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Recap / The Interns S 5 E 6

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Lobanov thinks what he may move back to Gleb, now when he break with Varya... but Gleb still can't forgive him for being part of Varya's lies. Unfortunately, Semyon already burned his bridges with Lyuba (with whom he lived before). Lyuba is not amused by perspective of leaving with Semyon any further if Gleb refuses let Semyon in, but he tell her what he would allow him to return, just a little later, as revenge for his role in this "pregnancy" story. She agrees to play along. She would accept Semyon back, if he make renovation at her home.


Phil's patient suffers from extreme amnesia. But Gleb considers this to be just attempt to dodge draft. How he would prove it? By forcing patient to attend lavements, until he snaps and admits what he indeed has no amnesia.

Somebody called "Antonov" is here, and Bykov wants to avoid him, at all cost. Kupitman and Kysegach are aware about him and seriousness of situation... except, reason why Bykov and Kupitman tried to hide from him is their long alcohol-related history, and they fear what this would repeat.

Lobanov tried to do as Lyuba asked, but everything he tried goes completely wrong and leads to disaster, even worse than before his involvement. Gleb can't force patient to admit the truth even after eleven lavements, and it seems what he may be innocent after all (this also means what Gleb lost his bet with Phil); but then Phil remembers what they may simply do electroencephalogram. And Antonov does not, in fact, has plans for becoming drunk, because no one of them is healthy enough anymore for that.


Bykov and Kupitman decided what even if they don't want to becoming wasted again, they must welcome Antonov appropriately, since he only pay them a visit once a year; so, they would quietly drink together in the hospital... only to find out what Antonov know everything from the start, and it was his scheme to get them drunk without looking guilty. Phil's patient, realising what he is busted anyway, admitted the truth, and tell to Phil what his real reason to dodge draft was not fear of military service, but fear what he may lose his girlfriend while he spends a year away from home, so Phil plays along; but it all was for nothing, because it is already too late and patient's girlfriend already cheated on him.


This episode provides examples of:

  • All for Nothing: Phil's patient suffered eleven lavements (provided by Gleb who decided to use extreme measurements to crack his cover story), just in attempt to dodge draft. Later Phil realised what there was even easier way do crack his cover story: by electroencephalogram. Patient explained to him what he attempted to dodge draft not out of fear of military service, but out of fear what his girlfriend may cheat on him while he is away from her. Phil plays along, but she cheats on him before day even ends, meaning what he has no reason to resist any further.
  • The Bet: Gleb immediately recognised Phil's patient as draft dodger, while Phil thinks what his amnesia is genuine. So, they have a bet about this; whoever wins, would ride on loser's back through whole hospital. How they would decide who win? By forcing patient to take some very uncomfortable procedures, like lavement (and more lavement, and more...), until he snaps and admits the truth. Patient survives eleven lavements, and it seems what Phil is won.
  • Crossing the Burnt Bridge: Lobanov is too soon to assume what he would move back to Gleb and what he may stop being nice to Lyuba. Unfortunately, Gleb still can't forgive him, and Lyuba would not let him in again because he just insulted her. Now he must somehow apology before her.
  • Doom It Yourself: Lyuba allows Lobanov to move back to her on condition what he wold make renovation in her house. He completely botched this and ruin everything he touched, from kitchen sink to fridge to closet. It is unknown if he fixed everything in the end or not, but it is implied what yes, he did.
  • Draft Dodging: Phil's patient fakes his amnesia in attempt to dodge draft. Gleb immediately recognised this, but Phil considers him to be too cynical.
  • Faking Amnesia: Phil's patient attempts this to dodge draft. Phil falls for it, Gleb does not.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Antonov was aware why Bykov and Kupitman tried to avoid him. He provoked to admit and "apology" (which leads to them getting drunk), after which he reveal what he planned to continue their boozefest outside of hospital, but now this would not look like he did this intentionally. When Kysegach tried to stop them, they just grabbed her and take her with them.
  • Moving the Goalposts: Every time Semyon "fixes" something, Lyuba calls him and adds another request – at worst time possible, which leads to him breaking something else. In the end he just turned his phone off.
  • Out of Focus: Varya does not appears in this episode. Justified, since she is in not exactly good condition after her ugly breakup with Gleb.
  • Overly Long Gag: Gleb tried to prove Phil's patient lies by forcing him to make lavement. And another one. And another... But patient still refuses to admit the truth, even after eleventh lavement. Phil then remembers what theres easier way to check him: electroencephalogram.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Bykov (and Kupitman, once he learned about this from Bykov) has this reaction when he notices Antonov, and he wants to run from the hospital. As well as Kysegach, because she knows what would happen if they meet. Whats wrong with Antonov? He is their old drinking friend, and they fear what they may not survive another booze fest. Kysegach never drunk with them; she dealt with consequences of their Alcohol-Induced Idiocy.
  • Troll: As revenge for his role in Varya's lies, Gleb decided to not let Semyon back... or, rather, pretend to do so for some time. Lyuba joins him, because she is angry at Lobanov, too.


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