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Now with a sandbox!

It appears that many Nightmare Fuel pages have problems, including:

1. Listing non-scary things that made the viewer feel slightly uncomfortable at worst.

2. Having spoiler tags on them (which is against the page's guidelines).

3. Listing Fridge Horror and fan theories.

And much more!

On a few occasions, people from outside the site's community have pointed out our overly lax usage of Nightmare Fuel to make fun of us, meaning that it can legitimately harm our reputation to let this go unchecked.

The TRS thread meant for redefining Nightmare Fuel started to become a place for cleaning up Nightmare Fuel pages in general, so we may as well move these discussions to Long Term Projects where they belong.

Here are the guidelines to determine whether something is Nightmare Fuel or not.

    Nightmare Fuel rules 
  • This is a page whose name is intended to be taken more literally than most. It's not enough for material to be scary; to truly qualify, it has to be frightening enough to legitimately unnerve/disturb the viewer, with actually being nightmare-inducing as the ultimate endpoint.
    • Good signs that something IS Nightmare Fuel include if:
      • It left you feeling shaken even after the credits had rolled, you turned the last page, or are otherwise done with the work.
      • You have a hard time falling asleep if you think about it at night, or have a literal nightmare about it.
      • You dread that episode, scene, level, chapter, or song during re-watches, and consider skipping it.
    • With that said, don't add something just because it happens to be your personal phobia. For example, spiders can be scary and many people have arachnophobia, but just because a spider happens to be in the work, it does not make a Nightmare Fuel entry. It needs to reasonably be scary to someone without the phobia.
    • Don't confuse tension with fear. If the hero is in trouble, but you know he'll make it out okay at the end, it's probably not Nightmare Fuel unless the threat is especially disturbing.
  • Explain WHY the entry scared you. Try to convey your sense of fear to your readers. Avoid putting up Zero-Context Examples.
    • Remember that Weblinks Are Not Examples, and neither are quotes on their own. You should explain the horror in your own words, rather than rely on others to do so.
  • Don't add things that might have scared someone. If it didn't scare you, and you don't personally know anyone else who was scared, you shouldn't be adding it to Nightmare Fuel.
  • Nightmare Fuel should stick to you even after you're done with the work.
    • If something is initially presented as scary but turns out to be harmless, it's most likely not Nightmare Fuel since The Reveal makes the scariness vanish.
    • Jump Scares are a good source of Nightmare Fuel, but not all of them automatically qualify: being startled is not the same as being scared.
  • Hypotheticals are not Nightmare Fuel:
    • Remember that Trailers Always Lie: a scene that is presented as scary in the trailer could very well turn out to be inoffensive in the finished work. Only add examples from unreleased works if they were especially terrifying in the previews.
    • Fan theories do not belong on the Nightmare Fuel page under any circumstance. No matter how much evidence they have to support them, don't add them until they've been officially confirmed. In the meanwhile, take them to Wild Mass Guessing.
    • Fridge Horror goes on the Fridge page, not Nightmare Fuel. Don't add it unless it's Ascended Fridge Horror.
  • Keep in mind the work's intended audience when considering whether or not something is Nightmare Fuel.
    • If something is normal or expected in the genre, it does not automatically qualify. Violence in a Fighting Series or gore in a horror movie must be especially disturbing or gruesome by the work's standards to be Nightmare Fuel.
    • Remember that Kids Shouldn't Watch Horror Films. If a work is rated PG-13 or higher but would only be scary to young children, it's not Nightmare Fuel.
    • The standards on what qualifies as Nightmare Fuel are especially stringent on works aimed at children and pre-teens: kids have hyperactive imaginations, so even something benign can give them nightmares.
  • Spoiler tags do not belong on Nightmare Fuel pages. Much of what scares us comes from inherently spoilery stuff such as death and the unknown, so finding spoilers on these pages should be expected.
  • Nightmare Fuel is an Audience Reaction, so it needs to be scary for the audience. Describing how the characters react to something scary isn't needed. Just because something scares them, that doesn't mean it scares us as well.
  • Nightmare Fuel is a No Real Life Examples, Please! page. Meta-examples involving the actors, production, or behind-the-scenes incidents are not allowed.

Guidelines when proposing cleanup of a page:

  • Some rules are pretty objective. If you see a Zero-Context Example, Fridge Horror, Real Life example, speculation, In-Universe reaction that isn't scary to the viewers, examples that explicitly describe themselves as not being very scary (including "mildly creepy", "somewhat unnerving", and other synonymous phrases), or examples that are just scene summaries without going into detail about why it's so scary, you can (and should) remove them immediately without coming here to ask.
  • You should also strip all spoiler tags from the page. Itty Bitty Wiki Tools has a tool for that, but it can cause problems, so if you use it be sure to preview the page and thoroughly look it over.
  • Once you've fixed the objective issues with the page, bring it here so we can look at the more subjective problems, such as examples that may not be scary enough to qualify. If a consensus is reached that a certain entry does not qualify, it can be removed.

