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Timeline of events in the series. WIP

The timeline diverges from the anime continuity, with its major divergence event - the Undampening - occurring shortly after DP085: Fighting Fear with Fear!.

758 BDR

  • The Defervescence
    • Lugia uses an Orb of Creation to make his mate fertile, angering Shadow Lugia.


A Few Days Before June 4th

  • The Obedience
    • Olympia receives a vague vision of the Undampening.

June 4th

  • The Obedience
    • Olympia privately reveals the contents of her vision to Kalos' leaders.

August 10th

  • The Survival
    • Max becomes a Pokemon trainer on approximately this day, receiving a Treecko as his starter.

August 15th

    Legendary Arc 
  • The Northwind Confessions
    • Entei and Suicune are tasked with destroying Johto's settlements by Ho-Oh.
    • Morty encounters Ho-Oh speaking with Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. He is incinerated instantly by Ho-Oh.
    May's Arc 
  • The Exigence
    • Goldenrod City completes preparations for their Pokemon contest, with May set to compete first.
    • May puts on her Emerald outfit. She goes to the main stage to compete while Drew, Solidad, and Harley watch from the waiting room.

The Undampening

  • The Pokemon Dampeners are removed by Ho-Oh at approximately 12:00 AM Hearthome time using an Orb of Creation.
    Legendary Arc 
  • The Incipience
    • Mewtwo destroys an unknown city with a massive psychic blast.
    May's Arc 
  • The Exigence
    • During May's competition, the Undampening occurs when her Blaziken uses a Fire Spin, causing the stage and surrounding area to be set on fire. May's Pokemon leave her Pokeballs, adding to the destruction. Mr. Sukizo is killed in the fire.
    • Harley tries to restrain his Cacturne. The rampage by May's pokemon rendered her nearly cataconic. Drew attempts to lead her to safety. Solidad hides behind a couch. None of their Pokemon are killed.
    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • Arthur's pokemon leave their pokeballs briefly attack the surrounding area. Arthur returns his pokemon and runs to Petalburg City to check them.
    • Social order in Petalburg City is disrupted by the pokemon rampage caused by the Undampening.
    • Angela - a psychic - accidentally destroys a hotel and the surrounding area inside Rustboro City due to the effects of the Undampening.
    • Wattson's pokemon and gym machinery explode, killing everyone in the Mauville City Gym.
    Judgment Arc 
  • What I've Done
    • Ransei's pokemon population starts to go berserk, but it is dulled due to the historic Link
    • Aurora is heavily damaged, but all infrastructure remains mostly intact
    • Ignis is under attack by fire types, damaging many. The capital city is evacuated as heat levels climb.
    • Greenleaf is overrun by grass type pokemon, causing much loss of life, but also inadvertently returning much of the kingdom back to nature for future farming.
    • Fontaine falls prey to water types attacking its defenses and cities. The navy puts up a fight against them, but to no avail.
    • Steven 'Spray' Krane and his friends all survive the Undampening and meet Kyou Kagita and his pokemon, Blaze.


