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Recap / The Interns S 2 E 4

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Officials arrived with inspection! Unfortunately, due to courier's error, Kysegach receives shoes way too small for her legs. Now, she must somehow put them on and act like everything is okay... despite them causing her heavy pain.

Semyon and Olga can't conceive a baby, even after spending full year attempting. To find whats wrong, they decided to examine Olga in Lobanov's hospital. Semyon insist what she should be put in Therapy, so he could work on her himself, and Bykov agrees... but when Semyon leaves, Olga asks Bykov for another Doctor. So, instead her would treat Levin. But Semyon, being Semyon, acts extremely hostile towards him.


When Gleb and Varya making out in same ward with comatose patient, this somehow caused patient's big, obvious boner... which miraculously disappeared after they leave. Bykov, of course, doesn't believe, and what them to demonstrate this again, right in front of him. This fails, and then Bykov suggests to try something more extreme: sex. Or, rather, imitation of it, since patient reacts only on sound. Lyuba overhears them, and mistakes for threesome. Bykov provides her with his sign, and now she only needs Kysegach's seal.

Due to extreme pain from her shoes, Kisegach quickly breaks in tears, which makes her look like she is saddened by hospital's condition (due to lack of funds). This "works" well enough to provoke inspectors into promising her funds increasing. After everything is done, she (with Kupitman's help) takes this shoes off... bu Lyuba, as always, occurs in wrong place in wrong time and overhears this, only to mistake for sex. Well, at least she now has a seal.


Semyon finally confronts Levin about him treating Olga instead of Semyon himself, and Gleb tells him: it was Olya's decision, not Bykov's. Shocked, Semyon decided to just leave medicine altogether... only for crisis to occur, and Semyon being only one to save dying patient. Bykov, who seen whole situation, assures him what theres still a hope what Lobanov would become real Doctor, and he must not give up. Olga, who seen everything, also started to believe in Semyon again.


This episode provides examples of:

  • Agony of the Feet: Due to mistake, Kysegach receives shoes way too small for her; unfortunately, it's too late to find another pair. She barely (with Kupitman's help) puts them on, and now barely can walk. Each step causes her extreme pain.
  • Ascended Extra: Previously, Olga was Recurring Extra. From now on, she is on of the main characters.
  • Brick Joke: Just when everyone already forget about comatose patient and his boner, he finally awakes when Lyuba and Levin attempts to have sex in his ward.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Lobanov acts like this when Levin tried to treat his wife, Olga. Olya is not amused, especially since it was her idea to not trust Lobanov with her examination in the first place.
  • Law of Inverse Fertility: Lobanov's plot kickstarted by his and Olga inability to conceive a baby, even after a year of attempting this.
  • Out-of-Context Eavesdropping: During her search for Bykov, Lyuba hears something what is obviously sex sounds from one of wards... except it was only sounds, since Bykov needs Gleb and Varya to again cause comatose patient's boner. This works, but by the time Gleb and Varya went out, theres already lots of "spectators". Then Bykov went out, making this even more awkward.
    • Lyuba later overhears Kupitman taking off Kysegach's shoes. Since they are so small, that they are barely fit, attempt to take them off caused her additional pain; to Lyuba, sounds they made and their conversation only sounds like them having sex. What she sees afterwards makes this impression even stronger.
  • Raging Stiffie: Comatose patient somehow has reaction on Gleb and Varya making out in his ward. Bykov, of course, doesn't believe and want them to demonstrate this... right in front of him. When they fail, he instead orders them to imitate sex (patient only reacts to sound anyway). This works.
  • 10-Minute Retirement: After his discussion with Levin, Lobanov decided to leave... only for new patient in critical condition to appear, and Lobanov being only one capable to organise people. Levin was too shocked to work, and only Semyon shouting on him snapped him out of it; he later, due to panic, almost botched using of defibrillator, once again to Semyon explaining how. Then he explained to Gleb how to make "mouth-to-mouth". In the end, patient lives thanks to Lobanov, and Bykov finally (sincerely) congratulates him on making first step towards becoming real Doctor. This convinces Lobanov to continue his internship.
  • Wham Line: This exchange; Lobanov is too shocked to answer anything, in fact, he shocked so hard, he even tell Bykov what he now want to just leave internship altogether, and Bykov has nothing to say to him:
Levin: "Why do you think Bykov entrusted your wife to me, not you?"
Lobanov: "Because you are not supposed to treat your relatives, like he said".
Levin: "Thats just an excuse. Excuse Bykov used to get rid of you, which you didn't understand. Olya herself have asked for this. How do you think, why?"
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: After Semyon attempted to quit internship, crisis occurs, and he suddenly realises what he is only one who can coordinate other interns into saving patient's life. After job is done, this discussion occurs:
Bykov: "Congratulations, Lobanov. Today you saved a life. Day is not wasted".
Lobanov: "And? This doesn't change anything. I'm a bad Doctor".
Bykov: "You see, Semyon, human can only grow higher if he acknowledges what he is not ideal. You acknowledged what you are bad Doctor, so you now has a chance to become good Doctor. Levin has no such chance, yet, since he believes too much in what he is already expert. He has no such chance, yet. So take away your statement, and come tomorrow at 8 a.m, as always. Now, look here [camera moves to Olga]. She been here right from the beginning, and seen everything. Everything".


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