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Amateur translator, voracious book reader and all-around nerd. Also an infrequent contributor in GameFAQs (mostly saves) and Fight A Base (mostly anime and asian DOS / arcade games). Don't mind the nickname, I wanted an exotic throwaway account and I was playing Power Instinct Legends at the time. Feel free to correct any wrong stuff I write.

Useless things I've written about here:

  • Bug Catching and Mon video games (especially obscure ones), and the strong link between the two concepts.

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  • Chinese Vampire: Mr. Vampire's influence in the genre, and the many video game homages to it and Hello Dracula.

  • Cho Aniki's wacky cast.

  • Def Jam: Fight for NY: The Takeover. What can I say, I loved that game...

  • The Fad Super effect's influence on Tokusatsu history (and a bunch of anime examples).

  • Gekiga manga authors.

  • The Hissatsu TV jidaigeki series and its influence on many popular anime.

  • Jidaigeki: Minor video games I'll someday write about indepth, like Yoshitsune Eiyuuden or Kengo and its many sequels.

  • Ikki Kajiwara and his importance on manga history, especially in the spokon and martial arts genres.

  • Kenka Bancho: some minor stuff, although lengthy character pages are on the works.

  • Rocky III: Wrestling matches against boxers that influenced the Rocky-Thunderlips fight.

  • Samurai Shodown's character page (around 5-10% of the stuff), especially shout-outs and weapon translations. I've also written about the Moveset Clone characters.

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  • Space Battleship Yamato: The races' parallels to real-world nations, and its reasonably good video games.

  • Some of the many shout-outs in fighting games as Street Fighter and The King of Fighters.

  • Suruga-Jō Gozen Jiai and Bukon Emaki, the two source novels to Shigurui.

  • Licensed anime / tokusatsu games, both good and bad. Lots of them.

Stuff to come:

  • Bakuon Rettou manga entry. Probably one of my favorite japanese comic book reads.

  • Takayuki Yamaguchi's untranslated works, such as Exoskull Zero and Efu no Shichinin.

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