August 16th

  • Pokemon across the world fall unconscious directly after the Undampening.
    May's Arc 
  • The Exigence
    • Harley, Solidad, Drew, and May have their Pokemon recalled to their pokeballs.
    • Drew moves May to an alleyway. He leaves her there to check on their Pokemon at the Pokemon Center.
    • Harley frames May as the cause of the recent destruction in Goldenrod City.
    • Drew meets Whitney, helping bring her Miltank to the Pokemon Center.
    • Drew discovers that Harley told the police that May was responsible for the destruction.
    • A nurse at the Pokemon Center informs Drew that his Pokemon will be fine, since they have only passed out.
    • Drew finds May and brings her to a hotel to evade the police. They share a room there to wait out the night.
    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • Arthur enters the pokemon center. Professor Birch notices him and calls him aside into a room with Brendan, Norman, Caroline, Max, Andres, and Batuo.
    • Professor Birch analyzes a Medicham and determines that the Medicham has been considerably strengthened. The results are handed over to the Petalburg authorities.
    • Rico escapes with several inmates from Rinshin prison, deciding to hide in a Pokemon Center in Petalburg Forest. The Center is attacked by multiple Dustoxes, causing Rico to be stuck to a wall. Wurmples kill the all except Rico in Rico's group.
    • Rustboro Police attempt to arrest Roxanne for damages to the city. Roxanne and her Nosepass enter a store; her Nosepass explodes, killing both Roxanne and her Nosepass.
    • Roxanne's students, Angela, and several other Rustboro survivors hide in a hotel.
    • Devon Corporation employees are evacuated to LaRousse City.
    • The Los Sevipers gang seize control of the Devon Corporation tower.
    • In Slateport City, Stephanie's pokemon and the Pokemon Center's Combusken protect the center from invading wild pokemon. The Combusken evolves into a Blaziken.
    • Crawdaunt seize control of Slateport City's streets.
    Judgment Arc 
  • What I've Done
    • Aurora starts to take stock of the damages to the kingdom and people start to come together.
    • Warlord Greg Hansen gives a speech to rally people together in the aftermath.
    • The Week of Hell begins outside of Aurora.