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rjd1922 Image Pickin' regular from Illinois Relationship Status: Love is for the living, Sal
Image Pickin' regular
Apr 7th 2020 at 8:15:30 PM

Are we sure Accidental Nightmare Fuel isn't allowed to be listed on YMMV pages? It's on No On-Page Examples, not Definition-Only Pages.


Edited by rjd1922 on Apr 7th 2020 at 10:16:21 AM

Keet cleanup
chasemaddigan I'm Sad Frogerson.
I'm Sad Frogerson.
Apr 7th 2020 at 9:42:02 PM

[up] Here's the discussion post from the mods regarding Accidental Nightmare Fuel. The exact phrasing was that it "can no longer be cataloged".

It seemed it went through several TRS at the time, but no one bothered to actually clean-up the examples. Now this was eight years ago, but I'm not sure if the decision will be reversed any time soon.

Edited by chasemaddigan on Apr 7th 2020 at 12:47:22 PM

WarJay77 Some like it hot from The Void Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Some like it hot
Apr 7th 2020 at 10:15:12 PM

But that was back when things like High Octane Nightmare Fuel existed, so Accidental Nightmare Fuel being example-less may have been a byproduct of how Nightmare Fuel was treated back then.

Things are different now.

Wick Check Project Official Sandbox (TM)
GastonRabbit A real nowhere man from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
Apr 8th 2020 at 1:37:54 AM

No On-Page Examples says Accidental Nightmare Fuel is "Either covered by regular Nightmare Fuel, or too YMMV."

Main.Accidental Nightmare Fuel says "This is a Fan Speak definition. Please put examples in Nightmare Fuel."

Here's what I posted here before posting the above (folderized because it's rambly and I become a Serial Tweaker when tired, and because it's less relevant than the above):

    open/close all folders 

    Post's original contents, folderized to reduce scrolling 
Now is probably a good time to say that I vaguely remembered a complete ban on Nightmare Fuel examples, but after seeing those discussion page posts, I think my memories were a bit off.

Several years ago, Main.Nightmare Fuel redirected to Accidental Nightmare Fuel rather than being separate from Accidental Nightmare Fuel and High Octane Nightmare Fuel, and Nightmare Fuel was even custom titled to display as "Accidental Nightmare Fuel" instead of what the wiki word actually says. I'm assuming that it was accidental examples that were forbidden, while intentional (AKA "high-octane") examples were allowed.

I think what happened here is that a later TRS thread merged High Octane Nightmare Fuel and Accidental Nightmare Fuel due to a combination of misuse and difficulty in telling whether something was intentional, and the Nightmare Fuel name was brought back for the merged Audience Reaction.

Of course, I could be wrong about this, but either way that discussion was from eight years ago, so WarJay is correct in saying that things have changed since then.

    Serial Tweaking that made the post overly long, folderized for convenience 
Edit: I found this 2011 TRS thread and this older cleanup thread. I'm not sure whether either is relevant, but the latter was locked in 2013, the year after the discussion page thread.

Another edit: I saw that the first post in the latter thread was edited in 2013 by Willbyr after wick cleanup started for High Octane Nightmare Fuel being merged with Accidental Nightmare Fuel. I'm guessing that thread has a link to the relevant TRS thread somewhere, but I haven't found it yet.

Another edit: It looks like that Projects thread may have been the primary thread, so if there was a TRS thread, I don't know how to find it. What I did find out is that there were mod posts by ccoa stating that NightmareFuel.Other is for fiction that doesn't fit neatly into any other category, and real life examples like abandoned locations and animals are forbidden, aside from Urban Legends. This information would have been useful when we were discussing the Other subpage a while back.

Edited by GastonRabbit on Apr 8th 2020 at 4:23:18 AM

"I wasn't really dead." —Paul McCartney
jandn2014 Hangs around Image Pickiní a lot from somewhere in Connecticut Relationship Status: Hiding
Hangs around Image Pickiní a lot
Apr 8th 2020 at 8:10:14 PM

Is the image on NightmareFuel.Stephen King unfitting? It discusses Stephen Kingís works being scary, not something from or adopted from his works that is scary.

Edited by jandn2014 on Apr 11th 2020 at 3:50:09 PM

there's nobody here
Apr 8th 2020 at 8:13:48 PM

[up] The text is unreadably small at wiki size. But I guess it IS pretty funny, and might be better than nothing.

Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Apr 9th 2020 at 2:55:09 AM

Actually, those are the scary things from his works chasing the Futurama characters, so I think it fits perfectly.

Optimism is a duty.
WarJay77 Some like it hot from The Void Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Some like it hot
Apr 9th 2020 at 2:58:42 AM

Guys, this should be discussed on IP, not here.

My 2 cents though: It's not the worst, because it's funny and relevant, but NF images are supposed to be scary in and of themselves, so it doesn't really do it for me.

Wick Check Project Official Sandbox (TM)
Nouct enthusiast from Studying abroad Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Apr 11th 2020 at 11:01:50 AM

So I'd like to ask for feedback on this example from NightmareFuel.Fate Grand Order

* We finally learn who the Foreign God is in Olympus: Beast VII: U-OLGA MARIE.

This was added by personastar, I commented it out because it struck me as an incredibly blatant case of Zero-Context Examples, Flameal15k uncommented it out with the given reason

is Beast Class Servant (Beast of the Apocalypse). If you've read this far down on this page, absolutely nothing else needs to be said about how dangerous it is.

This strikes me as particularly fallacious, because:

  1. The page is folderized so there's no particular compelling reason for someone to read through every single folder and absorb context through it somehow to instantly understand why these Capitalized Terms are scary.
  2. Olga Marie the character last seen before her death can be boiled down as an insecure Tsundere and is most regularly seen in the comedy webcomic Learning with Manga! FGO, so nothing's actually established to explain why she's scary now when her most notable character traits prior to her reveal as a villain/Beast of the Apocalypse were either her deep insecurity with no maliciousness behind it or being a comedic punching bag for the author.

Edited by Nouct on Apr 11th 2020 at 11:09:42 AM

"This is tremendous content, where's my phone"
AlleyOop Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Apr 11th 2020 at 2:09:56 PM

There's nothing particularly scary about the Beasts out of universe, unless you're so fragile that something being a Big Bad at all scares you. I agree it should be cut especially with the ZCE issues.

AnoBakaDesu Relationship Status: What is this thing you call love?
Apr 12th 2020 at 1:00:39 AM

This thread's authority takes precedence over any troper. If you refer them to this thread, they might come and argue their case.

"They played us like a DAMN FIDDLE!" — Kazuhira Miller, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Klavice Most Definitely Not a Villain from Pacific Canada Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
Apr 12th 2020 at 6:11:06 PM

Most of the freakiness in Animal Crossing comes from Jumpscares (which we've stated on numerous occasions is not NF or arachnophobia or phobia of bees/wasps.) I mean the whole tarantula biting you and sending you back to your house I could see being scary for younger players as it's the closest the player gets to a Game Over but everything else is more accidental nightmare fuel. I don't think the game was meant to be scary at all which is why it has a lower rating than E in European Countries and Japan.

As for the gyroid thing, that's hardly scary as Gyroids are generally portrayed as benevolent as is Coco. The creepypasta stuff about Aika and the songs can go for sure as even as a kid I never found any of them scary. Then again, I don't find the forest temple theme scary either. But I still feel that's ANF. Wallmasters on the other hand...

Oddly enough on a somewhat unrelated topic I think the Ho Yay page for AC is fine despite No Hugging, No Kissing.

Edited by Klavice on Apr 12th 2020 at 6:13:11 AM

I'm an aspiring writer. Feel free to give me ideas.
Apr 12th 2020 at 6:28:41 PM

[up] Jump scares CAN be Nightmare Fuel, in fact I'd say they're a very good source of it. But I don't remember any really frightening ones in Animal Crossing.

Apr 12th 2020 at 9:53:37 PM

The pages on NightmareFuel.Lets Play seem pretty shaky to me, but NightmareFuel.Two Best Friends Play looks pretty bad. Most of it is just "the let's players play a scary game or are disturbed by what's happening."

Klavice Most Definitely Not a Villain from Pacific Canada Relationship Status: And they all lived happily ever after <3
Apr 12th 2020 at 11:28:59 PM

You'd be surprised at how many people scream when a Tarantula or Scorpion jumps them, like in that streamers react to tarantula farming video on Youtube, especially when they look less like real Tarantulas and more like radioactive giant spiders. Like in New Leaf.

New Horizons made them look more like real Tarantulas and Scorpions, though.

I'm an aspiring writer. Feel free to give me ideas.
Apr 13th 2020 at 1:32:38 AM

I think I asked this before a while ago but don't think I got a reply. Are general examples such as the first one from the Warhammer 40,000 NF page not allowed?:

  • In brief, the whole game. On this page, we have named every fighting force, every faction, some of the most significant aspects of the setting, the resident death worlds, and even a food production plant. It's a brutal, horrific place, with more atrocities in a year than we see in a millennium, but remember that in Warhammer 40000, almost all of the evil on the part of heroic characters and factions is necessary given the world they live in. Or at least, there have been enough instances where The Extremist Was Right that the "ask questions" part of "shoot first and ask questions later" was forgotten. That should tell you something about what you're about to find.

