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  • Ixia from Cloudscratcher is deeply into any kind of breakfast food.
  • In A Moment of Peace ice cream grows on bushes, never melts, and is highly nutritious.
  • Jenny Everywhere: Toast.
  • George the Dragon: Pardon me, but do I smell nachos?
  • Horndog: Faygo. See also: Insane Clown Posse.
  • Dominic Deegan and "mapvel candies". The threat of said candies no longer being available was enough to trigger a Heroic BSoD.
    • Let's be honest about this, it was more like a "straw that broke the camel's back" situation.
  • The favorite food of choice for Bob and George is/was ice cream. Well that, and beer. Many of the sub/fancomics got their own, too. One even went so far as to name the comic after it.
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  • A handful of these exist in Charby the Vampirate: Charby likes chicken, Mye loves gummy bears, Crispo is obsessed with nachos, Biscut named itself after its favorite food and Breck compulsively shovels down muffins if there are any in front of him. Menu will eat anything.
  • Thog from The Order of the Stick only delays a boredom-driven rampage for fudge ripple.
    • The hobgoblins' love for Gouda cheese is referred to a few times.
    • The Monster in the Darkness will eat pretty much anything (except babies, and that includes veal), but his favorite of all foods is stew. Stew is Serious Business for the Mit D.
  • The now-defunct ROOMIES had Flinters and mints (or anything mint-flavored) and Alex and toast.
  • Black Mage of 8-Bit Theater also likes pie. Specifically, evil pie.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • Schlock is fond of a drink mix called "Ovalkwik." The ingredient list is here.
      Ch'Vorthq: Sergeant, you will be drinking a very heavy stimulant cocktail cut with shampoo and high-tensile inert carbon.
      Schlock: I don't drink it, I eat it straight.
      Ch'Vorthq: And I suspect you're addicted to it.
      Schlock: (aims plasgun) Step away from the tub of happiness.
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    • The cast of Schlock Mercenary are also fond of the noble 'Chupaqueso', which is, effectively, melted cheese, wrapped in fried cheese, traditionally garnished with cheese. It's not a good food for a prolonged lifespan, but mercenaries don't tend to live that long anyway.
    • Gav is a cryo-frozen refugee from the 21st century, and is very fond of Guinness beer. It still exists in the 31st century, but was pretty hard to find. That is, until Gav accidentally cloned himself 950 million times, and suddenly every brewery within a thousand light years wanted to take advantage of the sudden economic opportunity this presented.
  • The title character of Weesh recharges his powers by eating licorice.
  • Rocky from Lackadaisy loves his pancakes. They're at the forefront of his mind whenever he goes to a restaurant, and he has trouble figuring out a plan "B" when the place doesn't have them.
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  • Eddie from Emergency Exit is famous for his love of Green Jell-O.
  • Beriah in Men in Hats enjoys turkey club sandwiches.
  • The Cubi race in Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures scores double. They don't actually need to eat regular food and feed off emotions instead, and each Cubi has a favourite emotion. However, they can eat for pleasure, and typically eat nothing but one or two favourites. Of the main cast:
    • Fa'Lina seems to have a thing for muffins.
    • Dan loves ale and according to his sister has eaten almost nothing else in the last three years.
    • Abel is unusual for a Cubi, in that he eats regularly and eats a range of foods.
  • In Teh Gladiators, guest gladiator Leeroy Jenkins (of World of Warcraft fame) is seldom seen without his crab cakes. Made doubly funny because, in the actual game, crab cakes are a very low level food that would take an entire stack and several minutes to bring a max level character back to full health. True to this, the one time he actually fights on the heroes' side, he doesn't finish eating and get up to attack until after the battle is over.
  • In Sluggy Freelance, Aylee went through one stage of her life cycle where she would eat nothing but potatoes. During other stages, her tastes have not been as innocuous, however...
  • In Pokey the Penguin, the hero and most other penguins are obsessed with "Arctic Circle candy", which appears to be some sort of plant that only grows in the Arctic Circle.
  • PHD: Don't try to eat Cecilia's chocolate. And of course Mike Slackenerny will eat anything that's free.
  • Josh from Hijinks Ensue really likes bacon.
  • Bob and George inverts this. Everyone loves ice cream. So much that X gets All of the Other Reindeer when Dr. Light programs him to not like it.
  • Darkmoon from Castlevania RPG likes barmaids.
  • In Homestuck, John loves Fruit Gushers, WV loves TaB, and Bec loves irradiated t-bone steaks.
    You dial up a thick T-BONE STEAK, which you are sure Becquerel is in the mood for because he is in the mood for steak every day and is never in the mood for anything else.
    • Gamzee, as a nod to Insane Clown Posse, also has a thing for Faygo.
    • WV also likes to eat things that are green. Anything green, compulsively and apparently subconciously.
      Inside the box, there are 12 pieces of CHALK in every color of the...
