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    New villains will be from Slavic mythology and folklore 
You remember Cold War? And fact that even now Russia and America aren't best friends. Greek Gods are said to reside in center of Western Civilization repeatedly. They came in America probably some time after they got independence. Reason for enmity between 2 countries is because Slavic Gods and Greek Gods fight. Slavic pantheon moves with flame of Slavic civilization. Now,because of all ruckus they're waking up. They're also angry because of fight with Mat Zemlya-that is Gaia-and because she was immediately proclaimed enemy and they didn't try to negotiate-fact that will make Slavic gods alien to demigods. They will strike shaky treaty with them-which will be broken when certain demigods cross borders to one of slavic countries and start harassing one small innocent grandma. Angry Baba Yaga will remind everybody that she is goddess. Then, she''ll do 5 things:
  • Start kicking ass.
  • Proclaim that while they may have dealt with Mother Earth, she isn't limited to one element
  • Have fight with Hecate for title of Archwitch by using belief. Hecate will look as if she is winning, for she''ll draw on worship of her of past,present, and future.. And then Baba Yaga will draw on power of fairy tales, being progenitor of certain trope, winning immediately.
  • In tales she is referred as grandmother of Devil-she''ll draw head demon. [[Satan Satan himself]] and archangels in conflict, and so whole Christian cosmology.
  • Finally, Day, Sun, Night, Earth and Sky will be revealed to be protogenoi from Greek mythology.

     Hazel and/or Frank are the ones who die in Blood of Olympus 
They're both living on borrowed time... Hazel is back from the dead and once her part in saving the world is done, she'll have to die again as well. Maybe, by doing great things and sacrificing herself, Hazel will get something better than the Fields of Asphodel this time around. Frank has been told repeatedly that his life will burn "short and bright" (by gods, who would be the ones that know). Then, given that they're a couple and Riordan is something of a romantic, sending them to the afterlife together makes sense. While it's suggested in Ho H that it will be Leo (who thinks the "oath to keep with a final breath" line in reference to himself and Calypso), all of the prophecies in the books so far have been tricky, and never end up as easy to interpret as they seem at first. Best guess: Leo lives, Hazel and Frank die.
  • Hazel did promise to keep Frank's life-stick-thing safe for him, didn't she? That's our "oath to keep with final breath". She dies, he gets angry, the stick self-ignites and finally reduces completely to ashes.
  • Jossed, both survive. The "oath to keep with final breath" is from Leo, who vows on the River Styx to save Calypso from her island prison of Ogygia.

     Leo's gonna pull off a Heroic Sacrifice in the last book 
Think about it; Leo's not attached to anyone romantically, his only known relative is Rosa, who thinks he's the Anti-Christ, and his powers are referenced (?) in the Prophecy of Seven. It's the perfect setup.

How does the Prophecy go: Seven Half-Bloods shall answer the call/To storm or fire the world must fall/An oath to keep with a final breath/And foes bear arms to the doors of death.

My guess is that Percy and Jason, who can canonically combine their demigod powers to create powerful storms, will cook one up to try to put Gaea back to sleep, and since she's literally the Mother of All Big Bads, it won't work, or they'll be using too much power to control it. Leo, seeing his friends about to die from energy depletion, goes supernova with his pyrokinesis. This not only puts Gaea back to sleep, but also destroys a good portion of whatever army Gaea's built up to destroy Olympus. The remaining Heroes pair off (Frank/Hazel, Jason/Piper, and Percy/Annabeth), Leo gets to see his Mom in the Underworld, and the day is saved.

Because let's face it: Leo Valdez was never meant to go out in anything less than a blaze of glory.

  • This seems horribly likely. *sob*
    • But what about Calypso?! Leo swore on the River Styx that he would return and help her escape her island prison!
    • That's the thing! That's the oath to keep with a final breath.
  • You cannot die on Ogygia. He's going to sacrifice himself, and in the process he's going to end up back on the island. It may take months, years or even centuries, but working together they can absolutely manage to find a way off the island.
  • Confirmed as of Blood of Olympus. He comes back from the dead, however, after Festus injects him with the Physician's Cure.

     One of the The Kanes will be the seventh hero 
The team, as of now, breaks down into
  • Greek: Percy, Leo, Piper
  • Roman: Jason, Reyna, ???
with an extra from one of the camps wrecking the balance. However if it were to go 3 Romans, 3 Greeks and 1 Other, there would be a sort of balance. Also, I'm a sucker for that type of crossover junk.
  • Given that Aphrodite told Piper that she would be the mediator who brings about cooperation between the two camps, it would seem to be 3 Greeks (Percy, Annabeth, and Leo) 3 Romans (Jason, Reyna?, and uknown) and 1 other— Piper, who brings the two sides together.
    • Or, we could simply see it as 4 Greeks and 3 Romans. The Greek campers get one more because they've held the helm of the series from the beginning, the greek version of the myths are the most well-known (most of the time, never mind Hercules) and we're used to them by now. Agreed that the greeks would be Piper, Leo (already stated as pretty much a fact), Percy (obviously), and the fourth is likely to be Annabeth because unless something horrible happens to her (see other WMG theories in this page), she's not going to just wait while Percy goes off to the Doors of Death; she's his girlfriend and has been his lancer all through the first series. From the roman camp we have Jason, I'm betting Reyna (especially if there's a Love Dodecahedron situation involved), and someone else.
    • Seeing as Aphrodite was the mother of the first Roman demigod, and Piper is slated to be the mediator between the two sides, she'll most likely be seen as neutral
  • You're all wrong - three of the heroes will be Leucos, Axios, and Eris.
  • Riordan has confirmed that the seven demigods are children of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hephaestus, Athena, Ares, and Aphrodite.
    • All right, so that's Jason, Percy, Nico, Leo, Annabeth, Clarisse, and Piper, respectively.
      • It's very unlikely to be Clarisse. Given how much more the god of war is respected as Mars than Ares, his demigod will almost definitely be a Roman.
      • Plus, there's a good chance that the child of Hades would be from the Roman camp (as a child of Pluto). Whilst Nico is powerful in his own right, to only have two people from the Roman camp (i.e. Jason and this child of Mars) as part of the seven would be really unfair. As stated above, 3 from the Greek Camp and 3 from the Roman Camp with Piper as the middle ground seems the most likely.
      • Frank is the Ares kid.
      • But that would mean that, after the big deal they made of Hades being the only one to stay true to the oath, he would've secretly broken it anyway. From what we've seen of him, he doesn't seem the type. It'd make much more sense if the extra Roman was a child of Minerva. Annabeth doesn't have to be in the prophecy to be involved in the war.
      • Thats if the oath covers all of their aspects. We know that Zeus broke it with Jason as his Jupiter aspect (though thats not saying much considering how faithful Zeus is). We know that they have completely different personalities as their Roman aspects, so it is still fairly possible that Pluto has a child at the Roman camp. This troper will admit though to leave Annabeth out of this prophecy would be a good plot twist.
      • Hazel was born several years before Nico, but a lot of time dead. She wasn't born against the oath.
      • As of now it is most likely that the 7 heroes will be Percy, (Poseidon) Jason, (Jupiter) Piper (Aphrodite) Leo (Hephaestus), Annabeth (Athena), and the two new characters that were introduced in Son of Neptune: Hazel (Pluto) and Frank (Mars).
      • Final guess is Confirmed. Those 7 are the ones in the prophecy.

     Nico will have a Moment Of Awesome and stop a load of evil dead people from coming to life. 
But of course he will let the good people out. Many happy moments will occur as beloved but dead characters return for one final battle.
  • He will also raise an entire badass WWI/Napoleonic/WWII/Vietnam War combined army from the dead and they curb-stomp a third of the monster army.

     Jason and Piper's romance is a sham 
Let's look at the facts: Jason was at camp Jupiter for most of his life, and worked closely with Reyna for a good portion of it. One would expect him to at least exhibit SOME romantic attraction to SOMEONE there, if not Reyna. However, he is said to have no interest in Reyna, or anyone for that matter. It's only after meeting Piper that romance occurs. We could chalk this up to "true love" or some excuse, but this is a wmg- we go crazy round here. Jason only started to like anyone after meeting Piper, a girl who really wanted him to like her- and has the ability to mind rape people into doing what she wants. What a coincidence! Jason also seems to be very interested in Nico after a certain fact is revealed. Jason wanting to help a friend, or something more?
  • Half-jossed. In the Burning Maze, it's confirmed that Jason and Piper have broken up a few months before the events in the Burning Maze; however, Jason never had feelings for Nico or Reyna. Just as suddenly, though, Jason dies at the hands of Caligula and never gets together with anyone else.


     Annabeth will be the seventh hero 
Contradicting my last WMG with what is honestly much more likely.

Seconded, I really can't see a quest or book fullstop without Annabeth. Looking at the line up so far, they need someone 'smart' on the team and Rick already admitted a child of Athena will be one of the seven. Any other child of Athena/Minerva will just seem like a weak replacement for Annabeth to the fans.


     Annabeth dies 
Arachne kills Annabeth and the seven heroes go to the Doors of Death to rescue her.

Jossed. She almost did it but Annabeth tricked her.

  • Jossed further by The Staff of Serapis, which is set after The Blood of Olympus

     Divine parentage of the seven 
Jason, Piper, and Leo are confirmed. Nico and Percy seem inevitable. That's Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Aphrodite, and Hephaestus. On the grounds that a child of Hermes played a big role last series, the remaining two heroes (Annabeth and Reyna?) will come from Athena, Ares, Apollo, or Demeter.
  • Well, Clarisse did have her epic Big Damn Heroes scene in TLO...My money's on Apollo. Every good raid group needs a ranged character/healer.
    • My money's on a SON of Artemis. Just for Irony.
    • Not likely for obvious reasons. Artemis will have to have made him out of a flower or woodland critter or moonlight or something, is all I'm saying.
    • Sculpture made out of moon-rock is my bet. Also, I believe she loved two men in Greek Mythology. One died (Orion, I think), the other was put into an eternal sleep (Endymion). Third time's the charm.
      • One man, Orion, whom Apollo tricked Artemis into killing because he wanted to preserve her virginity. Endymion was Selene, a titan.
      • Actually, Diana (Her Roman form) fell in love with both.
  • My guess is that Apollo and Demeter will finally get some love - Apollo's had one scene and only a couple off-hand mentions in the series. Demeter had a couple scenes more than Apollo but we don't really know any of her children, same with Apollo.
  • As cool as having seven children of seven different gods form the prophesized group would be, why does Nico "seem inevitable"? Granted, the kid is an Ensemble Dark Horse of the grandest kind, but... note 
    • A major problem for the demigods right now is that slain monsters are regenerating almost immediately because of that tunnel Gaia made into Tartarus. But monsters killed by Stygian iron never regenerate because their essence is absorbed into the metal. And since Stygian iron can only be wielded by children of the Underworld, Nico's the only demigod who can kill monsters that will actually stay dead. So it stands to reason that he'll be a key player in all this one way or another.
    • Since Jason's one the seven, Thalia probably won't be, assuming a limit of one hero per god. Combined with everything that's going on with Gaia smuggling people out of the Underworld, the Stygian iron thing, and Hades being one of the Big Three, Nico seems like a pretty safe bet.
      • Who says it has to be Nico, though? We don't know if the Roman aspects of the gods are bound by the same oaths as their Greek forms, so there could be a child of Pluto running around at the Roman camp who could be one of the seven.
      • If the Romans received the current Great Prophecy, they probably received the last one, too. So gods are probably bound to their oaths no matter what their form. They're still the same gods, after all.
      • But they aren't, thats the point of this series. When we first learn about the aspects from Clovis, he states that they have different personalities and as a result different Gods. There is a chance that they did not recieve the previous Great Prophecy and even if they did, they broke the rules anyway in their Greek Forms and in their Roman forms so there is still a chance that there is a child of Pluto running around who is more experienced then Nico is.
  • What about a son or Daughter of Bacchus? Granted, one of the twins died in Olympians, but the other one has mostly been a Living Prop type. It's implied that the reason Bacchus/Dionysus doesn't really get around is that he loves Ariadne and keeps to her a lot.
  • Clovis is one of the seven. Remember at the campfire - "Some are here, some are not..." and Clovis says "I'm here!" We need a few more minor gods around - I hope there's also a Roman child of Discordia...
    • There's a better chance of Clovis being one of the seven, or at least, having a pretty significant role in the story, than you might think, because his father, Hypnos, is one of the only gods NOT descended from Gaia.
  • Riordan has confirmed that the seven demigods are children of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hephaestus, Athena, Ares, and Aphrodite.
    • because no one will ever love Demeter. her kids never even get to give gifts/ useful hints to the questing campers. sucks for them, even though some of the myths have me convinced that Demeter could beat any of her siblings if she really wanted to. not that she would, but still.
  • Most of the above jossed. It's sort of confirmed that Percy, Jason, Hazel, Frank, Piper and Leo will be six of the seven. Annabeth being the seventh is the most likely.

     There is an Oracle of Cumae. 
Jason knows the last two lines of the prophecy, albeit in Latin, but it's obvious the Greek and Roman camps don't have association. Apollo works through both the Oracles, Delphi and Cumae, and it's possible the Roman camp got their prophecy through the Cumae oracle.
  • Jossed. There's not oracle at Camp Jupiter.
    • Not really, it just depends on your definition of the word Oracle.
    • Oracle in PJ series is defined as someone possessed by an Oracle spirit, and the only Oracle spirit seems to be the Spirit of Delphi. The onyl others who can see the future are A) an Augur, and B) A seer.