Especially as the page then goes on for more than 37,000 words to describe various things.

Edited by SebastianGray on Apr 13th 2020 at 9:32:54 AM

Knowledge is Power, Guard it Well
WarJay77 Some like it hot from The Void Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
Some like it hot
Apr 13th 2020 at 2:08:56 AM

[up] They shouldn't be. That example fails to explain why things are scary, and it reads like it's confusing tension with horror.

Also, if everything in the game could be scary to some degree, the standard is much higher.

Edited by WarJay77 on Apr 13th 2020 at 5:12:16 AM

Wick Check Project Official Sandbox (TM)
Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Apr 13th 2020 at 4:24:48 AM

I'm not sure professional lets players would be good examples, since they tend to play things up for the sake of the video. Part of the appeal of these videos is watching some guy get scared by a game, after all, and that would skew them towards finding things scary that would not normally scare them.

They also earn money from these videos, which means they are effectively being paid to act scared.

Edited by Redmess on Apr 13th 2020 at 1:28:38 PM

Optimism is a duty.
Apr 13th 2020 at 11:29:50 AM

[up][up]I will delete it then. I have been a bit concerned about the page for a while now due to zero context, word cruft, non examples, fridge horror, incorrect indentation etc. but it is quite large and I have been focusing on other things until now. Here are a few random examples:

  • ANY named Chaos character is going to be scary.
  • Every little crazed Mad Scientist trope that comes to mind? The Dark Mechanicum are this and oh so much worse as they combine their knowledge of technology with Chaos and even occasionally Xenos devices.
  • The brutal genetic and surgical regime undergone by an aspirant space marine is best commenced before the age of 12, with most begun at 10 years old. The one personality requirement is a natural killing instinct. Let me repeat that: an ideal space marine should display a killing instinct by the age of ten.
  • The Hive Tyrants themselves can be upgraded to have a rule that weaponizes this trope: Indescribable Terror. Aside from a few Fearless individuals, this would make even Space Marines crap their pants in horror and refuse to attack.
  • The Necrons, the ghosts of an entire, long-dead alien race inhabiting cybernetic bodies who intend to harvest every living soul for their gods. It becomes really creepy when you realize that literally any planet might have a Necron tomb hidden on it. They tend to appear from nowhere without warning. They sometimes kill everything, sometimes spare certain settlements or individuals. Always for a reason.
  • Warhammer 40k is a series that's full of big things with big guns that do big damage. But few of these weapons, soldiers or vehicles can go invisible. The XV15 Stealthsuit is fairly small by Warhammer 40k standards. It's barely bigger than the Fire Warrior piloting it. Yet it manages to become an absolute nightmare due to the simple fact that it has one of the most scarily effective stealth systems in the setting. Using light-bending technologies coupled with thermal signature dampeners and a sound-nullifying field, the XV15 is capable of hiding whilst being completely undetectable, only to uncloak and attack its foes and then vanish again before they can mount a counter-attack. Combine that with powerful Burst Cannons capable of tearing an Imperial Guardsman to pieces in mere seconds, and you've got a source of some pretty significant Paranoia Fuel. Oh, and then there's the XV25 Stealthsuit, which uses the same cloaking system as the XV15, only with more armor, more survival systems and the ability to use even larger Fusion Blasters that can completely sublimate a human being. And then there's the XV95 Ghostkeel, a stealthsuit that dwarfs most battle tanks with the weaponry and armor to match, sporting a specialized stealth field which makes it almost impossible for your eyes to focus on it. If you're in a vehicle you're no better off, as one arm mounts a potent ECM suite that will blind you until its close enough to unleash enough firepower to atomize you in a heartbeat.
  • The Hrud. Just the appearance of these Xenos alone is enough to be nightmare-inducing, and that's not even mentioning the time warping field they produce that ages everything around them.

