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Recap / The Interns S 6 E 5

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Olga becomes new accountant at the the hospital – which means, she and Semyon would regularly meet each other. She though this is her chance to restore relationship (or at least friendship) with Semyon, but he not only found new girlfriend, he decided to keep Olga's relation to him hidden from Irina; all this harms Olya's feelings. Olga decided to just tell everything about her ex-husband to Irina – it seems, he was utter bastard and she did the right thing when divorced him. But, Olga did not specified what it was Semyon, which leads to awkward situation when Lobanov finally grab enough courage to tell Irina about his previous relations with Olga.


Bykov accuses Phil of not trusting him when Phil refused to accept a candy from him. Bykov is offended by his stubborn refusal, and would not help him with his problems, until Phil does as Bykov ask – until he eats that candy. Phil finally accepts, but it's not enough for Bykov – he did this under duress, and he needs sincere trust. Phil did another "trust test" with Bykov, classic "fall, I would catch you". Realising what Bykov doesn't intend to backstab him, Phil accepts his advice... only to find out what this advice was, in fact, Bykov's prank. Why Bykov did this? Because he wants for Phil to trust him, but not trust blindly – as Russian say, "trust, but verify".

Varya found pursue with money (and some child's photo), and now wants to find it's owner. But how? Anyone can tell what it belongs to him, but how she would check if they telling the truth? Gleb suggested to ask any candidate very specific questions about pursue to filter all impostors; and theres a lot of them. In the end, when yet another guy asked her about money she found, Varya (loudly, so everyone can hear) accuses him to be a thief... except, it is his pursue (he lost it when he get drunk). Oops...


So, may Phil trust Bykov or not? Bykov spiced his and Phil's tea with laxatives (of course he knows he spiced his own cup, too; this is a reason why Bykov did not drink himself)... only to reveal what it was not laxatives... and then reveal what this was a lie. And then, when Phil leaves, Bykov quietly drink his tea, which means – nope, theres no laxatives. With Bykov, you never may let your guard down, so learn to think, Phil!


This episode provides examples of:

  • Epic Fail: That pursue Varya found and now wants to find it's owner has not only photo of some kid, but also photo of it's owner. She realised this after she accused that owner of being thief, loudly.
  • Imminent Danger Clue: Phil knows Bykov enough to suspect what he has some ulterior motifs when he offered him candy, and refused (Bykov strongly insisting after initial refuse only reinforce his suspicions). But Bykov really not intended that, and is offended by his lack of trust.
  • Innocently Insensitive: When Irina asked how Olga knows Semyon, Lobanov tell her what they adhered the same school (he keep secret the fact what Olga is his ex-wife). This harmed Olya, since she though what he was harmed by their breakup (instead he is now in new relationship), and she though what Semyon was unready to have kids, despite her wanting them (Irina already has son). She thinks what Lobanov is bastard: he lied to her, and now lies to Irina.
  • Is This Thing Still On?: When Vera tell Kysegach about new visit from one of her subordinates (who once again plans to bother her), Kysegach absent-mindedly tell what "she's so tired of this old cow", only to be reminded by Vera what intercom is still on.
  • Let Me Tell You a Story: When Olga described her problems with ex-husband to Irina, she actually described Lobanov, hoping what Irina would take the clue (she must already know how accurate this description to him), but she didn't get it.
  • Love Triangle: At first Olga refused to work at the hospital (as accountant), because now Semyon is in new relationship, and they both would feel uncomfortable about this. But when she sees Semyon with Irina after leaving Kysegach's office, she immediately changed her mind: this is precisely why she would work here. But Semyon decided to keep his real relation with Olga hidden from Irina.
  • Moving the Goalposts: When Phil eventually take that candy from Bykov, so Bykov would help him with patient (he previously refused, and Bykov thinks what this is because Phil distrusts him), Bykov considered what he did this out of desperation, and ergo, this can't be considered to be sincere. He needs another test.
  • Terrible Interviewees Montage: Varya found lost pursue with money (and some child's photo) and wants to find it's owner. She leaved notification about this, but everyone who tried to claim what it's his/her pursue, does something wrong: they either mistake pursue's colour (or it's structure), can't remember money amount (or currency), or mistake child's gender (or worse, don't even know what photo existed). One guy even tried several times, each time mistaking something different.
  • Troll: When Bykov offers him candy, Phil refuses, suspecting some kind of prank; theres none. Same with "fall, I would catch" test. But when Phil calms down and lowers his guard, Bykov gave him wrong advice with his patient, leading to said patient kicking Phil's butt. Bykov explains his motivations as him wanting to teach Phil when he may trust, and when he must double-check first, just in case (in this case, Bykov suggested to give recto-colonoscopy to patient with pneumonia, and Phil doesn't even question this (even patient knows this is absolute bullshit).
    • Later, Bykov spiced both his and Phil's tea cups with laxatives (he only tell this when Phil already drink some). When Phil pointed what Bykov's cup is spiced, too, Bykov reminds him what yes, but he didn't drink his tea, for exactly that reason. When Phil started standing up, Bykov tell him what this was a joke, and tea was not spiced... only to tell him what this was a joke, too, when Phil sit again. When Phil finally leaved, Bykov drink his cup, which means what tea was not spiced, and he just messed with Phil.
  • Trust-Building Blunder: Averted, twice. When Bykov offered him candy, Phil instantly though it was attempt to prank him (it is Bykov, after all). It isn't, which Phil recognised much later when he did take it (he needs Bykov's help, and Bykov's condition is for Phil to trust him). Since Phil only accepted this candy out of desperation, Bykov still needs something more sincere, so he suggested standard "fall, I would catch you" test. Despite Phil's expectations, Bykov did catch him. But when Phil finally did trust him, Bykov "helped" him with his patient (who suffers from pneumonia) by suggesting recto-colonoscopy, which predictably results in Phil being kicked out of the ward when patient disagrees.
  • Working with the Ex: Olga now is Kysegach's accountant, which means, she and Semyon would regularly meet each other. She though it may be their opportunity to restore their relationship (or at least friendship), but not only Semyon now in another relationship, he keep his old marriage hidden from Irina. Olga is also harmed by him being okay with Irina's son, despite him not wanting kids was one of the main reason of their divorce in the first place (and Olga does want kids, so this situation is painful for her).


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