     Everything has a counterpart at Roman Camp. 
Not just Chiron/Lupa - Jason (hero) plus love interest (Reyna) fought against the Titan Krios and some betrayer who was close to Reyna, plus help from teacher (Lupa). There's a counterpart to everyone at Camp Half-Blood.
  • Alternatively, Jason is the "Annabeth" of the Roman Camp, and Reyna is the "Luke". Piper will be his "Percy".
    • Jossed. Reyna is harsh but good. Octavian has a lot in common with Luke and Drew though.

     Percy is not the Son of Neptune. 
Poseidon hinted that Percy might have a sibling - Percy thinks he's joking, but Poseidon only gives a vague answer (but he doesn't directly say there is one). It's because Poseidon had a child through Roman aspect, who is the second book's Son of Neptune. Of course, that doesn't stop Percy from showing up.
  • And adding onto that, the Son of Neptune will be a villain, just to switch things up a bit.
    • According to the Other Wiki, Riordan has confirmed that the son of Neptune is Percy and not a Roman camper. Doesn't rule out Percy having siblings over there, though.
      • As of Son of Neptune, he's still an only child on his mother's side.
      • But Frank is a *descendant* of Poseidon/Neptune. And "son" can sometimes simply mean "descendant". So it could be Percy, or Frank.
      • or the horse.
      • Or, for the villain factor, Phineas. Word of God states that it's supposed to be an open-ended title, so it could just be ALL of them.

     Percy's Achilles weakness/fatal flaw will show. 
It never got the chance to show in the first series - so this is Riordan's chance to fully flesh it out. Yes, Percy is still invulnerable, and it must help him. But while it's unlikely that Riordan will demonstrate the actual physical Achilles spot and kill our beloved Percy, remember that he still has an Achilles weakness - Annabeth.
  • That links in with the "Annabeth dies" theory above. It would go like this:
  • Annabeth dies, they go to the doors of death to save her, and they fail. The legends only ever ended in a happily ever after for the original Perseus, and he was a son of Zeus not Poseidon. If Riordan wants the series to really mirror the original myths, Percy will have to fail, and fail miserably. His fatal weakness will thus not only get Annabeth killed (a la Heracles and Megara) but also himself. Only Jason will survive out of the twelve.
    • The series can't really mirror the original myths, because the standards of a story in ancient times were different than those of today. In stories today, the hero is allowed to die or worse, but aside from a few genres they can't fail.
  • Half jossed - current previews have him give up his Achilles heel, though he probably keeps his fatal flaw.
    • It's strongly implied that unless Frank acts as a counterweight Percy's fatal flaw will cause a lot of trouble...
  • Idea: In order to stop Gaea, one of the Seven must die, but Percy will refuse to sacrifice a friend; someone else (perhaps Frank) will need to force his hand.
    • Strongly implied at the end of MoA when Leo realizes that if the Doors of Death have to be closed from both sides, it means one of them has to be on the other side to close it.
  • Now half jossed. Percy's Fatal Flaw revealed itself—he refused to sacrifice Annabeth at the end of Mark of Athena and elected to fall into Tartarus with her instead. Whether or not that was a bad thing is yet unknown.
    • But given Gaea needed two demigods blood to rise again and by falling into Tartarus with Annabeth Percy provided that, its a good guess that it's a bad thing.

     Piper is an alternate-version Bleach Orihime 
.Charmspeaking is part of being a Reality Warper, and she certainly saved Jason through her will.
  • I got really excited about this theory...but then I remembered that Piper doesn't have a brother. So much for Piper meeting her (dead) older brother as a Hollow shade of Hades.

     Reyna is a Faun! 
I just like the Jason/Piper ship too much to let it die due to a new character.
  • Jossed.

     Reyna is a daughter of Zeus! 
Same as above, but who said the Pact applied to both Greek and Roman?
  • Er... that's incestuous, even for this series.
    • If Reyna was his sister, Jason remembering her wouldn't lead to him questioning how he felt about Piper.
    • Jossed. Reyna is a daughter of Bellona.

     Reyna is the Oracle, and an ex-girlfriend of Jason's 
Also same as above.
  • Jossed; there is no oracle. Octavian just slices open plushies to do auguries.

     Grover is running for President of the United States of America 
Taken from a throwaway comment from the previous series. Juniper probably will have made him.

     Percy is the titled 'son of Neptune' 
At the end of the first book it is implied that Percy and Jason were switched. Percy and everyone at Roman camp will think he is Neptune's son and leader of the camp, having not coming to his senses yet. Hera actually replacing memories and a strong mist on everyone this time.
  • According to the Other Wiki, Riordan has said that the title mostly refers to Percy, but maybe not Percy exclusively, like how "The Lost Hero" could be referring to Percy or Jason.

     Percy physically cannot forget Annabeth 
If Percy forgets Annabeth, he loses sight of what makes him human, leading to Spontaneous Combustion.
  • Don't forget he still has the physical Achilles spot, though...
    • Alternate, the transfer to the Roman camp came with a washing off of the curse of Achilles, bringing him back down to normal mortal standards.
  • The first chapter on the website has confirmed that Percy remembers Annabeth as the one piece of his memory that is left
    • Confirmed, kind of. Annabeth is what he remembers, similar to Jason remembering Thalia.

     Jason is technically Zeus and Hera's son and the legitimate heir to the Olympian Throne. 
Riddle me this: If Zeus were defeated by Gaia, who would reign over Olympus?

Deep down, Hera knows that Ares and Hephaestus are in no way fit to succeed their father should the worst happen. Jupiter's defeat might create a power struggle between Hades and Poseidon that would further split the pantheon in the face of Gaia's assault.

What's more, neither Athena, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysus or Apollo have any legitimate claim to the throne because the elder gods (Hera, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia) would never recognize one of Zeus' bastards as rightful ruler. Hera wields more power over Olympus than any other god save her husband and she would naturally hold power over the chain of succession. Ares and Hesphestus would vote with their mama against their half-siblings and the Olympian base would be broken while Gaia scales Olympus like in God of War.

NVM didn't see below before editing (is Ares's Zeus and Hera's child.? I never heard of how he was born.) But I think Ares could defeat Zeus (I mean come on he's the god of war!!).

So how does Jason fit into this?

Because Hera was offered Jason's life and depending on how that was handled, it may be seen as kin to adoption. Jason is the rare son of Zeus spared Hera's wrath because he is "technically" her son as well. Hera is positioning her child as a legitimate heir and fail-safe against the chaos that would follow in the wake of Zeus' death. As a mortal hero, he can win the affection and loyalty of his aunts and uncles and position himself as a candidate for the throne. He and Percy stand to unite the Roman and Greek camps and thus have sway over a large number of demigods.Jupiter will be slain by Gaia and Jason will ascend, having won the favor of his family through his heroic deeds thus fulfilling the prophecy that a son of Zeus would rise above his father.

  • Thank you sir. This has to happen or I will proclaim the series as "crap".
    • Having thought about this for 24 hours, I have an add on to the WMG. All the gods will die, except Hera, Demeter, Persephone, Dionysus and Hestia. The Gods will be replaced by their most powerful children:
      • Poseidon = Percy
      • Athena = Annabeth
      • Aphrodite = Piper
      • Hades = Nico
      • Zeus = Jason
      • Ares = Clarisse
      • Hephaestus = Leo
      • Apollo = Unknown Apollo camper/Rachel
      • Artemis = Unknown son of Artemis (Filling the series's irony and chivalry quotas)
      • Hermes = Luke (People are coming back to life. Perfect time for Luke to redeem himself even more)
  • There's a gaping hole in this theory, though: Athena is explicitly defined as Zeus's heir by the laws of gods in the source mythology. Hera is Zeus's queen, but this does not actually make Athena a bastard child: Zeus's first wife was actually Metis, the mother of Athena. (This is why Zeus swallowed Metis in the form of a fly which caused Athena to come out of his head: he knew that if Metis gave birth to a boy, that boy would overthrow him as all sons overthrow their dads in king-of-the-god rules, the same way Zeus overthrew Kronos and Kronos overthrew Ouranos. Of course, surprise! Metis gave birth to a girl who turned out to be not at all interested in killing her dad.) In many of the poetry and materials regarding Greek mythology, Athena is Zeus's favorite child and heir.
    • You really think Hera is happy about that? You don't think that, whatever legitimate claim Athena may have to the throne, that Hera would rather one of her own children succeed? Hera would have very good reason to ensure that Jason succeed Zeus. Athena rising to the throne would mean that Hera is effectively deposed as queen of the Gods. As daughter or Metis, Hera would no longer have any place on Olympus other than goddess of marriage. What's more, Hera has made her business tormenting gods (Apollo, Artemis, Hercules) and has only gotten away with it because of her position as Zeus' wife. Now, lacking Zeus protection, might Hercules come for his revenge against his stepmother? Would Artemis and Apollo not seize this opportunity to get back at the woman who tormented their mother while she was suffering in labor pains? Would Athena be inclined to save Hera who now provides no use to the pantheon other than as a marriage goddess? Are there any lengths Hera would not go to in order to ensure that she maintains power over Olympus? Two ways this could be engineered is
      • 1) Athena is offed either in war with Gaia or by Hera who does away with her in Shakespearean fashion (See Macbeth or King Lear for examples of legitimate heirs being deposed). True, Jason may not be happy about this but with Athena and Zeus out of the way, he has to go along with it to prevent chaos and dissent amongst the gods. Hera buys protection by installing Jason on the throne.
      • 2) Jason turns out to be the more fit king. True, Athena is wisest of the gods but Jason could be stronger or more cunning(see Hercules for demigods becoming stronger than gods, especially sons of Zeus). To take a page from Norse Mythology, look at Odin. He was strong, but not stronger than his son Thor who could cleave mountains with Mjolnir. He was wise and a powerful sorcerer, but sources hold that Frigg, his wife, was better endowed (hurr hurr) in sorcery and divination. Odin was cunning but nowhere near as crafty as Loki, the Magnificent Bastard. What made Odin an effective king was his balance of strength, wisdom and cunning that the others lacked. Frigg might have been wiser, but she lacked the power to fight or the cunning to deceive. Thor would have been able to fight but would lack the wisdom to lead or the cunning to survive political situations. Loki would have been the master politician but a poor warrior and ruler. Now, going back to the Greeks, Jason might lack Athena's wisdom and good judgment, but he may yet gain adequate sense, good political savvy to make allies and power to defeat Gaia. If (when, let's be honest) Jason slays or imprisons Gaia, he could name his own tune and Athena might recognize him as a better ruler. Being the wisest goddess, she might logically decide that Jason is best suited for the throne and abdicate her claim to make way for a better ruler, one who possesses her beloved father's power, his adopted mother's cunning and wisdom gleaned from her tutelage. She might stay on as chief adviser to compensate for lack of his perfect wisdom. Athena (in Riordan's verse anyway) comes off as least petty of the gods and wants the best for Olympus.
      • So, if I understand this right, Hera's plan to not get mobbed by angry gods... is to raise to the throne a guy who she has given every reason to hate her and whose friends she has given every reason to hate her. And we now see why Athena got Wisdom.
      • Even Hera can't break the laws of Heaven. She's only queen of the gods NOW because Metis is kinda stuck in Zeus's literal head. There's absolutely no way Jason could legitimately take any ruling over the gods; if he did so illegitimately, he'd be VERY quickly offed. This is why the only legitimate threats to Zeus, both in Riordan-verse and source mythology, were people who had claims to the universe before Zeus (Gaea/her giant sons, Kronos, Ouranous, etc.). And if Athena deems him to be a better ruler...he'd be a literal God-Mode Sue.
      • True, but Jason is already the long lost brother of an established character, possessed a Morph Weapon, is the son of the Big Three through a loophole in logistics, can control the weather, has two girls as potential love interests, suffered from Laser-Guided Amnesia that apparently made him forget that he was a badass praetor that wasted a Titan and belongs to Second Camp Half Blood...sound familiar? And this is still book one, so if Jason is going to get more powerful as the story progresses, there's not many ways he can go but up.
      • Herakles/Hercules was indeed able to stand up to full gods, but that was because Zeus sired him specifically to be a god in mortal form, so that he could become a god when he died and bring counsel from the human perspective to Olympus, in addition to making the mortal world safe by killing....well all the monsters, getting around the "gods can't interfere" loophole. Herc was never on the same tier of power as Zeus, while Athena is more powerful than Zeus—she's just completely loyal to her father as well.
  • I'm sorry, but if the gods resent Percy for calling them out on and forcing them to change some of their bad parenting habits, after saving their asses from Kronos in a conflict that was caused DIRECTLY because of some of said bad parenting, there's no way the other gods will accept Jason, a mortal, as their new king, hero above all heroes demigod son of Jupiter or not.