      10 pieces of chalk. In most colors of the rainbow.
    • Terezi likes things that are red. Anything red. She's also partial to orange creamsicle.
    • John has a bit of a Heroic BSoD when he discovers that Fruit Gushers are a Betty Crocker product, since he rightly believes that Betty Crocker is an evil monster.
    • Spades Slick loves licorice scottie dogs.
  • About 1/3 of all Scandinavia and the World strips featuring Norway also include him holding a fish.
  • According to his son, Baron Wulfenbach of Girl Genius "really loves waffles."
  • Violet Zombie: Penelope Mortinez loves panaderia pastries.
  • As an amphibious nonhuman, the title character of Selkie has a pronounced fondness for fish. Especially the eyes, which she eats raw. Other characters usually think this is disgusting. Usually.
  • Ricky from Ratfist loves chili. No, maybe you're not understanding here: Ricky loves chili. He finds a bowl of fresh chili, preparednote  exactly the way he likes it, in the middle of the street. So he eats it. Bonus points: It was left there by his ex-boss, who mixed in a little cat feces because he needed to infect Ricky with Toxoplamosis gondii.
  • A statistically absurd number of characters in Irregular Webcomic! describe frozen yoghurt as the best thing ever. Curiously, this does not include the resident Big Eater, Professor North Dakota Jones, whose favourite food is "whatever's pricey, yet available in large quantities". With someone else paying.
  • Walky loves "Nachitos", a Doritos knock-off. Both he and Joyce also have a tendency to get fixated on Taco Bell, it's the only thing guaranteed to distract either of them (including sex!). Walky wants bachelor party there, Joyce wants to go there for their honeymoon.
  • Shortpacked!: Robin and anything sugary, given that it catalyzes her Super Speed. Two specific items are more associated with her than others, however: Skittles, which she's often been told she smells like; and Cadbury Cream Egg cerealnote , which gets her so hyper that she blacks out for long stretches of time as she causes increasingly absurd things to happen.
  • The titular Modest Medusa loves Chocodiles (chocolate-covered Twinkies).
  • In Arthur, King of Time and Space, Arthur has a fondness for cheese, to the extent that the phrase "too much cheese" means nothing to him.
  • Sheldon: Arthur is fond of fish and pancakes.
  • LookingForGroup: Richard has a deep, constant hunger for babies. He once referred to a daycare as a buffet.
  • Pinder the Panda Bear is obsessed with waffles.
  • Halo of Grrl Power loves spicy food — so spicy, one restaurant makes her sign a waiver.
  • Amethyst Lashiec, from Heartcore, absolutely loves barbeque sauce, such that she'll drink it straight out of the bottle.
    • Her father, Royce, loves fancy foods in general ("Cuisine" being listed as his muse), but seems to like birthday cakes so much that he not only has one every day, but the theft of said cake is considered grand theft and a capital offense.
  • Tower of God: The Chessmaster Yu Han-Sung loves any kind of instant food.
  • In Polandball, each country has its stereotypical national dish as a favourite. They're even fond of repeating the names of their favourite food in random background dialogue, or use other countries' favourites as racist slurs. Especially common ones are Turkey with kebab and the USA with burgers.
  • In the Super Mario Bros. fan-comic The 3 Little Princesses Peach loves peaches, to the point where apparently the fruit is named after her (instead of the other way around).
  • In Hyperbole and a Half, Allie's was mistaken for hot sauce for years due to an attempt to impress a family member. She was not pleased by this, especially when she got sets of hot sauce for Christmas instead of toys.
  • Mega Man and a few other characters in Megamanspritecomic crave basketball pasta (shortened to B-Ball Pasta).
  • Middleways: Josh really, excessively, loves carrot cake from Publix.
  • In the Awkward Zombie comics about Katie's real life, her love for garlic often pops up.
    Norrin: Is this enough garlic?
    Katie: No.
    Norrin: You didn't even look.
    Katie: It will never be enough garlic.
  • Champions of Faraus has an In-Universe example with Proctor Henrith Galemore the eleventh, king of Galemore. He is better known as the “Popcorn King”, because his diet consists mainly of popcorn, and he’s almost never seen without a bag of it, which he constantly eats from, and the gold coins that are being minted during his reign have his face on one side, and a piece of popcorn on the other. He even notes himself that he is better known by his nickname.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Mrs. Dunkel has been mentioned to bake brownies on multiple occasions. The Dunkel's seem to like brownies so much that they named their cat "Brownie".
  • The Petri Dish: In one strip, Thaddeus shrinks down to a microscopic universe and meets a microbe who really loves these fruit called poonooboo berries.
  • One character from an in-universe story told in Boy and Dog is the only one in his village who likes liver.
  • Both Helens' Trademark Favourite Drink in Narbonic is pink boxed wine. Dave has two: Guinness and Mountain Dew.


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