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Recap / The Interns S 7 E 6

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Olga rejected Phil's proposal, because "it's too early for this". Phil thinks he still has situation under control, he just must ensure what Olya would have "right" opinion about Semyon. While Lobanov considers this to be his best chance to mend relationship with Olga, he just needs to press a little more — and badmouth Phil. They quickly become so unbearably annoying, Olga asked Kisegach for help, who forbid them to bother her during work (and asked Bykov to enforce it). Except... now Kisegach and Bykov argue with each other who is better for Olya — Phil or Semyon. They only stopped to directly press Olga herself into "right" decision. When both Phil and Lobanov appeared simultaneously, only thing Olga may do is run.


Gleb's patient is numismatist, who collects old coins; some particularly rare ones can cost a lot. Gleb smells opportunity to rise some money. Unfortunately, he lost all his coins, so now he must ask Kupitman. Kupitman reluctantly agreed.. but then he realised why Gleb wanted those coins, and now wants to have his cut — or, rather, have rare coin; Gleb can have all normal ones if he wish. Gleb insisted, and Kupitman suggested to ask Bykov... only for Bykov to blindly use the coin in vending machine.

Varya has new potential boyfriend... but Lyuba just mentioned his particularly annoying verbal tick, and now Varya can't stop thinking about it. When she managed to adjust to that... Lyuba mentioned his another annoying trait — constantly licking his lips. When combined, those traits prove to be literally unbearable. At first Varya considered Lyuba to just trolling her, but then apologised, because Lyuba just allowed her to realise what they are not compatible long before they started real relationship.


This episode provides examples of:

  • Character Tic: Varya's new potential boyfriend has annoying habit to use "tcho" (mangled "tchto" — "what" in Russian) in almost any phrase he says. note  At two points she even accidentally repeated it herself. Varya eventually managed to adjust to this... and then Lyuba mentioned his other trait: constantly licking his lips.
  • The Gentleman or the Scoundrel: Phil and Semyon, respectively, in their Love Triangle with Olga. Interestingly, both insist to Olga what their opponent is inferior (Phil is "weak", was raised by two gays, has Control Freak tendencies, while Lobanov is extremely short-fused, lazy barbarian, and it probably wouldn't be good idea to raise children with somebody like him). They're so persistent, she can no longer tolerate presence of either of them.
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  • No MacGuffin, No Winner: When Gleb turns out to be particularly stubborn, Kupitman suggested to ask Bykov to judge who really owns that expensive coin... only for Bykov to not even listening to them and blindly using that coin in vending machine. They later tried to ask technician to let them search for coin... but he refused, because he is just as aware about potential treasure he may find as they are.
  • Slobs vs. Snobs:
    • Semyon's and Phil's conflict in nutshell. Lobanov thinks Olga needs him, "simple Russian guy" without some "weird quirks" (like having two fathers); while Phil thinks she needs him, intelligent and nice American. In fact, they both annoyed her to no end, forcing her to ask Kisegach for help.
    • When Kisegach and Bykov intervene to force both Phil and Semyon to leave Olga alone, they quickly start arguing — because Kisegach believes what Olga would be better with Phil, while Bykov considers Lobanov to be better option. They used pretty much the same arguments like Phil and Semyon themselves, only in less rude manner (including part about "simple Russian guy", from Bykov).
  • Thought-Aversion Failure: After Lyuba tell Varya about her potential boyfriend's annoying Verbal Tic, Varya tried to ignore it, and almost succeed. But then Lyuba tell her about his habit to lick his lips, which, combined with his Verbal Tic, drove her nuts and forced her to dump him. She actually thanked Lyuba, because thanks to her she noticed their incompatibility before they started any serious relationship.
  • Unwanted Harem: It consist of only two guys, but Phil and Lobanov (separately) managed to become so annoying, Olga was forced to ask Kisegach for protection. Unfortunately, some time later Kisegach (and Bykov, whom she asked to enforce restraining order) themselves started bothering Olga, with pretty much the same arguments — Bykov supports Lobanov, and Kisegach supports Phil. In the end, when both Phil and Semyon appeared together, she just run from them; they followed her.


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