     The Union was the Greeks, and the Confederacy the Romans. 
As I mentioned on The American Civil War page, Chiron mentions having trained Chamberlain in one of the earlier books; this would cause Unfortunate Implications, as the Roman-camp demigods are described as more warlike, untrusting, and violent...
  • In my mind this works out perfectly considering that the South and the Romans both had slavery.
    • Greeks also had slavery.
      • As did the Union.
  • I think the Greeks were the Union, but only because the Greek camp is in New York.
  • Or it's the other way round, mirroring the pattern of before where the Romans conquer the Greeks.
  • The civil war was before the fall of the British Empire: Olympus was in London at the time.
  • I agree with this theory.
    • Jossed, Jason confirms that there were Greeks and Romans on both sides in the war. Which properly also means that they were on both sides in each civil war.
      • However, that same scene implies that the Greeks were the bulk of the Union and the Romans were the bulk of the Confederacy. So yeah, the Union was mostly Greeks and the Confederacy was mostly Romans. Not to mention, the war was begun by Abraham Lincoln being elected President, which caused the southern states to begin seceding due to fears of losing their slaves, which gave Lincoln a reason to start the war. The book was careful to point out that every civil war in history since the Roman Empire was Greeks vs. Romans, and points out that every single one of them was a result of children of Athena stirring up the old hatreds. Now, given that most important historical figures were actually demigods, and considering that historically, Lincoln was such an effective military leader that it's been said the South would have won if he'd been leading them, the obvious answer is that Lincoln was a son of Athena—and even if he wasn't, the Union did start the war, which means the Union was at least controlled by Athena's brood.
      • Huh? Lincoln wasn't a military leader, he was one of the greatest speakers of his generation and possible in US history, but his only military experiance was joining the army for the blackhawk war then it ended before he left camp. Also the Confedrates had Robert E Lee, the best genral in the war, and they lost because they lack numbers, suppiles, or good poltical leadership.
      • Perhaps John Brown was the son of Athena?

     Daedalus, Luke, Beckendorf, Silena, and Michael will return. 
It's the Doors of Death! Anything can happen!
  • I'd put money on Luke making an appearance, at least. And Beckendorf and Silena would be awesome (Dead) Big Brother / Sister Mentors to Leo and Piper, especially since Jason already got his big sister back.
    • Tying this in with the whole Percy and/or Annabeth dies WMG above, I'm thinking one of them will die but makes a deal with Hades to seek out the tunnel Gaia bored into Tartarus to smuggle people out of the Underworld. He'll let them return to the living if they can destroy it behind them on their way back up. And since that's way too big a job for just one hero alone, que Luke/Beckendorf/Silena/Michael/Bianca coming with (maybe even Ethan, too?).
  • I don't think Luke would appear. In TLO, he said he thought he would try for the Isles of Blest, so he would be reborn and probably would have been reborn by now. However, I'm all for some of the main characters getting stuck and having Silena, Beckendorf, Michael, and Bianca pull a Big Damn Heroes moment as an opening. Well, that's how I picture it would happen.
  • Riordan has said that most if not all of the main characters from P Jat O will have a part to play in Heroes, so don't count on Luke being out the picture just yet.
    • Most, not all. Bianca seems to have already moved on and been reborn.
  • As of Blood of Olympus, this has been mostly Jossed. Michael Varus does return, but as a minor antagonist, stabbing Jason in the back with an Imperial Gold sword. Luke, Silena, and Beckendorf aren't even mentioned.

     The Great Prophecy relates not to the literal destruction of the planet, but to Gaia's fall 
Another term for "Earth" is "the world." She's the primordial goddess/incarnation of the whole world. Thus, she will fall to either "fire or storm" - Leo is Hephaestus' son and wields fire and Jason, as Jupiter's, wields a storm. Fridge Brilliance at its finest.
  • Not a bad idea, but Poseidon/Neptune is the god of storms, too. Remember that hurricane Percy summoned in The Last Olympian? So it could be him, too.
    • Also, what would that mean for the world? If the spirit of the West is embodied in the Olympian Gods, and their deaths would mean the unraveling of the entirety of Western civilization, then the fall of Gaia cannot mean her death because otherwise the planet is destroyed anyway. The most they'll be able to do is put her back to sleep.
    • The books have said many times that the gods and other immortals can't be killed, only pushed down or pushed back. "Fall" just probably means "fall back to sleep".
      • The "fire" part could refer to Frank. He is supposed to die watching his life stick burn in his hand.
      • Piper brings up this very possibility
      • Confirmed

     Thalia will leave the Hunters at some point during the series. 
Her reasons for joining the Hunters were pretty much exclusively to escape the prophecy. Now that Jason is back on the scene, she may find she wants to spend more time with her brother, something being a Hunter of Artemis would hardly facilitate. Couple this with the WMG above where demigods from the past books (coughLukecough) and Thalia may relinquish her immortality in favor of a normal life.
  • There was also the one-sided ship-tease between Thalia and Leo. Obviously, pretty much nothing came of that apart from Leo's musings, but I just got that feeling. All of Thalia's aging stops have pretty much put them at the same age, and it's as good a theory as any, for now. Plus, best friend's sister has been a time-honored romantic archetype in fiction for just about ever.
  • As a general rule one does not break oaths without consequence in Greek mythology, especially not to gods.

     Dionysus may be off the bottle... 
...but Bacchus sure as hell isn't. Jason and his friends are going to encounter Bacchus in his wildest state, gone mad by the fact that his Greek persona is forced into sobriety.
  • This is bloody brilliant.
    • Jossed, Bacchus is also banned from drinking alcohol and like his Greek half, only drinks soft drinks. He also is a lot calmer then Dionysus.
    • While Mr. D likes coke, Bacchus prefers pepsi.

     My take on the 7 Halfbloods. 
Twelve is a good number.
  • Riordan has confirmed that the seven demigods are children of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hephaestus, Athena, Ares, and Aphrodite.

     One demigod will be a child of Eris. 
Because she should be in this series, darn it. But for a little twist, the Eris-child will be a good guy (because hey, you can always cause discord amongst your enemies instead).
  • Jossed.
  • Besides, Eris is in Tartarus with her mother Nyx, so the idea of her birthing half-human children is a little bit wild.

     Piper's ability to speak French because it is the language of love is actually a [[Fridge Brilliance brilliant 
Stealth Pun.]]What's another word for love? Romance. Much like the Greek Demigods' ability to understand Greek, Roman demigods have the ability to understand Latin and languages that grew out of it. Jason doesn't understand French only because he has the natural aptitude for any of the other Romance languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, etc...). The Greek demigods get the short end of language mastery because there weren't any widely used evolutions of Greek.
  • Heck I bet you anything that children of Venus are able to speak all romance languages, too.
  • Except that Piper is a daughter of the Greek Aphrodite, not the Roman Venus.

     Jason and Thalia have another sibling... 
...because there have to be three Graces.
  • That might not be such an Incredibly Lame Pun as much as Fridge Brilliance. We've already been told enough times that three is a strong number to the Greeks, so why not? The name isn't exactly subtle, and he's hardly shied away from such obviousness before Rachel Elizabeth Dare indeed.
  • I'd actually like to add to this theory, if I may. My addition to this theory is that very shortly after Thalia ran away (approximately two years after Jason disappeared, making her around eleven), Miss Grace attracted the attention of another god (maybe Thor, since Rick Riordan has already announced that he has a Norse series in the works), and conceived a child. This would make him/her about twelve years younger than Thalia, who is chronologically around twenty-three, and five years younger than Jason, who is sixteen. Neither of them know that their mother had another child because she died and their younger sibling went into foster care. And if Norse demigods start showing their powers at a similar age as Greek and Roman demigods (somewhere around eleven or twelve), and if the Norse mythology series picks up at a similar point in time as Heroes of Olympus, that would make the youngest Grace the prime age to be coming into his/her demigod heritage, and possibly be a main character in that series.
  • Since Thalia and Jason's mother's last name is Grace, wouldn't SHE be the third one?

     Percy will be given the ability to speak/understand Latin out of necessity. 
Think about it. If the demigods over at the Roman Camp Halfblood get their prophecies in Latin, they probably use it often enough that not being fluent in it would be a major red flag that Percy doesn't belong. Definitely a major stumbling block on the whole getting-them-to-trust-him thing if he can't really understand them half the time.
  • Although, Percy having to put so much effort into learning Latin might go a long way towards showing the Roman demigods that he's genuinely willing to adapt to their culture and their acceptance of him.
  • Percy at least knows the bare basics of Latin. Recall, Chiron worked at Yancy Academy as Mr. Brunner, the Latin teacher. While Percy sucked at Latin, he might know just enough to be able to pick it up in a life or death situation. Which also begs the question of why Chiron would teach Latin when he was looking for Grecian demigods, as opposed to some sort of mythology class or history class (which are offered in some form or another in most schools), unlesss he knew that sometime in the near future, the Roman and Grecian Camps would have to meet. He obviously thought there was something special about Percy, because he doesn't seem to just drop everything and take up a teaching position every time there's a new demigod in town. Maybe Chiron has known all along that this would happen.
    • Latin looks better on a college transcript than Greek. Heck it wouldn't surprise me if Lupa and Chiron knew Latin and Greek to talk to each other.
      • Although one would have to wonder how much of his Latin lessons he remembered after almost a decade without them (as far as I know, he didn't take them after book one). Keep in mind that though Latin was the official language of Rome, Greek was still the lingua franca.
    • Or he's been going through the exact same thing that Jason went through at Camp Half-Blood, his memories coming back in bits and pieces, his uncanny ability to speak Ancient Greek, the fact that he might still be under the Curse of Achilles? It wouldn't be hard to spot that he had a lot of things different about him.
  • Just an addendum: In the first book, when Percy is fighting Mrs. Dodds, he shouts (inexplicably in Latin, prolly powered by the same thing that makes him speak Ancient Greek) "Eat my pants!". I assumed it was Continuity Drift given that Riordan prolly didn't conceive this series by this time. But you never know...

     Ouranus will appear. 
Aphrodite mentioned that she was created from his remains, but as we know from Kronos, even if gods are cut up into little pieces it doesn't mean that they're really gone. True, he's supposed to be even worse than Kronos, and pretty much everybody hates him, but Ouranus would be a pretty powerful ally against Gaia. Or he could attempt to use the coming war to reinstate himself as lord of the universe in a truly epic melee a trois!
  • Or maybe we'll get to see those events from his side - history's written by the winners; Gaea may have been the one to engage in Disproportionate Retribution towards him and not him towards their children.

     Hypnos will be a villain and wake Gaia, or help the heroes in putting her to sleep. 
The presence of the Hynpos cabin with all this talk of keeping Gaia asleep is too coincidental to be left alone. Alternatively, Hypnos will want Gaia to sleep, but Somnus will want her to stay awake and keep the gods and demigods in line.
  • Why would the god of sleep want to wake the worst enemy of the gods? He wouldn't really get benefits from a chaotic world ruled by Gaea.

     Tantalus will come back from the dead. 
And he'll try to eat the demigods.
  • Is he technically dead anyway? With the gates of death opened he does seem like an obvious choice to bring back, given his mythical history.

     Aphrodite's ploy to get Jason and Piper together will backfire. 
If Jason does have a relationship with Reyna (and he probably does, added romantic drama all but demands it), then the Roman demigods might see his turning away from Reyna in favor of Piper as Jason's being manipulated and corrupted by the Greeks, something they're not likely to take kindly to. Face it, if something similar happened to Percy to the same degree that it's happening to Jason, the Greeks would be up in arms at Annabeth's defense in a heartbeat. The fandom certainly has.
  • He didn't, he and Reyna were rather close and probably headed in that direction but Hera/Juno got in the way before something could actually begin

     Percy and Jason will duke it out to be leader of the two camps on the quest to Greece. 
Percy's not going to just had the role of leadership over, so it'll have to come down to a fight at some point or another. My guess, Percy will win, because, you know, he's Percy, but will give it to Jason in the end anyway. There's certain to be times during the quest when he'll have to go off alone and be the badass One-Man Army that he is, which is when he'll need Jason to be able to lead the others. So why still the fight? Because Percy still wanted to make sure that Jason was up to the job.
  • I doubt it. I'm betting that Percy will lead the Greeks and Jason will lead the Romans.
    • I'm actually going the other way. Hera isn't going to return their memories until the mission is over so they will know their friends at the other camp better then they do their original friends. This is shown by the end of the book when Hera tells Jason "You will be a leader at this camp".
    • Jossed; by the end of the second book Percy has all his memories back and it's been long enough that it's safe to guess Jason has regained all of his memories as well.
    • Kinda not Jossed. Both of them throughout Mark of Athena assume that they are the main one in charge of the quest, such as both trying to sit at the head of the table for the first meeting. However, they don't fight over it and instead give leadership to Annabeth.
    • Nope, still Jossed. They have the one moment of conflict and a bit of rivalry that is literally not possible to avoid when you get the two most powerful heroes on the planet in the same room, but ultimately form a bromance.

