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Film: The Three Faces of Eve
The Three Faces Of Eve is a 1957 film about a woman with multiple personalities, names changed to protect the innocent to Eve White, Eve Black and Jane. The film follows her Doctors' attempts to learn her personalities, help her deal with the different people struggling in one body, and ultimately help them merge into a healthy human being.

If you want the trope named after the movie, see The Three Faces of Eve.

Provides Examples Of:

  • Based on a True Story: With the results carefully edited to make her psychiatrists look good. Years later the woman (real name Chris) sued, and won.
  • The Shrink: Dr. Luther and his colleagues.
  • Split Personality: Eve manifests three distinct personalities. Her real life counterpart supposedly had quite a few more.
  • Split Personality Merge: The goal of her therapy.
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