manning the gun is pretty exposed.
  • During the American Civil War the Confederacy salvaged the USS Merrimack and outfitted it with iron plating, renaming it the CSS Virginia.

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