Edited by SebastianGray on Apr 13th 2020 at 7:33:20 PM

Knowledge is Power, Guard it Well
Nouct enthusiast from Studying abroad Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Apr 15th 2020 at 8:45:38 AM

Decided to bring NightmareFuel.Fate Grand Order in as something to go over in general

    open/close all folders 
    Chapter 1 - Observer on Timeless Temple 
  • First off: The world is freaking gone. Chaldea is the only place and time where any living beings remain. Anything outside of it has been burned to a crisp.
    • Actually, let's correct that: it's not just everywhere, it's everywhen, since the past has also been incinerated. Can you imagine that? The entirety of Mankind dead, a literally uncountable number of people, since the very dawn of history, dead. Both entries feels like Fridge Horror, especially since the game frequently treats the event like an offscreen A Million Is a Statistic to be reversed and history isn't completely burned yet what with the time travel premise to go to different eras and fix things. Leaning towards cut.
  • The Demon Pillars. Each of them looks like a giant black mass covered in eyes, and every time they attack, they make a horrific screech that appropriately seem to come straight from hell. And then Solomon, their master, is a creepy sorcerer with a horrific grin and the Voice of the Legion, who summons forth a multitude of them to fight you. Not sure on this one, but I think this one can be kept with some rewrites
  • Babylonia is arguably the darkest of the singularities, and for good reason. What initially seems to be just a rather simple plot about defeating the Goddess Alliance soon spirals wildly out of control once Tiamat arrives on the scene. When this happens, all chance of a "good ending" goes right out the window, and you are locked in a pitched battle for survival against a genuine Eldritch Abomination for the rest of the singularity, desperately trying every possible avenue of victory in a hope of saving someone, let alone an entire city. The last part feels okay to skate by, but I have doubts about this.
    • The beginning of Babylonia, Mash's dream of Dr. Roman who's trying to sympathize with what's left of the human race. He preaches that life has no meaning and that humanity should stop struggling and live the rest of it's life in peace. Mash mistakenly believes it's the real Roman at first, but he soon begins laughing with a horrific smile on his face provided with a picture above. Keep since this is visually disturbing as an upset from the regular image of Dr. Roman.
    • The Lahmu in Babylonia take nightmare fuel demons to another level. Their enormous, sideways, humanoid mouths; the lack of eyes, the constant twitching while they wait for you to attack, and the disturbing ways some of their bodies contort... Not to mention the fact that they come in endless droves, and some of them are actually citizens of Uruk forcibly transformed into demons, some implied to be people you have met, who seem to still have human awareness and remember who you are. Keep. The Lahmu are deliberately designed to be some of the most unsettling monsters and all of this is explicit text.
      • The progress of the Chaos Tide the further you advance into the story. By the time you managed to dunk Tiamat into the underworld, the entire map which is around the size of Iraq is a giant ocean of dark purple. Pretty much everyone that isn't you, Mash, Merlin, King Hassan and Ishtar is dead. Gilgamesh died Taking the Bullet for you from one of Tiamat's lasers and had to use his corpse as a catalyst to bring himself back as a Servant. This is just describing things are grim and the endgame described is supposed to be a triumphant moment for the protagonists because they survived in spite of all odds. Leaning towards cut.
    • Tiamat herself is incredibly terrifying. Not only is she borderline immortal, but her view of all of humanity as her "children" is highly disturbing since she can't understand us like we can't understand her. We're essentially aliens to her, and though we can't understand her speech, it's likely that she finds us just as disturbing as we find her. The main problem with this is that this is mainly in her profile and requires players reading it after the fact to start being disturbed. Either needs a rewrite or cut.
    • The way Tiamat and the Lahmu turn on Kingu deserves mention. While the party is fighting Lahmu who were forcing Eridu's survivors to fight each other to the death for their amusement, Kingu interrupts the fight and chastises the Lahmu for wasting valuable time on pointless cruelty. The Lahmu slowly begin to laugh at him, claiming that they are simply emulating the "old" humanity and claiming to find suffering and death "fun". Kingu's incredulous outrage is suddenly interrupted, when the Lahmu suddenly brutally attack him and forcibly tear the Grail from his body. The Lahmu laugh at Kingu's shock and agony, gleefully revealing that Tiamat never truly cared for him or saw him as her child and that his sole purpose to her was facilitating her resurrection, and now that that's done, he no longer has any use to them, and proceed to gleefully hunt him through Eridu's jungle like a wild animal. Were it not for Lahmu!Siduri's sacrifice to save him, Kingu would have died there, betrayed by the "mother" he gave everything to serve. Scene summary, needs a rewrite.
  • According to Clock Tower 2015, Lev Lainur prevented the incineration of humanity by committing suicide before the demon god pillar could overwrite his personality and take over his body. He failed to do this in FGO, so who we're dealing with isn't even Lev anymore, it's the demon pillar using his body as a meatpuppet. Fridge Horror, especially because it requires knowledge of an external work to even start thinking about this. Cut.
