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The following is a list of the episode summaries of Russian medical sitcom The Interns (Интерны), about one Moscow hospital, it's personnel and, of course, young, but ambitious interns.

Series aired on TNT Russia channel from March 31, 2010 to February 25, 2016, and contains 278 episodes, plus two bonus New Year episodes.

Note: This page is still in progress.

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    Season 1 (March 31, 2010 - May 5, 2010) 
  1. "The Interns S 1 E 1": Doctor Bykov was forced to accept four interns, despite his objections. Now he wants to test them and possibly learn just how bad they are. Boris Levin, apparently most well-educated of them, is assigned to examine big-breasted woman... which quickly lead to problems when it turns out what Levin is unable to concentrate near her. Semyon Lobanov must interrogate old widow and prescribe her treatment, but he decides to ignore instruction and "heal" her himself. Gleb Romanenko tries to exploit his connections to Chief Doctor Kysegach, and is punished with "easy" patient whom he only needs to interrogate... if Gleb somehow manages to awake him from coma. And Varya Chernous is tasked with Bykov friend, Ivan Kupitman, who suffers from hangover; when Varya mistakes him for patient, Kupitman decides to exploit her naiveness. And anyone of them who fails would stay on night shift...
  2. "The Interns S 1 E 2": Kupitman want to borrow one of Bykov's interns for a day, to help with his boredom, and Bykov gives him Lobanov; Lobanov instantly screws up by touching patient with chickenpox without gloves, and Kupitman decides to teach him a lesson. Gleb and Varya must work together, but Gleb is too tired after night spend in night club, so Varya injects him with caffeine; he retaliates by injecting her with sedatives, but prank turns out of control. Meanwhile, Bykov decides to test Levin's abilities to react in time during critical situations.
  3. "The Interns S 1 E 3": Bykov decides to add some competitive element; those who would fail most miserably, would stay on night shift. Levin wants some "real" challenge, so Bykov entrusts him with Münchausen Syndrome patient he is tired of. Lobanov and Romanenko must work together, but Romanenko decides to trick Lobanov into doing all by himself. And Varya must deal with patient who doesn't want to see her at all, since he's trying to sleep; but she is too stubborn to give up.
  4. "The Interns S 1 E 4": Romanenko tries to hit on Varya, but she refuses him in no uncertain terms. He doesn't takes it well, and decides to start a rumour about their "sexual adventures". Thanks to Lyuba, now everyone thinks what Varya is a pervert; she retaliates by starting a rumour about Gleb's being... rather small. Meanwhile, Levin must deal with patient who wouldn't accept any medicine besides "urine therapy", and Lobanov' patient turns out to be gambler, to whom Lobanov quickly loses his last money; now he must find a way to win them back.
  5. "The Interns S 1 E 5": Kupitman and Lyuba "borrow" two interns from Bykov, Lobanov and Levin respectively. Lobanov must work for Kupitman in venereology, while Kupitman would sleep, but when Lobanov is awarded with expensive cognac, Kupitman decides to take it from him. Levin must help Lyuba with patients, but he is too afraid of blood, so she gives him alcohol in attempt to dump his fear; it works, but now Levin must drink more before each patient, and there lots of them. Meanwhile, Gleb and Varya must interrogate and examine pregnant patient, but all goes out of control when she starts giving birth.
  6. "The Interns S 1 E 6": Bykov tries to obtain new conditioners, but Kysegach claims she has no funds for it, so he blackmails her by bringing constantly farting patient into her office. Levin claims what he is now "a man", since he had a sex, but no one believes him. Now, he must find a prove – namely, his girl's underwear; except, admitting with whom he had sex would be even more embarrassing, so he must steal underwear from on of the patients. Varya must deal with patient who would not accept female Doctor, and Lobanov tries to smuggle alcoholic into hospital, so he would have alibi for his wife, not aware what Bykov already knows about this guy and his story.
  7. "The Interns S 1 E 7": Gleb finally takes Varya to the cinema, where she accidentally grabs his crotch. Gleb thinks it was not an accident, and presses her into admitting it. Lobanov needs money for his friend's wedding, and his patient would pay him enough... if Lobanov would bring him a prostitute. Levin fears what somebody would find out about him and Lyuba, and wants to break up with her... but lack courage to do so.
  8. "The Interns S 1 E 8": Kisegach's sponsor needs prostate massage, and she asks Bykov for help; Bykov instead reassigns this task to Romanenko, who botches it, and now his patient is stuck with marker's cap in his ass. Levin must prepare his patient for operation, but instead tries to examine wrong girl, which leads to conflict with her husband and them both being injured. Lobanov and Lyuba compete for old woman's attention in hope of receiving free apartment in the highly prestigious central district. And Varya must deal with insane patient who thinks he is Vladimir Putin.
  9. "The Interns S 1 E 9": Levin decides to (again) try break up with Lyuba, but instead of telling her so, he would force her to dump him. He asks Kupitman for help, whom suggests Levin to act like total jerk. Gleb's patient tries to hid marks of his infidelity, but Varya finds out and now wants to inform patient's wife, despite Gleb's objections. Meanwhile, Lobanov decides to cheat... with help of his patient, who is also medic; Bykov feels what something is wrong and deadset to find out what.
  10. "The Interns S 1 E 10": Lobanov must deal with patient who can't speak Russian. Levin accidentally scares patient out of essential operation, and when Bykov finds out, he decides to teach Levin a lesson. Romanenko finds in Venereology one quite familiar policeman (that same one he was forced to bribe not long ago), and decides to take revenge on him. And Varya argues with Lyuba on question which breast is better – big one, or small one.
  11. "The Interns S 1 E 11": Lyuba still not forgives Levin after their breakup, and now acts extremely hostile to him. He asks Kupitman for help, and Kupitman suggests him "one last break-up sex"... but it turns out to be easier said than done. Gleb accidentally enrages Varya, and now must find a way to fix things up; unfortunately, everything he tries only ends making things worse. Lobanov must escape to his friend's party, and he tries to play sick... not aware what Bykov already knows his plan.
  12. "The Interns S 1 E 12": Levin complains about Bykov to Kysegach, and demands what Bykov must be fired. When Bykov finds out, he decides to play cruel prank on Levin, which involves him pretending to be Levin's friend. Gleb must somehow deal with patient with stutter so extreme what Gleb can't understand him at all. Varya accidentally breaks rules about drug disposing and now can be in serious troubles. Lobanov must shave clean one girl to prepare her for operation, but Lobanov, being Lobanov, by mistakes shaves wrong patient.
  13. "The Interns S 1 E 13": Lyuba overhears Bykov and Kupitman's conversations, and, not knowing context, mistakes them for being gay. Kupitman learns about new beautiful patient and decides to pretend to be therapist to try and flirt with her; he also has some "genius" plan how to win her heart... by pretending to be gay. Meanwhile Levin and Lobanov must work together, but they can't stand each other; Lobanov decides to play prank on Levin, and tells their patient what Levin is an organ thief. And Gleb tries to invite Varya to his uncle's dacha; he almost succeeds, but Lyuba tries to convince Varya what it just another attempt to bed her.
  14. "The Interns S 1 E 14": Levin was mistaken for disabled, and now he doesn't knows how to explain what he really isn't. Lobanov tries to help his friend to doge draft. And Varya tries to prove Bykov what Doctors must speak with their patients, but quickly regrets this when her patient turns out to be painfully boring.
  15. "The Interns S 1 E 15": After Varya once again refuses Gleb's advances, he tries to hire his friend, whom would harass Varya only for Gleb to appear and "save" her; in return, Gleb would hide his friend's drugs which he smuggle into the hospital. Unfortunately, Levin, who suffers from strong headache, finds those drugs and now suffers from horrible hallucinations. Meanwhile, Lobanov must deal with patient who somehow gets his... "little friend" stuck in the vacuum cleaner before patient's wife (or worse, Bykov) finds out.
  16. "The Interns S 1 E 16": Lovanov's patient turns out to be transwoman, which squicks Lobanov to no end, but Bykov forces him to do his duty, wether he likes it or not. Kysegach is tired of her son constantly being late, lazy and incompetent, and takes away his car keys until Bykov genuinely complements him; knowing what he has no chances to win legitimately, Gleb decides to blackmail Levin into doing whole work for him. Varya's patient lost her money to thiefs, but Varya's attempts to help only makes her looking like culprit
  17. "The Interns S 1 E 17": After Varya once again refuses Romanenko, he finally snaps and decides to just give up. Bykov and Kysegach gets drunk and sleep together, and now must somehow hide this before whole hospital finds out. Gleb and Semyon take advantage on Bykov's absence to trick Levin into doing whole work for them. And Varya tries to return package some woman presented her to woman's husband, only to find out what she accidentally provides them alcohol.
  18. "The Interns S 1 E 18": Varya comes to work with strong hangover. Now both Lyuba and Semyon wants to know what happened between her and Gleb... but Varya can't remember, and Gleb wouldn't tell. Meanwhile, Bykov tries to force Kysegach to fire Gleb.
  19. "The Interns S 1 E 19": Levin accidentally offends Lyuba, and asks Kupitman for help. Lobanov promises Kisegach to redecorate her office, but it turns out to be not as easy as he thought. Varya tells Gleb dark story of her first love, and he decided what it would be better to stay away from her. Bykov and Kisegach have a bet: can Bykov spend whole day without shouting or insulting or punishing Romanenko? Unfortunately for Bykov, Gleb has serious reason to be punished this night...
  20. "The Interns S 1 E 20": Varya and Gleb's "night of love" was ruined by constant interruptions, and now Varya thinks what it could be life itself giving her "signs". Now, Gleb must find a way to reassure her. Bykov warns Levin what if he doesn't make any friends, his life would be dull and empty, so Boris decided to make some friends... without knowing how. Lobanov's wife, Olga, confronts Bykov about Semyon getting constantly punished, so Bykov offers her possibility to see her husband in action; to make things fair, Olga would know diagnosis right from the start, and now must just observe how fast Lobanov would guess it by himself.
    Season 2 (June 15, 2010 - September 21, 2010) 
  1. "The Interns S 2 E 1": Lyuba is tired of Lobanov mistreating Levin, and confronts him about this, but, as it turns out, Lobanov is not only one to abuse him; she decided to, with Semyon's help, teach Levin how become "true man". Varya and Gleb finally had sex, but Varya faked her orgasm, and now tries to keep it hidden from Gleb. Meanwhile, Romanenko must somehow deal with patient with dislocated jaw, without knowing how.
