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Some webcomics are good. A lot of them are bad. And some come to a strange line between quality and enjoyability.

  • Concession appears to a perfect example of this trope. Granted Immy's improved his art considerably (it's still nothing to write home about) but with gratuitous furry sex, over-the-top battles of the mind and a wangsting Marty Stu wolf with evil psychic powers as the protagonist it's just hard to deny. All while still under the face of being a gag a day comic no less. Despite the sympathetic backstory, Joel is clearly the bad guy. The whole point of the character is that you are supposed to feel conflicted about rooting for him, because he is an evil controlling bastard.
    • Then there are instances where the plot (still maintaining the gag a day format) delves into pedastery and brain cancer. See the scene where the rat blames his child molestation on his brain cancer — something that was lampshaded and made fun of later on with the real reason being revealed. And dear God the strawmen, every Christian character is a veritable bag full o' them.
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    • Concession defines the term Narm Charm.
  • Crash Bandicoot Retold. Crash Bandicoot meets Dragon Ball Z with the goofy cartoon Bandicoot turned into serious Goku-expy and bunch of Original Characters added in. Not to mention some people actually like the comic unironically and it has spawned three sequels. Warning: NSFW
  • Dolan comics are relished for their extremely poor grammar and spelling (the name alone is a corruption of "Donald" [Duck]) and bizarre use of rape, scatological humor, racism, and extreme violence.
  • Dysfunctional Family Circus: The Red Zone captions (those that were exiled for being exceptionally terrible) often fell into this, as can be glimpsed here. They have poor spelling and grammar, unnecessary reliance on Vulgar Humor (which is saying something, since the good captions already used them heavily), and most of all had almost nothing to do with the comic in question. For example, the linked comic shows Thelma (the mother) washing dishes, with Dolly speaking to her and Jeffy standing close by. Some captions?
    dad now has herpes
    im standing on you clitoris
    jeffy shat in the sink
    we got some coupons for some jizz. can we redeem them in the sink
    whu let the dick in the fuzzy hair in the house mommie? can I show him the way to San Jose?
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  • In-universe for Faux Pas, on Myrtle's story: this is so dreadful it's almost great.
  • Freefall: In-Universe, believed by Sam Starfall to be intentionally invoked by makers of the Kaiju movies he loves, to the point that the painfully obvious People in Rubber Suits are digitally rendered so well that it looks like a rubber suited person instead of CGI.
  • The Gentle Likpas, available here (NSFW, though less so than might be reasonably expected) describes, in severely broken English, the idyllic life and times of the 'likpas', cheerful little penis-Smurfs who were once men 'to whom the natural selection suppressed all their useless organs', and of their female companions, the 'gentle boobettes'. Watch as the likpas and boobettes ride around in sex-powered locomotives, indulge in vaguely suggestive music sessions, and strive to overthrow the soulless capitalist 'phallocracy' and bring about a Communist utopia. It's exactly as gloriously insane as it sounds.
  • Hamstard, a deliberately awful strip "drawn" by the main character of Erfworld.
  • Some people who read Harkovast bemoan it for stiff action, walls of text and poor art but it still seems to make them cackle with delight.
  • The strips on How Not to Run a Comic are all made intentionally badly. Some of them are just exercises in laziness and Lampshade Hanging, but this is so ridiculously idiotic that it's hilarious.
  • The Jack BS arc Frigid McThunderbones would certainly fall into this category. David Hopkins has quite clearly set out to use this trope in the entire arc. Not only does he parody a wide variety of awful material, but he does it in such a way it's actually funny at times (which is somewhat surprising, considering that Jack is normally a serious story comic).
  • For some Kit n Kay Boodle is this. Some comic reviewers firmly claim it's in Horrible territory but quite a few Furries enjoy it so it clearly appeals to its own niche.
    • Some people find the combination of cutesy-poo artwork and dialogue with graphic sex scenes to be so downright bizarre it's actually kind of funny.
  • Laws 4 Kidz comics are so blatantly anvilicious and poorly drawn that they are really asking to be mocked, thanks to Memetic Mutation.


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