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The main menu of the DX version during the night, without text.

My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork Stallions is a 2D platformer Fan Game of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV show developed by Darkera Studios. It was developed with Game Maker. The regular version was finished in 2015, and the Director's Cut version with updated graphics and new content was finished in 2017. It's the Spiritual Successor to My Little Pony: Magic Shards, sharing various features with the game and being developed by the same team. The game features many, many playable characters, unlockables, and secrets. The regular version can be downloaded here and the Director's Cut version can be downloaded here.

The Plot of the game is that Twilight's friends have been kidnapped, strange robot ponies have appeared, and it's her job to rescue them and figure out what's happening.


The game contains examples of:

  • 11th-Hour Superpower: The second phase of the Final Boss has Twilight use the Elements of Harmony transform into an alicorn to be able to defeat Quantis.
  • Advancing Wall of Doom: The Rainbow Factory has a part where you get chased by a spiked wall. Though since the wall descends slowly, you can just walk behind it before it starts moving.
  • Airborne Mook: Two types of the clockwork stallions are able to fly.
  • Alliterative Name: Whitetail Woods.
  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: The last two levels of Canterlot force you to play as Twilight for plot-related reasons, which may induce this trope if you've only been playing as other characters for the past levels.
  • Auto-Scrolling Level: The first level of Canterlot and Run Run Run.
  • The Beastmaster: Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash throw their pets (Angel Bunny and Tank respectively) as their regular attack. In addition, Fluttershy throws a bird if Angel's already been launched.
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  • Big Bad: Quantis is the one responsible for the robot invasion.
  • Big Boo's Haunt: Haunted Mansion, the bonus level of Everfree Forest.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Upon defeating Quantis, the ship starts crashing down, and Twilight also loses the power of the Elements of Harmony, making her unable to escape, but then Rainbow Dash grabs her and flies her out of the ship.
  • Big Storm Episode: Ponyville 2 and Weather Factory 1 take place under rainy weather.
  • Bonus Stage: Some of the Secret Levels are just filled with bonuses and no enemies. Particularly two in Ponyville.
  • Boss Corridor: The Everfree Forest and San Palomino midbosses.
  • Boss-Only Level: All of the midbosses.
  • Bouncing Battler: Blossomforth's attack is curling up into a ball. When she is in that state and hits an enemy from above, she will bounce off of it.
  • Braving the Blizzard: Badlands 7 and Candles In the Wind. There's even a temperature meter to go along with the cold of the levels.
  • Combat Medic: Nurse Redheart and Ocean Bird, who can attack as well as steal health from enemies.
  • Critical Annoyance: When you are at low health, a beeping sound plays, but it's Downplayed as it only plays a few times before stopping.
  • Doomed Hometown: The last level of Ponyville has the town be set on fire.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: By accessing the Secret Lab in San Palomino, you get to see the horned clockwork stallions earlier than you should.
  • Easter Egg: In Candy Mountain, there's a high spot where there are two Motobugs, with glyphs saying "You're not supposed to be here cheater". It's also a Shout-Out.
  • Edible Bludgeon: Some of the Improbable Weapon Users use food as weapons. An example would be Bon Bon, who attacks with candies.
  • Every 10,000 Points: Collecting 100 apples awards you with 200 bits.
  • Expressive Health Bar: The Life Meter changes color depending on how much health you have.
  • Fan Character: Some of the playable characters are not canonical to the actual series.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Spike is seen with Twilight in the beginning cutscene of the game, but to actually play as him, he needs to be purchased.
  • Gimmick Level: All of the Crystal Empire levels have some sort of gimmick to them.
  • Goomba Stomp: You can defeat enemies by simply jumping on them, but how many times you need to do so depends on the enemy. The kernels are an exception since they're holding forks.
  • Glass Cannon: All of the playable characters with high attack but low defense. An example would be Rainbow Dash.
  • Guide Dang It!: It is basically impossible to unlock Reaper without the use of a guide.
  • Gusty Glade: Clockwork Carrier, Carrier Interior, and Candles In the Wind have parts where you are getting pushed backwards by the wind.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Avidus, who you fight as a midboss in Whitetail Woods, later gets rescued by you in Badlands and she joins you as a playable character.
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: The second phase of the battle with Quantis, until Twilight uses the Elements of Harmony to transform into an alicorn, Subverting the trope.
  • Impossible Item Drop: Enemies can drop apples when defeated. And they're all either robots or anthropormorphic corns!
  • Improbable Weapon User: Due to how many characters there are, not every instance of this can be listed, but undoubtedly, some of them attack with improbable weapons. An example would be Colgate, who attacks with toothbrushes.
  • Kid Hero: Four playable characters you can purchase are Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Snowdrop.
  • Killer Rabbit: The bat enemies don't look all that scary, but they can and will hurt you.
  • Kill Streak: Killing enemy after enemy without taking a hit increases how many points you get for killing them. It won't increase over 50,000, though.
  • The Lost Woods: Everfree Forest and all of The Underneath levels except for the first one.
  • Master of All: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Zenith, Queen Faust, Harmonic Twilight, and Reaper, who all have 10 attack, 10 defense, and 10 jumps.
  • Mini-Game: If you collect all of the cards that spell "MLP" in a level, you'll enter a minigame where you play a chicken named Leonardo that hunts zombies and other undead creatures.
  • Money Spider: Enemies can drop bits when defeated.
  • Mythology Gag: In Sweet Apple Acres, there's a reference to My Little Pony: Magic Shards in the form of a pink fuzzy flying in the background.
  • No Fair Cheating: If you use a password, you cannot unlock the Crystal Empire.
  • One-Time Dungeon: The Bonus Stages of Ponyville and Whitetail Cavern can only be accessed once.
  • Post-End Game Content: Some characters and the Crystal Empire can only be accessed after you beat the game.
  • Purposely Overpowered: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Zenith, Queen Faust, and Harmonic Twilight, who can only be played as after you beat the game. There's also Reaper, who can only be unlocked by going through a very elaborate maze, and Starswirl the Bearded, who can only be unlocked through a password.
  • Regenerating Health: You don't naturally regenerate health, but if you purchase a Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash Blocky, you do regenerate health.
  • Rise to the Challenge: Tower Climb has you try to outrun rising fire.
  • Rolling Attack: Blossomforth's method of attack.
  • Save Point: You can't save whenever you want, only where the map says you can.
  • Schrödinger's Player Character: Aside from the Mane Six, Spike, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Avidus, you don't actually see any other playable character you didn't pick.
  • Secret Character: Certain characters can only be unlocked in certain levels, and some of them you don't get to play as until you beat the game.
  • Secret Level: The game has many of them. And if you want to get access to the Crystal Empire, you're going to have to collect their Crown Jewels too.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Slippy-Slidey Ice World: Whitetail Woods 6 and the bonus levels of Badlands, excluding The Underneath.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: In both versions of the game, the first level starts off with a ship flying in the background and crashing. In the regular version, cheerful music immediately starts playing after that. In the DX version however, the music was changed to be more action-packed.
  • The Spiny: A type of the clockwork stallions has spikes on it.
  • Themed Cursor: The game has the cursor be the head of a My Little Pony character.
  • Top-Down View: The mapscreen is in a top-down view.

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