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COMIC the Comic is "a webcomic that's So Bad, It's Good". Starring poor artist and comic creator Arial, COMIC the Comic features a lot of very silly stuff.

COMIC the Comic provides examples of:

  • Author Avatar: Arial. Technically, the other characters are also authors.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In-Universe. "AUGH. THIS WILL GIVE ME NIGHTMARES."
  • No Fourth Wall
  • Self-Deprecation: Usually played straight. Subverted in one comic, when Arial claims that "I am the greatest artist of all time", directly underneath a really blurry enlargement of some previous art.
  • Take That, Critics!: "You know what I'm going to say to that!?... I have no idea. I guess I'll just poorly draw a picture of a panda or something..."
  • Theme Naming: The main character's Arial. Other characters include Bold and Italic.

At least, I think it's a panda...

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