August 17th

    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • Wild pokemon attack Petalburg City. The police order surviving residents to retreat into the police station. Norman's family, Birch's family, Batuo, and Arthur successfully retreat inside as the police barricade the entrance.
    • The wild pokemon force their way into the station and slowly overwhelm the defenders. Andres and his pokemon arrive at the station and defeat the attackers.
    • The police station survivors officially form a caravan to find a safe place to hold against the pokemon. Batuo, Andres, and the police pool together their resources for the caravan before the wild pokemon attempt another assault.
    • Professor Birch reveals that he needs to get to Littleroot Town to assist pokemon left in his care. Arthur and Brendan agree to fly him over to the town and offer protection.
    • Birch, Brendan, and Arthur confirm that Oldale Town was destroyed by wild pokemon.
    • Birch recovers the pokeglov technology, and gives two pokeglovs to Brendan and Arthur.
    • Arthur and Brendan enter Littleroot proper to search for survivors while Birch transfers pokemon to pokeglovs. They discover that most of the residents escaped by ship, but one survivor - Jennifer Joy - remained in the Pokemon Center.
    • As Jennifer, Arthur, and Brendan try to leave the Pokemon Center, Mightyena attack. Arthur fends off several Mightyena, and all three escape on Brendan and Arthur's flying pokemon. Professor Birch boards one of the flying pokemon during the escape. All four return to Petalburg City.
    • Max is given a pokeglov to command his Treecko.
    • Arthur decides to sleep in his Petalburg home.
    • Nicole, Rita, and Natalie, owners of the Pretty Petal flower shop, are attacked and enslaved by a hostile Slaking.
    Legendary Arc (Before the Battle of Goldenrod City) 
  • The Incipience
    • Ho-Oh forces Mewtwo into servitude with an Orb of Creation.
    • With Ho-Oh's help, Kyogre non-fatally freezes Manaphy, taking sole control of the seas.
    • Lugia, opposed to Ho-Oh's plan, tasks Silver to find Latias and Silver's mother to find Groudon and Rayquaza so they can be recruited to oppose Ho-Oh.
    • Latias leaves Alto Mare City to oppose Ho-Oh, leaving the responsibility of protecting the town to the city's Pokemon.
    • Celebi declares her intention to remain neutral to Lugia, due to her Game-Breaker powers.
    • Shadow Lugia decides to join Ho-Oh.
    • The Tentacool and Tentacruel species resist Kyogre's rule, remaining neutral.
    • Entei and Suicune begin to destroy Johto's settlements as ordered by Ho-Oh.
    • Raikou and Kyogre are tasked with attacking Goldenrod City to kill all humans and captured Pokemon, as well as use an EMP to disable electronic devices, but leave the radio tower physically intact.
    May's Arc (Before the Battle of Goldenrod City) 
  • The Exigence
    • The Goldenrod City Police Department posts notices stating that May and Harley are wanted by the police.
    • Drew's Absol tries to warn Drew of the impending attack on Goldenrod City, indicating a possible escape route.
    • A hotel receptionist discovers that Drew is protecting May. Drew and May escape the police by going to the hotel roof. They move along the building roofs in Absol's indicated direction.
    • Goldenrod City residents begin rioting over the damages to the city and themselves.
    • May and Drew reach Whitney's ranch just outside Goldenrod City, where they meet Whitney and Milton.
    The Battle of Goldenrod City 
  • The Incipience
    • Ho-Oh and Mewtwo watch Raikou and Kyogre carry out Ho-Oh's orders, causing a downpour and destroying the city.
  • The Exigence
    • Milton tries to hide Whitney, May, and Drew in the ranch house basement. He is killed by an Ariados - the Ariados breaks into the basement shortly afterwards. May's Blaziken and Drew's Roserade leave their pokeballs and defeat the Ariados. Drew's, May's, and Whitney's pokemon emerge from the basement to fight the attacking pokemon.
    • Solidad hides in a storage room somewhere in Goldenrod City. She is ambushed by a Crawdaunt, but is saved by Harley.
    • Whitney charges out of the ranch house and finds Milton's corpse.
    • May's Skitty is poisoned by an Ariados, quickly dying from the poison.
    • Solidad and Harley send out their pokemon to search for an escape route. Solidad's Pidgeot find May and Drew's pokemon at the ranch; Harley and Solidad move to meet with them.
    • Harley's shoulder is injured by a Crawdaunt.
    • The two use Solidad's Lapras to quickly move out of the city, but Raikou sends a lightning bolt to stop them.
    • May's Munchlax is badly burned by a Pineco.
    • Drew's Absol is killed by a Parasect's poison.
    • Drew recalls his Roserade and Masquerain; May recalls her Munchlax.
    • Solidad and Harley jump off Solidad's Lapras once they arrive at Whitney's ranch; Raikou's bolt incinerates Lapras before Lapras can be recalled.
    • The pokemon attacking the ranch quickly retreat to avoid Raikou's notice.
    • A bolt from Raikou overpowers Drew's Butterfree's Protect, incinerating the Butterfree.
    • Blaziken pull May and Whitney away from Raikou's attacks. Whitney's Nidoqueen is killed by one of the bolts.
    • Solidad flies on her Pidgeot while Drew and Harley fly on Flygon.
    • Solidad's Pidgeot tries to use Double Team to distract Raikou, but fails. Solidad recalls Pidgeot after Pidgeot falls to the ground.
    • Drew, Harley, and Solidad attempt to escape on Drew's Flygon. However, Solidad's weight slows down Flygon - Solidad falls to allow Harley and Drew to escape, killing her and her remaining pokemon.
    • Drew and Harley are thrown off Flygon shortly before Flygon is incinerated by Raikou.
    • May's group loses Raikou's attention, believing May's group was killed in the fire caused by his lightning bolts.
    Legendary Arc (After the Battle of Goldenrod City, Before the Battle of Hearthome City) 
  • The Incipience
    • Ho-Oh congratulates Raikou and orders him to protect Goldenrod's radio tower. Shadow Lugia arrives at Goldenrod City to declare support for Ho-Oh, as well as inform Ho-Oh of Lugia's plan to oppose him.
    • Kyogre begins his search for a very powerful Pokemon, considered to be his ace. Ho-Oh orders Shadow Lugia to destroy any remaining Johto settlements, which he happily accepts. Ho-Oh himself goes to search for Regigigas in Sinnoh.
    • Silver's mother meets with Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno and convinces them to join Lugia at the Tree of Beginning.
    • Latias and Silver meet Lugia and Mew at the Tree of Beginning.
    • Silver's mother meets Groudon and convinces him to join by mentioning that Kyogre has join Ho-Oh. She sees Rayquaza, who says that he will join Ho-Oh before flying away.
    • Lugia acquires Regigigas' remaining Orb of Creation and recruits Regigigas - a duplicate Regigigas is left behind to meet Ho-Oh. The duplicate fights Ho-Oh and Mewtwo shortly after they arrive, and reveals that the Orb has been taken. The new Regigigas is executed by Mewtwo.
    • Ho-Oh meets Uxie, who joins Ho-Oh's cause. Rayquaza also meets Ho-Oh and declares his support. Uxie tells Ho-Oh that Lugia is likely holding the Orb of Creation at the Tree of Beginning, but that an attack there would likely fail.
    • The various legendaries recruited by Lugia's faction meet at the Tree of Beginning. Celebi appears and reveals that the duplicate Regigigas has been killed by Ho-Oh and Mewtwo. The legendaries are unable to decide how to use their Orb of Creation.
    • Ho-Oh's faction makes Mewtwo's cloning facility their base of operations.
    • Gengiga and Alakalossal are revived by Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, and Uxie. The two are convinced to join by Uxie, and are provided a location to receive further orders. The colossal Jigglypuff's bell is smashed to prevent its revival. Uxie is given secondary control of Mewtwo by Ho-Oh.
    The Battle of Hearthome City 
  • The Defervescence
    • Rayquaza is sent to destroy human satellites, but discovers that a group of Muk are polluting the atmosphere.
    • Rayquaza explains that a group of Muk claimed they are polluting the atmosphere on Ho-Oh's orders to Ho-Oh.
    • Uxie sends Alakalossal to recruit more psychic Pokemon.
    • Gengiga is deployed by Uxie on Hearthome City to eradicate the Muk presence there.
    Legendary Arc (After the Battle of Hearthome City) 
  • The Defervescence
    • Shadow Lugia ponders a method for destroying Olivine City, but he is interrupted by Rayquaza, who has come to bring Shadow Lugia back to Ho-Oh's base of operations. After a short protest, Lugia's agrees to visit the base.
    • Uxie sends Gengiga to recruit more allies and exterminate poison type Pokemon.
    • Raikou finishes systematically destroying all structures in Goldenrod City with the exception of the radio tower.
    • Uxie and Ho-Oh send Raikou to Hearthome City to clear out any surviving Muk and humans.
    • Uxie shows Ho-Oh the new psychic type recruits.
    Judgment Arc - Battle of Aurora 
  • What I've Done
    • Aurora falls under attack by a strange man and his Gyrados, attacking the palace.
    • Spray and Kyou go to try and assist, only to wind up fighting the man without any weapons, save for Blaze's attacks.
    • Warlord Greg Hansen dies, crushed to death by falling rubble.
    • Spray tries to save him, but to no avail.

August 18th

    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The caravan moves down Route 104 toward Rinshin City. The caravan leaders discuss the best strategy to move through the forest, deciding to move through a longer but safer route.
    • The caravan reaches the Pokemon Center within the forest. Arthur, Andres, and Officer Veronica investigate the building. They discover a non-hostile group of Cascoon and Silcoon in a room leading to a basement. They also find Rico and release him from the wall he was stuck on.
    • The Caravan is attacked by a second wave of Dustox and Beautifies. Rico is given his P90 to attack the pokemon. The pokemon abduct Max, Jennifer, and Birch and retreat. Rico sets the basement on fire, killing all the pokemon there.
    • At dusk, Arthur, Andres, Rico, and Batuo move to rescue their captured people.
    • The four manage to enter the cave holding the abductees. They find three abductees killed by the wild pokemon, and continue searching for the remaining abductees.
    • The five remaining abductees are found unconscious and released. As the group leaves the cave, one of the abductees alerts the wild pokemon to their presence. Rico remains behind as the rest of the group escapes. He is soon killed by a Silver Wind attack.
    • Max and the rest of the abductees awake in the caravan camp. They are informed of Rico's sacrifice.
    • Several survivors from the Rustboro Hotel leave to search for supplies, but are killed by hostile looters. Angela and Roxanne's students are left as the only hotel survivors.
    Mirage Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The Mirage Kingdom assumes control of Mauville City. The Mirage Kingdom begins to evacuate Mauville citizens into its core territories.
    Legendary Arc 
  • The Defervescence
    • Gengiga recruits various ghost type Pokemon to Ho-Oh's cause and defeats a beedrill swarm attacking him.
    • Shadow Lugia meets Uxie, who reads Shadow Lugia's mind. Once Shadow Lugia protests, Shadow Lugia is teleported away. Uxie decides that the Metagross would be the next best species to target for recruitment.

August 19th

    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The caravan arrives at a second Pokemon Center in the Petalburg Forest.
    • A flock of beedrill attack the caravan. During the defense, Max's Treecko kills several of the attacking beedrill, causing Treecko to evolve into Grovyle. A large group of Treecko, Grovyle, and Sceptile defeat the beedrill swarm and agree to escort the caravan out of the forest.
    • The caravan is informed that the bug pokemon in the forest are attempting to kill and evict all other pokemon in the forest, but are being held at bay by the Treecko, Grovyle, and Sceptile.
    • The caravan reaches the outskirts of Rinshin City. The caravan leaders note that a large group of pokemon would be in the Rinshin Park; Max explains that the park contains Shroomish who would likely not be hostile.
    • Arthur, Andres, Norman, and Max go to the Rinshin Park and find several Breloom. Max reminds the Breloom that they have met before, and meets Alex.
    • Alex agrees to join the caravan due to the approval of the Shroomish and the fall of social order in the city. Max is given a Breloom by Alex.
    • The caravan searches for ammunition and supplies in Rinshin City.
    May's Arc 
  • The Exigence
    • The injuries taken by May's group are partially healed by Whitney's Clefable.
    • May's group makes camp at a cave when May collapses from overexertion. Harley's pokemon confirm that the cave is clear of wild pokemon.
    • Harley's Ariados deploys webbing to detect any encroaching pokemon. Harley's Banette brings berries and mushrooms to the group. The mushrooms are prepared by Harley and his Cacturne.
    • Whitney is tasked with leading May's group to the next town, and begins leading the group through the forest.
    • May notices berries in the trees and kicks some down. The other members of the group also work on knocking down the berries.
    • Hostile Ursaring are spotted by Harley's Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff alerts the group, but is quickly incinerated by a Hyper Beam.
    • Harley's Cacturne takes the lead in fighting the Ursaring, killing many with his attacks. Harley's Banette assists Cacturne when the Ursaring becoming overwhelming.
    • Harley's Ariados plots to betray May's group, intending to defeat both May's group and the Ursaring.
    • May's group temporarily split up, running in different directions, to divide the Ursarings' attention.
    • Banette and Cacturne defeat the Ursaring attacking them and move to rejoin the group.
    • Force from a Hyper Beam slams May against a tree, breaking several of her bones. Harley attempts to lift her up.
    • Another Hyper Beam hits the tree May is against, splitting the tree in two. Splinters emitted from the tree damage Drew's face. Whitney and her Clefable attack the Ursaring while sending out Miltank to heal May.
    • A Hyper Beam comes close to incinerating Harley - his Ariados pushes him out of the way, fatally injuring the Ariados instead.
    • Whitney's Clefable is seriously injured by the remaining Ursaring. Whitney's Miltank defeats the remaining Ursaring.
    • May's group makes camp in the forest. A pack of Houndoom approach them, stating that they come in peace. The trainers' pokemon are suspicious, but accept the Houndooms' offer to help them.
     Judgment Arc 
  • What I've Done
    • Spray is named the next warlord of Aurora.

August 19th

    Judgment Arc 
  • What I've Done
    • Spray and his friends are faced with the falling morale of the people, but manage to keep them going. At the same time, an attack in a neighboring town is underway, prompting some people to launch an operation to clear a path to get help to them. A three day battle and trek commences.