  2. "The Interns S 2 E 2": Levin was bitten in the ass by someone, and when Lyuba learns about this, she mistakes this for him cheating on her; now, he must prove her otherwise. Lovanov tries to earn some money by selling dietary supplements, only for Bykov to start hunting for him. Meanwhile, Gleb and Varya have conflict about Gleb's phone still containing contacts of his prior girls.
  3. "The Interns S 2 E 3": Bykov must give school students sex education lecture, which he doesn't like a one bit; he let his anger on Levin and Lyuba by forgiving them to make out on duty, but its easier said then done. Lobanov gets a chance to take revenge on his old army instructor. Varya is assigned to Kupitman, but she is so shy, she can't even pronounce word "penis"... which is a big problem when you working in venereology.
  4. "The Interns S 2 E 4": Kysegach must deal with inspection, but due to courier's error, she receives shoes too small for her... painfully small. Gleb and Varya accidentally caused erection... on comatose patient, and now Bykov interested in how this occurs and how it could be reproduced. Semyon's wife, Olga, wants examination to find out why they can't conceive a baby, but, unknowingly to Semyon, she didn't trust her husband, and wants somebody more... competent. Meanwhile, Lyuba wants to take vacation, but needs Bykov's sign and Kysegach's seal on her statement, which not as easy as it's sounds.
  5. "The Interns S 2 E 5": Semyon forget about his and Olga anniversary, and she cooperates with Bykov to force him to remember... only for Semyon to stat suspect what she has affair with Bykov. Varya wants to start new diet, and grab Gleb into it, but he doesn't want to be part of it. Levin accidentally offended Lyuba by calling her fat, and now must somehow make her forgive him.
  6. "The Interns S 2 E 6": Kupitman wants revenge on Bykov for his cruel joke, so he cooperates with Kysegach to do this; but their plan quickly went out of control. Lobanov has conflict with technician about vending machine which "stole" Semyon's money. Gleb finds out what his patient is actually his ex-girlfriend with whom he parted on not exactly good terms, and now must find a way to hide this from Varya.
  7. "The Interns S 2 E 7": Olga turns' out to be perfectly healthy... which means it was Semyon who has problems with reproduction. Kupitman has bet with his friend (with whole box of expensive cognac on stake, no less!), so he asked Varya to pretend to be his wife; when she refuses, he asked Lyuba instead. Meanwhile, Gleb must pay a visit to his grandmother, so he must, at all cost, avoid receiving night shift today.
  8. "The Interns S 2 E 8": Bykov can fire one intern (except Romanenko)... but who to chose? Interns are aware of this, so each of them tries to defend himself (or in Gleb's case, Varya) from being fired. By any means necessary...
  9. "The Interns S 2 E 9": Lyuba gifts Levin with deer-decorated sweater, unaware what word "deer" is used by Lobanov to mock Boris. Kysegach tries to dissuade Varya out of relationship with Gleb... not because she doesn't trust Varya, but because she doesn't trust Gleb; Varya doesn't believe her at first, but then decided to test him. Lobanov tried to hide real reason why he and Olya can't have kids from his wife.
  10. "The Interns S 2 E 10": This time, to make things more interesting, Bykov decided to divide interns into two teams, give them patients with similar symptoms and test who would deduce correct diagnosis first.
  11. "The Interns S 2 E 11": Kysegach is worried about Gleb's disappearance, unaware what he is currently drinks with Kupitman. Lobanov must quit smoking, and Varya would control this. Lyuba's ex, Fedor, appears in the hospital, and, to protect Levin from possibly being harm, she asked Bykov to impersonate her boyfriend to scare Fedor away.
  12. "The Interns S 2 E 12": Bykov is gifted with business trip in Milan (together with Kysegach)... which means what Kupitman would miss his in this year, and he wouldn't take it well. Levin must somehow deal with Lyuba's ex, Fedor. Lobanov must somehow deal with exhibitionist patient, without harming him.
  13. "The Interns S 2 E 13": After their business trip went bad, Kysegach realises what Bykov simply likes to hear her screaming on him, so she decided to not give him what he want. Levin brings lab rat into the hospital, only to Lyuba to get attached to it, and now, she wouldn't let her "Chucha" back; but Lobanov deeply afraid of rats, so he decided to ask for advice his patient – no other than famous big cats tamer Edgard Zapashny. Gleb and Varya has quarrel about his bad joke earlier this morning, which leads to Gleb accusing Varya of not having sense of humour.
  14. "The Interns S 2 E 14": Levin and Lobanov must deal with patient who believes in being abducted by aliens. Varya, to defeat her shyness, tries to write down her sexual fantasies about Gleb. Bykov must write characteristics about each intern... positive ones. And Lyuba must force lazy alcoholic technician to finally fix broken lamp.
  15. "The Interns S 2 E 15": Levin was busted by Lyuba with erotic magazine (which was not even his), and now must somehow prove his innocence. Varya must deal with patient who speaks entirely in profanities. And Bykov must test Lobanov and Romanenko in House-like challenge.
  16. "The Interns S 2 E 16": Today, interns must work by themselves, without Bykov's help. Levin's patient turns out to be pickpocket. Varya's patient mistakes her for somebody else, and Varya is forced to play along. Gleb's patient must be dealt with quickly, so he wouldn't miss his wedding. And Lobanov... must just sit and do nothing for whole day; but, as it turns out, its not that easy as it sounds...
  17. "The Interns S 2 E 17": Kysegach's old friend and mentor would pay a visit to the hospital... and he wants to meet Gleb. Since he thinks what Gleb is "talented science-loving young specialist", and of this description only correct word is "young", she decided to pass Levin for him. Meanwhile, Lobanov must protect Kupitman from jealous husband of one of his patients, and Varya must somehow deal with patient so attractive, she can't even think near him.
  18. "The Interns S 2 E 18": Bykov accuses his (male) interns of being henpecked by their women... but doesn't specified whom he means, so now each intern thinks it was other two. To prove what they are really not "henpecked", each one now tries to resist their girls' control. As well as Bykov, who now must prove what he really can't be manipulated by Kysegach.
  19. "The Interns S 2 E 19": Varya still not forgive Gleb... and now they must works together. Lobanov tries to hide from everyone what Olga kicked him out of house, and has nowhere to live. And Levin decided to prove to Lyuba what Bykov's trust in him is so strong, he can spend full two days doing nothing and get away with it.
  20. "The Interns S 2 E 20": Levin is assigned to work with Lyuba, but she think what Boris is too clumsy to entrust with anything; he must prove her otherwise. Gleb fears what Varya may be in deep depression after their relationship, and tries to learn more. Meanwhile, Lobanov tried to find a place where he can drink booze without being busted by Bykov, only to get busted by Kupitman; Kupitman invited him to drink in his office, but make mistake to leave him alone, and now he, Bykov and Kysegach must find him before he tells Gleb about Kysegach and Bykov's relationship.
    Season 3 (January 31, 2011 - March 4, 2011) 
  1. "The Interns S 3 E 1": Levin wants to check with Kupitman... just to be sure; but due to joke that went wrong, he now thinks he has syphilis. Lobanov has nowhere to go, so he now lives with Bykov, but just can't stop screwing up, even when of-duty; Bykov decided to punish him – by making Semyon his personal slave. Meanwhile, Kysegach tries to arrange Bykov and Romanenko's meeting, to tell Gleb everything.
  2. "The Interns S 3 E 2": Lobanov's mistreat of Levin goes too far, and now Levin wants to strike back. Kysegach worries about Gleb after him learning about her and Bykov's relationship. Varya's patient trying to flirt with her... and Lobanov.
  3. "The Interns S 3 E 3": Today is Kupitman's birthday, but he wouldn't celebrate it; after he conflicts with Bykov about this, Bykov decided to organise birthday party for him anyway. Meanwhile, Gleb tries to repair his relationship with Varya, and Levin tries to help Lobanov with his backache.
  4. "The Interns S 3 E 4": Levin and Lyuba must switch their roles for a day to find out who of them is more competent. Lobanov's patient rejects him on sight, and now he must somehow deal with him another way. Varya, due extreme stress after her breakup with Gleb becomes extremely aggressive, and must find a way to deal with this problem before anyone gets hurt.
  5. "The Interns S 3 E 5": Gleb and Lobanov must decide who would become mammalogist for one day; only strongest would receive all those boobs. Levin decided to prove to Lyuba what all her superstitions are completely meaningless. And Varya suddenly realises what she fell in love... with Bykov.
  6. "The Interns S 3 E 6": Varya and Levin must work together, this time with children; but Levin completely lacks the understanding how to deal with them. Meanwhile, Bykov has bet with Kupitman who would be first to date new nurse, unaware what Romanenko has same bet with Lobanov.
  7. "The Interns S 3 E 7": Today is important hockey match between Russian and Canadian teams. Lobanov, Romanenko and (surprisingly) Levin want to watch it; but it wouldn't be complete without booze, and Levin volunteers to bring it. Lobanov must somehow provide ability to watch this match to several patients, unaware what they have severe heart problems. Meanwhile, Kysegach introduce Bykov to Skype.
  8. "The Interns S 3 E 8": Levin has a bet with Lobanov and Romanenko about Bykov congratulating him until the end of day. Gleb has another bet with Semyon himself; can he date Semyon's patient, despite her being much taller than him? And Varya still has feeling to Bykov, and now must somehow do his task, despite not being able to even think near him.
  9. "The Interns S 3 E 9": Kupitman hired new nurse; she is gorgeous, but... not that smart, to say the least, so he asked Lyuba for help with teaching her. Bykov must somehow "cure" his patient of being goth. And Lobanov is on the brink of divorce with Olga.
  10. "The Interns S 3 E 10": Levin accidentally send his and Lyuba's erotic photos to wrong address; now the must find them before it's too late. Varya's patient is high-ranking criminal; unfortunately, he requires colonoscopy, and everything ass-related is extreme taboo amongst Russian mobsters. And Lobanov must deal with his post-divorce depression.
  11. "The Interns S 3 E 11": Lobanov tries to avoid work by pretending to break his leg; but Bykov finds out and now want to provoke him into revealing himself. Meanwhile, Varya must deal with patient who speak only English (which Varya doesn't understand)... end hopelessly in love with her; unfortunately, Varya make mistake of asking Gleb (who still can't forger their relationship) for help.