    Chapter 1. 5 - Epic of Remnant 
  • The premise of Shimousa is utter horror due to the enemy Servants. They're not actually Servants at all, but rather the actual historical figures resurrected by Ashiya Doman and transformed into utterly deranged Omnicidal Maniac zombies who butcher countless innocents in horrifically bloody and violent ways. At one point, you end up fighting one of the enemy Servants on top of a literal mountain of freshly-butchered, mutilated corpses. To highlight just how utterly inhuman the zombified Servants are, their battle dialogue is completely replaced with feral, barely coherent roars and screaming, and instead of the simple fade into golden dust, their death animations are much more visceral. Keep. The atmosphere is designed to be oppressive and nightmarish, the last bit about death animations could do with expansion to explain how they're visceral, but this works overall.
    • One of the most horrifying aspects is that, with the exception of Amakusa and Doman, all of the enemy Servants are completely aware of themselves, but are utterly powerless to fight back against Doman's corruption that compels them to rampage. At various points, they will desperately beg you to kill them while crying Tears of Blood. Leaning toward keep because of the last bit.
      • Speaking of Amakusa, his portrayal in Shimosa also deserves mention. He's not actually the "true" Amakusa that's a summonable Servant, but rather an alternate version of him that, after learning that the Shimabara uprising is doomed to fail in all realities, due to being under a Quantum Timelock, as well as the fact that history idolizes the Tokugawa as heroes, while he and his followers are demonized as terrorists and criminals who deserved to die, fell into madness and decided that if history has declared him a bloodthirsty murderer, then that is exactly what he will be. To punctuate just how fallen he is, Shimosa Amakusa is no longer a Ruler, but an Avenger, with all of the murderous hatred and insanity the class entails. This is just describing an origin story and doesn't really say anything more than that. Leaning towards cut.
      • The Materials Collection reveal that eventually the actual Servants eventually learned about these versions of themselves, and even they were horrified at how such aspects laid dormant in them for Doman to take advantage of. Tomoe ended up being unable to meet other Servants before bowing her heads to apologize, and Chiyome continually blames herself for allowing that version to exist and only the protagonist could console them. One can only imagine how the likes of Chaldean Inshun, Munenori or even Raikou felt about those particular versions of themselves. Primarily dedicated to speculation and does not actually describe something scary. Cut.
    • The manga adaptation of the Singularity shows at the front the massacres of the Seven Swordmasters. Against the first Swordmaster alone, Hozoin slaughters a small village - men, women, children, and elderly are cut to small pieces as they run or cower in terror. Fujimaru tries to save them, but Musashi stops her because she's not strong enough from the disorienting unnatural rayshift, so they just hide inside a pile of hay hearing the villagers' dying scream around them. When Musashi finally fights Hozoin, she cuts his head off and it rolls to Fujimaru's feet, but his body is still fighting and he proceeds to regenerate his own head, one layer of flesh at a time. Scene summary where the last part would've sufficed.
      • The game isn't quite as graphic — but Hozoin notices movement in the haystack, knows the group is hiding there, and leaves them there to listen helplessly while he kills the villagers. ehhhh, this needs rewriting to convey why, probably should be combined with the above for better reading.
      • Raikou's depiction in the manga isn't much better. While every other Swordsmaster shows a deranged Ax-Crazy personality while in combat, when Raikou is fighting Musashi, her expression is lifeless. This example doesn't explain sufficient context for the character to explain why staring like that is scary. Cut.
      • Shuten captures Fujimaru and starts to Cold-Blooded Torture them by sticking her hand into their guts. All the while making chit-chat and comments like "Lie Back and Think of Chaldea" giving it the aspect of a rape scene. Keep, with expansion. This scene above anything else in the story chapter is the one that elicited reactions of horror from what I've seen.
    • Cosmos in the Lostbelt adds an extra layer of horror. Doman's purpose wasn't simply to take advantage of the alternate Amakusa's despair and rage and use it to cause mayhem and suffering (though it was definitely part of it), but was mainly him creating a prototype Lostbelt. Bad guy's plan is bad for people, cut for not saying more than that.
  • Heretical Salem
    • In contrast to the visceral Bloody Horror of Shimousa, the horror of Salem is considerably more psychological due to how human it is. There's no ulterior motive, no dark plan (at least until Raum appears). The entire conflict of the Pseudo-Singularity is a chillingly realistic tale of a humble hamlet descending into absolute anarchy and chaos purely due to the paranoia, intolerance and fanaticism of its denizens. Keep. It could do with some expansion but this part of the game is meant to be psychologically chilling, it starts to explain why before petering off and not elaborating.
