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Recap / The Interns S 10 E 17

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Bykov is tired of Alexei's screwups, and gives him the last chance — either the saves his patient, or Bykov would kick him out. Unfortunately, he just don't know what to do with said patient, being more familiar with manual work like fixing broken bed (like one he fixed when locksmith failed to do it by himself), than with anatomy.

Maxim's uncle is in Moscow, and wants to visit his nephew — and see how he works here. Problem is, Max can't allow him to meet Bykov, so he asked Kupitman to impersonate him. Max would impress his uncle, Kupitman would receive his cognac — what a beneficial alliance!


Sophia must work with Gleb... who was ordered by Kupitman to never, ever speak with her, unless absolutely necessary and work-related. Since she still can't remember anything (and Gleb refuses to remind her), it must be something bad.

Locksmith whom Alexei helped earlier asked him for help with another task, understanding from the first sight he is more capable in this than he is. And with another. And another. And another... On the last one, Bykov busted them, and ordered Lyosha to take off the coat, since it "obstructs his real self — locksmith, not the doctor".

Maxim's uncle Vladimir arrived. Max lied to him what room Bykov provided interns with is his "personal office". Then Kupitman (or "Bykov") showed up, and started complimenting Maxim's "great talents". Unfortunately, Vladimir, instead of leaving to Max's apartments, decided to stay here for a little longer and watch him during work.


Sophia speculates just what she did, so Gleb now hates her. She has several versions, one worse than another (her raping Gleb right in taxi; her throwing up right in taxi; and her pissing herself right in taxi), but Gleb refuses to confirm any of them.

Alexei (now dressed as locksmith) asked Bykov for another chance. He also admitted what while he knows what to do with broken things on almost instinctive level, he struggles with live people. When he demonstrated his "diagnosis" skills on broken teapot and provided "treatment", Bykov realised how they can apply these skills to medicine. He forced Alexei to imagine what he deals not with patients, but with "broken people" (and instead of organs they have "machine parts"). This worked much better.

When Maxim's uncle Vladimir noticed how Bykov yells insult on Max for his stupidity (not long ago Max asked Kupitman to impersonate Bykov, in order to impress his uncle), and then started ordering around (still at high volume), Maxim explained what this is "local psycho", whom people keep around because he is Chief Doctor's husband whom she fears to leave home alone, and play along with his antics.


Lyuba forced Gleb to tell her real story of what happened with him and Sophia in taxi. He revealed what actual story was combo of all three versions, taking a little from each. Since Lyuba considers this to be not nearly enough of excuse for boycotting Sophia, Gleb revealed what happened next — the part about them disturbing Kupitman late in night. When Lyuba didn't considered this being bad enough, Gleb also revealed her how Kupitman ordered him to never talk with Sophia again. When Lyuba asked why he didn't just revealed this to Sophia, Gleb pointed out what she would start trying to violate this order just to spite her uncle, to which she agreed — but suggested to try and find a workaround.

While Alexei finally realised just how to deal with patients, he still botched his task — as Bykov explained, "treatment" he suggested would only kill patient faster. However, Bykov is in good mood (because Alexei finally started thinking; him not doing this was real reason to kick him out all along), so decided to let him stay anyway and even agreed to explain where he did a mistake with patient.

While visiting the room where interns spend their time between patients, Bykov contacted Vladimir (who still thinks what Bykov is psycho). When asked who he is and what does here, Vladimir tried to "explain" in terms, he thinks, would be understandable for psychos; predictably, this weird speech manner led to Bykov mistaking him for one, and trying to catch him. This culminated in all four — Bykov, Vladimir, Kupitman and Maxim — meeting in the same place. Max was forced to admit the truth.

Gleb revealed to Sophia "real" reason why he boycotts her — because she refused his drunk advancements. Now she hates him... but at least she wouldn't try to get close to him again. Kupitman would be pleased.

Turns out what Vladimir is aware of his nephew's sleazy character, and arrived here to check wether he has somebody to control it. With Bykov being Max's mentor, he know knows he has.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: Amongst Sophia's speculations just what she could have done to deserve Gleb's ire were her raping him right in taxi; her throwing up right in taxi; and, worst of all, her pissing herself right in taxi. Actual events were mix of all three (she tried, but failed to seduce Gleb; threw up in the window of taxi; and they stopped on the bridge (which is, by the way, illegal) so she may piss, outside of taxi). Gleb, however, didn't told her this, instead lying what she rejected his advances.
  • Break Her Heart to Save Her: Gleb for full episode acted like a jerk to Sophia in hope she would leave him alone out of disgust. In the end, when it didn't worked (and she started trying to guess just what really happened) he just lied to her what she simply rejected his attempts to have sex with her, ensuring she would never bother him again, thus fulfilling Kupitman's orders.
  • That Came Out Wrong: Alexei asked wether his patient has a heartburn, and when received negative response, replied with "what a pity" (meaning what he just lost his only clue for patient's diagnosis), before hastily correcting himself... which he only did successfully after second try.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: Maxim tried to impress his uncle Vladimir by hiring Kupitman to impersonate Bykov (while passing real Bykov as "just some psycho"). Plan utterly failed when Bykov contacted Vladimir by himself, and soon after that Max was forced to admit everything. Bykov also forced him to serve as their officiant as punishment (including for Vladimir).
  • Digging Yourself Deeper:
    • After accidentally saying what patient not having heartburn being "bad", Alexei tried to apologise... badly:
      Alexei: "Do you have a heartburn? [negative response] What a pity... I mean, it's bad what you don't... I mean, good... Okay, let's just wait to tests' results".
    • When Bykov punished Alexei for wasting time helping locksmith with repairing things (instead of doing his actual task — which, by the way, is his last chance to even stay Bykov's intern, and Alexei knows this), locksmith tried to "defend" Alexei by stating what he has "golden hands". Bykov countered it by stating Lyosha has "wooden head", and forced Lyosha to take off his coat, dressing as locksmith instead.
  • Eureka Moment: After Alexei explained what he understands how broken tech works almost instinctively, while struggles with actual live patients, Bykov forced him to demonstrated it on their broken teapot. When Alexei gave him "diagnosis" and "treatment", Bykov forced him to imagine what he works not with patients, but with "broken people" (replacing organs with machine parts in his speech, to support illusion). It worked.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Maxim's punishment (acting like officiant, even for his own uncle) was direct result of his attempt to pass Kupitman for Bykov in order to impress his uncle Vladimir. Not even Vladimir complained about punishment being "undeserved".
  • Mr. Fixit: Alexei again confirmed what he can fix pretty much everything, from broken bed to broken conditioner or door lock. It also gave Bykov an idea how to apply Lyosha's skills to medicine.
  • Smug Snake: Turns out what Vladimir is aware of his nephew being sleazy cheater; he actually arrived to check wether he has someone to control him, and was happy to see what under Bykov, none of Maxim's tricks ever works.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Lyuba suggested possibility what even after which Gleb refused to speak with Sophia ever again was them having drunk sex, then immediately added what this is just the speculation and never, ever happened with her.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: Fortunately, camera cut away just when Sophia threw up, so we could only hear the sounds.
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: Sophia can't remember what she did that night she went into club with Gleb, but considering what Gleb refuses to speak with her, she expects worst.


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