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Video Game / The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

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Come on, Doc! Stick it in the Nintendo!
The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle is a series of games released for the NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color, developed by Kemco and starring, well, Bugs Bunny.

Games in this series:

  • The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (1989)
  • The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 (1991)
  • Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 3 (1997)
  • Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 4 (2000)
  • Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5 (2002)

The plot of each game revolves around Bugs Bunny venturing to Crazy Castle to rescue his girlfriend Honey Bunny (and later, Lola Bunny). Along the way he must avoid other Looney Tunes characters, such as Sylvester, Tweety, Foghorn Leghorn, Wile E. Coyote, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Taz, Yosemite Sam, and many others....


Tropes associated with the series include:

  • Adaptational Villainy: All of the Looney Tunes want to kill you, even ones who never antagonized Bugs in the cartoons.
  • And Now For Something Completely Different: The fifth game stars Woody Woodpecker instead of Bugs Bunny.
  • Dolled-Up Installment: The Crazy Castle franchise is actually attributed to a LOT of properties aside from Bugs Bunny outside of North America: the very first one for the Famicom Disk System is actually a Roger Rabbit game, while subsequent titles for the Game Boy starred Mickey Mouse instead. The first Game Boy game was still The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle in Europe, but the second one was released as a Mickey Mouse game (without a number), and a Hugo The TV Troll game later on. Oh, and both Bugs Bunny Game Boy titles were bundled together back to Japan as the Bugs Bunny Collection. Moreover, the third title that starred Mickey Mouse was retooled into Kid Klown In Night Mayor World, and the fourth Mickey Mouse game is infamously retooled into a The Real Ghostbusters game in America, but as a Garfield one in Europe. The third Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle game was thankfully released as such in Japan as well, but it was also reworked as another Kid Klown game exclusive to Japan. Oh, and did we mention there's also a Woody Woodpecker installment to this series?
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  • Everything Tryingto Kill You: Every Looney Tunes character is hostile towards Bugs. Even the cute and innocent Tweety is out for your blood.
  • Jump Physics: Averted. Bugs can't jump except with the aids of "up" blocks in the second game.
  • Palette Swap: In the NES version of the first game, there are pink and green variants of the normally black Sylvester, who each have different AI.
  • Password Save: Every game in the series uses a password system if you want to continue where you left off.
  • Whammy: The Anti-Carrots sign in the NES version of the first game are not allowed to be touched. If you touch an Anti-Carrots sign, You will lose a life.
  • Your Size May Vary: Tweety is almost as large as Bugs.

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