    • And the horror doesn't even stop once Raum is dead! Despite the Demon Pillar's demise, Abigail's already crossed the Despair Event Horizon and succumbs to the Outer God inside of her, which proceeds to state it's going to bring "salvation" through endless suffering and punishment to every living being on the planet. Debatable, since it doesn't actually come to fruition and it's only really implied what that'd entail, so leaning towards cut.
    Chapter 2 - Cosmos in the Lostbelt 
  • The prologue for Cosmos in the Lostbelt, even before the Alien God's invasion, has the Protagonist and Mash being brutally interrogated by Mages Association officers. Imagine being in their shoes; after going through countless trials and, in Mash's case, defying death itself, their "reward" was having their benefactors completely turn on them, invade their home, banish almost all their friends, and then shunt them into cramped, barely-lit rooms where complete strangers furiously rant and scream about how their actions were "heretical" and that they would "pay dearly" for breaking the laws of The Masquerade. 1/2 of this is a Ron the Death Eater interpretation of what happened, the other 1/2 is speculation feeding into the other half. Cut.
  • When the Katsushika duo goes into their third ascension, Ou'i in particular gains a dress that looks more like a wearable alien, her lotus flower hair ornaments turn into these strange Eldritch Abomination pods with single eyes, and her father Hokusai (who takes the form of an octopus-like creature) docks with her and takes control of her body. Describing her isn't sufficient considering that's she still a pretty anime girl and the octopus is still a cartoony little cephalopod. Cut.
  • During the second Lostbelt, the party is traveling through Imaginary Numbers Space (essentially limbo), in order to get to Baldanders through the Scandinavian Peninsula, only for the radar of the Shadow Border to pick up the presence of something else following them. Despite the fact that nothing is supposed to live there. Now, Holmes acknowledges the possibility that the servants of the Alien God, like Koyanskaya, might have the ability to travel between dimensions... but also that it might be something else entirely, and you leave without ever finding out. Speculation and Fridge Horror. Cut.
  • Xiang Yu is easily one of the most terrifying Servants to have come out of the third Lostbelt. For starters, he's even larger than Ivan the Terrible (who was previously the largest Servant in the game). Then there's also what he looks like, appearing as a twisted, hellish, and monstrous centaur-like creature sporting four arms in which he gains even more as he ascends, and finally, his artwork depicts him with an incredibly creepy photorealistic design, standing out even among the other Servants with a Non-Standard Character Design. Although this is greatly mitigated once you get to know him, as he turns out to be quite the gentleman. Admitting that it's mitigated defeats the point. Cut.
  • Lostbelt Chaos, To put it simply it cracks open reality and all we can see of its true form is a giant eye before it effortlessly destroys Ares and requires the Grand Lancer to sacrifice himself to get us close and Musashi becoming Deader Than Dead just to seal it away. Musashi's death is ultimately portrayed as a "fuck yeah!" moment, leaning towards Cut for that reason.
  • It's mentioned that Beryl's Lostbelt became so twisted that he ultimately tricked the inhabitants into cutting down the Tree of Emptiness...except something is keeping it sustained. Even worse, after clearing Olympus, the button for Lostbelt 6 is visibly glitched. Whatever is going on there, it's clearly bad. Speculation. Cut.
  • A more meta example, but in their My Room lines, Enkidu says they can become a Holy Grail if you give them enough mana. Considering there's a function within the game that lets you give grails to your Servants to power them up, this has potential to dip into the And I Must Scream territory - especially with people joking about molding parts of Enkidu into Grails, or asking "which part should I cut off first?" I mean, this is a fan Black Comedy joke, so I want to cut this just going by principle.
  • The OVA gives us the glorious image of Olga Marie being thrown into Chaldeas, screaming and begging for someone to save her with tears in her eyes. Keep. Remove the pothole, this works fine as it's established to be A Fate Worse Than Death and the end result is in the text, not just speculation or Fridge Horror.
  • Unlimited Lost Works, the Noble Phantasm of EMIYA (Alter). It's basically Unlimited Blade Works combined with the Origin Bullet. The result is the enemy getting ripped apart from the inside by swords. Leaning towards keep because the image is very visceral.
  • Frankenstein's Interludes. Fate/Apocrypha showed Victor Frankenstein wasn't a particularly good father to Fran, but here it's shown he has no qualms about slaughtering entire towns to begin his experiments anew. Fran's new little sister, Eve, is slavishly devoted to their father and doesn't hesitate to brutally murder everyone he points at her. Still, not even she deserved to be used by her father as a new body, especially since she's advanced enough to realize what Victor's doing and vainly tries to resist as his consciousness overwrites hers. I didn't read them, but I think a case could be made.
  • Summer BB, despite being fused what is generally agreed to be the most evil, sadistic entity in the entire Cthulhu Mythos, doesn't really act any way different from usual aside from a slight obsession with pigs, which might make you wonder if this isn't another case of "Character Alignment in Fate makes no sense"...until you read the description in her Max Level Craft Essence, in which the Protagonist is trapped in the moon by BB, rendered completely insane from looking at Nyarlathotep's true form, all while humanity has been completely annihilated by the Alien God. The clock show it's 11:59, forever. Keep, I think the first part could be jettisoned but it overall works.