August 20th

    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The caravan encounters several Mightyena protecting Katrina, a pokemon ranger.
    • After the caravan leader, Frank, explains the behavior of wild pokemon to Katrina, Katrina agrees to join the caravan.
    • The caravan moves to the lake near the Pretty Petal flower shop. They spot a large number of Lotad in the lake, as well as a Slaking resting nearby.
    • After caravan pokemon scout out the situation, Norman decides to fight the Slaking leader for control with his own Slaking.
    • Norman's Slaking provokes the Slaking leader into a fight for control of the Slaking pack.
    • Norman and Arthur rescue the owners of the Pretty Petal flower shop - Natalie, Rita, and Nicole - during the power struggle between Norman's slaking and the slaking leader.
    • Norman's slaking is ordered to retreat, but declines. Norman is knocked out by Batuo when he tries to assist his slaking.
    • Norman's slaking defeats the slaking leader. Once the slaking leader is defeated, the enslaved lotads attack and rout the slaking pack.
    Legendary Arc 
  • The Defervescence
    • Mew and Latias temporarily go to Alto Mare to appoint a regent.
    • Seymour views the Earth from a spacecraft in orbit, noticing Rayquaza destroying satellites. The Clefairy reveal that the Undampening is potentially galaxy-wide and that they have a plan to repopulate humanity if humans become extinct on Earth. Moments later, Seymour's vessel transports to the Clefairy homeworld.
    • Lugia's faction discovers that Gengiga is moving to Kanto. They suspect that Gengiga has been ordered to destroy Lugia's faction.
    May's Arc 
  • The Exigence
    • The Houndoom lead May's group to a cave with camping essentials. The Houndoom Alpha states that his pack angered the Ursaring previously, causing their hostility.
    • A group of Golems invade the Houndoom pack's territory. May's Glaceon, Whitney's Clefable, and Harley's Banette lead a push to defeat them.
    • The Golem leader's Earthquake breaks Blaziken's leg and seriously injures Banette. Clefable and Glaceon try to fight in their stead, while the Houndoom Alpha joins the fight on Blaziken's behalf.
    • Banette is temporarily killed from his injuries.
    • The Houndoom Alpha tries and fails to damage the Golem leader. The Golem leader uses Explosion, killing himself and creating a big crater, but fails to kill the Houndoom Alpha or the trainers' pokemon.

August 21st

    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The caravan leader decides to have the carvan hold position at the Lotad Lake to clean their clothes and swim.
    • Brendan explains that his mother gave him his hat to Jennifer.
    Legendary Arc 
  • The Defervescence
    • The Zubat, Spinarak, Grimer, Weedle, and their evolutions are confirmed to have been exterminated in the Sinnoh region by Alakalossal.
    • Uxie triggers Mewtwo's mega evolution for the first time.
    • Gengiga is killed by Regigigas shortly after Gengiga arrives in Kanto.
    • Latias returns to Alto Mare and appoints a regent. One of the Pokemon shares a vision concerning Mesprit to Latias.
    • Ho-Oh is stranded in the Reverse World due to a coup by Uxie.
    May's Arc 
  • The Exigence
    • Banette encounters Harley's Ariados and Wigglytuff. Ariados reveals his intent to betray the group before his death to Banette.
    • Blaziken trains in the woods to prepare for future battles.
    • Banette revives, surpising the trainers' pokemon. Miltank heals Banette's injuries.
    • Harley ponders whether the Undampening has spread past Johto, realizing that he will need to inform Solidad's parents of her death.
    • May, Whitney, and Drew awake. May fears for her family, while Drew is optimistic about the future.

August 22nd

    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The caravan secures the Contest Hall outside Rostboro City. Norman volunteers to lead the search for Roxanne, the gym leader of Rostboro City.
    • Max, Norman, Andres, and Arthur encounter three of Roxanne's sudents - Anita, Tommy, and Kenny - in a building. The three are seen with Angela - a psychic Arthur knows - who has a Lucario.
    • One of the caravan groups sent to search the city is kidnapped by the Rustboro looter group Los Sevipers.
    • Roxanne's students and Angela agree to join the caravan. They shows off their pokemon to Max and Arthur when they reach the caravan camp.
    • Accounts from Angela and Lucario of the Undampening cause the caravan to conclude that the Undampening was a deliberate event.
    • A messenger from Los Sevipers - Garret - explains that several caravan members were captured by his group, and that the caravan's supplies are to be exchanged for their prisoners at the Devon Corporation building.
    • Batuo brings supplies to the ransom site while Veronica attacks and interrogates one of the gangsters for the location of the hostages.
    • Officer Veronica, Arthur, and Andres move up to the president's office of the Devon Corporation building - the location of the Los Sevipers leader Barry.
    • When Garret inspects the supplies given, Batuo impales Garret with his sword, killing him quickly.
    • Veronica's team attacks several gangsters on an office floor. Barry is altered to the caravan advance. Katrina releases herself from her bonds and charges at Barry with a knife; however, Barry subdues Katrina and uses her as a shield.
    • Veronica's team enters the president's office. As Barry holds Katrina hostage, Alex shoots Barry in the head, killing him.
    • Los Sevipers is disestablished.
    • Andres and Batuo find documents stating that important leaders have been evacuated to LaRousse City, and that LaRousse has a defense system. Upon presenting their findings to the caravan leader, the leader decides that the caravan must travel to LaRousse City.
    • In Slateport City, the Pokemon Center Blaziken is overwhelmed by wild pokemon and killed.
    Judgment Arc 
  • What I've Done
    • Spray and friends arrive in the town of Herios, just as the battle winds down.
    • People start to recover from the fight and Ransei's future is in the works.

August 23rd

    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The caravan makes camp in a cave outside Slateport City.
    • Brendan's Aggron lays eggs, causing his Rhyperior to challenge Arthur's Tyranitar to a duel to the death. Tyranitar comes close to subduing Rhyperior, but Rhyperior moves magma in the earth towards the surface, causing a volcanic eruption.
    • The caravan members retreat to a safer location in the cave to avoid being hit in the battle.
    • Tyranitar invents a new move using the effects of the Undampening to overpower Rhyperior. Both pokemon survive, but Rhyperior is knocked unconscious.
    • Arthur's Lanturn attempts to assassinate Angela, but is foiled by Angela's Lucario.

August 24th

    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The caravan approaches Slateport City, making camp at the outskirts.
    • Arthur, Andres, Brendan, Norman, and Max are tasked with scouting the city.
    • The scouting group approaches the city Pokemon Center. The group encounters survivors, who let the group inside. Max discovers that the pokemon center group consists of Stephanie, Richard, and a Nurse Joy - all three and Max were previously present when Stephanie first got her starter.
    • Stephanie shows the scouting group her pokemon. When Max sees her Beautifly, he is triggered from trauma of previous Beautifly attacks. Norman calms him down. The Pokemon Center group joins the caravan.
    • Several caravan members construct a mobile nest for Brendan's Aggron.
    • Due to a food shortage in the caravan, the caravan plans out an operation to take food from the market area - an area infested with Crawdaunt.
    • Caravan strike teams initially invade the Slateport plaza with great success.
    • Brendan's Flygon is overwhelmed and killed by Crawdaunts.
    • Jennifer's strike force loses several caravan guards.
    • Crawdaunt forces are reinforced and start to overwhelm the caravan strike forces.
    • Max and his family attempt to return back to camp after finding food. They are noticed and attacked by a Crawdaunt. The Crawdaunt takes aim and fires at Max; Caroline blocks the attack and is hit instead.
    • The former Petalburg chief of police, Brian, is killed by a Crawdaunt.
    • All the surviving caravan strike teams return to the caravan camp. Caroline dies of her injuries.
    • Officer Veronica becomes the new leader of the caravan guards.
    Judgment Arc 
  • What I've Done
    • Spray and his friends rally the people of Aurora together to rebuild the government and to establish a new branch of the Aurora Defense Forces.