     Apollo's children would have a power over song 

     A lot of this is Alternate Character Interpretation 
  • Gaea was portrayed as a more positive light because well Oranous locked away their children as Disproportionate Retribution for being "ugly". Instead; it might be that the children who were locked away in Tartarus were grounded for doing something wrong but Gaea is the one who engaged in Disproportionate Retribution and talked Kronos into becoming Lord of the Universe.
    • Heck for all we know; history's written by the winners - we saw it from Gaea's perspective because she spoke Kronos into killing (and slicing up) Ouranos - Ouranos, if he were still alive, would probably tell a different story.
  • Roman aspects in themselves are all Alternate Character Interpretation because they were assumed to be more disciplined.
  • When Hera acted nicely towards Percy and Annabeth, she meant it and only sent the cows after Annabeth because she acted mean to her. Hera probably realized sometime that she wouldn't really be setting a good example if she threw her children off of Olympus because they looked ugly or taking her frustration towards Zeus off onto his own children, but having a nasty reputation for that probably doesn't make it easy - I mean it's kind of hard to change your personality and attitude if people keep bringing up the past. Heck, Hera probably mentioned that she didn't have any heroes of her own and Zeus probably said, "Hey, I got one I conceived when I was Jupiter, why don't you try your hand at it?". Or he did so after Hera made him sleep on the couch for a couple decades. :P
  • Apollo is a Spoony Bard. His greek aspect is like Demyx or Johnny. His roman aspect is more like Ricardo.
    • Apollo doesn't have a different Roman counterpart. He is Apollo with the Greeks and in mythology, Apollo with the Romans.
  • Fair enough observation, although there is the little matter of Gaia tricking Leo into accidentally killing his mother that kinda ruins this theory as applied to her.

     Will Keith Kellogg and/or C.W. Post were children of Demeter's Roman Aspect 
The word "Cereal" comes from "Ceres" anyways.

     Jason's fatal flaw is envy. 
There are a surprising number of references to it in the book:
  • Envious of Annabeth's devotion to Percy.
  • Envious of how hard Thalia is looking for Percy, who she's not even related to.
  • Outright jealous of a smile Piper gave to Lit, Midas' son.
  • Jossed, he has the same fatal flaw as Percy, personal loyalty
  • It isn't confirmed yet.
  • Bianca and Nico are said to have the same flaw (grudge-holding) so maybe Jason has the same problem as Thalia - being weak when offered power. Granted, Hazel doesn't seem to have the same Fatal Flaw, but still.

     Son of Neptune will not feature Jason from that start 
They mentioned quests running parallel? Well, Son of Neptune will be Percy's quest, starting from his arrival at the Roman camp, parallel to Jason's in Lost Hero. If Jason, Piper and Leo make an appearance, it won't be until near the end of the book.
  • Given what Hera said about Jason finding his own way back and needed the time between to deepen his bonds with Piper and Leo, I don't think the two camps/quests are going to meet up that quickly. There might be some kind of cameo, i.e. Festus or the helicopter flying over, but it won't be a face-to-face thing. If Percy goes on a quest, he'll have Roman demigods with him who would recognize Jason immediately.
  • The first chapter has been released on the website and has shown that Percy has been traveling for some time trying to find the Roman Camp with no memory. Thus the book starts after the Lost Hero ended. Plus, Rick has stated that there will be five books in this series so there is no chance of Jason, Piper and Leo showing up at the end.
  • It doesn't have to begin after The Lost Hero ends. And there may well be a chance that they show up, even though they likely won't.
    • Jossed, whilst the quests weren't running parallel to each other, the Argo II does appear at the end of the book.

     Percy and Jason have already met. 
We know that Percy was missing for three days before Jason showed up, right? And given the potential danger in Hera's little Batman Gambit, it's likely both boys were taken at the same time. So what were they doing for three days? I have no idea, but I'll bet you anything they were in the same place together at the very least.
  • Except Percy and Jason were taken months apart. It is mentioned that Jason was taken at some point in October, while Percy was taken at some point in late December. While there is a little bit of overlap there, Jason appeared on that day because that was when Annabeth and Butch were coming to pick up Leo and Piper. Also, after getting his memory back, Percy still doesn't know who Jason was besides seeing someone he thinks is Jason in his dream of Camp Half-Blood working on the Argo II.

     The series will end in tragedy and heartbreak. 
Riordan has Percy mentioning how often the Greek heroes' stories ended in tragedy, all bar Perseus. This is not coincidental, and as the latest series continues this will become even more obvious. Percy's fatal flaw will begin to seriously cause serious damage, including Annabeth's death. Jason will be jealous (see WMG above relating to his fatal flaw) of Percy and this rivalry will damage any quests. Clarisse's little prophecy about 'bear arms to the Doors of Death' meaning the demigod camps will fight will be true, resulting in her death fighting a child of Mars (we've already seen how much she fears Ares, now imagine if an even more warlike child of Mars was to face her, she wouldn't stand a chance.)

Eventually Percy will die, the camps will be destroyed and the demigods scattered around the globe or killed horribly, Chiron will have lost his purpose as a teacher and fade away, Piper will die as a result of Aphrodite's meddling with Reyna and Jason, Leo will die so we have the symmetry of a son of Hephaestus dying heroically at the beginning of the final book, Grover will fade into nature, and the best that Jason will be able to do is send Gaia back to sleep before he curses at the heavens that his parents were so cruel, all while the gods utterly ignore everything that's going on, or possible even begin their own war in heaven meaning that Western civilization will be sundered for years.

Because otherwise, it just wouldn't be true to the spirit of the original myths.

  • True, but considering Percy is basically the literary version of Riordan's son, this is extremely unlikely.
  • Also keep in mind that the Greek Gods have become Americanized. American demigods include people like George Washington and Harriet Tubman. Greeks liked tragedy and despair. Americans prefer a nice happy ending.
  • Also remember that the main character is also named Perseus, which is likely not insignificant. It may just be hinting that he'll also get a happy ending.

     Jake Mason is the Grandson of [[Video Game/Call Of Duty Black Ops a certain other Mason 
.Alex Mason, son of Apollo, settles down and has children. One of his daughters, a weapon designer or something, catches the eye of Hephaestus, who doesn't care she's his half-grand niece.

     Piper doesn't like Jason, but... 
Leo. Think about it! When they find a way to clear up Piper's Misty Mind, her feelings wasn't for the Golden Lad, but for her Annoying friend. Then Love Problems begins. But it's like Silena/Beckendorf all over again!

  • All her memories at Wilderness Camp of getting together with Jason were actually about Leo. Hera made both of them forget it all.
  • The romance Rick set up between Piper and Jason is a Take That! at Love at First Sight and liking people based on appearances and fantasy. Tons of fans were disgusted that after building realistic, friend based relationships (Annabeth/Percy, Silena/Beckendorf ect.) Rick would establish a shallow pairing like Jasper. Leo/Piper is actually Fridge Brilliance, adding to how badly Hera screwed up their minds, and a welcome twist to the expected Hazel/Leo/Frank triangle which won't occur at all. Hell it might even give Jason some character development, give Reyna a happy ending and give Leo respect beyond 'the sidekick'.
  • Jossed. As of The Mark of Athena, Piper and Jason are still together, and Piper and Leo seem to have only a Like Brother and Sister relationship.
  • Plus Leo ends up in love with Calypso and not interested in anyone else.

     The children of Apollo have the ability to switch back and forth between Greek and Roman. 
Derived from the fact Apollo's Roman name...was Apollo.
  • Percy might be able to do something like that, too. Remember how Kronos called him "too changeable"?
    • That might have just been referring to Poseidon's changeable nature.
      • Or Percy is badass enough to be Greco-roman instead of either.
      • This is simply a reference to Percy being a son of the Sea God. Poseidon in mythology was considered the least predictable god due to being the god of seas, storms, and earthquakes. Basically, the Greeks blamed anything they couldn't accurately predict on Poseidon.

     Jason was revived/possessed by a god. 
After Piper brought Jason back after he "died", his eyes were solid gold for a second. Just like Luke's were when he was possessed by Kronos. That can't be a coincidence.
  • or worse Ouranos is still kicking it and possessed him to some degree. Or it could have been a side effect of being brought back inches from death's door(hehe) the way he was.
  • The fact that he was revived at all suggests that. Perhaps he, like Percy, was offered the choice of becoming a minor god and accepted.
    • Mark of Athena reveals that he was possessed, but by ghosts who wanted to live again.
      • Given Hera's complete lack of surprise at Jason's glowing golden eyes, it's likely that was just the first symptom of seeing the true form of a god: eyes filled with the essence of the true god, as Hera let out a golden flash when she transformed. The eyes of Mark of Athena have no bearing, since Leo and Percy got them too.

     Gaia's waking up because of the letter that Sadie gave to Geb, Egyptian god of the earth, from Nut, the goddess of the sky. 
Riordan has stated that both PJO and the Kane Chronicles are set in the same universe, and The Red Pyramid happened just after The Last Olympian, right? The pantheons are supposed to be separate, true, but who's to say one god can't have an effect on another when they're both gods of the same thing?
  • I actually like this. What if the Duat is actually Gaia's dream? She began to stir and awaken when the Kanes started messing around with magic that had been forbidden for thousands of years, and when Order and Chaos were forced to retreat from the mortal world for a time it was like snapping Gaia out of her dream, which is when she starts taking active steps to wipe out the mortal world?

     Percy is the son of Neptune AND Poseidon. 
A major hallmark of a Roman demigod is being able to speak Latin fluently right? In The Lightning Thief when Percy is fighting Mrs. Dodds on the bus, he shouts "Braccas meas vascimini!" or "Eat my pants!". Not exactly fluent, but! Sally Jackson is a clear-eyed mortal, she can see things as they really are and so might have been able to see through the whole Poseidon/Neptune as separate aspects thing. Percy might have have a bit of Roman blood in him already. It would explain why demigod children of clear-eyed mortals are more powerful that normal (Percy, Luke, Nico), because they have a bit of their godly parent's Roman aspects in them along with the Greek.
  • There is just one flaw to your idea. Latin is still taught in a number of schools. So Percy knowing Latin is more of a result of learning it (from Chiron no less) then as a result of "in the blood", so to speak.
    • Remember though, Greek demigods brains are wired for Greek, and they have problems with ALL other languages-this would include Latin as its not related to Greek in any meaningful way. It's been a while since I read Lightning Theif, but as I recall Percy was one of the better kids in the class with Latin, or at least did signifigently better then with English.
    • Also note that in said passage, Percy professed that he had no idea how the Latin came out of his mouth (in a similar vein to his Greek).
  • I figured that Percy probably tried his hardest to memorise that phrase because he was twelve; 'Eat my pants!' would be the sort of comeback twelve-year-old boys would like, especially in a foreign language.
  • I noticed this while I was reading the books- Percy is more often then not refered to as the Son of the 'Sea God', very rarely as the Son of 'Poseidon', where as all the other demi-gods are called the Son/ Daughter of Zeus Hades etc... maybe he really did get some of the roman aspect.

     A child of Apollo will be the bridge between the two camps. 
Apollo doesn't exactly have a Roman half. His child would be more fluid between the two camps.
  • Mark of Athena shows that there are numerous Gods who don't have a Roman half, or who more easily switch between the two. And given that there isn't a major Apollo demi God character, this one is most likely Jossed at this point.

     Piper is a daughter of Venus. 
It would certainly explain why she is so much more combat oriented and different than her siblings.
  • But unlike Jason, she feels like she belongs in Camp Half-Blood and knows the gods as Greek. Her difference is probably just a way to break the Aphrodite cabin stereotype. Her time in the Wilderness School would also explain some of her battle skills.
    • It's also been established that Aphrodite is exactly the same when she's Venus, because "love is love" in both mythologies.

     Suspicions on theories towards Child of Artemis/Diana 
If I'd have to guess, the seven will beFrom CHB
  • Percy (Poseidon/Neptune)
  • Piper (Aphrodite/Venus)
  • Leo (Hephaestus/ Vulcan)
  • Jason (Jupiter/Zeus)
  • Unknown (Apollo)
  • Unknown (Mars/Ares)
This is mainly on the views of each pantheon, for the Greeks were artistic sailors, hence the sea, love and smithing, while the Romans were strict and waring, hence the king, archers/healers and warfare.The seventh, however, will have to be something in between. Hence where a child of Artemis or Diana would come inDid anyone notice how Artemis was a little....nicer with guys in the Titans Curse? As Nico, Grover and Percy are still alive and, sentiently not jackelopes. Though she still doesn't say, love them, she appears to only really harm those who stumble and act to what she views as boys (Eg, flirting, lustful, dumb....get the drift)The fact that this didn't happen, and that she actually went out of the way to save them, shows that she obviously has mellowed out at some point towards them. So, the idea of her having a child, easily a son somewhere is plausibleBased on how this isn't common knowledge, it is possible he/she is some sort of loner, and thus not affiliated with Greece or Rome, thus a balance.Though how said child could have been born without oath breaking will be a curiosity
  • Luke will come back from the dead.
  • Riordan has confirmed that the seven demigods are children of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hephaestus, Athena, Ares, and Aphrodite.
  • Hazel, daughter of Pluto is one of the seven

     Percy gets in a huge fight with all the Romans when he first stumbles into camp. 
  • Jossed, unless you count teaming up with Frank & Hazel to squish the cocky half of the camp during the war game.

     The Roman camp is a military boarding school for demigods. 
It's implied that, in general, a single Roman demigod is more powerful than a Greek demigod of the same parent, probably powerful enough to require being protected at camp year round.
  • Not exactly... it's an entire community with the legions as guards against monsters, complete with descendants of demigods.

     Percy will get a new weapon made out of Imperial Gold. 
Since Gaia opened that tunnel into Tartarus, plain old Celestial bronze isn't doing the trick anymore. And it would allow Percy to compete with the Roman campers on more equal terms weapon wise.
  • Jossed. Percy uses Riptide throughout the book.
    • And it's implied that Celestial bronze is the superior metal, being the personal crafting material of Hephaestus/Vulcan, while Imperial gold is just enchanted gold. Then again, normal bronze makes for a better weapon than normal gold, anyway.

