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Video Game / My Little Pony Rise Of Vicis

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...One day, [...] the Mane 6 mysteriously lose their cutie marks after a sudden shockwave of energy. Looking into the sky, they see a dark portal open into another world. It releases little creatures that start terrorizing the town. Then, the portal vanishes.
As they ask around town for what happened, nopony recognizes them or knows who they are. They proceed to Canterlot Castle to ask Princess Celestia, who doesn't know who they are either. She tells them of a great inventor who lives upon a floating island far from Ponyville who can help them.
Upon their arrival, they meet Silvercog. He explains that a great evil is trying to escape from a dark realm, and the shock wave that rid the Mane 6 of their cutie marks was the evil trying to escape. That evil is called Vicis, the Time Wraith.
He says they need to find the Elements of Harmony in order to seal Vicis within the dark realm. Silvercog had built portals to take the Mane 6 to different parts of Equestria to search for the Elements. And so, the adventure begins...

MLP: Rise of Vicis is a work-in-progress My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan game created by Negation Squared. It features six different spins on the Platform Game genre - one for each playable character.

The official website can be found here.

This game currently contains examples of: