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Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, by itself, does not have a confusing timeline, but combined with its Expanded Universe, it gets a bit trickier to keep track of when things occurred. note 

Due to the length of the page, it's been cut in several subpages. Events that take place during an explicit period of time should go to their respective subpages.


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    Negated Timeline 

Negated Timeline

Main Story - Chapter One

    New Timeline Before and During the Main Story 

     New Timeline Unsorted 

Main Story: Sometime prior to 40 years ago

  • The Trainer-Ranger Wars raged across the world.
  • A think tank was formed with six experts to formulate strategies to counter Pokémon hordes. When Professor Oak's efforts makes Pokémon less dangerous to people, they shift their focus into teaching the next generation, becoming the founders of the Pokémon Tech school and Smogon.

Kiawe Interlude: Prior to 40 years ago

  • The Golden Age of Crime occurred. A combination of children and the masked hero Gligarman ended it.

Whitney Interlude: Before her scene in the Christmas special, so somewhere during Year One.

  • Whitney is woken up at 4 am, and is angry at the challenger who forced her to come out of bed. She defeats him, and goes back to bed.
  • At a much more reasonable hour, she wakes up and goes to work. She easily wins against most challengers.
  • After being told that the number of badges she gives out is small compared to other gym leaders, she calls and checks. What she was told is correct.
  • Before having dinner, she sees a billboard trying to encourage girls to not be strong.

Holiday Special 2016: Most of these can be placed in Year One somewhere after Wally Interlude.

  • Skyla delivers Christmas presents to Lentimas Town.
  • Pryce, after his Sneasel becomes too tired to continue training, goes to bed. Remembering the time his Piloswine left, he cries himself to sleep.
  • Nanu attempts to decorate his Christmas tree.
  • Volkner doesn't take part in Christmas activities because he feels unappreciated for his efforts. A ghost appears to try and get him to cheer up, but it's just Flint, and the attempt falls flat.
  • Mina dreams that Santa fought MissingNo before waking up. She woke up on Hapu's couch. When Hapu complains, Mina says she has her shirt on this time, causing Hapu to blush. Hapu's grandmother tells Mina that everyone knows Hapu is into girls, except Hapu, and that she suspects she's into blondes.
  • Eagun is happy Rui will actually spend Christmas with him and Beluh, and decides to find Ho-oh flames for the occasion. Beluh prevents him from following through on his idea.
  • Lt. Surge realises many of his war buddies have died of old age, and decides to have liquor.
  • Having heard of Wally's exploits, a Team Skull grunt comes all the way to Hoenn to challenge Wally. Wally's Gallade was not amused, and the grunt was hospitalised. note 
  • Team Skull celebrates Christmas, and Guzma expressly forbids the "Gift of the Magi" Plot.
  • Erika tries to help Krista find a gift for her girlfriend, but is completely baffled by the world of videogames.
  • Palermo provides encouragement to Aria who is suffering from Performance Anxiety.
  • Brock recalls how after his parents died, he fell deeply into depression, before Pike Queen Lucy came into his world and gave him a reason to live again.
  • Teams Aqua and Magma celebrate Christmas.
  • Lysandre is at a holiday charity event, but not even Mr. Stone's genuine desire to make the world a better place is enough to convince Lysandre the world is worth saving.
  • Drayden looks for a specific scarf, terrifying the shop owner who knows he ran out of the stock.
  • Alain and his Charizard are stared at by AZ.
  • The Samurai manages to anger a group of Abomasnow, and has a terrible Christmas.
  • Olympia has various visions:
    • Ash, his future girlfriends, all walking together, with most of them feeling out of sync to the world.
    • Ash battles Wes.
    • Ash battles Red at the Silver Conference.
    • Ash is meant to battle and save the world from someone. Who that someone is, is not clear.
    • Ash becomes a Frontier Brain, is with his six future girlfriends, many young kids are running around, is with his Long Lost Relatives, and Jessie, James and Meowth are no longer enemies. Olympia concludes this is the ideal, and most difficult to achieve, future.
  • Whitney saves a man from the cold, who is impressed with her strength.
  • Giovanni and Persian share a toast to the new year.

Holiday Special 2017: Year One

  • Blaine narrowly defeats a challenger, who promises to come back after the holidays for his rematch. Blaine then prepares to spend Christmas with Alish.
  • The Laramies, along with Rex, Dex and Hex, do some caroling together.
  • Astrid and Korrina are searching for a gift for Mabel, with Korrina telling Astrid that Mabel would be fine with any gift, as long as it came from the heart.
  • Pendula seeks out Vermell and though the latter is hesitant at first, he joins his half-sister in becoming one of Mabel's grandkids, and grows to like it.
  • A.J. and Jeanette are at the Fisher Clan Christmas party, and after being set up by their Pokemon and Jeanette's parents, they get a Relationship Upgrade.
  • Barlow and Makuhita build snowmans entirely so they could destroy them.
  • Aurora reminisces on the good and bad times she had with her father before deciding to focus on the present.
  • Anna, Arcanine and Growlithe watch Arnold and Anna have a snowball fight.
  • Elizabeth convinces Betty to give the Palossand she caught to Shauntal after hearing what happened from Jamie.
  • School closes at the Vien Town Ranger School and Kincaid attempts to remind his students that they can't run in the hallways.
  • Sven and Wendy reminisce on the past year, with Wendy's biggest regret involving a Muk which Sven can't help but laugh at.
  • Giselle invites Joe to Pokemon Tech's Christmas Ball, and confesses her feelings to him.
  • MissingNo attempts to torment the Dude by glitching reality and making the Dude's Pokeballs multiply endlessly. Not only did the Dude come out on top by being fast enough to catch nearly every Rattata nearby, he takes the Pokemon to Joey's and Tristan's stand where they didn't have a single Pokemon to give away, saving their Christmas. Santa rubs it in MissingNo's face.
  • Jane and Jolanka have a talk where Jane says she's grateful for all the things Jolanka did for her in spite of the fact she was a single mother.
  • Gallade gets Wally a Christmas present but realised what he got for Wally was something Gallade himself wanted.
  • While on their date, Kate used Thunder Shock to recharge Kellyn's training Styler.
  • Adalbert Hastings received an anonymous Christmas Card from Professor Oak, which contains a haiku expressing the latter's wish that both their sides could find peace.

Holiday Special 2017: Year Two

  • Flint once again enlists Fantina and Crasher Wake to put the "Christmas Ghosts" act. However, Volkner is no longer depressed, and leaves to have dinner with Sho and his family and later have a training session, leaving Flint shocked.
  • Volkner and Sho arrive at the latter's home, where they're greeted by Sho's mother, ready to begin the Christmas dinner.
  • Clay is decorating his Clay Arena, and is annoyed that they aren't to his specifications.
  • Fitz & Ciel exchange gifts while in Palmpona.
  • William Stronger visits the politician Frederick Swietenia for resources to kill more Bloodliners.

Holiday Special 2017: Unspecified time markers

  • Cynthia and Professor Carolina try to decipher a historical codex.
  • Celebi muses that some things never change, Christmas being one of them.
  • Lillie wakes up, and finds Lusamine still trying to fix the Christmas tree.
  • In Castelia City, Gray and Emmy go out together for Christmas.
  • The Pichu Posse take part in the Pokemon Christmas Tree contest in Big Town. Pichu Big's insistence on using Voltorb destroys every entry.
  • Guzma reminds his men that they are to not do the "Gift of the Magi" Plot, before letting everyone play with the Charjabug children of his new Vikavolt.
  • Macross tells Odlaw and Sketch about the ordeals she went through to get a Carnivine for another Skull grunt she likes. When she tries to show them, it turned out that what she actually has is a Weepinbell.
  • Byron and his wife Roberta give their son Roark an Archen for Christmas.
  • Joli's parents Agi and Agoston learn their daughter is a Bloodliner when she burps Poison Gas.
  • Nema uses Dig to clear the snow at her front yard, which led to her parents learning that she's a Bloodliner.
  • Damon takes a break from his quest to enjoy the holidays with his sister and mother.
  • AZ accepts food from Emma, before telling her stories.
  • Anabel sings a Christmas Carol for her uncle.
  • Alain spends Christmas in a blizzard, alone except for Charizard.
  • Evanna and Kyle train together before Kyle gets Evanna cookies and hot chocolate.
  • A young Belladonna takes two doughnuts from a giveaway before stopping herself from taking more.
  • Vedia is stuck studying under a private tutor and wishes she could be outside playing with the other kids.
  • Ota names and takes Eve under his wing after discovering that she was both an orphan and could read an ancient language.
  • Maxie and Archie reminisce on their time in Team Zenith and wonder What Could Have Been had they succeeded in working together after they splintered from them.
  • Sapphire wins a lotto using her ability to see the odds.
  • Grimsley shares his family's Christmas stories with Shauntal.
  • Calem helps a deceased old man posthumously fulfill The Promise he made to his Pokemon.
  • Gengar of the Drowning Woods finds new victims.
  • Lusamine spends the holidays with her collection.
  • The youngest of the Seven Brothers finds the complete version of the Riddle of the Ages, and finds his life goal. He prepares his Evil Plan, and sets about to siring as many children as possible with women with the right genetics to give birth to Bloodliners to bring about the Bloodliner Baby Boom.

Ultima Interlude: At some point during Year Two.

  • Ultima takes an interest in a young trainer from Kalos named Fitzdane.
  • Fitzdane and his girlfriend Ciel arrive in Two Island. Fitz is a Greninja Species Bloodliner, while Ciel is a Gust Technique Bloodliner.
  • Fitz has come to train under Ultima because he wants to become stronger after losing the Kalos League. Ultima agrees to teach Fitz's Greninja Hydro Cannon in exchange for Fitz helping her test her theory, about whether Bloodliners are capable of learning her Ultimate Moves or not, meaning that he too will have to try and learn it. He accepts.
  • The training begins with them going to Ultima's house, throught a set of hard stages, including a double battle road Fitz barely wins, but ends up extremely exhausted.
  • At Ultima's house, while Fitz rests, Ultima talks with Ciel, and she tells the old woman about how much she and Fitz have had to live on the run due to being bloodliners. Ciel tells Ultima she's the first person who knows what they are and is still willing to help Fitz.
  • The training continues. Fitz's Greninja is able to perfect Hydro Cannon in a rather short amount of time. However, Fitz is still unable to do it right.
  • One day, Ultima sees a smoke column coming from the direction of her house. Despite telling Ciel and Fitz to wait for her, they follow her.
  • A group of thugs are trying to set on fire Ultima's house. Fitz and Ciel arrive, and it turns out they've come after them for some reason.
  • Ultima tells Fitz and Ciel to run away and hide while she deals with the attackers.
  • While flying to escape, Ciel and Fitz are blasted by a couple of Hyper Beams. After dodging, Ciel is attacked by a Crobat and a Fearow, causing her to fall off the sky. Fitz tries to catch her, but another Hyper Beam hits his Noivern and blasts him out of the sky.
  • Knowing that someone is attacking them, Fitz hides Ciel out of sight and demmands his aggressor to come out and face him.
  • A strange device sends out an electromagnetic wave that disrupts Fitz's Pokéballs, preventing him from calling them for help. A man then reveals himself as the one responsible.
  • The man calls Fitz an "abomination", then sends out his Pokémon to attack him. Fearing for Ciel's safety, Fitz runs into the woods to get his attention away from her.
  • After sending the thugs away, Ultima goes off to check on Ciel and Fitz flying on her Dragonite. From the sky, she spots Fitz fighting for his life against several Pokémon, so she rushes to his aid, sending her Tyranitar.
  • Ultima faces the man, who is bent on killing the boy for no other reason that because he's a bloodliner. When Ultima stands up for him, he goes into a Motive Rant that he's on a divine mission to save the world from a future war caused by bloodliners, as he has seen every night that they will bring about destruction and calamity. The man specifically mentions that those like Fitz, who have the Z-shaped marks in their faces will be the "leaders", and thus he has to eliminate them.
  • The man has his Manectric strike down on Fitz with a Thunder attack, apparently killing him, and gets ready to find Ciel. However, Fitz gets back up, now powered by Torrent, and unleashes a perfect Hydro Cannon on Manectric, knocking it out.
  • The man brings out an electric baton to fight Fitz directly, who creates a Water Shuriken to use as a melee weapon. During the battle, Fitz accidentally cracks the ground under his feet with his shuriken, causing him to fall.
  • Seeing the man managed to grab hold of a crumbling edge, Fitz tries to save him. The man, however, refuses to "be saved by an abomination" and the edge gives in, causing him to fall down the cliff.
  • Fitz then collapses, and Ultima tells her Dragonite to take him home for rest while she goes to find Ciel.
  • A few days later, Fitz and Ciel are finally recovering, and they bid goodbye to Ultima. Since they plan to go to Johto eventually, Ultima tells them she has some friends over there who might be willing to help them. Fitz and Ciel take their leave.
  • Two weeks later, Agent Looker of the International Police appears at Ultima's house, and they meet at a Café in Three Island.
  • Looker explains the man who attacked them was called William Stronger, AKA the "Bloodliner Hunter", a Serial Killer who targets bloodliners, revealing that he has at least eight confirmed and six unconfirmed victims to his record. He also explains that Stronger has sympathisers around the world.
  • Ultima asks what has become of Stronger, to which Looker reveals that they sent search parties, but his body has yet to be found.
  • After asking a few more questions, Looker leaves to ponder on these events.

Sho Interlude: Somewhere midway through Year Two

  • Sometime after his first League Conference, Sho goes to the Battle Zone to visit the Battle Hall. At this point, his Electrike has already evolved to Manectric.
  • After choosing Rotom for his first visit, Sho gets in the line to enter the place.
  • Some ruckus starts, and Sho goes to check it out. Turns out it's a trainer he was set up to battle in the Top 32, but found using illegal steroids and reported him to the League authorities, leading to his disqualification.
  • The trainer, named Andy Xavier, is banned for two years from official competitions and entering locations such as the Battle Hall, so he's escorted out of the grounds in the middle of a tantrum.
  • Over the course of the next two months, Sho manages to get a good winning streak, to the point he gets the chance to battle Argenta (who had taken the title of "Hall Matron"). He's awarded a Battle Point Card he can use as currency in the Battle Zone's shops.
  • After getting a good amount of BPs, Sho visits the shops, and finds a Key Stone for sale in the last stand.
  • Sho doesn't have the money to pay for it, and is just a few hundreds from having enough BPs. The salesman tells him that it's the only one he has and if someone comes to buy it, he'll have to sell it.
  • Sho rushes back to the Battle Hall to win a few extra BPs, but by the time he returns, someone else has bought it already.
  • The buyer is none other than Elite Four member Flint, who recognizes Sho from having seen him a couple times at the Sunnyshore Gym. He invites him for a meal to chat.
  • Sho learns about Flint's friendship with Volkner. Flint tells Sho that he's got potential and maybe he's the one who can get Volkner out of his funk and give him a good battle. Flint lets Sho borrow the Key Stone for a couple months so he can learn how to use it, and then come to challenge Volkner for an instant entry badge at Sunnyshore, and if he wins, he can keep it. Sho accepts.
  • Sho tries Mega Evolution for the first time. While the power is impressive, it causes Manectric to go berserk. When he almost attacks Sho, the rest of his Pokémon are forced to knock Manectric out to snap him out of it.
  • Over the next month, Sho keeps trying to get Manectric to Mega Evolve, but the result is always the same. He goes to Sunnyshore with two weeks left before his match with Volkner.
  • After another failed attempt, he leaves his Pokémon at the Pokémon Center for resting and goes to the local beach to have some time to think. He sits to watch the sunset.
  • He meets Jasmine, who is also visiting Sunnyshore. The two start talking and Sho tells her about his issues.
  • Jasmine offers him some advice with the story about the final duel between Twenty Gyarados Bill and Elite Four Denki Tekina, who were able to use Mega Evolution despite never having tried it before, noting that the key to harness it lies in the bonds of trust and friendship between trainer and Pokémon.
  • Sho thanks Jasmine for her advice and leaves, but not before she asks him for a battle if he ever visits Olivine City. He accepts.
  • Two weeks later, Sho finally arrives at the gym for his scheduled battle. The battle will be a six-on-six, and Flint is there to witness it.
  • During the battle:
    • Volkner's Ampharos defeats Sho's Jolteon.
    • Sho's Magnezone defeats Ampharos.
    • Volkner's Luxray defeats Magnezone.
    • Sho calls in his own Luxray and defeats Volkner's, but ends up extremely damaged, forcing him to switch out.
    • Volkner calls in his first Unovan Pokémon, a Zebstrika he received from Elesa.
    • Sho calls in his Rotom, who is in Mow form. Volkner's Zebstrika defeats it with Overheat.
    • Sho sends in Luxray, who manages to end in a Double KO, collapsing due to fatigue.
    • Volkner brings in an Eelektross, and Sho sends in his Raichu. After tanking a full-powered Hyper Beam, Eelektross defeats Raichu with Acid Spray.
    • Down to his last Pokémon, Sho sends Manectric, who quickly defeats Eelektross.
    • Volkner sends in Galvantula.
    • Sho Mega Evolves Manectric, defeating Galvantula with a high-powered Flamethrower.
    • Volkner sends out his ace Pokémon, his Electivire. The final battle begins, and the two are evenly matched.
    • Suddenly, it seems like Manectric is about to go berserk again, but Sho manages to get through to him, and he manages to control his power.
    • Manectric finally defeats Electivire, winning the match for Sho.
  • Flint and Volkner discuss about Sho's abilities, with Flint suggesting he could make a good successor as Gym Leader with proper training.
  • While Volkner is not thinking about retirement, he does agree about training Sho, and offers him the chance to do so. Sho accepts.