     Only Jason wears purple at the Roman camp... 
...either because he is the son of Jupiter or because he's the praetor. Red was THE color of the Roman army, so most the Roman demigods probably wear that.
  • Jossed. Everyone wears purple. Interestingly, both orange and purple ARE half-red though.
    • Means nothing, but Red is the egyptian colour for chaos.

     The fishing pole that Poseidon left behind on the beach in TLO is a new trident for Percy 
.That thing was strong enough to withstand a monster fish pulling on it, so why else would Poseidon leave it behind?

     Nico, after a sudden appearance at the end of the third Literature/The Kane Chronicles book will drag the Kanes into the third Heroes of Olympus book 
Nico radiates death, like a certain god that Sadie might just have a crush on. The unresolved tension between her and Anubis will boil over convincing her that Nico's a host of Anubis and she'll drag Carter along to help prove it. She'll keep insisting that everything is still Egyptian even as Carter yells at her it's not until there they are at the River Styx talking to Hades.
  • Okay, this now needs to happen. And with The Serpent's Shadow coming out months before The Mark of Athena...
  • Jossed, Nico doesn't appear at the the end of the final Kane book

     The entire original series is Percy's flashback when he regains his memories. 
  • Jossed, Percy regains his memories throughout Son of Neptune.
  • Out of curiosity, why would that have mattered?

     Clovis will have an instrumental role in bringing down Gaea. 
Somebody needs to put her back to sleep...
  • Jossed, Piper does it with her charmspeak.

     Percy has/will have a quarter-sister. 
I'm noticing that in The Lost Hero Thalia, daughter of Zeus got a brother who's the son of Jupiter. And now in The Son of Neptune Nico helps revive his quarter-sister, Hazel, a daugter of Pluto. To complete the symmetry Percy will get a sister who's a daughter of Neptune opposed to Poseidon in the third book.
  • The term quarter-sibling denotes that one child was born to the Greek form of a god while the other was born to the Roman form of the same god.
    • Technically, Thalia and Jason are three-quarters-siblings. Same mom, same dad, just in his two different aspects.

     Alaska is home to the Norse gods. 
Despite being part of America, Alaska is apparently beyond the control of the Greco-Roman gods. Why? Simple- it's the domain of the Norse gods. The gods may or may not know this.Evidence- Percy feel the ocean is more primal there, there are frost giants, and it's far north. A sort of Mist thinly divides the two mythologies, akin to how there's a barrier between the Greco-Roman and Egyptian mythologies but at times the division can be felt.
  • This will be expanded upon once Rick Riordan finishes the Kane Chronicles. And one of the other NYC boroughs will be the seat of the Norse gods though to continue the pattern.
    • Uhh...Alaska is home to the Inuit natives, too, you know. I don't think the Norse ever got that far. Greenland and Iceland, yes. And even parts of New England before it was New England.
    • The Greeks never made it to America and neither did the Egyptians, but they both have Gods in the country, and they were both given reasons (even though the main reason is that Rick is American so is going to set the books in his own country).

     Ella is autistic 
The way that she is described fits a lot of the general indicators of autism, especially being able to remember everything she reads.
  • Actually, her ability to remember everything she reads is an indicator of an eidetic memory, but otherwise, that could be the case.
    • Eidetic memories are a classic stereotype of autistic savants, so it fits.
  • Hmm. If ADHD and/or dyslexia means you're part god, does autism mean you're part harpy?
    • Not all demigods have ADHD and/or dyslexia, Frank only seems to be lactose intolerant. Maybe Ella is a special case, even for harpies. It could be why she was mistreated by the other harpies.
    • All demigods have ADHD and dyslexia, it just varies from person to person. One demigod might be so dyslexic it hurts but his half-sibling can read like there's no tomorrow.

     There's going to be a lot of tension between Leo and Frank. 
For more reasons than one:
  • Leo is the identical descendent of the boy Hazel probably would have married if she'd lived. You know that's going to cause some angst from Frank. Add to this the fact that Hazel herself hasn't really chosen between Sammy and Frank, and the fact that Leo falls in love with or hits on nearly every girl he sees...
  • Leo has fire powers which he sometimes has trouble controlling. Frank's life depends on a stick not burning. That couldn't possibly go wrong.
  • Although it's not strictly essential to the theory, it's worth noticing: Leo is the son of Hephaestus/Vulcan. Frank is the son of Ares/Mars. Both gods are the only children of Hera/Juno, who sent them on this quest in the first place. Sibling rivalry?
  • Made of Win
  • So history repeats itself through the children. Too bad Hazel isn't a daughter of Venus as now we can't say generation xerox.
    • Really too bad. I can imagine Frank and Leo being total dorks together and stuff. note 
  • Confirmed there is a LOT of tension between Frank and Leo.

     The reason Jason didn't die is because Thanatos was already chained up 
By the time Jason, Piper and Leo set out for their quest, monsters are already instantly reforming. Jason came back because he could slip past the border control. And Piper's charmspeaking helped the process.
  • YES remember when gwen said "walked through back door".... Piper's voice made Jason turn around and see the open door.

     Bacchus isn't part of the roman twelve. 
Instead it will be Vesta. The roman scheme involves six gods and six goddesses if Bacchus was there he'd unbalance things.
  • Jossed.

     Gaia won't be the true final villain. Ouranos will be 
What better a twist than for the supposedly evil Ouranos to be brought back and get revenge on Gaia for her betrayal then continuing the war on Olympus so that he could take his proper place as King once more. On top of that he embodies the sky so he should have power over the weather such as bringing about storms. That's right the second line of the prophecy is about the return of Ouranos. The foes bear arms to the doors of death could be Ouranos fighting against Gaea.Other hints include:
  • Atlas mentioning the Sky still longs to embrace the Earth in Titan's Curse
  • After being told the story of Gaea in the first Heroes of Olympus book Piper looks up at the sky as though it had a face.
  • When Jason was brought back his eyes were golden for a split second, while that could be simply from being revived the way he was it could also be that he was possessed by Ouranos(who could still be weak from being sliced up and thus hasn't taken control)
  • The Second Great Prophecy. Just second great prophecy.

     The third book in series will be from Annabeth's point of view ONLY 
Because we already have established the other 6 demigods in the prophesy, Annabeth is the only one left to have her own point of view. What the inside of her head actually looks like is a different story.
  • Jossed

     What Annabeth's inner head is really like... 
We've never actually gotten a chapter in her point of view, and considering that people can be very different on the inside than what they show us on the outside, she could be like:
  • Snarky Ellen Page as Juno
  • Panicky bookish nerd girl like Hermione Granger
  • Adventurous and plucky like Coraline
  • Or entirely different from how her friends see her.
  • Partly Jossed. She admits to putting on a brave face to mask her feelings, but is otherwise the same, old Annabeth we saw from other POV's.

     Zeus being stubborn and closing Olympus is a deliberate gamble to trick Hera into bringing the two camps together. 
Like Hera, Zeus probably doesn't like that his family is spit between two places. But as Jupiter, he has to abide by his own rules. So he's pretending to be making a really stupid decision in order to trick the other gods into doing it for him.
  • I think your giving Zeus far too much credit. Hera stated Zeus has a long history of putting his pride before everything. Throughout the books Zeus has repeatedly made the wrong decision on major issues. There is no "rule" that states Jupiter has to keep them apart or to indicate things have to remain that way. There was no rule that stated Jupiter had to seal Olympus. It was just Jupiter's sheer stupidity and pride.
    • Maybe not. Just look at Herakles/Hercules. He was sired by Zeus with the granddaughter of one of his other demigod children, specifically to father the greatest demigod the world would ever know. Herc was a slave to his emotions, and during his time on earth, was a hero, a villain, and everything in between. One of his punishments even had him spend a year living and working as a woman, learning patience. And a lot of his problems came from a vengeful Hera. All of this was for the sole purpose of having him ascend to godhood upon his death, to provide the Olympians with a counselor who could give them insight into the way mortals thought and how they felt about the way the gods treated them. Hercules was also sired specifically to fight in the Gigantomachy, which did not have the luxury of Roman demigods aiding them yet. In addition, Hercules killed pretty much all the worst monsters in the world, making the world safe for mortals, a generation before Zeus orchestrated the Trojan War to thin out the demigod children who were becoming too numerous. Granted, Riordan's portrayal of Hercules has thrown out the true intent of his life, but Zeus was a Chessmaster when he wanted to be.
    • Again, that is properly giving Zeus too much credit. He generally thought with a different head. Whenever the idea of Hercules being sired specifically for something comes up, it tends to be Athena who came up with the plan and urged her father to do it.
      • However, he did orchestrate the Trojan War, this is certain. And Athena didn't have a hand in him doing it, since she was one of the ones fighting over the Apple of Discord.
      • Zeus orchestrated the Trojan War just to cull down the mortal population, which isn't really that much of a credit, since beforehand all the kings have sworn to fight for the protection of Helen, all he needed to do was to take her somewhere else.

     The reborn version of Bianca di Angelo will make an appearance at some point 
Nico mentions that she's no longer in Elysium because she chose to be reborn. Although, logically, her new form can't be older than about one year old, I'm betting that either Nico will find her (and be angsty because it's not really her) or we'll get some hint/implication about who/where she is.

     Hazel is the reincarnated Bianca. 
After the Doors of Death are closed, Hazel, who should be dead, would logically have to die along with all the other escaped Underworld denizens. But it doesn't look as if the author is going to go that route, so we can only conclude that Hazel has gained the right to live again. Somehow, Bianca managed to chose her as a way out of the underworld.
Nico probably doesn't know about this—but maybe he does. Or maybe he suspects the truth. Which would explain his awkwardness around her, almost calling her "Bianca", etc.
Just to add interest to this theory, Hazel is black, and the name "Hazel" implies a dark color, while the name "Bianca" means "white".
  • Or, you know, he could be almost calling her Bianca because he still misses his big sister. Keep in mind, Nico is still just a thirteen kid. In some part of his mind, he thinks that bringing Hazel back will be like having Bianca back, but the reasonable part of his mind knows that she's not Bianca. Not that that keeps him from almost saying it. I think that a lot of people forget how young Nico is, and how confusing it must be for him to go into the Underwold, looking for his big sister, who he's now older than, realizing that she's chosen to be reborn, and finding another child of Hades/Pluto around Bianca's age.
    • That's the way it appears on the surface, but something else could be going on that we're not aware of. Remember, Nico still hasn't told Percy and Hazel everything. He has a lot of explaining to do. - OP
  • Jossed, Hazel, Bianca and Nico all lived at the same time in World War 2, she can't be Bianca's reincarnation

     Hazel will draw, or has drawn, prophetic pictures, just as Leo did when he drew the Argo II as a child. 
I doubt that Pluto would bring her a box of crayons and a pad of paper for no particular reason. Plus, having Hazel make "crayon drawings of destiny" would contribute to the speculated connection between her and Leo.
  • Or maybe her dad just knew that drawing was one of the few things that made her happy. Demigods are allowed to have non-supernatural hobbies once in a while.

     The Ultimate Sacrifice Percy has to make will be to give up a certain set of memories. 
It has been stated that Percy will have to make a great sacrifice where his fatal flaw (personal loyalty) will get in the way. It is also stated that the Greek and Roman camps will have a gap bridged between them to bring them together in unity.

It is NOT stated for how long this unity will last, or that someone has to die in order to fulfill Percy's part of the prophesy.

My theory is that after the last gigantic battle uniting both of the camps, the Gods will state that they themselves cannot be 2 people at once for physical reasons (it's just impossible to do without erupting into pure energy) and emotional ones (suddenly their children are faced with the fact that their parents aren't all of what they said they were, or how they remember them.) In order for everything to return to the status quo, Percy must make the sacrifice to forget Camp Jupiter. Since he is now the main link between both worlds, making him forget Jupiter would cause everyone else to forget what happened to them too. Percy will have a very hard time with this, because odds are that campers from rivaling camps will have formed relationships with one another (both friendship wise and romantically), and the fact that Jupiter has an entire world built on keep Demigods and their families safe for life, something that his camp could desperately use. Seeing how this could hurt his friends, and how Percy himself has already built very strong bonds with campers at Jupiter, this will be an ultimate sacrifice for him.

  • Percy is the main link? What about Jason, he is just as powerful as Percy is and has spent time in both camps as well. The ultimate sacrifice is going to properly be letting Frank die. Think about the conversation that Mars and Frank have towards the end of the book. That Frank is part of the seven because he can make the decisions that Percy cannot, which is to to let someone die for the good of the mission. Percy's main flaw is that he wishes to save everybody so his ultimate sacrifice would be around that. And considering that Franks main plot point is that he carries around a stick that as soon as it burns away, he dies, we can safely assume that Frank is going to die at some point in the series and that it will be doing something really heroic.
  • To counter that, though I think you make a good point, think of it in these terms. 1) This entire series, as well as it's predecessors, is aimed primarily at kids slightly younger than the original Harry Potter demographic. 2) The books are published by Disney Press. 3) Percy being the head hauncho and big damn hero is almost a tradition. Him being a bigger link than Jason wouldn't be unusual. Percy has already made it pretty clear at Jupiter that he's a big deal, with already getting a high rank and permanent status, while Jason returned to praise and congratulations. Killing Frank off for good, a main character with some pretty epic powers and a romantic link, seems very unplausible considering who's printing and the demographic. If they really wanted to go THAT route, they'll probably have it be someone who wasn't such a big deal in this series, like Grover or Tyson.
    • Considering how important Grover was in the last series, I highly doubt that Rick would kill him off at this point. He'd be a lot more likely to kill Frank, considering how much trouble the story takes to set Frank up as a person destined to live a short but heroic life.
  • There was plenty of death in the previous series. To quote above, there was a character, Charles Beckendorf, that had pretty epic powers, he was the head of Hephaestus cabin and was the only one in the previous book who could control Festus (then just a dragon) and was the only character in the original series to have a romantic link. The only difference is that Charles wasn't a main character, but he still appeared in pretty much every series in the original series and he was liked by everyone at Camp. Plus there were plently of other deaths during The Last Olympian. And on a side note, Grover can't be killed remember because the empathy link would kill Percy as well (unless that is the plan of Rick)
  • To put it into perspective, there is difference in killing off Fred Weasley and killing of Ron. Would Rick really go that route?

     Frank will die a heroic death... 
...and Hazel will be forced to choose between joining him in the Underworld and staying alive with Leo.
  • For added angst, Frank will encourage her to stay alive.
  • Somehow, Franks life stick will not be able to catch fire by itself and Leo will be required to light it for him.
  • Alternatively, they both die, mirroring Silena and Beckendorf in The Last Olympian. Hazel will probably die first, maybe in a Heroic Sacrifice to delay Gaea's plans; she should already be dead anyway, either by Gaea or Porphyrion's hand in the last or second-to-last book. Probably Gaea, by turning Hazel's powers against her like she did with Leo. For added cruelty, and as another callback, this will happen just after they establish themselves as a couple. When Frank is about to destroy Hazel's killer using the power of his life stick, said killer will beg for mercy... at which point, Frank reminds them of Hazel's death, igniting his stick and killing himself and taking out Hazel's killer. Hazel and Frank are reunited in death, and end up in Elysium together.

     The Mark of Athena Prophecy is 
  • Annabeth is the sole narrator/focus character of the book and something happens that make hers in/famous in Rome/New Rome
  • Annabeth's part of the book involves her travelling alone from the others and Athena will be more deeply involved than she ever had before.
  • or some combination of the previous two
    • Jossed. Word of God claims that there are in fact 4 narrators in The Mark of Athena. This troper's bet is that it will be Annabeth (obviously, since the first chapter has been released), Jason, Leo, and Piper.
      • Jossed as well. The narrators for The Mark of Athena were the four Greek demigods. The Romans will likely get their turn in The House of Hades alongside Nico.

     All of Aphrodite's children (or at least some of them) actually have the potential to be [[Manipulative Bastard Manipulative Bastards 
]]Aphrodite's Heart Is an Awesome Power spiel in Lost Hero got me thinking: what if her children were able to manipulate people through the power of love to make up for most of them not really participating in battle games and such? We already saw how Drew used her potential- what if other Aphrodite children were able to do things such as pretending to like someone just to get something, or could read emotions as easily as...I dunno, Izaya? Then they would REALLY be a force to reckon with...

     The Mark of Athena will be very different from any of the other books. 
The Mark of Athena will be very broken up in stream of conscience style, and in first person. It will be Annabeth recounting what was going on during Percy’s absence from the start of “The Lost Hero” through “Son of Neptune” and then afterward when they find Percy. It will fill in the cracks between what was going on at Half-Blood with the Other 3 heroes, as well as what she was doing when they were on their quest.
  • Jossed

     This is not Percy's first life. 
This is actually Percy's third life as a hero trying for the Isles of the Blest. He'll end up trading his spot there for something/someone precious, similar to how Hazel traded her spot in Elysium for her mother not going to the Fields of Punishment.

     After the final battle in the last book of the series, the whole world will restart from Annabeth and Percy's last night before the whole thing happened, but with some key differences 
My theory goes like this:After the final big battle, a lot will have gone wrong. Many people will be dead, including someone, or more than one person who was probably a main character. Also, Percy and Jason lost 7 months of their lives. That's a lot, considering that Percy at least has a life outside of camp, and Jason being treated as a head of his camp. But, the Big Bad is dead, so that's a plus. However, the Gods from both their Roman and Greek stand points think that the demigods deserve a reward for doing the God's bidding. So, the decide to restart time from right before everything went crazy. Only this time, all the enemies and places they dealt with are still dealt with, so they don't have to redo everything. Instead of Percy and Jason being taken away, they each receive a letter from the opposite camp's directors telling them to meet, thus creating a partnership between both camps.
  • That would be kinda cheap. If Rick did that, I can imagine a lot of fans (including this troper) being really annoyed that effectively none of the series happened. Plus, the Roman Camp has already proven that they really only accept someone if they have proved themselves in battle.
    • Also, tragedy and sacrifice is a theme in mythology. It seems unlikely that someone would throw that out in favor of a Reset Button.

     Pollux, son of Dionysus, will help Dakota overcome his drinking problem. 
Dakota probably drinks as a way to invoke his father's power (to sustain his godly half). Pollux will teach Dakota how to use his divine gifts as a son of Bacchus, so Dakota won't have to rely on drinking kool-aid anymore.

     Drew and Octavian will team up to take revenge on Piper, Percy, and Jason. 

     Octavian isn't evil. 
Just a thought. He does show some signs of sociopathy, though, which is frightening.

     Reyna IS evil 
Or perhaps not truly evil, but definitely not purely good either.I mean, she all but gives Percy a We Can Rule Together speech when she's talking about how powerful they could be together if he became praetor. No one who's a true "good guy" in a fantasy series talks that way. That scene had definite tones of temptation, combined with a little Ambition Is Evil.
  • Bellona, the Roman Goddess of War, is her mother. It must be made of note that Bellona was one of the original Roman Gods from before Greek influences took over. In other words, when the Gigantes destroy the places of power of the Olympian Gods, Bellona will be unaffected...
    • Jossed as of Mark of Athena, Reyna is stalling Camp Jupiter while the Seven try to defeat Gaea and return with the statue of Athena.

     Annabeth hits Percy 
Bets are on: how much would you wager and where would you wager it— that Annabeth punches Percy upon seeing him again, or kisses him?
  • Both.
    • Ten drachma says she punches first, then kisses. We've already seen something close before after the Mt. St. Helen's incident.
      • It's even better. She judo-flips him.

     Sally and Paul didn't pick up the phone in Son of Neptune because they've been kidnapped by Gaea. 
Gaea's already messed with the mortal parent of half of six known demigods of the Great Prophecy, and directly caused the deaths of two. There's no way she's going to just leave Sally and Paul alone when Percy's the biggest player in the war.

     It will be revealed that Jason has a fear of water, or at least the ocean, and it will cause some trouble during the quest. 
I mean, Percy already has a fear of flying. It's entirely possible that Jason isn't too fond of the ocean, due to it being Poseidon/Neptune's domain.
  • The Son of Neptune demonstrated that all Romans are not that fond of ocean travel to begin with and try to avoid it. But considering that Jason has spent nearly six months with the Camp Half Blood crowd and he knows that he has to travel over the ocean for this final mission, he may have over come that.
  • Interestingly, it is Percy who is getting a fear of water.
    • Actually, Gaia seems to be playing on the fears of all the demigods. She tried to drown Percy in mud, giving him a fear of suffocation. Jason got knocked out repeatedly in the third book, playing on his fear of not being good enough (Percy experienced this as well). She planted Arachne as the guardian of the Athena Parthenos as a deterrent against all of Athena's children. She tried to give Leo a paralyzing fear of his own powers, and repeatedly forced Piper to watch her friends fight, while her Charmspeak proved ineffective (at first). She tricked Nico into seeking the Doors of Death, now giving the son of Hades a crippling fear of Tartarus. Gaia's good at this.

     Sisyphus will appear in the books and be reveal to have been the one to chain Thanatos 
He did it before and then Ares intervened except this time it was Frank.
  • Jossed.

     The Mark of Athena will be a... 
Curse in the form of a partridge, because of the whole Daedalus-thing.
  • Jossed, the mark is Athena's sacred bird, the Owl.

     The Four Narrators of Mark of Athena in addition to Annabeth. 
So who do we think will be the other main narrators and why? I think it is a safe bet that Percy and Jason will be two of them since we need to see Jason's POV on returning home after six months at Camp Half Blood and well, it's Percy. He is the main character of the previous series, so I find it unlikely that Percy would not be one of them. As for the final one, I am going with Piper since she is suppose to be the referee between the two sides. Plus, we need to see her POV on meeting Leo and Reyna.
  • I think it will be Percy, Jason, and Annabeth. Rick said that there would be minimum of three, but I don't remember him stating any more than that.
  • The official website states there will be four different demi god narrators.
  • Revealed to be Annabeth, Leo, Piper, and Percy.

     Faunus and Saturn will eventually appear in this series. 
Faunus's Greek aspect (Pan) may be dead, and Saturn's Greek aspect (Kronos) may be evil, but what about the Roman versions? Grover would be stoked to meet Faunus, but Percy, Annabeth and company would be distrustful of Saturn.

     The doors will be seal by some kind of Heroic Sacrifice 
Possibly done by those who have already passed on excluding Hazel. These might include Luke, Ethan, Silena and Hazel's mom Charlie, Michael Yew and surprisingly enough Kronos as Saturn. Potential spoilers Octavian and Reyna may die and sacrifice themselves to seal the doors of death from within. Even better they seem to be failing when Ouranos of all people show up in a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Confirmed. It's Bob (the redeemed Titan Iapetus) and Damaren (the one giant who opposes Gaea).

     Percy and Annabeth are not part of The Seven 
Hera has been handpicking the Seven demigods who will be part of the prophecy. But since when can you control prophecy? The Prophecy never said that The Chosen Ones are the seven greatest demigods. That's just assumed by the people who hear it. Annabeth and especially Percy's involvement in the prophecy is actually a massive Red Herring, like Percy in the last Great Prophecy. Instead, the Seven will be Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Frank, Nico and Reyna. Nico because Percy left him in charge and Reyna because she's the next largest Roman character. Then, the numbers will actually be even between the Greeks and Romans (Frank being both) instead of heavy on the Greek side. They will need to journey to the Doors of Death not only to save the world but also to save Percy and Annabeth. Percy and Annabeth will still be a major part of the conflict, though. They'll be fighting Tartarus from the inside.
  • One problem with your theory. Riordan has confirmed that the seven demigods of this prophecy are children of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hephaestus, Athena, Ares, and Aphrodite. No daughter of Bellona is part of the seven and for two children of Hades/Pluto to be part of the seven would be wrong since each member really should be a child of a different God. Whilst Rick could be lying, he doesn't usually lie about this sort of thing. So in order for your theory to be true, Rick would have to introduce a brand new character to be a child of Poseidon/Neptune and bring in one of Annabeth's siblings. Plus, when it comes to prophecy's, it is a case of there being no choice in the matter. Take the one in the original series. If the Oracle hadn't made it, then Zeus wouldn't have made the law that him and his brothers should have no more children. If Zeus hadn't made that law, then he wouldn't have tried to kill Bianca and Nico. If Zeus hadn't made that attack, then Hades wouldn't have cursed the Oracle which means Luke's mum wouldn't have gone insane which means Luke wouldn't have been there to help Percy. So when Hera talks about how she chose each member of the seven, she didn't really choose them. The choice was made as soon as the prophecy was first made. She just says she chose them to get the demigods to do what is needed.
  • Jossed, Annabeth and Percy are part of the seven.

     Annabeth dies in the fourth book. 
From the direction the plot is going, this seems inevitable. First, this is the series where Percy's fatal flaw, which is extreme loyalty, will most likely be used against him, since it wasn't used at all in the last book series and there have been many hints that at one point in the future, Percy will have to make a choice he can't accept, so one of the other demigods has to make the choice for him. Right now, in the third book The Mark of Athena, Percy and Annabeth have been dragged into Tartarus and are going to make their way to the Doors of Death to close it from the Tartarus side, while the other demigods in their group are going to meet them on the mortal side to also close it there. It has been stated that the Doors of Death can only be closed if both sides are closed at the same time: it can't be closed from only one side. Therefore, someone has to stay in Tartarus to close the Door. Now, Percy would object to leaving anyone behind, especially Annabeth. However, the demigods still have to stop Gaia from destroying Western civilization, and closing the Doors of Death are only one part of the solution. They will probably won't have time to figure out another way for everyone to make it out, so Annabeth will decide to stay behind and close the Door from the other side, rationalizing that Percy, who could be the one who brings down Gaia and is one of the strongest demigods in the world, has to live on. Percy would be completely against the decision, not wanting to lose her, but the other demigods convince him to reluctantly go along with it, and Annabeth is stuck in Tartarus with all of the monsters and evil god-like beings. This leads to...
  • Whilst this troper agrees about Percy's flaw and about closing the doors on both sides, I think it is going to be someone different. As stated above, the more likely candidate is Frank. This is due to two main reasons. 1.) Ares told Frank that he has to make the decisions that Percy cannot, which signifies letting someone die for the good of the mission. 2.) The main fact about Frank is that he was born too powerful and was given a piece of wood that as soon as it burns away, he dies. That alone pretty much means he is going to die during the series, and considering past examples of characters in the Percy Jackson series, he is going to die doing something really heroic. So why not die closing the Doors of Death?

