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Creator: Mami Kingetsu
Born in 1965, Mami Kingetsu is a seiyuu currently affiliated with Aoni Production. When she was little, she was an active child actor at theatres, and it's during her time at Tokyo's seiyuu management office Oosawa that she got the role that made her career literally jump (and which nowadays still is her most memorable role), Shiori Fujisaki, the heroine of the famous Dating Sim Tokimeki Memorial.

During the peak of success of Tokimeki Memorial (around 1995-1997), she went to study as an international student at Eastern Michigan University, and thus frequently went to and fro from Japan to USA. In 2002, she announced to her fan club her marriage.

She's mainly known for playing orthodox-school heroines, but also plays here and there middle-aged women and witches roles, and rather well at that ; however, she doesn't have a very wide list of roles compared to her peers. That being said, she's more prolific as a singer, and has recorded quite a number of songs; and in 2012, she formed with fellow voice actress and singer Mariko Kouda a band called MK-Connection, releasing together two albums so far.

Notable Roles by Mami Kingetsu:

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alternative title(s): Mami Kingetsu
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