Black Rose Tournament Interlude - Chapter One

  • Marilyn Flame receives a call from a client about a theft job. He tells her she's to enter an underground tournament at the Chateau de la Rose Noire.
  • After getting the invite, Marilyn arrives at the place. Once she's allowed in, she begins checking on the other guests, noticing everyone is in their "work clothes".
  • Marilyn then finds out her rival, Ninja Riot, has also been invited, much to her chagrin.
  • After some bantering, the two start talking about the invite they received. Riot asks Marilyn if she noticed something strange about it, and she recalls it specifically requested her to bring three Pokémon.
  • Riot tells Marilyn that he managed to get from his informants' network that the host, Duchess Ludenberg, has also had other meetings like this, in the exact same conditions, and also with the specific request of bringing three Pokémon, but he still doesn't know why.
  • Seeing a few faces that could potentially be a threat, Marilyn proposes that they make a truce and ally for the time being, should a battle break out. Riot accepts.
  • Suddenly, the head butler, named Ignis, arrives to inform everyone that the entertainment will begin, and asks the guests to follow him through a pair of cellar doors. As he opens them, he reveals a glass elevator.
  • Everyone is taken to what seems like an underground coliseum, complete with a battlefield. The host, Duchess Ludenberg, awaits them and after introducing herself, explains that they're going to host a tournament.
  • Noticing there's an odd number of participants, another guest nobody had noticed before, someone underneath a cloak and a mask appears. Duchess Ludenberg also notes that Hunter J had been invited but she declined, causing everyone to freeze at it.
  • The preliminaries will be one on one matches, all moves allowed except Fissure, Magnitude and Earthquake on risk of cave-ins. Some people laugh until they notice the Duchess isn't joking.
  • The first battle starts, between King Koi and the cloaked man from before, who calls himself "Bittercold".
  • King Koi brings out a Gyarados, and Bittercold a Toxicroak.
  • Much to everyone's shock, before Gyarados can attack with Dragon Rage, Toxicroak uses an Ice Punch that freezes Gyarados on the spot, and then proceeds to deliver a Poison Jab to end the match.
  • King Koi leaves in a huff, shocked at his defeat. The Duchess tells Bittercold that she prefers long matches, so he promises to make them last longer next time.
  • The battles continue, while Marilyn and Riot await their turns.
  • Riot is called up, and his opponent is a girl named Rhythm, who begins asking him questions nonstop and is clearly a fan of his.
  • Riot brings out his Greninja, and Rhythm a Mienfoo nicknamed Humdinger. Greninja wins with relative ease.
  • Despite being defeated, Rhythm is not at all bothered; she still remains as excited as ever. Riot sighs in relief when she's finally gone.
  • Marilyn is called in to fight in the final match. Her opponent is an old man who has the looks of a Mad Doctor, complete with red stains in his coat. The man calls himself Dr. Killgood.
  • Dr. Killgood brings out a Ducklett and Marilyn her Delphox. Delphox wins.
  • With the preliminaries over, Duchess Leidenberg calls everyone to move on to the main event: the Coins of Deceit.

Clair Interlude: Unspecified time and place

  • Tobias and a Clembot are walkingh through a forest, where they stumble across an unconscious Gray and his Mienfoo.
  • Clembot identifies that Gray was flung through time by a Celebi, and they decide to send him back, commenting that the timeline has changed and he survived when he was supposed to die fighting the Bloodliner King's Emissary.
  • Tobias lifts Gray and his Mienfoo, and along with Clembot takes them to an Ultra Wormhole to send them back home.

Shadows of the Jungle

  • An expedition to find a Legendary Pokémon is organized by a group of Pokémon researchers, Professors Gideon Knowles, Bertram Hughes and Sonya Keys. The expedition is funded by Giovanni, who also provides them with equipment, supplies and three trainers to protect them from any dangers.
  • The team arrives in Guyana, the place where Mew was first spotted (and captured) once. After hiring a guide and two days of travelling by bus, they arrive at a nearby village to search for information.
  • The local villagers attempt to dissuade the team from entering the jungle, claiming that there's a "demon" living in it. Knowles and his team assume this might be the Pokémon they're looking for and decide to go in anyway. The villagers try to stop them with Pokémon battles, but Giovanni's trainers quickly defeat them, and they're allowed in.
  • The team advances slowly, noticing how the Pokémon variety seems to dwindle as they get further in, in favor of more and more Bug-types.
  • Bertram disappears, along with all of his personal effects. They're unable to locate him even through his cellphone's GPS. The team continues without him.
  • The team arrives at some ancients ruins, finding pictures of Mew engraved on the walls. They decide to spend the night there.
  • The next morning, the guide disappears, just like Bertram, leaving nothing behind. Despite disagreements, the team continues without him.
  • The team runs out of supplies, and the attacks of the Bug-types intensify. One of Giovanni's trainers is stung several times by a Beedrill. Despite being administered an antidote, he's too poisoned to survive, even begging the others to end his pain. In the end, none of them has the heart to do it.
  • The team escapes another attack, but they lose Sonya as they escape.
  • Knowles and the two remaining trainers decide to call it quits and go back to the village. They continue for a few days without major interference.
  • Another swarn ambushes them, and Giovanni's trainers are unable to fight them all. Only Knowles barely escapes.
  • Knowles manages to dodge the swarms for an entire day, but is too weakened from lack of food, and questions himself about why he keeps writing on his journal.
  • The Bug-types catch up with Knowles, and take them to their underground lair. Much to his shock, he finds their leader, not a Legendary Pokémon as he expected, but a human girl who seems to control them, and they worship her like a goddess. He suspects she might be a bloodliner.
  • Placed in a pit he's unable to escape from, Knowles writes his final journal entry, before being devoured by the Bug-types.
  • Sometime later, a retrieval team sent by Giovanni to Guyana finds the journal, which somehow ended up in a different place that didn't look like the undeground lair described in it.
  • After reading it, Giovanni decides to cancel all future operations in Guyana, and stashes the journal inside a safe he hides behind the portrait of himself and his Persian in his office.