    • That could happen, but the New Great Prophecy that foreshadows the defeat of Gaia says the world will fall by storm or fire. It wouldn't really make sense to sacrifice Frank, who can represent BOTH storm (his descent from Poseidon) and fire (his firewood which can burn through magical objects, like the chains that weighed down Thanatos in the second book, at the cost of his life force). The logical thing to do would be to sacrifice someone who's powers aren't related to storm or fire, which leaves Piper, Hazel, or Annabeth. Hazel probably won't be sacrificed, since she is a child of the Big Three and is therefore extremely powerful anyway. Piper could be sacrificed, but if she gets trapped, it's Jason and Leo who are impacted the most, seeing as how they had more time to bond, she only had one book to connect to the readers, and it's Percy who will have to face his fatal flaw. It has to be Annabeth, who longtime readers will have connected with if they read the earlier books, or else it won't be as much of an impact on the readers or the story.
    • Long story short, if Annabeth dies, Percy will die shortly before or after. The guy's made it clear that he's staying with Annabeth, regardless of what it takes to do that. So Annabeth is probably the least likely of the Seven to die.
    • That could work. If that's the case, they could both get stuck in Tartarus and have to fight their way back to the Underworld so they can live. On their way back, they get captured by Gaia for the whole "spilling their blood for a ritual" thing and taken to Greece, but they are saved by the arrival of the rest of the group. However, that still leaves someone to die for their oath, since the New Great Prophecy says so. Of course, the seven could somehow do the impossible and Screw Destiny, even though no one has ever done that before and is very unlikely.
    • While screwing destiny is inherently impossible in Greek mythlogy, destiny is a very vague thing at the same time. We have no idea who is keeping their oath with a final breath, why they are, what it is, or whether it's a good or bad thing. As The Last Olympian made clear, the prophecy could easily be referring to a villain or a third party.
  • Jossed, Annabeth is still alive and kicking at the end.

     Percy will try to save Annabeth after defeating Gaia in the fifth book. 
Percy would be devastated if Annabeth died, but he would still be able to fight Gaia. After Gaia is defeated, the gods offer him another wish. This is where the plot can go in many different directions:

Version A: Percy declines the gift and doesn't try to save Annabeth, after everyone he knows talks him out of going back to Tartarus. It's the most depressing ending, but the most realistic one. Tartarus is where all of the evil god-like beings and monsters are. An entire team of regular demigods would be destroyed there, let alone one by herself. She is probably already dead. However, this is very unlikely, given that the series is for kids, and they wouldn't like downer endings very much.

Version B: Percy asks the gods to rescue Annabeth and either give her Elysium or bring her back to life. They do owe him for helping them survive the Titan War and the Giant War, so it can happen.

Version C: The gods reject Percy's first request to rescue Annabeth, so Percy asks for godhood so he can go into Tartarus himself to rescue her. If the gods won't do it themselves, then Percy would go for a rescue himself, and godhood could be the difference between life and death in Tartarus.

Version D: The gods reject Percy's first request and tell him he can't go to Tartarus if he is a god, so he goes on a suicide quest to save Annabeth. Percy would still try to save Annabeth, godhood or no, and would also be extremely angry at the gods for not saving someone who sacrificed their life to make sure they all survived. Getting help from his fellow demigods and regaining the curse of Achilles may be involved.

     The fourth book House of Hades will be from Jason, Frank, and Hazel's POVS 
Think about it, the Greek demigods got a book where it is from each of their point of views and they were in Rome, so it would only make sense if the one where they are in Greece would be from the Romans. Most likely the fifth one will get back to how Percy and Annabeth are doing.
  • This troper was about to add this! Might as well add in that they probably find Percy and Annabeth by the end of the book.
    • This troper is placing bets on Nico being the fourth narrator for House of Hades, considering...well, the title.
    • Seconded, Nico's perspective would be awesome.
    • It's been confirmed that Nico won't be a narrator, so I'm betting on Annabeth for the fourth narrator - she'll give us a POV for the Tartarus duo.
  • Sorta. All of the Seven get POV chapters.

     One hero will be left in Tartarus 
To close the Doors of Death, one hero will be trapped inside Tartarus forever. The 7 of them will have to choose who it will be. Percy will refuse to choose, out of loyalty, betrayed by his fatal flaw.
  • It will be Frank, because he can close it and then burn up his life stick and escape. (Albeit through death).
    • Alternatively Leo, as he feels least important and doesn't want to break up the couples.
    • Or Hazel, as she is a child of Pluto and already 'dead'.
      • Or Nico, who made an oath to Percy to meet him at the Doors of Death.
  • Jossed, but just barely. Percy was all set to do a You Shall Not Pass! and let Annabeth take the Doors of Death back to the surface, but Damasen (the anti-Ares, the one peaceful giant) comes roaring in, fighting off the monster army and distracting Tartarus so both Percy and Annabeth can escape. It's heavily implied that both Damasen and Bob (the redeemed Titan formerly known as Iapetus) die in the battle.

     Leo won't be the 'Seventh Wheel'. 
One hero will be out of the happy couple circle. Frank/Hazel/Leo is currently the main triangle. However its implied Hazel is Loving a Shadow with Leo. (Thinking he is Sammy). Its a repeat of Rachel's feelings for Percy, which were actually a pull to her fate. Likewise, Hazel and Leo have a destiny together - but non-romantically. Frank/Hazel will stand.

Rick, set that all up as a giant distraction and Red Herring. Leo will end up with Piper. Throughout MoA there was tension between Jason and Piper, foreshadowing a break up, and Piper getting together with Leo instead:

Firstly, its hinted Jason/Piper is based on their mist memories. They don't really love each other. (I.e. Piper remembers them sneaking out, but realizes real-life Jason wouldn't do it). Secondly The story of Deianira mirrors Piper's choice. Deianira went with an 'handsome hero' (Hercules/Jason) over a 'faithful friend'. (Achelous/Leo). Jason is the Son of Zeus and very glamarous but undependable. Piper will learn from past mistakes, and choose differently.

At the time, Piper is shown to care deeply for Leo: Like jumping out of the Argo to kiss him.

So, and Jason will get to know each other properly and their mist memories will fade. They realize how different they are and fall apart. Hera will reveal she manipulated their relationship for unity between Roman and Greeks. They break up. Piper and Leo's feelings will develop into a believeable romance, establishing Percy/Annabeth, Frank/Hazel, Leo/Piper and Jason. (The Seventh Wheel).

  • Or all of Piper's feelings are those of a big sister towards her little brother. Girls do kiss male friends as a sign of platonic love
  • Well as of Mark of Athena, there's only one other kid that's single: Nico. Clearly Nico and Leo will be the last couple. Ok, probably not.
  • I'm the only one who sees Reyna/Leo signs then? Reyna stormed out after a private conversation with Aphrodite/Venus who presumably told her she wouldn't be getting either her first or second choice. I bet the goddess phrased it very badly, eg. "You will take the one no one else wants."
  • I can see the signs, but can't see Leo/Reyna working realistically. She's so stern, he'd drive her crazy - and all poor Leo needs now is someone to hug him.
  • Leo and Reyna do share some interesting qualities though. Both of them deal with their own internal dilemmas, Reyna masking it by maintaining a poker face so she can still lead her people, and Leo using his sense of humor to hide his own pain. And who knows? Maybe a good laugh is just what Reyna needs.
  • Confirmed, sort of. Leo meets Calypso, and they end up in a Slap-Slap-Kiss situation. And he's sworn on the Styx to return and free her. Although whoever suggested Leo/Nico wasn't too off...

     Percy's sacrifice at the end of Mark of Athena was his fatal flaw coming into play 
By refusing to let go of Annabeth, Percy was putting personal loyalty ahead of duty. (As Athena and Hera predicted). Gaia said she needed a male and female demigod's blood to rise again. By staying with Annabeth Percy has provided that, putting all of civilization at risk. ("To save a friend, you would lose the world" remember?) House of Hades, will reveal the consequences of this decision, which could damage the quest and the rest of the world, as was Percy's danger from the beginning.

     Rivalry between Percy and Jason will cause division within the seven heroes, resulting in Jason being ousted and leaving them 
This is purely based of two things: 1) The cover of the 'Mark of Athena', which depicts a Roman and Greek Camper fighting. 2) We still know very little about Jason, due to his amnesia. For him to act independently would not be unheard of.

So, as the leaders of the two camps Percy and Jason are likely to have issues with working together and the duty vs loyalty argument. Hera predicted that Percy would be the 'glue' of the group and he will initially try to hold them all together. However at some point a decision will be made (possibly about rescuing Nico or sacrificing a fellow hero) and conflict will arise between Jason's discipline and Percy's heart. Percy will fail to be the 'glue' and everything will fall apart.

Assuming the Seven are Jason, Piper, Leo, Percy, Hazel, Frank and Annabeth, the split will go like this: Hazel and Frank will side with Percy, because despite being Roman they've gone on a quest with him and don't know Jason. (Though it will cause possible alienation from the Roman Camp). Annabeth will obviously side with Percy. Piper will side with Jason, but try to mediate between the two as 'peacemaker'. Leo will also side with Jason. (As they are best friends). This establishes a 4-3 split in Percy's favour.

However in a twist, as Leo memories return (and his fake ones of Jason fade) his loyalty to him will wane. In ‘The Lost Hero’ Leo expressed unhappiness at being Jason’s sidekick and third wheel in the ‘Jasper’ relationship. Through the quest, he will build other relationships with the Seven as Percy’s fellow Greek, the grandson of Hazel’s best friend and possibly even with Frank and Annabeth. Being treated as an equal, could lessen his loyalty to Jason. Meanwhile the situation with Reyna could cause trouble between Jason and Piper. Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite and Jason meeting an ex-almost-girlfriend who has feelings for him, could affect her loyalties. (Plus she is already close to Annabeth). She might throw her support in with Percy as well.

Jason, at losing leadership decides to either 1) Make a heroic sacrifice or 2) Go on a different quest alone. He will return later but leaves the actual group. To sum up, Jason could lose allies easily but there are few reasons why Percy would. Remember he inspires personal loyalty, and has been a hero for the previous series while Jason hasn’t been that popular with the fans. It’s possible Rick set that up deliberately to allow him to go off on a quest independently and leave Percy to lead the other heroes

  • Jossed. There is tension between Percy and Jason, but the group doesn't split.

     Something bad will happen at Rome 
Percy's fatal flaw will come into play when the Mark of Athena burns through Rome. They will have to leave a member behind (possibly Annabeth). Percy will refuse to leave any behind. This will force Frank's hand into dealing with Percy.
  • Confirmed, Percy refused to leave Annabeth and as a result, the two fell into Tartarus

     The ending of the fifth book... 
There will be an epilogue set a few years into the future. It'll be a happy ending, despite the fact most fates of Greek heroes end in tragedy. The world will be saved and the seven heroes will all be alive. The Official Couples will have children and they'll all live happily ever after! (at least, that's what this troper wants and come on, they all deserve it, don't they?)
  • The Staff of Serapis confirms that Annabeth and Percy survive and are still happy together.

     Octavian is the reincarnation of Luke 
Remember when Luke told Annabeth he'd try for the Isle of the Blessed? Percy even compares Octavian to Luke when they first meet, and since Octavian is a descendant of Apollo... what more does this troper need to say?
  • Not sure what you mean by the Apollo thing, Luke was a child of Hermes remember? But anyway, whilst this troper is not sure how reincarnation works for the Greek Mythology, this troper always assumed that when you were reborn, you are reborn as a baby (or at least, a young child). And whilst we are not sure how long Octavian has been at Camp Jupiter, given the amount of power he is able to wield and his position as the auger, it has must have been longer than the time Luke has been dead. And finally, if Luke was reborn, surely as a child of a Greek God, he would be reborn for Camp Half Blood and not for Camp Jupiter?
    • There's not even any guarantee that he'll be reborn as a demigod.
  • Now wait just a minute...This is only a few years after Percy Jackson and the Olympians? How can Luke be reincarnated and grow up that fast?
    • Exactly. Octavian was alive when Jason became Praetor, which he did at least before Kronos was defeated in The Last Olympian, as he led the Roman army against Mt. Tamalpea.

     Athena threw a fit to make Annabeth one of the seven heros 
This trouper is not against Annabeth but really, she doesn't have any powers and the seven already have a statigist in Frank, Athena is just the kind of person who would expect benifets just for who she is and that her children desurve more for the connection to her.
  • But one of Athena's children had to be one of the Seven, since only Athena's children could follow her mark, which was integral to the prophecy of the third book.

     Nelson was a son of Poseidon or Neptune 
Just some ideas on other potential demigods. Nelson was a great Naval Leader. He basically has a hero-cult in England, there are even paintings showing his apotheosis. Like a God he was adulterous, having an illegitimate daughter. Feel free to use this folder for ideas on other demigods.
  • Idea from same Troper. Major wars were caused by demigods. Maybe Napoleon was also a demigod, a son of Ares or Mars sounds likely, and the Napoleonic Wars were one of these conflicts.

     Opening the doors of death is going to bite Gaia in the ass 
Eventually, someone is going to come back who can help out the heroes in a big way. Possible candidates:
  • Silena and Beckendorf. Not that they'll stay around - they should be dead, and they won't object when Thanatos mentions taking them back. Beckendorf might even crack a joke about having left the fire on in his forge in their house in Elysium.
  • Daedalus. He'd probably help the heroes, and he could do a LOT of damage. He may even have a replacement laptop for Annabeth, if her original one didn't survive the fall.
  • Perseus and Jason. The originals. In fact, Jason might even bring back the entire Argo I. Cue Leo saying "mine is better".
  • Zoe Nightshade and a Badass Crew of deceased Hunters
  • The guy who lead the expedition to Alaska in the 1980's (Varus or something?)
  • Past heroes that haven't already been revived
  • What about Alexander the Great? Sure he wasn't strictly "Greek"(he was Macedonian, but then Minos is from Crete) but let's face it, who better to lead the final battle than one of the(if not the)greatest generals in the history of the world, and he wasn't any slouch as a warrior on a personal level either. If Washington and Hitler were both demi-gods, he sure as hell is. Unless of course he's like Odysseus and is just that badass.
  • Luke is going to come back to kick ass and get revenge on Gaia for hurting Annabeth.

    Leo's an android 
Either Leo is some sort of magical android who ages like a normal kid, or his consciousness is regularly transferred to older bodies when he sleeps. Either way he's not flesh and bone but wires and metal. Leo is Hephaestus' greatest creation, and his mom helped build him. Leo is unaware of this.
Hephaestus: That was sarcasm, wasn't it? Machines don't have sarcasm, usually.

    The end of the series will feature a cliffhanger for a World War of Myths 
Just look at what is happening. The Egyptians have returned in Kane Chronicles. Cherokee, Chinese and Inuit gods have been mentioned in the series in passing. The Romans march on Camp Half Blood. The Egyptians at Nome 21 are interested in 'rogue magic' in Long Island. Percy and Carter have teamed up in a short story, ending with them establishing a way to contact one another. A Norse series is coming up. A Ragnarok is coming, a World War Myth

     Grandma Zhang will return 
We can guess that she survived the destruction of the family mansion. A few books later, with only a few mentions of her, and then BAM! She comes back, and does something to help the Seven out. If this happens, she will die, as it is repeatedly mentioned that her date with Death is very soon.

     The last book in the series will be named for an event. 
Percy Jackson and the Olympians had two books named for a person (The Lightning Thief and The Last Olympian), one book named for a place (The Sea of Monsters), one named for a thing (The Titan's Curse) and one named for an event (The Battle of the Labyrinth). The Heroes of Olympus so far has two books named for a person (The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune), one named for a place (The House of Hades) and one named for a thing (The Mark of Athena). This leaves only an event, which will be saved for the last book.
  • Jossed. The last book will be The Blood of Olympus.

     The final book will end on Percy's birthday/Percy and Annabeth's anniversary 
A few reasons for this theory. 1) In Mark of Athena, Annabeth explicitly states that Percy's birthday is only two months away, which seems like it might be a little bit of foreshadowing. 2) It would seem kind of odd to have all of these events happen over less than a year since the last book ended, when it took five boos to cover four years in the previous series. 3) It would provide a really nice set of matching bookends to tie the two series together even more. 4) Much like the first series, a happy celebration will most likely be needed. 5) Beautiful birthday reunion between Percy and Sally. 6) Just IMAGINE the amazing witty banter possibilities!
Annabeth: Are we going to make this a tradition?
Percy: Gods, I hope not.

Percy: I'm really starting to hate my birthday.

Annabeth: Happy Birthday, Seaweed Brain.
Percy: Happy Anniversary, Wise Girl.
Leo/Jason/Someone else: IS NOW REALLY THE TIME???

     House of Hades will feature previously killed monsters 
Tartarus is established in the series as where monsters go when they die. Think about all the monsters that have appeared in the series and how many have been killed by Percy and Annabeth. Chances are that House of Hades will have a Rogues Gallery Showcase, with the monsters (and any other mythological figure who has a grudge against the two) ganging up on Percy and Annabeth.
  • This is incredibly likely. Many fanfics agree with this too.
    • Confirmed. The empousai from Bot L feature prominently.

    The final book will end with Percy and Annabeth moving into Camp Jupiter 
It's pretty clear now that Percy will stay at Camp Jupiter and Jason will stay at Camp Half-Blood. Annabeth will join the 5th Cohort with Percy. And the next series (likely a mega-crossover with The Kane Chronicles and the upcoming Norse Mythology series) will begin with Percy and Annabeth in college at New Rome.
  • Probably jossed. The Kane Chronicles crossover short stories occur after Blood of Olympus, and feature Percy and Annabeth still hanging around New York.
  • Confirmed, actually. Percy and Annabeth decided that they'll spend senior year in New York and then go to college in New Rome.

    Juno's "exchange" was intended to be a bit more permanent than anyone realized. 
  • So we see that over the past couple of books Jason has chosen to switch from Roman to Greek, and Percy seems to be switching from Greek to Roman. Now, my theory is that Juno/Hera did that on purpose, and that is the true meaning of the "exchange" she spoke of. Think about it: What better way is there of ensuring that the two camps never go to war again than having Rome's most powerful champion become a Greek and Greece's greatest demigod become a Roman?

    Camps Jupiter and Half-Blood will merge into a single camp. 
And its color will be red, because that's the color both orange and purple share.
  • Elaborating on that theory: As Olympus is currently in New York, Camp Jupiter will move to Long Island. The gods will magically "expand" Long Island to make way for New Rome. Oh, and, in Camp Half Blood, another mini-city is built, except it's in the Greek Style and is called New Athens.
    Calypso's curse was that she can't leave Ogygia until she finds someone who she loves and who loves her back. 
Among other things, this would explain why the gods haven't released her despite swearing on the River Styx to do so. If I'm right, they cannot release her without fulfilling the condition specified in her curse. In other words, sending Leo was the gods' way to free her.

     Sally and Paul Blofis have a child. 
  • In the first place, Sally and Paul are clearly in love with each other and it would be a very nice way to demonstrate that love. In the second, I'm pretty sure Sally is still young enough and she and Paul have been together for well over a year if I'm doing the math correctly, which is plenty of time to conceive. Third, it would have such an ... interesting... effect on Percy.

     Nico will get a love interest. 
Because, let's face it, his crush on Percy is never going to be reciprocated, since that would require breaking up Percy/Annabeth. And after all the crap he's gone through, Nico deserves to be happy with someone and not just Hazel. (Though, there's just the question of who that would be.)
  • This needs to happen. My baby Nico doesn't get enough love and Rick's not allowed to write off his percy crush as ''just a crush"
  • this troper wants this to happen very badly, but considering he's still so ashamed of being gay, he may not be ready for a relationship. If this does happen, it will probably only be implied and not developed into a full relationship, but still, it's something.
  • Sort of, it is heavily implied that Will Solace counselor of the Apollo cabin likes him

     Alternatively, Nico will not get a love interest. 
It's a bit too late in the series to introduce an entirely new character right off the bat to be his love interest, and most of the pre-established characters are either already paired up or have had little to no interaction with Nico before House of Hades. He would be happy in the end anyway by accepting himself and being with his friends.
  • Rick better watch his back if you're right.

     In The Blood of Olympus, Luke will come back and kick giant ass. 
Based on what the earlier theories have said, Rick mentions that all the major characters from the original series will come back. And Luke was a major character as the antagonist, right?

There is a possibility, however unlikely it is, that Luke was denied rebirth as he served Kronos for several years. So to atone for his sins, Hades/Pluto/Thanatos/The gods open the Doors a little or resurrect him to help the Seven, the reward being that he now has the option to be reborn.

If that doesn't happen, he could always be resurrected as an emergency measure when the Seven are being curb-stomped.

Another idea of mine is that, in the Mark of Athena, Percy hears Luke giving him sword-fighting tips. It's either his memory or Luke's been protecting Percy and Annabeth the whole time. As a penance, he had to be their permanant spiritual bodyguard, which is why they are still alive so far.

     In The Blood of Olympus, Frank will do a Heroic Sacrifice with the help of Hazel. 
...allowing them to be Together in Death. Thanatos himself (in Son of Neptune) said the Frank would die watching his life-stick burn to ash. Hazel, who has already died once and finds the idea of life without Frank to be even worse than death, helps him with his Dying Moment of Awesome.
  • OH OH OH! What if Gaea hijacks their Heroic Sacrifice to wake up? She does need the blood of one female and one male demigod...

     Octavian is being influenced by Gaia the way Hazel's mother was. 
This is probably why Octavian is the big driver in the Roman/Greek war, Gaia is whispering in his ear to do it.

     Sally will "adopt" Nico in the last book 
  • Let's face it: Nico needs a home. A real home. He needs a parental figure that will show him love and affection. She needs a son who she can take care of, which Percy has pretty much grown out of by this point. I just think that it would be a good situation for both of them.

     Smelly Gabe will return in the fifth book 
Percy still owes him for that Camaro after all...
  • You must have missed the part where Percy's mom made a small fortune off of her sculpture, The Poker Player, a huge step forward in super-ugly neorealism way back when.
    • Well, I figured that if Gaia can bring people who had been dead for a few thousand years back to life, she can probably break Gabe out of petrification.

     Medusa will return 
It's been mentioned several times that Medusa still hasn't returned from Tartarus. But with all the crazy death stuff going on, why not? It would be great to have her face her old enemy, Percy, once again.
  • Sadly Jossed. Medusa doesn't make an appearance.

     There will be some humor based on Percy, Annabeth, Piper, and Leo understanding Ancient Greek 
The first time they go into a town in modern Greece, one of the Greek heroes will realize they can understand what people are saying. However, they will soon discover that a) they don't understand modern words, and b) the mortal Greeks will be wondering why a bunch of Americans are speaking in such an antiquated manner.
  • This would be Fridge Brilliance if it happens, since this is actually a scenario that many archaeology students (or students from school boards that offer Ancient Greek as a second/third language course) find themselves in when they go to Greece. Speaking from experience, it is awkward on the AG side and probably funny as heck on the modern passerby side.

     Nico will take a blow meant to kill Percy 
Because I don't think Rick is done torturing the poor kid.
  • Yeesh, I hope not. That would have Bury Your Gays written all over it.
  • Thankfully Jossed. Nico survives.

     Magnus Chase, the Norse Hero, will be name dropped in the last book 
Rick's getting bolder of setting up a shared universe, and his last name is Chase, so it would actually make sense in context.
  • Confirmed, somewhat. Annabeth doesn't mention him by name, but she mentions an uncle and cousin in Boston. Considering that the Norse series is set to take place in Boston, it can be assumed that she's referring to Magnus and his father.
  • He's going to be Reyna's destined love interest.
    • Jossed. Actually, this can't be. Reyna had said that during a mission with Jason before he lost his memories, she met Aprodite, who told her that no demigod could heal her heart. Magnus is a demigod child of Frey, a Norse God. So this theory is null and void.

     The easing of Fate will seriously affect Ragnarok. or Vice-versa. 
Something about Zeus's punishment to Apollo has supposedly stopped fate and prophecy. This effect wasn't necessarily started by Apollo's punishment, and affects all gods. Including the Norse, and the biggest prophecy of them all.
  • Unfortunately, it seems that Fate is a force Apollo interacts with rather than something the Greek gods have it in their domain to control. The most direct representatives of Fate we've seen are the Norns, who are aligned with the Norse.

     Leo is now Immune To Fate, and that's why all the prophecies seem to have stopped working. 
  • When someone dies, the Fates snip off their thread and they no longer contribute to the web of destiny. Those who reincarnate are simply woven in as a new thread. But now Leo has done something different: he was not reincarnated, but genuinely resurrected. As a result of this, he was not given a new thread, and is now entirely outside Fate. This in turn means that as long as Leo lives, the Fate's tapestry will be flawed, as a force that they are intrinsically incapable of accounting for (Leo) has impacts on the timeline. This means that when Leo injected himself with the physician's cure, all previously made prophecies became invalid, and no new ones can be made as long as Leo is Walking the Earth.
    • As a corollary, this is the real reason that Zeus was so angry about the Cure.

     The voodoo gods are active in New Orleans. 
When Hades visited Hazel in New Orleans in the past, he was nervous to be there. It's because the voodoo Pantheon is also kicking around like all the other Pantheons, but only have power in New Orleans.]]
  • Other gods still active:
    • The gods of Carthage retired to North Africa (or possibly part of the US with a large Lebanese/Maghrebi population), and just as Rhea Silvia has become Audrey Hepburn, they resemble the cast of Casablanca.
    • The Mesoamerican gods still exist but largely don't leave Central America, though they can be seen in Southern California and the environs. Alternately, they're still more aspects of the Olympians (Juno/Hera mentions Aztecs when talking to Leo as if she knew them personally, and they had the Roman imperialism bit down)

     Leo is extremely ADHD because of his roots 
Considering the fact that Sammy, Leo's grandpa was in Louisiana when he met Hazel, and the fact that another series based on Norse mythology based in Louisiana, there's a good chance that Sammy Valdez is a Norse demigod/legacy who has ADHD and dyslexia for the Nordic language. Sammy gave birth to Esperanza Valdez with an unnamed mortal, and Esperanza fell in love with Hepheastus, and then came Leo Valdez.
  • Or one of Sammy's ancestors was an Aztec demigod. After all, Leo did mention having Aztec forefathers in one of the chapters he narrated.

     Tartarus CAN be killed 
The Doors of Death are at the literal Heart of Tartarus. If the heart was stabbed or blown up, the Pit would collapse and monsters would stop being reborn. This would leave almost no remaining threats as the Titans, the Giants and practically all of the remaining primordial gods would be killed in the collapse.


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