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Recap / The Interns S 8 E 14

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Bykov accuses Lobanov of using Olga's pregnancy as excuse to avoid doing work. But then he learns something even more interesting: Olga currently doesn't even works here, temporarily leaving to visit her relatives! And today is important soccer match, which clearly is main reason why Semyon wants to leave early.

Varya tries to ship Phil with her friend. She quickly grow to regret this decision when Phil annoyed her to no end by asking what to do on every single little thing he can think of. As Phil revealed, he's extremely nervous due to having very bad history of previous dates, and fearing to botch yet another one. He even asked Varya to go with him to "support" him (she would sit nearby and control the situation), to which she reluctantly agrees.


Gleb found his mother in rather sentimental mood due to her pregnancy; when he mentioned (jokingly) his poor standards of life, she forcefully gave him big sum of money. Gleb mentioned this to Kupitman, who immediately proceed to exploit the situation in his favour. Gleb, meanwhile, refused to take money from his money and tried to return them — tried, because she refused to take them back and even gave him more. Kupitman realised what this means he may earn more by pretending to have conscience; unknowingly to him, Bykov already told Kisegach to to allow those "vultures" to exploit her, and she accepted Kupitman giving up VIP ward... but refused to give it back.

Olga returned early, and Bykov, who tried to bust Semyon watching match, ignored his warning about Olga being in shower, accidentally entered it in inappropriate time; oops. Bykov tell Lobanov what in the future, when Olga needs something, she must ask Bykov herself, because her he at least can trust.


Phil's date goes disastrously: Phil became self-confident, but scared the girl by acting like complete loon. Meanwhile, Bykov confronted Gleb about exploiting his mother pregnancy, to which he replied what he just can't return those money: she not only refuses each time, she gives him more for him acting nicely. When pressed, Gleb tried one last time — by just giving her money and leaving before she could refuse. This not only failed — she actually go to near ATM and took money from it. Past this point, Gleb just gave up — but Bykov accepted it and actually allowed him to take part of it, since part of those money belonged to him anyway.


This episode provides examples of:

  • Cassandra Truth: Bykov didn't believe in Semyon's explanation what Olga returned early (it was too obvious he just needs an excuse to watch soccer match instead of work, and Bykov already knows what she leaved. Of course, Semyon is guilty any way — he lied about Olga being home before she really returned — but this whole situation only made Bykov looking like fool.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Phil's stories about his past life are very weird and childish — not something you would mention during date with girl. This resulted in sade girl running away from him; Varya managed to convince her to give Phil second chance, but immediately once he started talking, she realised what she simply can't, and leaved. Phil still didn't get what he did wrong.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • Gleb refused to take money Kisegach tried to give him, because in other condition, she wouldn't do so, and he does not want to exploit his mother. This provoked another outburst of sentimentality.
    • Invoked by Lobanov when Bykov accused him of using his pregnant (ex)wife as excuse to not doing his work. Subverted in what Lobanov really did used her as an excuse; more so, she is not even here to begin with (which was Bykov's actual reason to ask him: he already knows what Semyon lied to him and this was just Semyon's last chance to save some grace).
  • Gone Horribly Right: Phil is very nervous about upcoming date with Varya's friend, and asked Varya to go with him, so he would feel more self-confident. Phil's weird stories about his life in USA scared the girl enough for her to run from restaurant.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Kupitman managed to exploit Kisegach's condition to receive second VIP-ward. But then he learned what Gleb's attempts to refuse money from her resulted in him receiving even more, and decided to refuse that VIP-ward in order to learn more. Unfortunately, by this point Bykov tell her to not allow other people to exploit her, and she accepted ward back... but refused to give Kupitman anything past it, and called him out on his attempt to exploit her when he asked why she did not proceed to give him more.
  • Nervous Wreck: Phil descends into it during preparation for his date. As he revealed to Varya when she managed to calm him down, he wasted so many dates before due to something going wrong, he fears to even try again: what if they would end in the same manner? He asked Varya to go with him, so he would feel more self-confident.
  • Pet the Dog: When Gleb proved what he really didn't tried to exploit his mother's pregnancy for money — she just can't take "no, I wouldn't accept those money" as an answer, Bykov allowed him to take some money (that last time Kisegach run out of cash and took some from ATM): part of them belonged to Bykov anyway, so he has a right to do so.
  • Pregnancy Makes You Crazy: Kisegach, due to her pregnancy.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Varya's friend's reaction when she spend whole hour near Phil (who just can't shut up about his life back in USA, which was extremely boring for her) is to rush out from the restaurant. Varya managed to convince her to give him another chance, but immediately he opened his mouth again, she decided what that's it, and leaved for real.
  • Shipper on Deck: Varya tries to ship Phil with her friend, and even helped him during preparations for a date; however, it quickly becomes apparent what something is clearly wrong with him, creeping her out.
  • The Slacker: Bykov accused Semyon of exploiting Olga's pregnancy as excuse to avoid doing work. Truth is even more interesting: Olga leaved to visit relatives, meaning, she is not even here.


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