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Recap / The Interns S 1 E 1

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It was normal day for Doctor Andrey Bykov in small Moscow hospital, until several things happens: his boss, Anastasia Kysegach, forces him to accept four young interns (one of them her son); Bykov's best friend, venereologist Ivan Kupitman, goes to work with strong hangover after three (okay, twelve) days boozefest, and now ask Bykov for bottle of cognac to "fix" him; old widow asks him to release her from hospital, so she can attend her husband's funeral.


Bykov is not amused by either of this, but he changes his mind when he sees his new interns clumsily falling right after their first entry into hospital, already anticipating how much fun he can have with them.

Firstly, he interviewed his new interns, and instantly figures out whats wrong with them. Boris Levin is thinks that he is smarter than he is. Semyon Lobanov relies too much on his experience as army paramedic, despite lacking any significant academic knowledge. Gleb Romanenko is spoiled rich kid who thinks what he can get away with anything because he is Anastasia's son. And Varvara Chernous (who introduced herself as "Doctor Varya") can just as well wear a sign "Little naive blonde".

To test them, Bykov assigns to each intern his fist tasks; if they fail, they would be forced to spend night in the hospital on night shift.


Levin was tasked with woman's examination, but he just can't stop to be distracted by her big breasts. Bykov suggests him "let steam out", but Levin misinterprets his suggestion. Thanks to a Bykov, he quickly gets caught by head nurse Lyuba.

Lobanov must interrogate old widow, prescribe treatment and then report to Bykov, so he would check if Lobanov actually correct or not. But Lobanov decides to just do everything himself. To teach him a lesson, Bykov tells him what he just kills his patient with incorrect treatment, which he doesn't takes well.

Romanenko tries to exploit his connections with Bykov's boss, to which Bykov reacts with "easy" task... of interrogating comatose patient. After wasting lots of time on doing nothing, Romanenko decides to just fake his report, which obviously doesn't work.


Chernous, who from the start proves herself to be spineless and clumsy, was tasked with "curing" Kupitman from his hangover, while Kupitman decides to exploit her naiveness.

In the end, each intern fails and receives an "F": Levin for failing to maintain professionalism; Lobanov for blatant disregard for his patient safety; Romanenko for lying to his boss; and Varya for allowing "patient" to manipulate her into breaking hospital's rules. This means what all of them would stay on night shift.

This episode provide examples of:

  • The Alcoholic: This is first, but surely not last time we learn about Kupitman's alcoholism, although this time even Bykov is surprised just how bad his condition is. Bykov exploits this to "test" Varya, when Kupitman pretends to be terminally ill patient.
    • Old widow is implied to also be this, which explains most of her health problems.
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment: When Bykov rates his interns in the end, each of them immediately receives an "F", for their respective failures. Except for Lobanov:
    Bykov: "Doctor Lobanov. He decided what he is most experienced one, and killed granny. "D". Joking, "F".
  • Blatant Lies: Everything Kupitman says to Varya, from "terminal illness" to stories about his "achievements". She falls for all of this.
  • Boredom Montage: As punishment for his audacity, Romanenko receives comatose patient with "easy" task: interrogate him, report to Bykov and he can go. Instead of learning his lesson and apologise to Bykov, he spend a lot, a lot of time here, and then just fakes his report.
  • Brick Joke: Bykov makes sure what widow is not harmed by Lobanov stupidity, and lets her go. Later this night she returns to hospital, because she is more comfortable here, leading to this moment:
Widow: "Hello, Doctor. I have returned".
Lobanov: "How... returned?.."
Widow: "I am not feel good, I can't sleep there".
Cue to Lobanov turning around, seeing a woman he supposedly killed, and screaming.


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