  • Most Valentine Scenes tend to be either heartwarming, funny, or heartwarmingly funny, but the 2018 edition brought us two scenes that are pretty unnerving:
    • BB's chocolate takes the form of a roulette machine, and she asks you to pull the lever. If you oblige her, you'll end up trapped into a Bounded Field she set up, and you'll never be able to leave until getting a jackpot... on a machine she rigged, so you're trapped in there forever;
      • Not that her Summer form is better, it's in fact, WORSE, like it came from H. P. Lovecraft himself. Basically, you get trapped into a Lotus-Eater Machine in the form of a Luluhawa Island chocolate, product of her powers granted by Nyarlatothep, causing you to forget everything and basically go insane due to BB being now an Eldritch Abomination. The last thing you hear before going completely insane is her laugh. Keep, the game even has a warning that there's nothing pleasant from this scene as it has a Downer Ending and unlike the other ones, that's completely unavoidable.
    • Kiara's scene starts out innocently enough, which is an oddity in and of itself, with her giving you some chocolate and inviting the Protagonist for some tea. However, if you choose to say that acting like this isn't really like her, then she immediately changes into her third ascension outfit, and it's implied she proceeds to rape the protagonist to death.
    • Thankfully both outcomes above are optional and easily avoided, which makes the scenes go back to being funny and/or heartwarming. This mitigates the Kiara and regular BB scenes by like a lot, so they need a rewrite to accommodate for this or just cut altogether.
  • Nagao Kagetora never stops smiling. Ever. While it's stated that she's generally a cheerful and energetic lady who remains upbeat even during battle, some of her smiles can be downright psychotic. My problem with this is that the art produced by Takeuchi is considered Snark Bait until it isn't for Nagao specifically because ???, dunno if a Slasher Smile would really change that if the art in general would still be lumped in with the rest for alleged laziness and tracing. Inclined towards cut for that reason.
  • Salome is just a Stripperiffic Bronze Servant who just happens to carry a skull that she used as her lover and mystical weapon and conversing with a creepily seductive voice. And she doesn't mind taking your head either for her fetish since that's what she does to her lovers. She's basically a really creepy Yandere that might give other famous Yanderes in the Chaldea crew like Kiyohime a run for their money. Also, if you're wondering whose head that was? John the Baptist's, the guy that baptized Jesus Christ (and is considered a Saint/Prophet by Christians and Muslims). Seeing her toy around with a revered man's skull is pretty unnerving.
    • Her Bond CE is very disturbing because, aside from John the Baptist's skull, the other skulls that she carries around belong to her former masters who had summoned her before. And her way of expressing her love to her masters is to chop their heads off and have them around. And yet, she's even interested in your head too! Both of the Salome examples should probably merit a rewrite (it's not clear why Salome chopping off your head is worse than Kiyohime burning you alive or Hassan of Serenity poisoning you. Playing with skulls is also a really odd trait to play up, considering other characters like Nobunaga have heavy association with them) but otherwise I guess keep.
  • Tristan's Interlude. It starts off innocent enough, a story of Tristan lamenting his inability to know what love is as it appears to then shift to the master and him in his dreams like many other Interludes. It's anything but. In truth, Tristan has been kidnapped by someone pretending to be the master, who then proceeds to torture Tristan with the things he did in Camelot, changing into the other Knights and people of the singularity as he can only scream for them to shut up. Soon, he's Laughing Mad and thoroughly convinced he's nothing more than a monster. When the master, Lancelot, Gawain, and Bedivere go to try and retrieve him, he's so far gone he tells them to Then Let Me Be Evil and threatens to kill the Master! And what's worse? He's not only regained the Reversal gift, but has been given two more: Gawain's Nightless and Mordred's Rampage. It takes a version of Lancer Altria appearing to finally stop him, only to end on an ominous note. Altria notes that the one who gave Tristan those gifts was more than likely Morgan le Fay, meaning she not only kidnapped Tristan herself, but also has the power to bequeath gifts unto servants, and is out there somewhere, doing god knows what. The last part is speculation and Tristan getting more Gifts isn't scary unless tough bosses are really just that seriously nightmare-inducing for you. The middle part about his breakdown might be kept if with some tweaks.
  • The ending of Moriarty's Interlude drops some unsettling details about Sherlock. His desire to protect and safeguard the Human Order and panhuman history isn't simply a "desire", its an obsession, and that obsession could potentially drive him to lengths that even a self-admitted Card-Carrying Villain like Moriarty would balk at. Add to that all the questions surrounding Holmes and his true motives. Speculation. Cut.
  • If you think that Riyo's April Fools Art wouldn't head towards this territory, Yang Guifei's eyes will make you think otherwise. I do personally find this particular artwork unsettling but as it is, this is just a ZCE.

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