  12. "The Interns S 3 E 12": Lobanov still in gypsum after breaking his leg, and forced to use hospital's urinal... which is a problem, because everyone constantly interrupts him. Varya must help Bykov who lost his wrist watch, but she still can't act even remotely sane near him. And Romanenko must deal with patient, who rather aggressively pursuit him... and would not accept refusal.
  13. "The Interns S 3 E 13": Kupitman gets drunk as pig, and Lyuba, with Varya's help, must "fix" him before Kysegach finds out, or she would fire him. Lobanov's new ward neighbour turns out to be completely insufferable, and he would do anything to get rid of him – even work. Gleb's patient was injured during escape attempt after he was busted by his lover's husband; unfortunately, said husband already here, to finish what he started.
  14. "The Interns S 3 E 14": Lobanov has "genius" plan to make Olga return – by pretending to be amnesiac. Meanwhile, Gleb's patient is some guy who thinks he somehow become pregnant... and Levin thinks what he accidentally impregnated Lyuba.
  15. "The Interns S 3 E 15": Kysegach tried to fake heart attack to force Bykov and Gleb to stop fighting each other. Varya's patient is rather bold in his advances on her. And Levin must somehow deal with his mother who decided to pay him a visit to meet his girlfriend, before she and Lyuba would kill each other.
  16. "The Interns S 3 E 16": Levin has a chance to receive internship in USA. Gleb went too far in his pranks on Lobanov, and Semyon wants to strike back. And Kupitman has a strong depression because he quit drinking, so Bykov must find a way to "fix" him.
  17. "The Interns S 3 E 17": Lobanov's new patient is fortune teller, who is already sick of Lyuba constantly bothering her; she tried to get rid of her... by matching her with Semyon. Varya wants to adhere piano concert... and only Gleb can obtain the ticket. And Bykov must deal with his daughter, Alisa, who arrived into Moscow to become Doctor, like her father; except, Bykov would not want such fate for her.
  18. "The Interns S 3 E 18": Lobanov and Lyuba has new "business idea": sell books to the patients. Kysegach needs some ideas how to raise her hospital's image (and by so, earn more funds). And Gleb learns what Alisa is Bykov's daughter, and decided to use this against Bykov.
  19. "The Interns S 3 E 19": Bykov must find a way to deal with stress, caused by Alisa's relationship with Gleb. Lobanov, after temporarily working for Kupitman, decided it could be good idea become his intern instead of Bykov's. And Varya assigned to make an "excursion" for Alisa.
  20. "The Interns S 3 E 20": One famous actor want to watch Bykov in action, to use this for his next (medicine-related) work; after Bykov refused and offended him, he decided to prove him otherwise, by any means necessary. Meanwhile, Kupitman's patient gifted him with his latest "piece of art", which he created by... untraditional means. And Varya tried to find Lyuba's new "anonymous suitor"... unaware what he didn't exist.
    Season 4 (May 30, 2011 - July 4, 2011) 
  1. "The Interns S 4 E 1": Bykov's on-call room becomes one big dump, so he forces Varya to fix this. Lobanov's patient is black guy... named Misha; Semyon doesn't believe what Misha can be "true" Russian, and decided to prove it. Meanwhile, Bykov decided to at least check Gleb with Kupitman, with unpredictable results.
  2. "The Interns S 4 E 2": Kysegach wants to know what hospital's personnel thinks about her. Varya lied what she has new boyfriend, and now must find someone to play this role, otherwise Gleb would find out the truth. And Lobanov must somehow prove his superiority to his patient, by doing something cool.
  3. "The Interns S 4 E 3": Alisa tell Gleb what he must become more "serious" and move on from his mother's apartments into his own. Bykov met his old biker friend, and now considers to abandon medicine altogether. And Lobanov must deal with patient, who offer him sex... offer that he is not ready to accept.
  4. "The Interns S 4 E 4": Gleb is in deep depression after his breakup with Alisa, so Kysegach send Varya to check on him. Lobanov met his old friend, and now fears what he may become gay. And Kysegach accidentally ruined her skirt... right before meeting with journalist.
  5. "The Interns S 4 E 5": Varya thinks what their one night stand means what their relationship is now restarted; unfortunately, Gleb thinks otherwise. Kupitman wants new VIP ward, and he wants it now. And Lobanov's patient turns out to be Russian language teacher... which is a problem, because he is not exactly good with grammar.
  6. "The Interns S 4 E 6": Lobanov moved to Gleb's apartments and, despited both Gleb's and Lyub's expectations, he turns out to be not that bad roommate; unfortunately, same can't be said about Gleb himself. In Kupitman's life finally appears woman, and Bykov sees this as bad sign: Kupitman previously barely survived three divorces, and this was when he was younger and healthier. And Varya's patient needs some privacy for night of love with her seaman husband, who just returned from long voyage; Varya agrees to help with this, but this results in unpredictable consequences.
  7. "The Interns S 4 E 7": Bykov has new intern from USA, Phil Richards, and must test him, with Lobanov's help. Gleb must work with Lyuba, but instead decided to just waste time; unfortunately for him, Lyuba, with Varya's help, know something to blackmail him.
  8. "The Interns S 4 E 8": Phil, with Varya's support, suggest to just confront Bykov about his harsh methods and rude behaviour. Semyon and Lyuba must somehow decided to whom that gift from their patient (bottle of cognac) belongs. And Gleb's patient desperately needs some way to just calm down and sleep; unfortunately, this quickly went out of control.
  9. "The Interns S 4 E 9": Phil must learn what sometimes he must consider his patient's wealth before prescribing anything, otherwise they may not afford their treatment; unfortunately, his attempt to do so went not as smooth as he planned. Varya wants to "win" Gleb back, and Lyuba suggests her to try and use Lobanov. Meanwhile, Kysegach must find a way to force Bykov to live together.
  10. "The Interns S 4 E 10": After her attempt to reach Gleb through Semyon seriously backfired, Varya asked him to cover for her before Gleb, so he would not think what she slept with Lobanov; he created fake story about her "dead patient"... which quickly escalates out of control. Phil must pretend to be "best Doctor from New York", so he can watch Kupitman in action trough Skype; unknowingly for him, Kupitman has some ulterior motifs for doing this. Meanwhile, Bykov tell to Kysegach what he lied to Kupitman about his adultery.
  11. "The Interns S 4 E 11": Phil's patient has strange hematomas on his back (actually from cupping therapy); Gleb exploited his unfamiliarity with it and tells him what this is unique Russian torture technic. Lobanov is no longer afraid of Bykov, but Kupitman has another solution: just fine him for every screwup. And Gleb must deal with his mother's depression.
  12. "The Interns S 4 E 12": Kysegach still extremely cold to Bykov after he cheated on her; and this hostility start to interfere with their professional relationship. Varya must work with Kupitman... but she is dreadfully afraid of catching some infection. Phil decided to organise strike. And Lobanov and Romanenko must deal with their latest patient – their deeply hated neighbour.
  13. "The Interns S 4 E 13": Varya has new plan how to date Gleb – by providing him with theatre ticket (through Bykov), while leaving one for herself; plan goes wrong immediately, because one ticket was taken by Lobanov, and second one by Phil. Meanwhile, Phil must learn what snitching on other people is unacceptable, by covering for Lobanov. And Gleb was warned by Kysegach what he must not shout on his patients... which is problem, since his new patient is deaf as trunk.
  14. "The Interns S 4 E 14": Anastasia receives flowers, and thinks what Bykov tried to apology that way; she refuses to accept them and returns them back to Bykov... not knowing what he was not related to this, and now thinks it is some convoluted plan of her. Phil is tired of Lobanov constantly stealing his food, and wants revenge. And Varya's patient is erotic novelist... who needs her help with his latest work.
  15. "The Interns S 4 E 15": Lyuba thinks what Varya must be more aggressive with Gleb... or at least try to get him drunk. Lobanov was publicly humiliated by Bykov, and now wants revenge. And Phil (thanks to Gleb) now thinks what "zelyonka" is extremely rare and expensive...
  16. "The Interns S 4 E 16": Bykov unites with Kupitman to manipulate Kysegach into deciding to take vacation. Gleb must hide Semyon from his landlady, otherwise she would kick them out... but, unknowingly to them, Phil mistakes them for gay couple. And Varya tries to smuggle a kitten into the hospital.
  17. "The Interns S 4 E 17": While Kysegach on vacation, she leaves Kupitman in charge, while Lobanov and Phil would replace him in venereology. Meanwhile, Gleb must spend whole day in archive – where Varya, in attempt to organise some romantic, locked them together... not realising what he's deadly needs to pee. Oops...
  18. "The Interns S 4 E 18": Kupitman continues abusing his power in Kysegach's absence, to earn more money. Phil must find a way to learn how to deal with Lobanov's pranks. And Bykov must find a new partner for table tennis after Kupitman refused. Unfortunately, its quickly becomes clear what his only hope to find decent opponent is to ask Romanenko.
  19. "The Interns S 4 E 19": Lobanov decided to teach Phil good, old Russian custom – dedovshchina. Varya wants to try one last thing to win Gleb's attention – pretend to be pregnant. And Kysegach accidentally burned her ass... which leads to awkward situation when Bykov decided to speak about their relationship.
  20. "The Interns S 4 E 20": Gleb is extremely afraid of how his life would change with him now becoming a father. Varya wants to tell to him what she is not, in fact, pregnant... but can't force herself to do so. Phil wants to do his task by himself for once, without Bykov interfering, so Bykov entrust him with Throskin – totally mad guy who thinks what he is secret agent.
    Season 5 (August 29, 2011 - September 29, 2011) 
  1. "The Interns S 5 E 1": Varya must reveal to Gleb what she is not, in fact, pregnant... but he looks so happy, she just can't force herself. Lobanov is so stressed, he is on the edge on mental breakdown. Phil is sad after his dog's death.
  2. "The Interns S 5 E 2": Phil must work with Kupitman; but he is unaware about Kupitman's money-grubbing schemes. Lobanov must somehow receive certificate what he is, in fact, sane... which wouldn't be easy since psychiatrist Irina is still angry at him. Varya's patient is photograph who considers her to be beautiful... or maybe it is just flattery to receive free VIP ward.
  3. "The Interns S 5 E 3": Varya must hide the fact what she is not pregnant from Gleb, but now she at risk to actually becoming pregnant. Lobanov must leave Gleb's apartments, and soon. Kupitman must deal with VIP patient... without Bykov learning anything. And Phil wants something "really hardcore".
  4. "The Interns S 5 E 4": Bykov must examine Yaroslavsky – Kysegach's lover, and ergo his enemy. Phil wants to record video about his new workplace for his parents, but something always goes wrong. Lobanov tries to hit on Irina, who's just can't stand him.
  5. "The Interns S 5 E 5": Varya's friends grows sick of maintaining her lies, and decided to just boycott her; but Gleb now thinks what they do this out of malice. Lobanov's date with Irina goes wrong and now he fears what he ruined everything. And Phil must deal with patient so attractive, he can't think straight near her.
  6. "The Interns S 5 E 6": Lobanov thinks what he now may move back to Gleb... but Gleb still can't forgive him; and now Lyuba is angry at him, too. Phil's patient suffers from complete amnesia and can't remember anything, even his name. Bykov must avoid somebody called "Antonov", at all cost.
  7. "The Interns S 5 E 7": Bykov wants to learn Phil's weaknesses (which he can exploit). Varya, in attempt to deal with her breakup with Gleb, gets wasted, and now Lyuba must hide this from Bykov... which means she must replace her for a day. Lobanov needs Gleb's help to win Irina back.
  8. "The Interns S 5 E 8": Phil decided to tell everyone what he has two fathers, so Bykov stop mocking him with it. Varya must help her patient's husband to spot his wife's lover. Gleb must deal with his patient's non-stopping hiccup. And Lobanov has possibility to earn some money, because his new patient is bookmaker.
  9. "The Interns S 5 E 9": Yaroslavsky wants Bykov gone, and now. Phil's patient is old woman, who has... a little too intimate relationship with her son; or does she? And Gleb and Semyon have only one hour to find Bykov's missing ficus, Igor, or else...
  10. "The Interns S 5 E 10": Phil has some ideas how to "optimise" hospital. Orderly Pasha wants to hit on Varya. Lobanov's new patient is female boxer... but Lobanov does not believe what she is "real" athlete.
  11. "The Interns S 5 E 11": Lobanov promised Irina help which he can't do. Phil turns out to be master of foot massage. Bykov has idea for prank on Kupitman.
  12. "The Interns S 5 E 12": Kupitman is hypochondriac, and constantly bothers Bykov and Kysegach with his fake illnesses. Phil is in depression after breakup with his girlfriend. Lyuba must deal with their electrician Ivanovich who started rumour what he sleep with her.
  13. "The Interns S 5 E 13": Lobanov tried to gift Irina orthopaedic chair... but Bykov mistake it for gift for him. Varya's patient is suspiciously happy and optimistic... for somebody who just survived heart attack. Phil busted Kupitman when he was bribed by his patient, and now uncertain if he must warn the police, since he's apparently now witness of the crime.
  14. "The Interns S 5 E 14": Bykov would be away from the hospital today, so Lyuba must temporarily replace him. Gleb's money stream is cut, and he must adapt to life of normal Russian medic. And Phil realises what he may be gay; Varya volunteers to help him find out.
  15. "The Interns S 5 E 15": Gleb comes too far with his pranks on Phil, and now Phil wants revenge. Semyon would have sex with Irina today for a first time, but theres one problem: she is... rather loud. And Kysegach wants to learn, if her relationship with Bykov is just sex, or something more.
  16. "The Interns S 5 E 16": Gleb must adapt to moneyless life, but its not so easy, and quickly leads to conflict with Semyon. Phil works on article for medical journal, but he needs editor, bad, and Varya volunteers; unfortunately, Bykov now thinks it was Varya's article. And Lyuba needs partner for dancing sessions, and Bykov is only one she knows with any skill; unfortunately, Bykov stubbornly refuses... but theres may be way to force him to comply.
  17. "The Interns S 5 E 17": Lobanov's patient needs actor for his latest work, and needs him now, to which Semyon agrees (for reward of course); he learns too late what it would be porn. Phil comes to work with hangover, and Kupitman agrees to hide him from Bykov. And Gleb must find money to organise everything for romantic evening which may possibly ends in threesome... but only one who may lean him is Bykov.
  18. "The Interns S 5 E 18": Irina has some dark secret: she lives with somebody called "Kirill"; Semyon is enraged, but he is unaware what Kirill is not her lover, he's her son. Bykov plays with Kupitman in cards with wishes on stake, and Kupitman lost; which means, he must tell Kysegach what he loves her! And Varya has conflict with other interns about them acting inappropriately near her; conflict, which quickly escalates into open war.
  19. "The Interns S 5 E 19": Bykov must train his interns to work effectively in extreme situations. Semyon is uncertain what to do now, when he is aware about Irina's son. Varya borrowed DVD with erotic movies compilation from Lyuba; but when she tried to watch it during night shift, Bykov nearly busted her; while Varya gets away, Bykov now thinks what this DVD belongs to Phil, and makes his life living hell.
  20. "The Interns S 5 E 20": Lyuba founds five thousand roubles, in one banknote; unknowingly to her, it was lost by Kysegach. Gleb needs money, and Varya tries to give it to him... via maximally elaborate scheme. And Lobanov meets his old professor, who considers him to be totally incompetent, and now Bykov must prove otherwise, not only for Lobanov, but for himself, because his professional reputation is at stake!
    Season 6 (April 2, 2012 - April 26, 2012) 
  1. "The Interns S 6 E 1": Bykov write a story about his hospital and his friends, colleagues and, of course, interns, but in imperial Russia setting. Now he wants to know, what they think.
  2. "The Interns S 6 E 2": Bykov must prove to Kysegach what without him "mistreating" them, interns would fail even worse then usually: Gleb and Semyon must reconstruct skeleton's model, but unknowingly to them, theres one excessive detain; Varya must become Lyuba's boss for a day, but Lyuba is in extremely bad mood; and Phil... well, with Phil it would be not as easy, but Bykov certainly would find something, right?
  3. "The Interns S 6 E 3": Gleb has idea for startup: he and Semyon would find some private room, and would provide it for patients to use for sex with their wives/husbands... in exchange for money, of course! Bykov doesn't believe what they actually work on anything, and tries to bust them. Meanwhile, Phil's patient looks too much like his ex, Jessica, and now he can't act adequately near her.
  4. "The Interns S 6 E 4": Lobanov is on the edge of lawsuit, and he knows only one lawyer – his ex-wife, Olga. Kupitman has new admirer, but, unknowingly to him, she is old, fat and not exactly healthy. Phil wants woman, bad; and only Gleb may help him find her.
  5. "The Interns S 6 E 5": Olga becomes new accountant at the hospital. Bykov accuses Phil of not trusting him. Varya found pursue with money and now wants to find it's owner; but how she can be sure who's real owner and who's impostor?
  6. "The Interns S 6 E 6": Kysegach wants Bykov to fix her power socket; he would only agree to this if she washes his clothes first, by hands. Semyon's patient is lesbian, who's interested... in Varya. Gleb's new patient is his old classmate, whom he previously know as fat and ugly, but now she's attractive... and still has interest in him.
  7. "The Interns S 6 E 7": Irina becomes jealous of Semyon spending time with Olga. Kupitman's father arrives to meet his son. Lyuba teaches Gleb how to live with limited funds.
  8. "The Interns S 6 E 8": Kysegach invites Bykov to live with her; and Gleb has a plan how to use this to receive money from her. Varya needs to adhere dentist, bad. And Phil must deal with rude and aggressive patient who has zero respect for him or his orders.
  9. "The Interns S 6 E 9": Someone wrote on the wall in the toilets "Bykov is bitch!"... but who? Semyon is openly jealous towards Phil who started flirting with Olga, and warns him to leave her alone, or else. Varya's patient is is young man, who suffers from impotency for some psychological reason; but Kupitman thinks this is just attempt to fool her into sex.
  10. "The Interns S 6 E 10": Phil had drunk one-night stand with Olga, despite Lobanov forbidding him doing this; so, what to do now? Bykov thinks what he did right decision when moved to Kysegach – this is living paradise for him... while she started to think what this is living hell. And Varya's patient looks like kind old man... until Varya found what he has hidden pistol.
  11. "The Interns S 6 E 11": Bykov lost his voice, and no longer can shout at his interns. Gleb and Semyon think this is good opportunity to slack... but they must avoid Bykov at all cost. Meanwhile, Varya and Phil decided to work by themselves, without Bykov's supervision... but very first patient they met insist what he must talk with Bykov. And Kysegach, who is unaware about Bykov's condition, thinks what he refuses to talk with her because he resents her for something.
  12. "The Interns S 6 E 12": Kysegach now has Bykov's photo on her table – but Bykov is not happy with it. Phil thinks what he can no longer keep his relationship with Olga hidden from Semyon. And Gleb has a chance to leave medicine for much better salary... but now, he's not sure himself if he must take it.
  13. "The Interns S 6 E 13": Semyon doesn't take Phil's relationship with Olga well, and now Phil must hide somewhere until Semyon calms down; Gleb suggests asks Kupitman, but, unknowingly to them, Bykov already send Lobanov here for this same reason. Electrician Ivanovich once again tries to flirt with Lyuba; problem is, she still can't stand him. Bykov is tired of Varya's lack of skill, and decided to test her personally.
  14. "The Interns S 6 E 14": Varya thinks she has new suitor... but he's actually more interested in Lyuba. Gleb once again is low on money; after his hope of receiving money bonus from Kysegach gets crushed, and he instead received free trip to medical conference, he decided to just fool Phil into buying it from him. And Bykov failed his qualification exam; now, he has one day to prepare for reexamination, or he would lose his position as Head of Therapy.
  15. "The Interns S 6 E 15": Lobanov has conflict with Irina: she's jealous of him, since he's apparently still can't forgive Olga. Meanwhile, Bykov, Kupitman, Gleb and Varya decided to play poker together.
  16. "The Interns S 6 E 16": Kysegach must pass a fire inspection... which would be first time she did this legitimately, so she send Varya to ensure everyone cease smoking for at least a day. Meanwhile, Lobanov tries to take revenge on Gleb who doesn't believe his stories; Phil must fix broken centrifuge; and Kupitman wants to find replacement for cognac.
  17. "The Interns S 6 E 17": Lobanov realised what he wants Olga back, which means, he firstly must deal with Phil; Gleb agrees to help him. Kysegach is unhappy with having asshole boyfriend and lazy son, while her friend is much luckier. And Bykov wants to teach Lobanov a lesson... via some prank.
  18. "The Interns S 6 E 18": Lobanov officially break up with Irina, but now Lyuba wants to know more. Varya bring dog into the hospital, and now must hide it from Bykov. Kupitman, while being drunk, attended night club; unfortunately for him, his drunk antics were recorded on video.
  19. "The Interns S 6 E 19": Lobanov and Romanenko must treat patient... who didn't even exist. Varya suspects her patient plans to sell his kidney. And Kysegach would be reassigned to another city!
  20. "The Interns S 6 E 20": Today is Kysegach's last day at this hospital – and her last chance to save her position; she already gives up, but not Bykov. Phil's patient is famous Russian musician... and Varya and Lyuba are his fans. And today is sixth anniversary of Semyon meeting Olga.
    Season 7 (April 27, 2012 - November 1, 2012) 
  1. "The Interns S 7 E 1": Lobanov thinks what now, Olga would return to him... except, he is only one to think so, but Phil prefer to maintain his delusion, just out of spite. Varya won a bet with Gleb and now must create some creative and humiliating wish for him to fulfil... except, she has no imagination. Kisegach's mother would arrive this evening, to meet Bykov in person (thanks, Gleb!); unfortunately, Bykov is unaware and thinks what he would be gifted new bike instead.
  2. "The Interns S 7 E 2": Bykov must act nicely with Kisegach's mother Marina, and only on those conditions he would receive his bike; but he puts his (now double) frustration on her daughter. Phil's patient is caucasian girl... with her overly protective brothers. Gleb and Semyon bring car wheels into hospital, but Varya, who overheard their conversation, jumped to entirely wrong conclusion.
  3. "The Interns S 7 E 3": Now, when Bykov has that bike, Kisegach can't stop thinking what he may ends up injured or killed. Lobanov found some lost USB flash drive, and decided to take it for himself. Varya needs gynaecologist, but is forced to ask somebody from the hospital for help. Bykov is overjoyed with his new bike, and bring it into the hospital, not only to gloat, but also to protect it from vandals; and Phil must protect it from any harm.
  4. "The Interns S 7 E 4": Lobanov needs money, bad... and Gleb just found opportunity to earn some: by become a sperm donor. Bykov has new teaching method — via hints — with works on everyone... except for Varya. Phil complained about accountant's mistake... not even considering what this may harm Olga (said accountant).
  5. "The Interns S 7 E 5": Somebody ruined Bykov's bike! But who?
  6. "The Interns S 7 E 6": After Olga rejected Phil's proposal, Semyon thinks it is his chance to restore relationship with Olya; Phil is aware about his plans, but thinks what he still has situation under control. Meanwhile, Gleb realised he can earn good money... by selling old coins to his numismatic patient. And Varya's patient has very, very annoying verbal tic.
  7. "The Interns S 7 E 7": Someone played series of pranks on Kupitman, and Bykov is first suspect. Phil's patient is guy with heart problems... who's life style is not something you expect from 76 years old man. Lyuba and Varya decided to try and use dating service site... which resulted in Kupitman finding Varya's profile.
  8. "The Interns S 7 E 8": Varya is in the hospital with appendicitis. Meanwhile, Kupitman's latest wife is here, and wants him to pay some debts.
  9. "The Interns S 7 E 9": Olga thinks what she and Phil must break up; he has only one condition: they would tell everyone what it's he who dumped her, not other way around. Lobanov is send to work in Traumatology. Varya still recovers after operation, and Gleb is tasked to work with her.
  10. "The Interns S 7 E 10": Lobanov is in debt to orderlies, and their patience is out; he must pay his debt, today. Phil and Gleb has a bet, if Bykov really has better opinion on Phil than Gleb. Varya tried to hit on David, which wouldn't be easy after previous... accident.
  11. "The Interns S 7 E 11": Kupitman thinks what no one trusts him, and demands his own interns to prove otherwise; he was temporarily entrusted with Lobanov and Romanenko. Varya needs to somehow force Bykov to accept what she may be competent. And Phil deals with illegal Tajik workers, whom he must examine... without anyone finding out.
  12. "The Interns S 7 E 12": Bykov accuses Phil of purposefully avoiding Lobanov (who does the same). Varya was entrusted with package for her patient... which contained sex toy; and now everyone thinks it belongs to her. And Gleb is enraged by being only one to not receive his monthly money bonus; unknowingly to him, it was done on purpose.
  13. "The Interns S 7 E 13": Gleb and Semyon learned what Phil is afraid of scary movies, and decided to play prank on him. Varya tries to find new topics to discuss with David, and used his love to soccer for it. And Bykov accused Kupitman of being too old and boring, and not being able to "make fun" by himself anymore; Kupitman replied with same accusation, but against Bykov.
  14. "The Interns S 7 E 14": Bykov has a surprise for Kisegach... medal with silly joke; unfortunately, Anastasia expects what he would propose to her. Kupitman is extremely lonely, and ask Lyuba for help to find woman interested in him in their hospital. And Phil has conflict with Gleb and Semyon because they always slack off, leaving him only one to work.
  15. "The Interns S 7 E 15": After screwup with his "present", Bykov needs "plan B" to mend relationship with Kisegach. Gleb and Semyon must decide by themselves who is "smart one" who would treat patient, and who is "dumb one" and would clean floor. Varya, due to being clumsy, was mistaken for her patient's lover by his wife, and now must fix their relationship.
  16. "The Interns S 7 E 16": Phil was robbed in subway, losing his pursue; despite everyone warnings, he asked police for help. Gleb's patient is ugly, but very persistent woman who tries to hit on him... and if he refuses, she would call her jealous husband on him, who would probably injure or kill him. And Varya become official face of the hospital — task prestigious, but very dangerous...
  17. "The Interns S 7 E 17": Today is Lobanov's birthday... first birthday without Olga. Varya is unsure how her relationship with David would proceed now. And Lyuba suspects what Phil's patient is... an evil sorcerer.
  18. "The Interns S 7 E 18": Kisegach plans to adhere operation to remove appendicitis scar... but she also plans to use it to make fun of Bykov, by pretending what she wants to remove her signature nose. Lobanov is sure what he would move back to Olga today. And Phil's landlady suddenly raised rent, meaning he needs to find new roommate to be able to afford it.
  19. "The Interns S 7 E 19": Gleb, Semyon and Phil moved into new two-roomed apartments... and can't decide who would live in separate room: each one thinks it belongs to him. Varya thinks what David and Lyuba have mutual dislike for some reason. And Kupitman is invited to work in private clinic.
  20. "The Interns S 7 E 20": Bykov was hit with a truck and now in coma! If not for that cursed wedding...
    Season 8 (January 25, 2013 - May 22, 2013) 
  1. "The Interns S 8 E 1": Bykov is still in coma, but theres hope left; by constantly talking with him, it is possible to awake his mind and bring him back into wake world.
  2. "The Interns S 8 E 2": Bykov is not yet aware what Kisegach is indeed pregnant, and considers this to be "clever idea" how to snap him out of coma, and lost no time to tell everyone in the hospital. Phil volunteers to snitch on his colleagues for Bykov… just so he can deceive him what everything is fine. And Varya tries to hide from David the fact what she is terrible cook... only to made herself look like jerk in process.
  3. "The Interns S 8 E 3": Bykov is back to work, but he is still in deep shock because of all story with Kisegach's pregnancy, which scares everyone. Meanwhile, Lobanov fights his depression over breakup with Olga with booze, and now on the edge of alcoholism.
  4. "The Interns S 8 E 4": David plans to invite Vary to theatre this evening, but "thanks" to her screwup with sedating Bykov yesterday, Bykov now would likely not let her go; or do he? Phil (who was part of this plot too), for unsuccessful attempt to bribe Bykov with (unworking) video game, would be forced to act as RPG character for Bykov in real life. And Semyon can earn some money by helping his patient to stay in the hospital in hope to date other patient he feels attraction to; unfortunately, Gleb wants to be part of it, wether Semyon likes it or not.
  5. "The Interns S 8 E 5": Kisegach wants to visit her mother to tell her about her pregnancy (to which Bykov is opposed), but fortunately she has a way to do so now: by exploiting his love to Poker; and Kupitman would help her in it. Phil is tired with sleeping in the kitchen, but Gleb would only allow him in the room if he brings a girl with himself for this night; Phil has no girl, but has patient who desperately needs a place to sleep, and clever plan.
  6. "The Interns S 8 E 6": Since Kisegach just can't tell about pregnancy to her mother, Bykov suggested to tell to her son, who would do this for them; unfortunately, she can't spit it out to him, too. Kupitman has some "guest from the past"... and does not exactly happy about it. Varya founds out what Olga is pregnant, likely from Semyon.
  7. "The Interns S 8 E 7": Bykov and Lobanov are unsure what to do now, when their women are pregnant. To discuss this, they arrived to nearby bar.
  8. "The Interns S 8 E 8": Olga is concerned with Semyon's lack of joy after her pregnancy, and she thinks this is due to him not wanting kids; meanwhile, other interns started doubting if Olga may be pregnant not from Semyon, but from Phil. David tell Varya what she must confront Bykov for once and tell him to stop abusing her. And Kupitman is gifted with hookah imported from Kazakhstan; Gleb knows what it's actually stuffed with marijuana, Kupitman does not; and Gleb intends to keep him in the dark, for his own amusement.
  9. "The Interns S 8 E 9": Lyuba would depart in USA tomorrow to visit Levin, and plans to organise last party for her friends before that. Semyon was accused by Varya of stealing from patients, which he never did. Phil learned new interesting phrase; unknowingly to him (but perfectly knowingly to Gleb), it is not compliment, but rather very complex profanity.
  10. "The Interns S 8 E 10": Until Lyuba returns, Bykov needs somebody to replace her; but who? Phil realises what other people consider him to be very boring. Gleb tries to learn wether Varya's patient is really his favourite porn star or not.
  11. "The Interns S 8 E 11": Kisegach starst suffering from side effects of her pregnancy, which makes it much harder to still keep in secret; unfortunately, Bykov "helped" with problem by telling everyone what she is alcoholic. Varya and David have argument about movie David watched, which resulted in Varya becoming jealous of David... for movie's heroine. Rita starts her first working day in the hospital, and Gleb, Semyon and Phil now trying to establish contact with her; emphasis on "trying".
  12. "The Interns S 8 E 12": Gleb plans to warn his mother about Rita being Bykov's ex; he's unaware what she knows already. Semyon still believes what Olga would invite him to her... sooner or later; Phil suggests him to just ask her directly. Phil must solve three Bykov's riddles or be fired.
  13. "The Interns S 8 E 13": Now, when Semyon leaved to Olga, Gleb and Phil have no money to pay their rent and on the brink of eviction. Kisegach's mother wants to discuss something with Bykov, in private; it's quite obvious she knows about her daughter's pregnancy, and knows it from Gleb. And Lobanov has new, unusual test: Bykov already provided patient with treatment, but Semyon must find out why; but Semyon already knows how to sidestep it: by asking Rita, whom Bykov tell everything.
  14. "The Interns S 8 E 14": Bykov accuses Lobanov of using Olga's pregnancy as excuse to avoid doing work. Varya tries to ship Phil with one of her friends. Gleb found out his mother, due to pregnancy, become unusually sentimental.
  15. "The Interns S 8 E 15": Kupitman plans to hit on Rita, and has a bet with Bykov about it. Gleb receive anonymous letter which promises him something "interesting" if he would stay on night shift today. Phil's patient turns out to be gay currently in relationship, who asked his help to convince his boyfriend what they may adopt a kid.
  16. "The Interns S 8 E 16": Semyon mentions to Gleb what he become a little too close to Phil. Gleb and Semyon have stage magician as their current patient — and have a opposite opinions wether he actually so cool as he claims. David invites Varya to leave Bykov and join his department instead. Bykov's ficus Igor died, and now Bykov is in depression.
  17. "The Interns S 8 E 17": Kisegach accused Bykov of not liking kids; chance to prove otherwise arise when one woman asked him to take care of her daughter for a day. Phil's patient suddenly turns out to be baseball player. Another of Phil's patients, extremely paranoidal guy, thinks what he is in danger, and asks Rita for help.
  18. "The Interns S 8 E 18": After Lobanov screwed up particularly badly, Bykov decided to train his memorising abilities. Kupitman suspects what Bykov plans some cruel prank against him. Phil suspects his patient may be a pimp.
  19. "The Interns S 8 E 19": Kisegach accuses Bykov of not loving her due to being "not jealous enough". Olga suggests to Semyon to celebrate anniversary of their marriage with hand-maid gifts; problem is, Semyon literally can't do anything. Gleb considers to follow Varya's example and leave Therapy... but it turns out to be not as easy as it seems. Phil must help Kisegach to improve her English skills.
  20. "The Interns S 8 E 20": Kupitman had found in his office... poodle. Phil, due to constant abuse by Bykov, starts hallucinating him as... Adolf Hitler. Gleb accuses Semyon o being henpecked by Olga.
    Season 9 (May 23, 2013 - September 25, 2013) 
  1. "The Interns S 9 E 1": Kisegach is concerned with hiding her pregnancy from ministry's inspector. Semyon again has conflict with Olga, this time because he forgot to pay their electricity bill... or, rather, because he wasted his money on something else. Phil and Semyon must somehow divide three patients between them. New girl, called Polina, wants to become Bykov's intern.
  2. "The Interns S 9 E 2": Gleb's attempt to hide obvious hangover and alcoholic smell with garlic caused Bykov to believe what he is sick, and tasked Lobanov with "healing" him. Kupitman insists what Bykov must fire Polina, and now Bykov looks for excuse. Phil lied to his patient what he is plastic surgeon.
  3. "The Interns S 9 E 3": Lobanov must act as babysitter, telling children some fairy tales. Phil temporarily becomes Polina's boss, and uses this time to show how his more kind style is superior to Bykov's. Gleb is ready to do any dirty work for Rita if it means avoiding Bykov.
  4. "The Interns S 9 E 4": Kupitman takes bets on Bykov's baby's sex. Phil saved one patient from suicide attempt... but no one seems to care. Polina thinks what Gleb may secretly being in love with her.
  5. "The Interns S 9 E 5": Gleb forced Semyon to fix his mistake and explain to Polina what Gleb does not loves her. Phil is irritated from constant dripping from broken water tap. Kupitman has a new rival — and a plan how to deal with it; Semyon would play crucial part in it. Bykov wants to really test Polina's skills, which would affect wether she would even stay in the hospital.
  6. "The Interns S 9 E 6": Polina wants to finally befriend other interns, and needs Rita's help. Phil's patient vehemently opposes operation out of fear what something would went wrong, because he is just that unlucky. Lobanov has conflict with his extremely bitchy VIP patient.
  7. "The Interns S 9 E 7": Phil stars new relationship. Olga barely can work, but Kupitman offers to do her work himself... with quite obvious intentions. Polina organised cleaning of on-call room... but accidentally used Semyon's lucky shirt for it... or at least it was what Lobanov convinced tell her.
  8. "The Interns S 9 E 8": Semyon thinks what his baby can't be anything but a boy; others trying to convince him not to be so sure: he has no result of ultrasonic scan yet. Gleb meets one of his old friends as his patient. Polina desperately needs to avoid staying on night shift today.
  9. "The Interns S 9 E 9": Semyon learns about YouTube's monetisation and realises he can raise some easy money — by recording Bykov. Gleb, unknowingly to himself, has his face doodled in kitty-style. Polina must learn how optimally use her working time.
  10. "The Interns S 9 E 10": As it turns out, this hospital has web-site... on which everyone complains about Bykov's rude behaviour. Semyon's patient is extremely irritated by her stubborn ex; Lobanov suggested to help her deal with him. Phil starts fearing he may become too much Russian — and not enough American.
  11. "The Interns S 9 E 11": Bykov plans to play his new videogame, and wants no interns near him for the rest of day: they would ruin the fun; unfortunately, it's easier said than done.
  12. "The Interns S 9 E 12": Phil's gay relatives plans to visit Phil here, in Moscow. Bykov, due to still being consumed by his new game, completely forgot about Kupitman's birthday, deeply insulting his friend. Thanks to Polina, Semyon now fears what something may went wrong with their baby, a little too much.
  13. "The Interns S 9 E 13": Lobanov met his old box buddy, as his new patient. Polina's patient turns out to be that same guy she acted rude with in the morning.
  14. "The Interns S 9 E 14": Kisegach plans to hire babysitter for her (future) baby. Polina's patient turns out to be cosmetics distrubutor. Gleb asks Bykov to assign him to work in paediatric deparment.
  15. "The Interns S 9 E 15": Kupitman is unusually clean and sober today; something must be wrong, Bykov knows this. Gleb is sure Polina can't possibly have any social life due to being just that bad with people; now she must prove to him what her "two boyfriends" actually do exist. Phil tries to avoid hospital's cook due to her becoming a little too close for comfort.
  16. "The Interns S 9 E 16": Kisegach become obsessed with fear of her (future) baby being "misplaced". Olga's father would attend the hospital, and Semyon would be his personal doctor. Polina still can't forgive Gleb for losing her boyfriends.
  17. "The Interns S 9 E 17": Semyon and Olga must choose who would be their daughter's godfather... but Olga insists it couldn't be Gleb. Polina is punished with work at morgue, which is a problem, since she's dreadfully afraid of corpses. Semyon's patient is music teacher, who desperately needs to continue being visited by his students, and is ready to pay for it.
  18. "The Interns S 9 E 18": With only two weeks until she's ready to give birth, Olga is transferred into the hospital. Gleb's patient's friends wants to organise surprise for him — a stripper. Phil has a bet with Bykov — wether they can collect money for "Pichugin's " birthday... despite "Pichigin" not even existing.
  19. "The Interns S 9 E 19": Gleb, Semyon and Phil are finally ended their internship and became a full-pledged doctors — just in time to temporarily replace Bykov, who would stay with Anastasia for whole day (since time for her to give birth has finally come); unfortunately, Gleb is too worried about his mother, Semyon about Olga and Phil about perspective of leaving home, to actually do their work. Bykov and Kisegach can't agree on the first name for their son — or his last name, for that matter.
  20. "The Interns S 9 E 20": During drinking with friends, Bykov suddenly fell asleep, only to realise what he was actually in coma all this time... for a long time.
    First New Year episode (December 31, 2013) 
  • "The Interns First New Year Special: Whole hospitals celebrates New Year. Unfortunately, role of Father Snow falls on Bykov... who's not quite fan of this holiday, so he dumped it on his interns. Meanwhile, Kupitman seeks with whom he may celebrate New Year together.
    Season 10 (February 3, 2014 - March 13, 2014) 
  1. "The Interns S 10 E 1": Even though both Semyon and Phil are no longer Bykov's interns (and not even his subordinates, for that matter), his abuse continues, in less direct ways (and Gleb, who's only one remained in the Therapy, receives it worst than either of them). Bykov and Kisegach must find new babysitter, because Bykov just fired old one without any apparent reason.
  2. "The Interns S 10 E 2": Bykov needs new interns, but has much more candidates than places for them; who would "win the prize"? Meanwhile, Phil suspects what Kupitman has new girlfriend.
  3. "The Interns S 10 E 3": Even after cutting off most of candidates, Bykov still has to chose only three people out of six; who it would be?
  4. "The Interns S 10 E 4": Bykov is forced to babysit Ilya, while Kisegach is alone. Even if it's certain what Sophia would stay, they still have two more places to fill... and four candidates for them. Sophia is now outcast, due to being accepted over everyone's heads, but she may find a new friend in Gleb's face.
  5. "The Interns S 10 E 5": Ilya consumed all coins from Bykov's cup; because Bykov is currently busy, task of commanding interns falls on Lyuba.
  6. "The Interns S 10 E 6": Sophia thinks what by doing some "minor" screwups, she would prove to other interns she isn't "ideal" and earn their trust. Bykov kicks interns out of on-call room into small, cold, dirty and overstuffed with old trash room far from it, which from now on would be their "main base"; but Maxim thinks he knows a way how to make it little more comfortable — even if this method would be slightly... legally questionable. And Alexei receives his first patient; Alexei is enthusiastic, patient... not so much.
  7. "The Interns S 10 E 7": Whoever screws up first, would become Bykov's personal slave for a day... and firs one to do so was Maxim. Sophia wants to change her image, radically.
  8. "The Interns S 10 E 8": Bykov thinks what Phil "degraded" as specialist under Kupitman. Lyuba needs "one-hour husband" to help her with repair; and Alexei has required skills. Sophia, who lives with Kupitman, makes her uncle's apartments into a mess.
  9. "The Interns S 10 E 9": Maxim thinks what Kisegach dislikes him; but he already has plans how to fix it. Kisegach can't find anything to do for the rest of day, and suffers from boredom. Alexei is bothered by two kids playing "spies". Sophia wants to make a tattoo.