August 25th

    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The caravan beings to travel to Mauville City.

August 26th

    Caravan Arc 
  • The Survival
    • A group from Misty Town encounters the caravan and informs them that society in Misty Town has survived.
    • The caravan arrives at Misty Town. The mayor of the town informs the caravan that the city has experienced a food shortage.
    • Max and Norman meet the survivors in the nearby lighthouse to see the powerful stone kept inside. Batuo uses telepathy to speak with the stone; the stone explains that it must remain in place to protect Misty Town.
    • The Misty Town mayor decides that the town's residents must leave with the caravan.

August 27th

The Caravan Arc joins the Mirage Arc
    Mirage Arc 
  • The Survival
    • Monica, a Misty Town resident, decides to remain in Misty Town.
    • The caravan approaches Mauville City. Max meets a Gardevoir, a pokemon he met during his adventure with Ash when the Gardevoir was a Ralts.
    • Frank meets with the Mirage Kingdom forces posted at Mauville City. After learning of the events of the Mirage Kingdom's expedition, the caravan and expeditionary forces prepare to return to the core kingdom territories.
    Legendary Arc 
  • The Defervescence
    • Mesprit reports to Lugia's faction that human deaths since the Undampening have been in the billions.
    • Lugia's faction use their Orb of Creation to remove human dampeners.

August 28th

    Mirage Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The caravan and Mirage Kingdom Expedition begin to leave for the Mirage Kingdom palace.

August 30th

    Mirage Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The caravan enters the Mirage Kingdom Royal Palace and is given an audience by Princess Sara.
    Legendary Arc 
  • The Defervescence
    • Uxie notifies Entei, Suicune, and Raikou that Ho-Oh has been trapped in the Reverse World, and that Uxie is now to be considered leader of Ho-Oh's faction.
    • Uxie informs Shadow Lugia that Shadow Lugia will need to enter shadow form to defeat Lugia.
    • Mesprit raises Gallade and Gardevoir forces to oppose Ho-Oh, but Lugia notes that there are not enough. Mesprit replies that more can be found in Kalos.
    Judgment Arc 
  • What I've Done
    • Communications are reestablished across Aurora

August 31st

    Mirage Arc 
  • The Survival
    • Princess Sara invites the caravan to join in a dance on September 2nd.
    • Sara explains that the Mirage Kingdom is protected the the Togepi - the Togepi continuously create an illusion to protect the Kingdom from attackers.
    • Max discovers that Misty's Togepi has evolved into a Togekiss.
    • Angela helps teach Arthur how to dance.

September 2nd

    Mirage Arc 
  • The Survival
    • The dance at the Mirage Kingdom commences.
    • Frank holds a moment of silence at the start of the dance for the caravan members who lost their lives.
    • Max details his adventures with Ash to several caravan members during the dance rest period.
    • Norman refuses to attend the dance, grieving over his memories of Caroline.
    Judgment Arc 
  • What I've Done
    • A new menace learns of Aurora's intentions and starts to make plans to stop them.

September 6th

    Judgment Arc - Breakdown 
  • What I've Done
    • Spray learns of satellites being shot down by Raquayza and plans are made to reconnect the world globally.
    • Aurora's status is confirmed as self-sufficient temporarily and plans are made to start trading in the post-apocalyptic system of barter.
    • The mysterious man attacks again, and this time is driven back after a fierce battle.
    • A youth escapes captivity, his future uncertain.

October 10th

  • The Defervescence
    • Azelf meets with Arceus. Azelf informs Arceus of the removal of the dampeners, who replies that he is disappointed. Arceus states his intention to remain in his own dimension and not interfere. He leaves through a portal to his dimension, declaring that he does not intend to return.

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