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Recap / The Interns S 1 E 6

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Levin claism what he had sex tomorrow, but no one believes him. Now he must prove it, by bringing his new girl's underwear. Problem is what this girl is Lyuba, so this could make situation even worse. He instead tries to steal one of the patients' underwear. But since he asks Lyuba where his chosen patient's belongings are stored, when patient asks her for help with their searching, she already knows who to blame...


Bykov wants new conditioners for the hospital, but Kysegach would only have required funds... in December (when they would require heaters instead). Bykov disagrees, and tries to blackmail her by bringing constantly farting patient right into her office. This patient now sabotages important negotiations by his (loud) farts.

Varya must deal with patient who would not accept female Doctor (whom he thinks to be inferior to male ones). She tells him what "(male) Doctor Chernous" already has correct diagnosis and treatment for him. But patient now insists to meet Chernous and personally give thanks to him. She asks Romanenko for help. By the time they come here, patient starts suffering strong reactions to his medicine; Gleb fails miserably, forcing Varya to suggest correct treatment. When patient sees her to be much more competent then "Chernous", he apologises to her.


Lobanov tries to smuggle alcoholic into hospital (that alcoholic needs alibi, so his wife wouldn't find out, where he spends two days). Problem is, Bykov already knows who it is, and demands Semyon to "prove" his patient's fake diagnosis, who allegedly had heart attack. Lobanov manages to tell him symptoms and later provide cardiogram, but then Bykov brings (fake) medicine, which would save person with real heart problems... but would be fatal for a healthy person. Lobanov finally admits his lie, gives patient his money back, and patient leaves.

Meanwhile, Kisegach grows tired of constant fart sounds in her office, and gives Bykov his conditioner... and also moves pateint into his on-call room.


This episode provide examples of:

  • Apologises a Lot: Patient whom Bykov moves to Kisegach's office apologises after each fart. And he farts a lot.
  • Brick Joke: That constantly farting patient from beginning of the episode is moved to Bykov's on-call room in the end.
  • Cassandra Truth: Levin's plot. No one believes him when he tells them about previous night events, because... well, because it is Levin. Now he must prove them wrong.
  • Gasshole: Bykov wants new conditioners for the hospital, but Kysegach would not accept it. He tries to blackmail her... by bringing constantly-farting patient into her office.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Sexually Active Today?: No one believes Levin's claims what he had sex, since he is, well, Levin. Now he must prove them wrong... without them finding with whom it was.
    • In the end, Levin only confirms their disbelief when it turns out what panties he stole were from one of the patients.
  • Jerkass: Varya's patient is blatant sexist. Thought he apologies in the end, when she helps him.
    • In the end, when he learns what "Doctor Chernous" is bad, and "Varya" is good, he says Varya to chose who she is: "Varya" (who could go home), or "Doctor Chernous" (who would stay on night shift for "his" screwups). She choses latter.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Constantly farting patient whom Bykov moves to Kisegach's office? Kisegach moves him into Bykov's on-call room.
  • Playing Sick: Lobanov's patient is The Alcoholic who needs alibi for his wife (he is missing for two days already). He tries to infiltrate the hospital, and only Lobanov agrees to help him. Problem is, Bykov already know about him, and would force Lobanov to admit truth, by gradually making maintaining the lie more and more difficult.
  • Pull the Thread: Bykov doesn't believes in Lobanov's patient's story (because he already knows who he is, and why he needs to hide here). He starts by simply asking Lobanov for diagnosis of his "patient" (infarct). Later Lobanov and patient must coordinate to fake symptoms (which patient almost botches), then provide cardiogram (which Lobanov steals from eighty years old man with four infarcts). Finally, Bykov brings (fake) medicine, which would save person with real heart problems, but would be fatal for healthy person, so Lobanov would fail no matter what he would do. Lobanov finally admits truth and accept his punishment (two days of night shifts).
  • Refuge in Audacity: When Varya asks Gleb for help, he firstly tries to ask for sex as a reward. When she refuses, he says he "had to at least try", and suggests to just watch a movie together. When she agrees, he jokes about "movie about sex", to which she replies with Death Glare.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: Varya's patient would not accept her help, since he thinks women can't become "true" Doctors (his bad experience with one of this is a reason why he is here now in the first place), so she tells him what "Doctor Chernous" is, in fact, male, and already has correct diagnosis and treatment for him. When patient insist to meet his Doctor, Varya asks Gleb for help with impersonating "Doctor Chernous".
    • By the time Romanenko goes here, patient starts suffering extremely painful reaction to his medicine. When patient sees what Gleb fails miserably, and its Varya who does all the work, he changes his mind.


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