Agatha & Sam Gaiden: A few years before Twenty Gyarados Bill Gaiden

  • Agatha and her younger brother Tony are traversing Drowning Woods. Agatha wakes up violently from a nightmare.
  • Tony says Agatha was rolling around in her sleep but never woke up. Agatha realizes it was a Ghost-type using Dream Eater, and calls her Ekans to drive it off.
  • The Ghost-type turns out to be a Gastly, who flees after being found out.
  • Agatha comments she's dealt with Ghost-types before, and remarks she'll never own one. She prompts Tony to get moving so they can leave the forest.
  • As they advance, Tony mentions how much he wants to become a trainer, aspiring to become an Elite Four one day. Agatha makes fun of him, thinking that not even she would make it that far.
  • The siblings spot a boy sketching some Butterfree on a tree. Agatha quickly recognizes him and approaches slowly to scare him.
  • The boy turns out to be Samuel Oak, Agatha's rival. After some more bantering, and with Sam claiming to have improved since their last encounter in Tohjo Falls, Agatha decides to have a battle with him.
  • With Tony as the referee, the battle begins, Agatha's Ekans vs Sam's Charmeleon.
  • Ekans seems to have the upper hand for the most part of the battle, using Double Team and Mud Bomb to reduce Charmeleon's accuracy, as well as Toxic to whittle down his health, while Charmeleon only waves his arms around and keeps missing with his own attacks.
  • When Agatha thinks she's about to win, Sam smiles and says he's going to end the battle in a single move. Charmeleon uses an extremely powerful Aerial Ace, sending Ekans unconscious at Agatha's feet.
  • After Tony declares Sam as the winner, Agatha is shocked that she was beaten. Sam explains that he trained Charmeleon to hit the opponent no matter what, plus teaching him to use Swords Dance without the opponent realizing.
  • Agatha is bitter about this, but Tony is impressed. When Sam offers to give Tony some advice for Pokémon training, Agatha gets mad and tells Sam to back off, thinking that he's trying to take Tony away from her.
  • Tony asks why Agatha won't let him learn about Pokémon training and assumes that she's afraid he might end up being better than her. Agatha knows this isn't the reason, but doesn't say it out loud leading Tony to assume it is.
  • Snatching Agatha's empty Poké Ball, Tony claims that he will catch a Gastly and become the greatest Ghost-type trainer to prove himself to her. He then runs back into the woods on his own.
  • Agatha and Sam run after Tony and begin to search for him.
  • Agatha grows increasingly worried about not finding Tony, and even accuses Sam of not knowing how she feels.
  • Suddenly a purple haze begins to engulf them, causing them to go unconscious, but not before hearing an ominous voice saying "The fun has just begun."
  • Agatha has another nightmare, seeing her brother dissapear, until she wakes up again, seeing a Gastly up close. She realizes she's hanging from a tree tangled in a bunch of vines, and Sam is in the same situation.
  • Sam beckons her to look down below, seeing many Victreebel with their mouths open and waiting for them to fall.
  • The Gastly suddenly begins to chew on the vines holding Agatha. While she yells at it to stop, Sam decides they have to jump. While she thinks he's crazy, he ultimately does and she follows shortly after.
  • As they land on the ground, the Victreebel are all gone. Sam explains they were just illusions.
  • The duo spots many skeletons hanging from the trees similar to them, so they quickly decide to find a safer place.
  • As they get further into the woods, the two continue to argue. Suddenly, a bunch of wild Pokémon appears and begin attacking them.
  • The trainers call their own Pokémon for protection, and they manage to defeat them and escape, but not before spotting the Gastly again.
  • The two trainers assume everything that's happening is the work of the Ghost-types lurking around the woods. Agatha finally resigns herself to their fate, believing they have no way out or to find Tony, and apologizes to Sam for dragging him into this mess.
  • Sam tells Agatha of his grandfather, Pallet Oak, whose name was given to Pallet Town after he became a League Champion twenty years ago, and raised over one hundred and fifty one Pokémon by himself. Agatha recognizes the name as "Pallet the Invincible", considered the best Pokémon Master to have ever lived.
  • Sam explains that his grandfather became as strong as he did because he wanted to protect his town and region, and so he trained until he was unmatched, often helping people whenever he could and thwarting criminals left and right. He lived a full life until he finally passed very recently, and now it's Sam's turn to keep the Oak name alive.
  • Sam doesn't feel he can match up to his grandfather's strength, so Agatha tells him that he has to find his own way to become as great as Pallet Oak, through his brains instead.
  • Agatha then begins to tell her own family story. Her parents were nothing remarkable, just honest workers trying to make a living, until they died in a car crash, leaving Agatha to take care of Tony.
  • Agatha decided that she had to become strong to protect her little brother, and so she intended to challenge Javelin in Blackthorn City, as well as facing her fears of Ghost-types by going through these woods. Sam remarks that you shouldn't take the hardest path if you're not ready.
  • As Agatha continues to feel guilty for not being able to take good care of Tony, Sam assures her that she tried her best and she wouldn't let anything keep her down, even if she had the entire world against her. Agatha comments that Sam sounds like a self-help book, to which he replies everyone in Pallet Town says he's like a professor someimes. Agatha remarks that "Professor Oak" has a nice ring to it.
  • Suddenly, the Gastly appears again at the edge of the clearing, beckons them to follow it and floats away. Sam remarks it's a bad idea to follow it, but Agatha points that it's not like they have much of a choice, so they ultimately chase it.
  • After following Gastly, the duo reaches another clearing. Still wary of any potential trap, they spot Tony lying on the grass. Agatha approaches to check out it's him and not an illusion, and she feels relieved when he doesn't disappear.
  • When Tony doesn't move and doesn't answer to Agatha's words, Sam check's his pulse and breathing, and much to their shock, he has no vitals.
  • More Ghost-types appear. Overcome with grief, Agatha hugs her brother's corpse, only for him to suddenly speak and seemingly spring back to life, beginning to strangle her. She's too much in shock to react, but Ekans pushes Tony away, saving her.
  • Suddenly, Tony's shadow grows larger, and his body collapses again, revealing a Gengar, who proceeds to mock her, and reveals that he was possessing Tony's corpse.
  • The Gengar declares that Drowning Woods is their domain and everything else is a toy for their amusement, including them.
  • A battle ensues. When the Gengar uses Tony's corpse as a shield, Agatha becomes enraged and decides to make him pay for killing him. Much to her shock, however, Gengar says they did not kill Tony.
  • Agatha stops, but then begins to reminisce of their encounters with the Gastly before, realizing that it never actually attacked them and actively seemed to be trying to help them. She refuses to believe it, but then it becomes clear: the Gastly is Tony.
  • The Gengar then gloats about how Tony came to challenge them, and how they punished him, torturing him until they finally killed him, and then Gengar took his soul as it left his body and turned into that Gastly.
  • Agatha demands that Gengar changes him back to normal, but Gengar refuses, saying he'll stay like this forever.
  • Gengar commands the Pokémon to attack them again. But when they start to overwhelm them, someone with an Ampharos calls for a Thunderbolt, knocking the Ghost-types away.
  • The newly arrived is Elite Four Denki Tekina, who is on patrol around Drowning Woods. He calls the rest of his team, and asks for Agatha and Sam's assistance in dealing with it. Agatha decides to command Tony against the Gengar.
  • Finding themselves overpowered, Gengar and the rest of the Ghost-types retreat. With the danger gone, Denki leads the kids out of the forest.
  • After reaching a safe spot to set up camp, Denki listens to their story, and after finishing, he chides them for being so reckless, while also expressing sympathy for Agatha's loss of her brother, wishing he could have arrived earlier to save him too. Agatha assures him that it wasn't his fault.
  • Denki asks her if she's going to keep the Gastly, to which Agatha replies that she can't let go of him after he helped them. Denki accepts her decision, but reminds her not to forget what happened today. Agatha replies that she can't.
  • Before parting ways, Denki gives Sam and Agatha some supplies and directs them to the safest path to Blackthorn City.
  • Once alone and back on the road, Agatha and Sam recall the Gengar was able to possess Tony's body before, and decide to try it out. Gastly!Tony tries to enter his previous human body, but is unable to control it in the same way.
  • Sam suspects this is due to the fact he's not strong enough, or perhaps it's something exclusive to the Gengar state. Agatha decides to train Tony until he can do it, but Sam points out that his body won't last that long. Agatha becomes depressed at this, but ultimately accepts it.
  • Having felt so powerless with this experience, Sam vows to find a way to make the world a safer place for Pokémon and humans, so no trainers have to go through something like this ever again]. Likewise, Agatha vows to learn everything she can about Ghost-types, and find a way to restore Tony to his human form one day.
  • Tony decides that he wants to fight alongside his sister, and beckons her to catch him in her Poké Ball. While she's reluctant at first, she finally relents, and promises that together they'll be the strongest Ghost-type trainers ever.
  • With their adventure over, Sam and Agatha continue their way to Blackthorn City.

Agatha & Sam Gaiden: Possibly at the present time

  • Agatha defeats a challenger's Golem using her Arbok, getting an ovation from a large crowd.
  • Professor Oak comes to congratulate her on her victory, remarking that he expected her to use him. Agatha replies that he's had his fair share of fights and needs to rest.
  • Oak gives Agatha a map with several anotations, and tells her of a witch coven in Johto who apparently have the power to turn people into Pokémon, and perhaps might know of a way to restore Tony to human form.
  • Agatha thanks him for the info, and promises to check it out after attending another important appointment.
  • Using her Drifloon, Agatha travels to Drowning Woods, which is almost the same as decades ago, save for the presence of Ghost-type Pokémon, greatly reduced since she caught most of them.
  • As she arrives at the clearing, Agatha meets the Gengar, now old and weakened due to time and malnourishment, with only a few Ghost-types still by his side.
  • The Gengar tries to mock her about her brother again, but Agatha remains unfazed, telling him she'll find a way to help him on her own. She then calls out Tony, now a Gengar, to battle him.

Yancy Interlude: Around Valentine's Day during Year One

  • While touring around Nimbasa City, Yancy is recognized as Nancy by a group of fans, and while running away from them, she accidentally drops her Xtransceiver.
  • A few days later, she calls her number to see if someone has found it, but she does it from a public phone that doesn't have video feed.
  • A voice answers on the other side of the line. She asks the person to hold onto her Xtransceiver until she can pick it up. The person agrees, but does tell her he's not going to be in town long.
  • Checking her week's schedule, Yancy realizes she only has February 14th as a day off, so she asks the person if they can meet then by the Ferris Wheel in the amusement park. The person agrees, and introduces himself as Nate.
  • Yancy goes to the scheduled meeting point, and waits for Nate's arrival. In the meantime, she looks around and seeing the couples all over the park, she wishes she could meet someone.
  • Nate arrives and gives Yancy her Xtransceiver. She thanks him, but before he leaves, she asks him if he'd like to hang out with her around the park for a bit. He accepts.
  • After spending some time around the park, Yancy has had a lot of fun, but notices Nate has been unusually quiet. She asks him if he's not enjoying her company, which he denies, replying that she's a really nice girl.
  • Realizing they still have time for one last ride before the park closes, Yancy asks Nate if he wants to choose it. Much to her surprise, he chooses the Ferris Wheel.
  • They ride the Ferris Wheel, watching the city's night view. They both discuss how their jobs often keep them from having a social life since they travel a lot, and realize they have a lot in common.
  • After the ride, Nate escorts Yancy back to her hotel, and apologizes for not showing outwardly that he had a good time. Yancy shrugs it off, thanking him for spending the day with her so she wouldn't be feel lonely.
  • Before Nate leaves, Yancy asks him if they could keep in touch and talk every once in a while. A bit reluctant, Nate finally agrees and exchanges numbers with her, and then goes back to his own hotel.

Yancy Interlude: Around Valentine's Day during Year Two, sometime after the Looker Interlude

  • Yancy and Curtis, as Nancy and Christoph, are invited to the Unova Late Night Show for an interview.
  • Once the interview is over, they ride their car to the airport to get back home for a two-week break.
  • Curtis asks Yancy if she's got plans with "someone special", meaning of course Nate, as well as whether she's already told him of her double life or not. She hasn't and Curtis advices her that she should tell him while she still can, lest that she ends up like him in the last relationship he had.
  • A few days later, Yancy is answering her traditional mail from fans, and finds a letter with no sender address, with a stamp of the Nimbasa Ferris Wheel. It's from Nate, telling her to call him as soon as she gets the message and also has two tickets for the latest PokéStar Studios premiere.
  • Yancy calls him, and Nate asks her if they can meet on Valentine's Day for the premiere, saying that he has something important to say to her. Thinking he's going to confess his feelings for her, she agrees.
  • Days later, they meet at the Nimbasa PokéStar Cinema and watch the movie together.
  • After the movie is over, Nate takes Yancy to a nearby park to sit and talk. He admits that he's grown to like her over the course of that year and wishes they could pursue a relationship, but sadly, that's not the case.
  • Shocked, Yancy asks him why that can't be, since they clearly like each other. Nate replies that things are complicated in his life and he doesn't want to drag her into it.
  • Trying not to cry, Yancy asks him for one good reason why they can't be together. Nate replies he has two, and much to her shock, he calls her "Nancy", revealing that he's aware of her double life.
  • Nate reveals he had figured it out a while ago, since he sees Nancy's performances all the time, and had noticed the similarities between the two. Yancy admits that at least she tries to act different as Nancy, to which he admits it works, but a careful observer can see through it.
  • Nate knows how busy she is with her work and is aware of how much time it consumes, leaving her almost none for herself, much less for someone else, and she agrees he has a point.
  • Nate proceeds to explain his second reason: things are getting complicated at his job, and he might soon be leaving for Orre, shocking her. He explains that he's going there to solve an important mystery, and he wanted her to know before he had to leave.
  • Yancy finally understands, and checks the hour. Seeing they still have some time left, she asks Nate so they can spend some more time together at the amusement park, and he agrees.
  • This time, the date turns out a lot more enjoyable, and they have a lot of fun, going again to the Ferris Wheel to end the day.
  • While a riding the Ferris Wheel, Yancy gives Nate a gift: a pair of silver love pendants so he can always remember her by. Nate thanks her, but when he starts telling her about the possibility of not seeing each other again, she stops him with a kiss, and says that no matter what happens, they will see each other again.
  • Nate escorts Yancy back to her hotel, and they bid each other farewell.
  • Once he's away, Nate glances at a selfie in his phone, lamenting that he's Married to the Job and not being able to pursue a relationship with Yancy. He then gets an incoming call, and answers reporting as "Agent Black No. 2".
  • The voice comes from Looker, asking if he's done with his appointment. He is, and asks about his leads and the request he made to take care of the Orre mission. Looker says it's all but sorted out, but still has reservations about him going alone.
  • Nate, who is actually Blake, assures him that he can handle it, and says they will meet at the scheduled meeting point to discuss matters further.

