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Recap / The Interns S 10 E 16

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After Sophia had a heated conflict with Alexei, Bykov, realising they clearly can't stand each other... forced them to work on new patient together.

Kupitman accuses Phil of stealing "his" cognac, on the basis what despite Kupitman remains sober, cognac don't accumulates over time, meaning Phil takes some for himself (instead of sharing it). When Phil pointed out what he receives cognac a gift for, you know, working with patients, Kupiman replies what since he provided Phil with work in his office, he has a right for 30% of Phil's "earnings"... and took away almost all of Phil's alcohol.


After learning about Bykov's habits from Lyuba, Maxim tried to exploit this knowledge to win some points — like Bykov's love for bikes, or his favourite game, or his favourite band (which Max actually dislikes).

Sophia and Lyosha's patient at first mistook them for couple, and when corrected, stated what she thinks they are destined for each other. Sophia disagrees, in such harsh terms, what Alexei feels being offended.

Bykov actually found dossier Maxim has on Bykov. Bykov, being Bykov, decided to add some chaos, and "corrected" this dossier with new "information". Lets the fun commence.

Phil actually complies to Kisegach about Kupitman's behaviour, and she promises to deal with problem... which she did by confiscating part of Kupitman's alcohol, stating what she's his superior, thus has a right for her own cut. Unfortunately, just when she returned to her office with all this booze, she was busted by a man from ministry (he's here with sudden checkup). She managed to defuse situation by "bribing" him with all this booze, stating what this is the gift for his "upcoming birthday" (doesn't matter what it would be very much not soon, but she fears what she may miss the opportunity).


Alexei tried to "impress" Sophia by showing his strength, only for her to make a negative comment about his intellect. He then tried to show her his knowledge (by asking one of twins to ask him question about location in Moscow, so he can explain how to reach it), only for Sophia to state he would be "great taxi driver". Then he tried (with Rita's help) to pass himself as funny, only to genuinely fail at it.

Kupitman, to "compensate" for alcohol Kisegach took away, confiscated even more of Phil's cognac, because no matter what, Kupitman always receives his profit. Phil tried to restore status quo, only to learn what it's already too late and Kisegach can't return all this booze.

Maxim asked Lyuba to provide him with more information about Bykov, and she reluctantly supplied him with Bykov's greatest secrets: he collects... pornography. While Max collected "retro porn", Lyosha asked him for help with Sophia, and, to deal with him as soon as possible, Max suggested him what Sophia tries to be "bad girl", and so, Lyuosha must act as "bad boy" for her; ideally, they must have sex.


Kisegach and Kupitman signed up agreement which regulates what Kisegach would take away some of Kupitman's cognac once per month for cases like today's visit of official, while Kupitman would continue "compensating" for it from Phil's "earnings". Only then Phil realised what none of them are actually on his side.

Bykov busted Maxim watching porn, and Max stated what he does it "for idea", not just out of perverse lust — to which Bykov reacted by tricking him into announcing this over the intercom... only to then state over same intercom just how strong his disdain for perverts like Max is. When asked why, Bykov finally explained what he simply hates sycophants.

Alexei actually tried Max's plan — starting by forcibly kissing Sophia — but utterly failed; now, if anything, she hates him even more. Meanwhile, Phil decided to simply take his cognac back — it isn't even stealing if someone blatantly robbed you first.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Weird case. Alexei isn't actually in love with Sophia, but due to her refusal to acknowledge even tiniest chance for them becoming a couple actually insulted Lyosha, she decided to make her "like him more" — despite her clearly hating his guts. Then Maxim suggested him what Sophia (who tries to become "bad girl") should like "bad boys", and you can't be more of a "bad boy" than by sleeping with "bad girl"; in simple words, Alexei must sleep with Sophia. Sounds like a plan?..
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: According to Maxim, Sophia (who tries to be "bad girl") would like Alexei more if he would act like a "bad boy". And you can't be more of a "bad boy" than by sleeping with "bad girl". In simple words, Lyosha must have sex with Sophia.
  • The Big Damn Kiss: Tried by Alexei on Sophia, as "step one" of Maxim's plan. It failed utterly, because she really disliked him, no matter what he tries (and his attempt to forcibly kiss her likely only made things worse). After this, even Alexei himself started doubting wether he actually can impress Sophia or not.
  • Blatant Lies: When busted with package full of booze by a man from ministry, Kisegach stated what this is gift for his upcoming birthday. When pointed what it would be in December (with many months left to wait), she stated what she wants to do it "preemptively", to not forget. It worked.
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: When both plans to impress Sophia (with either strength or smarts) failed due to Sophia reacting negatively, Alexei tried to look funny instead — only to fail at finding any funny joke.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: After baiting Sophia (with Rita's help) by promising her good joke, Alexei instead told her lame one. Rita helped him by stating what she laughed on "other, funnier one"... only for Alexei to fail a second time. When he tried to stated what it was wrong joke, too, and then stated he "forgot" it and asked Rita to remind him. Rita actually leaved first.
  • Dirty Old Man: Where Bykov and Lyuba obtained all this porn they used to play prank on Maxim? Turns out, it belongs to Kupitman.
  • Dumb Muscle: When Alexei tried to impress Sophia with his strength, she immediately used old proverb (which roughly translates as "all strength, no use for brains") to insult him.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: Alexei tried to impress Sophia by showing her his strength — she accused him of being Dumb Muscle. He tried to impress her with his smarts — but used sphere which isn't exactly provides him any points (as Sophia stated, fitting more for a taxi driver than for a doctor). Then he tried to impress her with his jokester talents — only to fail to find any genuinely funny one.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: When Kupitman used "logic" what he is Phil's superior and ergo has a right for 30% of all cognac Phil earns, Kisegach used that same logic against him, confiscating 30% of his cognac (which is much bigger amount).
  • Insane Troll Logic: Kupitman thinks what since Phil works in his office, Kupitman has a right for 30% of his earnings (and by "earnings" he means cognac Phil received as a gift from his patients), even comparing it to taxes. He then took away 3 (out of 4) bottles, clearly showing what even this "logic" was just an excuse. Still an improvement over similar situation he once had with Lobanov, because back then he asked for 100%.
  • Jerkass: Kupitman confiscated 30% of cognac Phil earned with loose "justification" what it was "taxes". When Kisegach used the same logic against him, and confiscated 30% of his cognac, he, instead of accepting defeat, took away even more of Phil's cognac, stating what no matter what, he must receive his "profit".
  • Karma Houdini: Subverted. Kisegach's attempt to punish Kupitman only resulted in him taking even more of Phil's cognac, as "compensation". Then they signed up an agreement which made this official politics. Phil has one "right" — continue working under Kupitman. What's it. Kupitman even stated what this is just how things works — "this is Russia". Phil didn't agreed on this, and took justice into his own hands — he stole all of Kupitman's remaining cognac, and leaved.
    Phil: "'This is Russia', he said. Well, if this is Russia, then — try to find me first".note 
  • Missing Steps Plan: While Maxim's plan theoretically makes some sense — to impress Sophia, Lyosha must act as "bad boy", and you can't be more of a 'bad boy" than by sleeping with "bad girl" (Sophia) — it completely omits the crucial detail — how Alexei would sleep with Sophia, if she hates his guts? Maxim doesn't care, as long as Alexei would leave, while Lyosha just didn't think about it.
  • Never My Fault: When Kisegach confiscated 30% of his cognac, using the same "logic" Kupitman used to confiscate cognac from Phil, Kupitman, instead of learning his lesson, confiscated even more of Phil's cognac, stating what "no matter what, [he] should receive profit".
  • Product Placement: Yet another "Snickers" chocolate bar can be seen in Maxim's had during him discussing with Alexei their new plan. It can be seen in his hand even after they move away from the wending machine.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: Sophia in no uncertain terms stated to patient who tried to ship her with Alexei what she isn't his girlfriend and never would. Her harsh words actually insulted Alexei — not because he wants them to be a couple, but because she is that certain they can't, like he is something bad, especially since she failed to explain just why.
  • Shipper on Deck:
    • Sophia and Alexei's patient initially mistook them for couple, due to the how they "fit" each other. Even after Sophia stated they aren't, she insisted what they are "meant for each other".
    • Inverted with everyone else whom Alexei asked about it; they thought they clearly cant be together, despite Alexei's objections. Maxim outright stated what Lyosha is unfit for Sophia, while Lyuba tried delicately assure him what she is unfit for him. Neither of them succeed (and Lyuba actually achieved opposite effect, since he had an idea how to win Sophia's interest).
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Bykov's story he told to Maxim in order to show him why his behaviour is wrong:
    Bykov: "Let me tell you a story. Long time ago, back when I was a young romantic, I loved one girl, with already developed secondary sexual characteristics, by which I mean tits. But there's a problem: she very like "Sherbet" ice-cream, which I hated — in fact, I still hate it. But, to impress her, I ate, and ate, and ate it, so I could spend more time with object of my love — with tits".
    Maxim: "And how is it related to my case?.."
    Bykov: "Today, you tried to grab mine tits — which I didn't liked, at all".
  • Stealth Insult: When his first plan failed, Alexei tried to impress Sophia by showing her his great knowledge of Moscow and how to reach any location. She "complimented" him, stating he would be "great taxi driver".
  • Sycophantic Servant: Maxim, to earn some points with Bykov so he would be treated better than other interns, tried to collect (through Lyuba) more information about his interests and hobbies. This backfired when Bykov found out (Max made a mistake of leaving his dossier where Bykov could see it), and tricked Max into publicly humiliating himself, after which he told him a story from his own past, to show why he finds Maxim's behaviour offensive.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sophia had a heated conflict with Alexei. Bykov, when he realised they can't stand each other... forced them to work on new patient together. He explicitly stated their antipathy as a reason.
  • Troll: When Bykov found dossier Maxim collected on him (so he may know how to please Bykov), Bykov (with Lyuba's help) provided Max with new "information" — what Bykov collects... pornography. Maxim fell for it. When asked just why Lyuba keeps it in nurse room, she stated what ehe's Bykov's Secret Keeper, and what with her his secrets are safer than at home (where Kisegach can find out). Then Bykov tricked Max into announcing his "love" for retro porn over the intercom, and only then revealed what this was prank.


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