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Technology Connections is a series of YouTube videos that explores numerous aspects of technological history, including how things work, the way things developed, and anything in between. There is no limit to what kinds of tech could be covered — one minute you may be learning about how electron guns draw pictures on an analog television, and the next you might be discovering that your modern toaster is a piece of junk.

While the channel officially started back in 2015, host Alec Watson's forays into YouTube go somewhat farther back than that, at least to 2013. However, at that time, he was a much smaller-known YouTube channel with much lower production values and is something of an Old Shame for him. The Technology Connections channel proper also first experienced its major surge in popularity with his video on VCRs in 2017, and further experienced another bump with the VHS vs. Beta format war series. Since then, it has become a fairly well-known series of videos among tech focused YouTube users, in particular because of the aforementioned variety of content and its uniqueness.

Alec also has a second channel, aptly named Technology Connextras, where he typically covers a topic already covered on his main channel but digs into further detail about the topic in an unscripted fashion.

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Technology Connections

Alec described what DVD does to handle widescreen content in a way its predecessors LaserDisc and VHS couldn't.

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