Steven Interlude - Chapter Three: At some point after the events on Mt. Chimney

  • In Sootopolis City, Steven tells Wallace about his adventure in Mt. Chimney, and asks for his opinion.
  • Wallace replies that history shows that both sides in the Sootopolitan-Draconid conflict have part of the guilt, as they both have commited many atrocities against the other, and he believes it won't be as easy as Steven thinks to bring peace to them.
  • Steven agrees, but remains hopeful that the next generation will be able to do so. He then challenges Wallace to a friendly battle, to which Wallace accepts, deciding to ask Juan to lend them the Sootopolis Gym to do so.

Steven Interlude - Chapter Three: Sometime after the first Holiday Special, possibly in Year Two.

  • Steven tells Lysandre the full story behind the Mt. Chimney incident, and requests for Lysandre's help in finding and securing the Megalith shards to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Lysandre agrees.

Lord Helix Gaiden

  • A Helixian preaches his teachings to a crowd of kids. They leave halfway through the lecture.
  • MissingNo watches the whole thing, angry that he's tried to get people to form a cult that worships him, and instead they end up worshipping Omanyte and Omastar, before disappearing.

Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: The Movie - The Fanfiction: At some point during the main story, presumably before the Sabrina arc.

  • A group of film executives and producers want to make a movie about Ash Ketchum. However, the pitches are all ultimately rejected. Someone comes with a different proposal.
  • Ash and his companions come across a movie poster, titled "Fifty Shades of Cybertron: Mechanical Hearts also Lust for Love", depicting what seems a romance between a woman and a robot.

Ghosts of Maiden's Peak Interlude: Sometime after the final scene of the Agatha & Sam Gaiden, possibly during Year Two.

  • Tony wakes up from a nightmare, recalling his death in Drowning Woods over four decades ago.
  • After calming down, he goes to Agatha's room to wake her up, using a variation of Nightmare to enter her dream.
  • After going through their daily routine, they meet with Agatha's grandkids, Hugo and Alma, planning to take them to a festival.
  • Using Agatha's Drifloon, they travel to the Maiden's Peak, where the End of Summer Festival is ongoing.
  • Tony decides to go off on his own for a while to have time for himself. Agatha agrees, but to be careful.
  • Tony watches the Maiden's Rock, feeling a kinship towards her.
  • Suddenly, he spots a Gastly entrancing a couple of guys. Assuming the worst, he goes to attack.
  • The Gastly plays along for a bit, and tries to fight Tony using his illusions, but Tony quickly realizes they can't hurt him if he knows they're not real.
  • When he realizes that Tony believes he intends to torture and/or kill the humans for his amusement, Gastly realizes it's all a misunderstanding, and assures Tony he means no actual harm to them.
  • Gastly proceeds to tell Tony his story, about how he keeps old legends alive, telling him more details about the titular Maiden, Rhian, and her lover, Griffith.
  • Tony then tells Gastly his own story, and Gastly reveals he knows about the Gengar of Drowning Woods.
  • In the middle of their conversation, the Lavender Ghost trio show up, telling Gastly they've done some pranks to spice up the legends, and offering their help for the next year. Gastly seemingly accepts it.
  • After they leave, Gastly asks Tony about what he knows about Oak and why he decided to change the world. Tony reveals that his death was the reason Oak decided to make the world a safer place for Pokémon and humans alike.
  • Knowing this, Gastly tries to encourage Tony to find his own way to make the world a better place, and turn it into an awesome story to tell in the future. Tony decides to take it up, and thanks Gastly before leaving.
  • Back with Agatha and the kids at the festival, they all go to celebrate the end of the festival.
  • As the paper boat ceremony takes place, Hugo and Alma wish for their late uncle to find his way to them somehow. Agatha decides it's the time to tell them the truth.
  • Agatha and Hugo are happy and excited their uncle is a Pokémon, and accept him as part of the family.
  • Tony decides there is a way he can help make the world a better place.

Ghosts of Maiden's Peak Interlude: Several months after the events above.

  • A pack of wild Growlithe led by an elderly Arcanine are about to attack a town, as revenge for being driven out of their home.
  • Tony appears, and convinces them not to follow through, as that will only bring more humans to attack them in turn, perpetuating the Cycle of Revenge.
  • Tony offers to take them to a forest where they could live in peace and undisturbed. The Arcanine leader accepts, and they follow him.
  • Gastly watches from afar and decides to name his next story "The Legend of Tony the Negotiator Gengar".

Gligarman Interlude - Chapter One: Several years before the main story.

  • Crime lord Falcone Xicato kidnaps his ex-wife Veronica and daughter Victoria, and hides in a hangar waiting for a plane to escape the authorities after he was exposed.
  • Gligarman and his Gligar appear and quickly take down Falcone's bodyguards and their Pokémon. Falcone tries to escape through the hangar's roof.
  • While trying to free the hostages, Gligarman is punched out by one of Falcone's henchmen, who stomps on and injures his knee, but quickly dispatches him. Gligar leads Veronica and Victoria out of the hangar to safety.
  • The police arrives, and Gligarman corners Falcone, demanding that he gives up. Not wanting to go to prison Falcone decides to drop himself off the roof.
  • Gligarman tries to stop him, but the knee injury he sustained before prevents him from doing so, and Falcone falls to his death.
  • The police quickly cords the area. Gligarman apologizes to Giordanna "Gio" Jenny for not being able to prevent Falcone's death. Gio assures him it wasn't his fault, and tells him to go home and rest, as they'll take over from there.
  • Back at home, Parker wonders if he's getting too old to go around as a crimefighter. Recalling his last encounter with Heratia and how he didn't prevent her from being killed, he decides that he's no longer fit to be Gligarman and shuts down his hideout.

Elesa Gaiden: Sometime after the Holiday Special 2017


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