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Recap / The Interns S 3 E 4

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Levin has argument with Lyuba who of them is more competent (Levin with his theoretic knowledge, or Lyuba with her experience). Bykov overhears hem and offers to swap roles for today to find this out on practice. Lyuba gives up in less than half an hour, but Levin fights until the end of day (making numerous screwups on the way) before finally accepting defeat.

Lobanov's patient rejects Lobanov, instantly guessing what Semyon is dumb, lazy and rude; Lobanov's objections only prove him right. He asks Varya for help... only for patient to reject her, too. Why? Because she lacks experience, self-confidence and initiative. When Bykov learns about this, he decides to see him himself... only for patient to reject even him – because Bykov is egoistical, cynic, prideful and rude. After his Gleb decides to try, patient tells him what he is irresponsible, spoiled brat... but Gleb offers him "luxurious conditions", via his connections to Kysegach, and patient agrees. But now Gleb must actually do everything he promised, and Kysegach is not exactly on his side.


Varya acts extremely angry towards anyone; Gleb thinks this is because she can't adapt to her new, sexless life. And he is right. Fortunately, Varya's patient practice yoga for stress – and arousal – relief. Varya thinks she is crazy at first, but then decides to try by herself. This ends in her getting stuck in... interesting position. Fortunately, Lobanov saves her. He than offers her another stress relief... video games. This actually works.

Meanwhile, Bykov provokes Gleb into splitting out just how he fooled patient into accepting him... by telling Gleb what his patient is dead. After this, patient, who didn't receive his promised "luxurious conditions", decided to accept Bykov after all... but Bykov now would not accept him. Instead of accepting Gleb, patient decided to just leave.


This episode provides examples of:

  • Bait-and-Switch: When Varya explains to Lobanov what her failed attempt to practice yoga was to deal with stress, caused by lack of sex, he tells her what he has similar problem after his quarrel with Olga, but he has one idea, how they can help each other... cut to them playing video games together.
  • Epic Fail: Varya's attempt to practice yoga ends in her getting stuck in highly awkward position, unable to undone it without Semyon's help.
    • Levin's attempt to prove what he can replace Lyuba on her job only leads to him mismatching her stuff, ruining coats with iron and getting clinical stories wet.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Varya's is... unusually angry in this episode, and any uncareful remark can set her ablaze. She shouts on Lobanov even when he asked her for help with his patient.
  • I Resemble That Remark!: Lobanov's patient rejects Lobanov almost immediately after seeing him. Why? Because he (correctly) guessed what Lobanov is dumb, lazy and rude. Lobanov instantly proves him right, firstly by his inelegant response, then by his refusement of inviting another Doctor, all of this in rather rude manner.
    • After same patient refused Bykov, Andrey Eugenievich (in very rude manner) refuses to tell Lobanov and Varya (whom patient rejected just before Bykov) reasons behind this, then tells what he would heal this patient no matter what, then kick him out of the hospital. What patient tell him? What Bykov is too egoistical, cynic, prideful and rude.
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  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: After her breakup with Gleb Varya eventually becomes unusually aggressive and easy to anger.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Gleb promised his patient ridiculously luxurious conditions (like plasma TV, personal nurse and three professors for consultation), in hope what Kysegach would help with it; she isn't, and now he is screwed.
  • Swapped Roles: Levin and Lyuba has argument who of them is more competent. Bykov overhears them and suggests to just test this on practice, by switching roles for a day. Lyuba is first to realise what they each are better on their respective places, but for Levin it takes until the end of episode.
  • That Came Out Wrong: This dialogue:
Patient: "I changed my mind, Andrey Eugenivich. I want you".
Bykov: "No, I can't do that without love".
  • True Sight: Lobanov's would-to-be patient can instantly see Lobanov how he is – dumb, lazy and rude, and rejects them. Same with Varya, Bykov and Romanenko. He agrees to Gleb, thought, when Gleb offers him "luxurious conditions", via his connections to Kysegach.


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