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Recap / The Interns S 11 E 3

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Despite trying to show she's alright, Sophia was deeply hurt by what happened between her and Gleb. Since Bykov still thinks it was Semyon's fault, he immediately pointed Kupitman to him.

Maxim's patient only trusts witch doctors and herbal "medicine", meaning Maxim needs plan "B" in order to deal with her.

Semyon pointed Kupitman to Gleb, who, in turn, reminded Kupitman about their agreement, stating what Sophia's condition is caused by Gleb trying to maintain it. Since it's Kupitman's fault, it's up to him to fix it. But he thinks what problem would solve itself soon enough.


Maxim hired Alexei to play witch doctor for Max's stubborn patient. He only needs to fool her into trusting him, and giving her the "charged" water (actually stuffed with medicine). Unfortunately, now woman is even more assured what "witch doctor Alexei" did the better job than doctors, and what she is perfectly healthy.

Kupitman arrived home, only to interrupt Sophia's attempt to suicide. "Problem would solve itself", indeed. Now, he would keep her in the hospital, where she would be under surveillance, at least. Fortunately for Kupitman, Gleb already has a plan: since all of this started with him harming Sophia, now they must give her opportunity to harm him. Unfortunately, plan went completely wrong, with her actually falling for Gleb's blatant advances. And when he tried to explain what this was not his intentions, she took it as a sign what all of this is yet another Gleb's prank. Here we go again... They tried to ask Lyuba for advice, but her only idea is to just tell the truth.


Maxim's patient recommended "witch doctor Alexei" to all her friends — which is a lot of people. And they wouldn't accept "no" as an answer. So, Alexei improvised some gymnastics-like "ritual" (which can only be done with both eyes closed), which Max planned to use to provide them with medicine. Unfortunately, Bykov busted them. He then tried to show patient and her friends "true" medicine... only to be completely ignored, forcing him to return to Max's plan — if it works, then it works.

Kupitman did like Lyuba suggested, and revealed his role in all this. Now, not only Sophia is angry at him — she thinks what Gleb is in love with her (which is... not exactly true).


This episode provides examples of:

  • Annoying Patient: Maxim's patient prefers healing herbs over actual medicine and wants to being discharged immediately instead of being treated, since she only trusts witch doctors. Since Bykov would not accept it as excuse to not deal with her, Maxim must find an alternate solution... and he found — he hired Alexei to impersonate said "witch doctor". Then she brought her friends. Even Bykov failed to clear their superstitions, and was forced to accept Maxim's plan with "witch doctor Alexei": what else they can do if these women are so indoctrinated, they would not accept anyone else as authority?
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Kupitman isn't exactly the best uncle in the world, but when he noticed what Sophia spent whole night crying, and now can't even think about work, he assumed what it was related to Bykov, and rushed to tear him a new one for coming too far with abusing her. Then, later, when it seemed like Sophia locked herself in the bathroom to commit suicide, Kupitman panicked and broke the lock in order to save her; fortunately, he managed to prevent anything bad from happening.
  • Can't Spit It Out: Played for Laughs; when Maxim (intentionally) ignored Bykov's clear sarcasm in Bykov's question ("wether I supposed to congratulate you on a great job?") and replied with "it would be nice", Bykov "tried" to say word "congratulations", only to fail to pronounce anything past "con".
  • Casanova Wannabe: Invoked and Exploited by Gleb, who intentionally acted very blatantly in his flirting with Sophia, wanting her to reject him (so she would once again feel herself in power). She fell for it, sabotaging whole plan.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: When Gleb mocked Kupitman's "she would be okay, just need some time" approach with question "so, it seems problem died out by itself?". Kupitman replied with what Sophia almost died herself.
  • Exact Words: When Alexei objected to Maxim calling that stubborn granny "their" patient, Maxim stated what he didn't "force" Lyosha into joining; "asked", "persuaded", but not "forced", meaning Alexei did this voluntarily.
  • Gilligan Cut: Alexei refused to participate in Maxim's plan (which involved Alexei impersonating witch doctor for Max's stubborn patient). Cut to Maxim introducing "witch doctor Alexei" to his patient.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Kupitman tried to help Sophia, and finally admitted what it was him who ordered Gleb to act like a jerk to Sophia, to sabotage their relationship before they even start. Sophia immediately jumped into conclusion what this must meant what Gleb actually loves her, and rushed to him. Not only is this exactly what Kupitman tried to prevent initially, they just jumped from one awkward situation into another awkward situation, since Gleb isn't actually interested in Sophia (that one time which started all this mess they both were drunk). Gleb even has a different girlfriend already!
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: Gleb's plan how to cure Sophia's depression involved him staging up the situation where she may reject him in rather humiliating way (mirroring the way he rejected her earlier, which started all this mess). Instead, she accepted his offer of sex, and when (rather shocked) Gleb tried to explain what it was not his original intent, she interpreted it as him playing another cruel prank on her, and all returned to square one.
  • Internal Reveal: Sophia finally learns about Kupitman's plan how to sabotage her relationship with Gleb. She is less than amused by such blatant intervention in her personal life, especially since she expected what at least Kupitman would be better than her father.
  • Interrupted Suicide: When Kupitman arrived back home only to fail to find Sophia anywhere, he started acting nervously. Then he realised she locked herself in the bathroom, and panicked when she didn't reply in any way. Fortunately, when he finally broke the lock and rushed in, it turns out what she simply locked herself in for isolation. Though it's unclear wether she planned to do it eventually or not, Kupitman thinks what yes, she did, and decided to just bring her in the hospital, where she would be under surveillance.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Gleb suggested to invoke this as part of his plan to "save" Sophia. In short, since all of this started by Gleb "rejecting" Sophia in very ugly way, they must now give her opportunity to reject Gleb in similar manner. This would restore her self-confidence and give her feeling of revenge done. She actually accepted Gleb's blatant proposals, instead.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!:
    • Kupitman ordering Gleb to dump Sophia created new problems even before, but now Sophia is in deep depression after that last time Gleb showed his indifference. All of this just so Kupitman may preserve relationship with his cousin, Sophia's interests be damned. Kupitman's plot for this episode involves him dealing with consequences of this decision.
  • Older Than They Look: When Maxim's patient (correctly) started doubting what Alexei may be witch doctor, due to being too young, Maxim stated what Alexei is twice older than he looks, keeping beauty with the help of healing herbs and his "magic".
  • Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions: Pretty much Bykov's approach to "folk medicine": he only considers "traditional medicine" to be "true" medicine, everything else is superstitions at best and outright fraud at worst; and he would argue with patients over this. Unfortunately, Maxim's new patient (and her friends) turns out to be too stubborn even for him, so in the end, after giving them full lecture, to no avail, Bykov accepted defeat and allowed Max and Lyosha to proceed further with their "witch doctor Alexei" plan (in short, patient actually trusted Alexei, which Maxim exploited to provide her with medicine).


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