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Trademark Favorite Food / Visual Novels

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Trademark Favorite Snacks are Serious Business.

  • Ace Attorney:
    • Maya: Though she's an all-around Big Eater, Maya is especially fond of ramen, which was localized into the English version as "burgers". The difference in favorite foods between regions is humorously pointed out in a yonkoma from the Official Casebook fan-manga collection, in which Maya remarks that she could really go for a burger, but she's forced to eat ramen as well "for the sake of Maya fans around the world". Spirit of Justice pokes more fun at it, with Maya commenting that she wants some ramen when they get back to the States, then suddenly changing her mind and saying she wants a burger. Then finally settles on a bowl of ramen with a hamburger patty on top.
    • Ema Skye: Karintou Snackoos. (Pictured. They make good projectiles too!)
    • Gumshoe: Instant noodles. (Though this has less to do with how much he likes it so much that it's some of the only food he can afford.)
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    • Missile: Samurai dogs.
    • Maggey Byrde: Hot dogs.
    • Trucy Wright: Vanilla Pudding.
  • Another Code: Ashley and her dad both have a Sweet Tooth, one of the few things they can relate to each other about. Specifically, Richard is a chocoholic and one of his desk drawers at work is filled with chocolate bars.
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc:
    • There's Aoi Asahina and her donuts.
    • Celestia "Celeste" Ludenberg likes gyoza (Japanese dumplings), despite being a "commoner's food".
    • Sakura really likes protein powder, to the point that she adds it to her morning coffee instead of a sweetener.
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair: Hiyoko Saionji has a liking for Japanese sweets. Her favourite ones are gummies.
  • Moe Mortelli from Daughter for Dessert loves his toast - specifically, the toast made at the diner. When the diner is closed for a time so the protagonist and Amanda can plan its reopening, Mortelli breaks into the protagonist's apartment to make himself toast.
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  • Johanna from Double Homework loves pancakes: making them, and getting them made for her.
  • DRAMAtical Murder:
    • Aoba Seragaki: Tae's meat and potato stew
    • Koujaku: Tae's home cooking
    • Noiz: pizza, pasta, and Gefülltes Schweinefilet mit Pflaumennote 
    • Clear: Aoba's cooking
    • Mizuki: Yellow Peaches
  • Fleuret Blanc: Judge Grams really loves ginger, and by God so will you. Even FOIL's energy drinks are ginger flavored. This ties into a Stealth Pun: she has a soft spot for "gingers" — that is, redheads.
  • Hatoful Boyfriend:
    • Oko San, star pigeon of the track team, has an obsession with pudding. Not just any pudding, though: only the legendary True Pudding will do. Inferior varieties are a Berserk Button. He even literally crashes a party in search of it. If you get his extended ending in the paid version of the game, Oko San becomes a god of pudding. He has a Tumblr, which is predominated by pudding pictures and recipes offered by his fans.
    • The heroine tells Sakuya that her favorite food is udon along the course of his route, in response to him asking her what she loves. Though the game itself begins with her telling Ryouta she can't sit still in class unless she's had some red meat, in Holiday Star she cheerfully tells Ryouta that she eats udon every day, only going without once every six months or so. He replies that she must not like it as much as he thought; he expected her udon-less days to be once every three years.
    • A Valentine's-equivalent holiday revolves around giving the bird of the heroine's affection the kind of seeds that they like.
  • Katawa Shoujo:
  • Konoe from Lamento - beyond the void likes Kuims.note 
    • Asato, Konoe's Love Interest, likes ice cream and chicken skewers.
  • The inhabitants of Mogeko Castle are obsessed with prosciutto. Yonaka can find packages of the stuff everywhere, and they actually have a religion based around it. Lord Prosciutto forgives the sins of all Mogeko, apparently.
  • Characters in the Nasuverse tend to have notable ones:
  • Shall We Date?: Ninja Shadow:
    • Ukyo is a Big Eater in general, but his favorite food is steamed sweet buns. Double if they're made by Haru.
    • Yuzuki seems to be fond of candies, like konpeito.
    • Each of the boyfriend's first items in the Meiko Salon minigame is an edible sweet treat, implying it's each boy's favorite snack.
  • Kubitarou from Spirit Hunter: NG loves manju, and offering some to her is suspected to be one of the ways to summon and/or pacify her.
  • Togainu no Chi:
    • Akira: omelette rice-flavored solids
    • Keisuke: green curry-flavored Solids
  • When They Cry: