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Recap / The Interns S 2 E 16

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Today, interns must work by themselves, without Bykov's help. Levin's patient has concussion... and quite "sticky" fingers. Varya must deal with post-operation old patient, who mistakes her for wife of somebody called "Sergei", and Varya can't just tell her the truth in fear of worsening her condition; but the further she goes, the more lies she must tell her to maintain this. Gleb's patient must be dealt with quickly, before its too late for his wedding. And Lobanov... has no patient, and must just sit here and do nothing; but its not as easy as it sounds...


Levin's attempt to retrieve his phone leads to conflict with (now obviously criminal) patient, who now tries to racket him, with help of his gopnik friends, so he ask Semyon for help. After failing to train Levin, Lobanov decided to just confront gopniks himself and force them to give phone back.

Varya's lie becomes progressively harder to maintain, especially when patient gives Varya her family ring (and Sergei accused Varya of stealing it); it only ends when Bykov finally shows up.

Gleb learns (from Semyon) what his patient can have a reason to deliberately avoid his wedding – because he just want to avoid his spouse, at all cost; and she is already here... Gleb lies to her and almost gets their marriage ruined... only to learn what they really love each other. Neither patient nor his spouse is amused by this, as well as Bykov when he finds out.


This episode provides examples of:

  • Advice Backfire: Lobanov advised Gleb to "help" his patient and prevent his upcoming marriage. Turns out, they really love each other.
  • The Alcoholic: Varya's patient's son, Sergei, is workless alcoholic (which become obvious just by looking on him). Varya pretending what he finally reformed (which Sergei almost botched) is part of her Snowball Lie to her patient.
  • Big Guy: Levin's patient turns out to be aggressive gopnik, who stole his phone and then tried to racket him. Semyon helps him by confronting the guy and his two friends, and scares them enough to go and apology; they even lampshade this after he leaves.
  • Boredom Montage: Lobanov has no patients this time, but he can't go home either. He spends some time on attempts to find something to kill time, and when everything fails, just decided to come and see what other interns do.
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  • Delirious Misidentification: Varya' patient is old woman after serious operation, who is... not exactly here. She mistakes Varya for girlfriend (named Katya) of her son, Sergei, and, since she is in bad condition after serious operation, Varya forced to play along.
  • Gang Bangers: Levin's patient is agressive Gopnik. Patient and his two friends stole Levin's phone and now trying to racket him. Semyon confronts them and persuade into apology.
  • Hot Guy, Ugly Wife: Gleb's patient is attractive man, while his spouse is... fat and rather ugly.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Lobanov tried to help Levin getting his phone back. Lobanov succeeds, but Levin now thinks it was Lobanov who stole it in the first place, and Bykov, who doesn't bother to find out why Levin attacked Lobanov, just punished Semyon with night shift.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Had Varya just explained everything to her patient from the beginning, instead of trying to play along, it could been ended much quicker and less painful for both of them. And had Gleb bother to ask his patient, he could been learned what yes, he really loves his spouse, instead of attempting to ruin their upcoming marriage (thinking what he "help" his patient by doing this); thought in his case it was Lobanov who give him idea.
    • Semyon decided to just deal with Levin's patient by himself (and succeeds), unaware what Levin already called the police. This leads to... awkward situation when they din't find anything (since Lobanov already take phone which patient stole) and patient pretended to be innocent. This allows patient gets away with everything. And Levin later attacks Lobanov, thinking what it was his fault.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Levin's patient not only stole his phone, but, after Levin realised this and makes (failed) attempt to find it in his ward, patient pretends to be offended and demands money for "moral compensation"; and if he would not pay, his friends would force Levin to do it.
  • The Slacker: Enforced by Bykov. Lobanov has no patient this time, he must just sit here, doing nothing; his "task" would be done if by the end of day he wouldn't cause any problem. But as it turns out, it is not that easy when you must do it on purpose...
  • Snowball Lie: Varya' patient is old woman after serious operation, who is... not exactly here. She mistakes Varya for wife (named Katya) of her son, Sergei, and, since she is in bad condition after serious operation, Varya forced to play along. Said Sergei is forced to pretend to be Varya's husband as well. What else Varya was forced to lied about? What Sergei quit drinking and finally found a work (and Varya promised to watch for him), and what his (one year-old) son Vladimir start talking. When this lie unavoidably would implode, consequences can be devastating; maybe, just telling her truth from the beginning was not that bad idea after all...
    • This also leads to... interesting situation when patient sees Gleb with Varya in the end. Fortunately, Bykov appears and finally explains to patient everything (in delicate enough way to not causing her any harm).
  • Sticky Fingers: Levin's patient is pickpocket, and he steals Levin's phone right in his introduction scene. Unfortunately, he is not just pickpocket, and after Levin failed to retrieve his phone, attempt to racket him as well.
  • Unwanted Spouse: According to Lobanov, Gleb's patient could just trying to avoid marriage. This theory gets some credibility when his spouse appears.
  • What Does She See in Him?: To anyone's surprise, Gleb's patient and his spouse really love each other. When patient finds out what Gleb almost ruined their marriage, he calls Gleb Jerkass and tells him what he flighted for her love for three years (and what he loved her since school days).


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