  10. "The Interns S 10 E 10": Bykov wants to meet their new babysitter... and Kisegach fears he would immediately scare her away. Maxim thinks he needs to win some reputation in the hospital — by defeating one of the main "bastions of chastity", like one attractive nurse who keeps refusing any advances. Sophia wants to learn more about Moscow's night life, and Alexei just so happened to have connections.
  11. "The Interns S 10 E 11": Gleb has an agreement with Bykov: Bykov wouldn't yell on Gleb in front of interns... but would yell even more without them in sight. Sophia invites Rita to try speed-dating. Maxim learns what Alexei has some secret job outside of internship.
  12. "The Interns S 10 E 12": Sophia plans to screw up on purpose, so Bykov would punish her and show to other interns she isn't "ideal". Maxim has problems with his patient, but already has a plan how to use Alexei's secret repairer job to deal with it. Kupitman, due to abstinence from alcohol, suffers great increase in sensitivity — to his, and everyone else's detriment.
  13. "The Interns S 10 E 13": Bykov and Kisegach have a bet — wether Sophia would fall in love with Bykov or not. Gleb, Semyon and Phil tried to drink together, like in old days, but were caught by Bykov... only to realise he doesn't care. Max and Lyousha starts mocking Sophia over classic movie she newer saw.
  14. "The Interns S 10 E 14": Sophia wants to go into night club with Gleb, but he isn't particularly intrigued by idea, considering how badly their previous time ended. Maxim accused Alexei of being "complaisant". Bykov has a rival "comedian" in a face of new orderly.
  15. "The Interns S 10 E 15": Bykov and Kupitman plans to adhere poker tournament in "rival" hospital. Rita has a new secret admirer, but due to misunderstanding he now thinks her name is "Lyuba". Maxim has a plan how to win some respect from other doctors — they must throw a party. Phil has side-job as English tutor, but due to Kupitman leaving, must work right in the hospital.
  16. "The Interns S 10 E 16": Maxim tries to learn more about what Bykov likes, so he may win some sympathy from him. Sophia had a heated conflict with Alexei — which is a problem, because Bykov forced them to work together. Kupitman accuses Phil of stealing "his" cognac.
  17. "The Interns S 10 E 17": Bykov is tired of Alexei's screwups, and gives him the last chance — either the saves his patient, or Bykov would kick him out. Sophia must work with Gleb... who was ordered by Kupitman to never, ever speak with her. Maxim, in order to impress his uncle, asked Kupitman to impersonate Bykov for him.
  18. "The Interns S 10 E 18": Phils suspects what Gleb may be gay. Sophia has a conflict with very aggressive nurse. Maxim and Alexei tricked Bykov to force them to work together by pretending to hate each other's guts.
  19. "The Interns S 10 E 19": Gleb must babysit his little brother — but this isn't a reason to cancel his date! Semyon brought his daughter into the hospital — or something else under her guise?.. Maxim brought an expensive I-Pad as a gift for important official, but due to his scheme going wrong lost it to Bykov.
  20. "The Interns S 10 E 20": Bykov started disappearing during nights, and Kisegach suspects the worst. Bykov stole Maxim's grapes, and now Max wants revenge. Alexei and Sophia must work under Gleb... who helps Lyosha, and mistreats Sophia, for not apparent reason.
  21. "The Interns S 10 E 21": Bykov must somehow prove to Kisegach he didn't cheat on her. Maxim and Alexei must work under Phil — who now tries to show he treats them equally, despite clearly disliking Max. Sophia's patient has very noticeable boner... for no apparent reason.
  22. "The Interns S 10 E 22": Hospital must treat very important (and thus very insufferable) woman from ministry — and Alexei is hospital's last hope to deal with her. Sophia desperately needs a gay friend. Kupitman is on the brink of insanity due to his abstinence. Phil plans go go on vacation, and only needs Kupitman signing up the order.
  23. "The Interns S 10 E 23": Alexei came to work with obvious symptoms of flu; Sophia wants to turn him back home, but Bykov has a better idea: dump Lyosha on Sophia as her new patient. Kupitman wants to celebrate the end of his sober life. Maxim lost his parking place and needs Kisegach's help to deal with it.
    Season 11 (October 6, 2014 - November 6, 2014) 
  1. "The Interns S 11 E 1": Bykov wants to test his old interns' commanding skills, by appointing them to command new ones; and in Bykov's mind, "commanding skills" equals despotism.
  2. "The Interns S 11 E 2": Polina returned to continue her internship... which is a problem, considering she leaved Bykov on very heated terms. Sophia's patient is Romani, whose relatives (who want to visit him) seems to be friendly... but Alexei expects worst.
  3. "The Interns S 11 E 3": Sophia is in depression after what happened between her and Gleb, and now Kupitman must somehow deal with it. Maxim must deal with patient who prefers healing herbs over traditional medicine and would only trust witch doctors.
  4. "The Interns S 11 E 4": Now, Sophia thinks what Gleb is really in love with her — while Gleb wants to keep as far away from her as possible. Maxim must organise "a date" for his patient — right here, in the hospital. Alexei's new patient is from Torzhok himself; Alexei is happy, patient... not so much.
  5. "The Interns S 11 E 5": Phil wants to skip work today to have some sleep, and needs Gleb's help to deceive Kupitman. Kisegach wants to leave Ilya with Bykov today, but Bykov instead dropped him on Sophia, who knows nothing about babies. Maxim asks Alexei to switch patients, because his one keeps harassing him... while omitting one crucial detail about her.
  6. "The Interns S 11 E 6": To get rid of Sophia, Gleb decided to use Bykov, who hates when people show their feelings on duty. Alexei forged a characteristic for himself, for his alma-mater in Torzhok, and needs Bykov signing it up; but Bykov would never sign up something he considers to be utter bullshit.
  7. "The Interns S 11 E 7": Alexei learns what Sophia plans to have sex with Gleb — which is against his interests, since he fell in love with her himself. Interns are forced to leave their office due to it being occupied by patients (they have no spare wards!), which means, they have nowhere else to go. Phil wants to go fishing with Semyon, but has troubles deceiving Kupitman into giving him a leave, considering his inability to tell a lie.
  8. "The Interns S 11 E 8": Gleb and Alexei unites to help Alexei win Sophia. Kupitman is on the edge of permanently spoiling his friendship with Lyuba. Bykov suggested his intern to "win" on-call room by winning his "medical quiz".
  9. "The Interns S 11 E 9": Phil started worrying he may become an alcoholic, just like Kupitman. Interns made it into on-call room, but Bykov just looks for a excuse to start conflict. Lyuba and Rita on the edge of ruining their friendship.
  10. "The Interns S 11 E 10": Turns out, Bykov still didn't prepare interns' personal files, and must do it now. Lobanov must somehow deal with his new embarrassing nickname. Sophia warns Gleb what, no matter what, today they would "do it". Kupitman reveals to Phil what he plans to leave Sophia as his successor, instead of Phil.
  11. "The Interns S 11 E 11": Kisegach have a bet with Bykov: if she would find someone to party with until the end of the day, Bykov would stay home with Ilya, otherwise, it would be Kisegach. Sophia states what today, she and Gleb would have sex, no matter what, and already prepared everything, so Gleb has one last chance to dump her. Semyon starts noticing what Phil developed kleptomania.
  12. "The Interns S 11 E 12": Olga plans to return to her job as accountant; in order to prevent it, Semyon must force her replacement to stay — by making her believe what she has anonymous suitor. Alexei must learn to never blindly follow his orders... which is harder than it sounds. Kisegach suspects what Bykov hints her something (he isn't).
  13. "The Interns S 11 E 13": Sophia and Gleb prepared a scheme how to skip one day in the hospital to spend time together; unfortunately for them, Bykov starts suspecting something. Semyon thinks his phone is stolen, and wouldn't rest until he finds it — and the thief; unknowingly to him, he just dropped it in his office. Alexei's patient recognises him as plumber he once hired — and isn't happy about the fact, at all.
  14. "The Interns S 11 E 14": Sophia's new patient is so attractive, just looking at him has hypnotising effect on her. Olga plans to take bank loan to buy a car, but needs Semyon for this... which is a problem, since he still didn't pay out his old loan. Phil desperately needs to show Alexei what he may be prankster, no worse than everyone else!
  15. "The Interns S 11 E 15": Kupitman must fix all the chaos in his departent in one day, or he would lose his job; his last chance is to ask Lyuba. Semyon must clean the mess he did in Gennadiy's on-call room while being drunk... which turns out to be much harder than it sounds. Sophia suspects what Alexei snitches on her making out with Gleb to Bykov; in reality, it was Rita.
  16. "The Interns S 11 E 16": Rumours spread about Alexei's affair with Rita; now, Rita tries to suppress them, while Alexei must find a way to deal with Rita's ex — Bykov. Olga wants to go on new musical with Semyon, but can't ask him directly, so she sent Gleb instead.
  17. "The Interns S 11 E 17": Rita and Alexei still must pretend what they are happy couple — even though they anything but happy about it. Phil desperately needs lawyer, and asks Kupitman to recruit one from his patients. Semyon tasked to find very important drug... called "Vonabol".
  18. "The Interns S 11 E 18": Phil has a chance to go on month-long vacation in Spain; he only needs to convince Kupitman to let him go. Alexei and Sophia must deal with stubborn fan of horoscopes. Semyon suspects what Olga cheats on him.
  19. "The Interns S 11 E 19": Bykov found a revolver, and wants to play Russian roulette with Kupitman. Alexei realised he may cause Sophia to pity him, if Sophia would think what Rita was utter asshole of a girlfriend. Phil suspects what Gleb secretly brings girls to sleep in his bed, but Gleb denies it.
  20. "The Interns S 11 E 20": After receiving several completely tactless "gifts", Lyuba decided to quit, thinking she became "too old". Gleb and Sophia took the naked photos of each other; but now Sophia thinks what Gleb started showing her photo to his friends. Alexei must learn when he can trust his patients and when he can't. And Kisegach became addicted to mobile farm simulator.
    Second New Year episode (December 31, 2014) 
  • "The Interns Second New Year Special": Bykov receives new Segway as New Year gift; but from who? Alexei must play Father Snow for child patients, but everything goes not as planned. Kupitman presents his brand new moonshine — "Kupignac".
    Season 12 (February 9, 2015 - March 5, 2015) 
  1. "The Interns S 12 E 1": Lyuba and Kupitman are now uncertain how their one-night-stand would affect their friendship. Sophia's new patient is reenactor who, due to brain trauma, thinks he is a knight and she's his princess. Alexei's friend needs venereologist's help, but is afraid to visit him himself, so Lyosha needs to help him "by proxy".
  2. "The Interns S 12 E 2": Kisegach gives Bykov packed food to bring on work, and isn't exactly happy about it. After orderly Pasha saved Phil's life, they became best friends... but this friendship soon became annoying to Phil. Sophia thinks what Gleb admitted he loves her; but he has no memories of doing so.
  3. "The Interns S 12 E 3": Bykov and Kisegach suspect what Lyuba and Kupitman are still on bad terms and trying to "help" them. Polina finally returns — and already starts causing problems to Alexei. Sophia suspects what there was something intimate between Gleb and Polina before.
  4. "The Interns S 12 E 4": Gleb starts suspecting something about Kupitman — but not what Kupitman thinks. Phil thinks what he has a chance for threesome with two girls, one of them being Polina; this is... not exactly true.
  5. "The Interns S 12 E 5": Alexei has collection of logical riddles... which Lyuba can't solve, despite them being developed for first-graders. Sophia thinks what Polina simulates her depression to win Bykov's sympathy. Phil's patients are married couple, of which only one is sick... but he has no way to know which one.
  6. "The Interns S 12 E 6": New doctor, Timur, wants to work in the hospital, but here's a problem: he is Polina's ex-husband. Gleb and Sophia are on the verge of being kicked out by both Phil and Kupitman. Lyuba lost her position of "number one gossiper" to Rita.
  7. "The Interns S 12 E 7": Sophia now thinks what Polina intentionally tries to cause her harm. Timur promises to cover for Gleb who needs to go, but plan goes not as expected. Alexei's patients have a bet with Rita: they would win if they would seduce Alexei, while Rita would win if they wouldn't.
  8. "The Interns S 12 E 8": Gleb thinks what his mother no longer loves him. Timur starts exploiting Alexei to dump all the work on him. Bykov, due to his habit of reading Kupitman's SMS, starts suspecting what there's something interesting goes on between him and Lyuba.
  9. "The Interns S 12 E 9": Alexei accidentally learned about Kupitman's affair with Lyuba, and now they're trying to force him being quiet about it. Sophia suspects what Kisegach dislikes her. Bykov suspects what Timur deceives him in attempt to hide his true, lazy self.
  10. "The Interns S 12 E 10": Gleb promised Sophia romantic trip to Saint-Petersburg, but there's a problem: Phil wants to go with them. Timur and Polina can't agree what was the real reason for their divorce. Alexei tries to prove to his patient what not all women want plastic surgery.
  11. "The Interns S 12 E 11": Timur accidentally ruined Bykov's game, and now must play it for him as his only way of redemption. Gleb must finally deal with Sophia's hatred to Polina. Kupitman meets his old girlfriend, and now must decide, to whom remain loyal — to her or to Lyuba.
  12. "The Interns S 12 E 12": Lyuba and Kupitman still angry at each other after previous day's events — and it's up to Alexei to make peace between them. Timur asked Sophia to work on his patient instead of him, stating what she is his ex; it was a lie to avoid doing work, but now Sophia thinks what Timur was not so faithful to Polina as he claims. Gleb's patient insist what he has connections to Kisegach and needs VIP conditions.
  13. "The Interns S 12 E 13": Kupitman thinks what Kisegach, to deal with Bykov's boredom, must help him to "enchant" his sex life. Timur thinks what Phil flirts with him, and now Phil must prove what he isn't gay. Sophia must help Polina to rent a room from Sophia's patient; for this, Polina must pose like Gleb's girlfriend.
  14. "The Interns S 12 E 14": Gleb and Sophia are ready to move together, only thing left is to inform Sophia's parents. Polina moved to Phil — and coincidentally, at that same time Timur decided to befriend Phil. Alexei's patient distrusts him, thinking he is "too young".
  15. "The Interns S 12 E 15": Sophia's father already en route to Moscow, to take Sophia back in Kirov. Rita and Polina unite to find new man for Lyuba.
    Season 13 (September 7, 2015 - October 7, 2015) 
  1. "The Interns S 13 E 1": Sophia's father is willing to give Gleb chance — but he needs to talk with him personally. Rita feels betrayed over Alexei allegedly being in relationship with Lyuba, and them keeping it secret from her. Gleb must tell his mother about his proposal to Sophia, but is unsure how, since she was vehemently against their marriage before.
  2. "The Interns S 13 E 2": Kupitman wants to go on a date with Lyuba this evening; but Phil, whom he forced to stay on night shift instead, isn't happy, and tricked Kupitman to go into swinger club. Kisegach keeps falling asleep — and seeing nightmares about Sophia "stealing" Gleb from her. Polina blackmails Timur into doing her biddings, but quickly goes too far.
  3. "The Interns S 13 E 3": Alexei, after recklessly badmouthing Bykov right in his presence, must now come up with creative punishment by himself, since Bykov is out of ideas. Phil receives good job offer in prestigious private clinic... or was it just a bluff? Sophia is unsure wether she and Gleb even should throw that party, or better wait a little more.
  4. "The Interns S 13 E 4": Kisegach learns about Bykov dumping all errands on Alexei — and isn't particularly happy with it. To not reveal to Gleb their relationship, Kupitman lied what Lyuba is his new maid — but Gleb now insists on hiring her himself. To distract overaroused Phil from Polina, Timur hired prostitute for him, whom he passed for Polina's friend.
  5. "The Interns S 13 E 5": Phil still isn't aware what Katia is prostitute, and invites her on a date; weirdly, but their affection seems to be mutual. Bykov read Kupitman's messages, and now knows what he has a woman — but not her name. Gleb and Sophia must find a way to ensure what Yakov wouldn't usurp their right to plan out their own wedding.
  6. "The Interns S 13 E 6": Bykov and Kupitman plan something today, and Kisegach wants to find out what. Phil is still unaware what Katia is prostitute, and Polina and Timur plan to press Katia into dumping him before he finds out. Alexei insists what he is more successful with women than Gleb — and it seems what he isn't exactly wrong.
  7. "The Interns S 13 E 7": Gleb and Sophia plan to try sex on the workplace; but there's problem: Alexei keep walking on the at the worst moment. Timur has a bet with Bykov — he must remain silent until the end of his shift. Phil is ashamed of admitting to Katia what he is venereologist, so he pretended to be surgeon instead.
  8. "The Interns S 13 E 8": Katia reveals to Phil her real profession. Kisegach insists what she and Bykov must adhere psychotherapy. Kupitman, to not let Lyuba down, would do anything to be ready for their night of love... even if it becomes not exactly safe for him.
  9. "The Interns S 13 E 9": Kupitman suspects what everyone are secretly mocking him and Lyuba. Kisegach insists what Bykov should check up his health, after what happened to Kupitman. Timur cooperated with Gleb to make Polina jealous. Alexei's new patient is... Bykov A.E.
  10. "The Interns S 13 E 10": Bykov and Kisegach are trying to help Kupitman and Lyuba to mend their relationship, but without cooperating with each other. Gleb become ridiculously cheap in his attempts to save money for wedding. Polina and Rita found a new way to deal with creeping desire for sex; but now Timur thinks they are lesbians.
  11. "The Interns S 13 E 11": Lyuba hired psychic to cure Kupitman from alcoholism. Phil suspects what Katia is homophobic. Gleb has a plan how to trick Sophia into letting him go partying, and looking good in process.
  12. "The Interns S 13 E 12": Timur, after finally bedding Polina, now thinks how to make it more repeatable event. Gleb and Sophia must organise the list of guests for their wedding, but unfortunately Kisegach and Kupitman have their own ideas, which aren't exactly compatible with their vision. Alexei tries to dump Rita.
  13. "The Interns S 13 E 13": Alexei thinks it's now or never: he should dump Rita, until she really starts demanding marriage. Sophia accidentally revealed Gleb's dark secret to Polina, who can't help but laugh. Phil's parents are on the brink of divorce. Kupitman noticed what someone stills his cognac, portion by portion.
  14. "The Interns S 13 E 14": Without Phil, Kupitman must work by himself — which he doesn't like a one bit. Polina, Rita and Lyuba have a bet — who of their patients would be discharged earlier; unfortunately, patients overheard it out of context and now think what they are trying to kill them. Gleb accuses Sophia of being bad prankster, and she now wants to prove him wrong.
  15. "The Interns S 13 E 15": Timur's new patients is no one else but Garik Harlamov; now, he and Gleb want to find a way to exploit it. Kupitman needs helping hand, and wants to ask Lyuba to work under him; but Lyuba thinks he wants to ask her something much more important.
  16. "The Interns S 13 E 16": Lyuba now works under Kupitman — and already has issues with his previous affairs with other nurses. Rita, who replaces Lyuba, starts suffering abuse from Bykov, who deals this way with stress from missing Lyuba. Lyosha must find a way to prevent visiting Rita's grand-grandmother. Polina needs Sophia's help to organise "a date" for her and Timur.
  17. "The Interns S 13 E 17": Kupitman plans to adhere elite party, and fears what Lyuba's dress would look terrible here, being out of fashion for... some long time. Gleb and Timur at each other's throats — with Polina and Sophia being ones to suffer. Alexei needs to leave to Torzhok, but since he fears to ask directly, he pretends to being neurotic in hope to pity Bykov.
  18. "The Interns S 13 E 18": Timur already prepared everything for the wedding; meanwhile, Sophia's patient needs help with organising her own wedding. Kupitman noticed what Lyuba just likes sexual roleplay while on work. Gleb busted Polina and Alexei not only slacking, but insulting Bykov behind his back, and happily ratted them out.
  19. "The Interns S 13 E 19": Bykov and Kupitman awoke in unfamiliar house, with two unfamiliar lesbians; how they would explain this to Kisegach and Lyuba? Alexei fears what Rita may be pregnant — from him. Sophia worries what Gleb has zero respect for her opinion, already planning their life for years ahead.
  20. "The Interns S 13 E 20": This is last day before wedding, and Kisegach feels very nervous; unfortunately, she also must adhere important meeting today. Both Gleb and Sophia want a throw las parties before wedding; Gleb has everything ready, Sophia... not so much. Alexei, to free Timur and Gleb, took all their patients, but went way over his head and now in troubles.
    Season 14 (January 25, 2016 - February 25, 2016) 


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